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                                          A Knitting Book To Live By
                                               By Zoya Woolwitch

   It’s funny how certain hobbies seem to live on, never relegated to oblivion. One example would be a
hobby that we identify our grandmothers with. But knitting is not a “grandma thing” anymore. Even
teenagers and would-be teenagers find knitting a fascinating art. It is also an exhilarating pastime. Yes
exhilarating – especially when the finished product is dancing before your eyes, the yarn colors
perfectly matching, the stitches sure and confident, and the edges and turns showing clever
manipulation and dexterity - just like they appear on the glossy pages of a knitting book.

Avid knitters know that knitting is more than a fireside or patio hobby. It’s a form of therapy, the kind
that allows you to concentrate and daydream at the same time. And that’s not a contradiction in terms,
because knitting allows you to do both, without serious consequences. If you make an error, you just
undo the yarn and start all over again. A knitting book will guide you, through illustrated steps you can
follow easily.

We all learn knitting from someone - and from something. Like a course. Or from tips we find online. Or
else from a knitting book, given to us as a gift.

So what makes a knitting book a good read; more importantly, what makes a knitting book an excellent

You know that familiar phrase – a picture is worth a thousand words. A good knitting book must be
accompanied by pictures. Without pictures, a knitting book will look like it’s standing on only one leg,
giving readers and learners only half the pleasure. Seeing is believing, they say, and without pictures
and magnified photos of a particular stitch or stroke, a knitting book is like yarn sitting on a basket,
undefended and unloved because there are no knitting needles.

To write a knitting book that will be popular for all ages is to know the primary concerns of both novices
and advanced learners. We stumbled upon a knitting book that spoke of the history of knitting and how
it gained momentum during the industrialized period when product innovation was going at a feverish
pace. A bit of history will make the book an attractive one for knitters who also love history.

Of course, knitting patterns have to be allocated a section or two in a knitting book. Let’s not forget
knitting ideas or projects in a separate section, divided according to beginners’ level to advanced
knitting levels.

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Your local library will have one knitting book that you’ll want to have beside you at all times. Maybe
three or even twelve knitting books! You can also purchase a highly recommended knitting book
online, where retailers assure delivery and secure payment for your purchase.

Let’s not forget to mention one important detail: a useful knitting book should have a distinct chapter on
conversion tables. Knitting book collectors live in all four corners of the world, where measurements do
not necessarily come in a universal language. British and American conversion tables would be ideal.

Oh yes, a knitting book – for it to be considered truly informative – should include a chapter on types of
yarns and needles, a listing of manufacturers and their product lines, and how certain knitting fashion
projects would be given justice with a particular kind of needle or texture of yarn. Tiny details, yes, but
they do carry weight in a knitting book.

Not all readers are the same, remember? Each is looking for a particular piece of information in a
knitting book.

Zoya Woolwitch is a professional knitter and knitwear designer, and the author of "150 Haute Couture
Knitting Ideas" eBook. If you are a knitter, you too can discover the most incredible collection of mind
blowing inspirational ideas at

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                   Speed up Your Knitting Projects With the Addi Turbo Knitting Needles
                                                               By E. Sullivan

Do you like to knit but hate it being so slow? A friend of mine told me about how much faster she was
knitting. I just had to know her secret. It turns out she uses a knitting needle called Addi Turbo. I went
to the local craft store to find me an Addi Turbo knitting set. Fortunately, the store had plenty of them.
What did I learn about this type of knitting tool?

 These needles are so light weight. I looked on the package and they’re made from Germany. I’ve used
other knitting needles that slowed me down because of the weight. You’ll notice immediately how well
this set works because it is light weight.

 Another advantage that I liked about the knitting needle set is how circular they are. You simply thread
the needle with your yard. The snag free cord really cut my time of knitting projects down
tremendously. Now, I was beginning to see why my friend can knit so quickly with the Addi Turbo

 You’ll want to be careful in the size of needle you select. The company offers many different sizes for
various types of knitting projects. Determine the size of needles you’ll need by looking at your knitting
pattern instructions. It can be difficult to do all your stitches right, if you’re using the wrong size knitting

 One problem I have with knitting and getting slowed down is the tips of my needles end up getting
damaged from hitting them together. You’ll find that you decrease time wasted because of the design.
You’ll spend less time hitting the needles together. If you do, by accident, the tips are wonderful
because they’re made with nickel plated brass. You won’t damage the needles, the way you can with
other types of knitting needles.

 Take the time to go through the package instructions. The Addi Turbo knitting needles come with great
instructions and illustrations. Reviewing the instructions, when you get the Addi Turbo needles home,
will help you knit so much faster.

 Addi knitting needles are made in Germany and are popular throughout the United States and Europe
with knitters for the speed and ease of knitting made possible by these needles. They are distributed
exclusively in North America by Skacel and are available in fine knitting stores across the country.

 These needles are available in many different styles and materials. One of their most popular products
is their circular needle. This was the initial product in this popular line. The needles have rust-resistant
nickel-plated brass tips, and the cord is snag-free nylon. The needles are lightweight and make
significantly less noise than most needles, so you can feel comfortable knitting at the movies or in any
other situation where the noise could be distracting. These needles come in a number of lengths and
sizes; they are available in 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, 40, 47, and 60 inch lengths, and in sizes 0 to 36 US.

 I am really glad my friend shared her knitting secret with me. The Addi Turbo knitting needles speed
up your knitting since they are light weight, are circular, have different needle sizes, top-quality tip
material and excellent user-friendly directions. The company boasts that these circular knitting needles
will have you knit faster. I found this to be very true when I used these knitting needles. In fact, I use

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them all the time now for all of my knitting projects.

Visit for a great selection of knitting needles, yarns, patterns, and other
supplies (and even classes!). View the Addi Turbos at .

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