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                                                          Care With Gemstones
                                                         By Kadence Buchanan

    Gemstones are one of the most precious substances known to mankind. Their worth alone is
reason enough for us to care for them. A gemstone can cost a fortune and one scratch or impurity can
ruin there value. As strong and durable as they may be, they can be scratched, dirtied and even
broken if mishandled. There is not much we can do to care for them, but some precautions are

Physics teaches us that no matter how hard a substance is, it can be broken down to bits if applied
some pressure at the right points. During exercise, we sometimes strain our muscles at various points,
particularly our fingers. Therefore it is advisable to remove any rings before attempting any strenuous

Cleaning gemstones requires a simple knowledge about gemstones. There are generally two kinds of
gemstones; transparent and opaque. Transparent gemstones will make dust visible even if it gathers
behind the stone on the ring or any form of jewelry that holds them. These are mostly single crystal
stones and therefore application of water will not affect them too much. The use of a soaked cloth to
clean the dust gather behind the stone is therefore not a bad move. You may even use a brush to
clean the dust if you like.

However, opaque gemstones or organic gemstones are affected by water or any chemical substance.
These are usually porous and will allow the water or chemical to flow inside the gemstone. Once inside
they can either build up inside, make the stone loose its color or even cause it to crack. Therefore
these kind of gemstones should be kept away direct contact with any kind of chemical in sprays,
cosmetics and even from water.

There are advanced methods using certain technology to help clean gemstones. Expert jewelers and
dealers are well-versed with all these methods and know how to clean each specific kind of gemstone.
Therefore it is advised that you do not do the cleaning yourself and rather, have it done by someone
who knows more about how to deal with them. If you can afford to buy a gemstone, why not spend a
little more money on keeping them safe and clean?

Gemstones are hard materials. In contact with some other gemstone or the metals which contain them
such as gold, they can crack each other or the metal. Therefore care must be taken with jewelry how it

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is kept and handled. Jewelry is expensive and valuable, especially those with precious gemstones in
them, therefore they should be treated with care.

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                                                       How to care for pearls
                                                               By Yan Berry

How to care for pearls by Yan Berry

Pearls are delicate and soft gems compared with other gemstones. They need extra gentle care. Here
is a guide to pearl care.

• Clean - wipe pearls regularly and gently with a soft cloth moistened with water. Pearls can absorb
perfume, skin oils and dirt easily. Do not clean pearls with detergents and don’t soak pearls in water.

• Protect - avoid temperature extremes and chemicals such as vinegar, alcohol and hair spray. They
can damage pearl surfaces.

• Wear – put on pearls after you have applied makeup and hair spray.

• Store - pearls can be scratched easily. They should be stored in a soft place such as a velvet box or
a satin pouch. Avoid putting pearls next to diamond or gemstones jewelry.

• Restring - for a frequently worn pearl necklace, it is recommended to restring the necklace once every
one or two years since silk thread may get weakened over time.

 Mrs. Berry is a pearl expert. She is also the founder of Premium Pearl, a leading online provider of
high quality pearl jewelry.

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