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                                    5 Unique Doll Houses That Aren't Actually Houses
                                                             By Veronica Scott

    When we think of what a dollhouse looks like, we are often filled with the image of a traditional
home, a Victorian style home, or even a country cottage. These dollhouses bring about images of mom
and dad in the kitchen while the kids play in their bedroom. It is all about using the imagination for
family role-playing. But, there is a whole wide world of dollhouses outside the traditional house. These
unique dollhouses will open up a new world of role-playing for children and new collectible possibilities
for adults.

The possibilities of unique dollhouses are almost endless. They go beyond the standard house and
provide limitless opportunities for both play and collection. Some examples of unique dollhouses
include a country store, New England lighthouse, church, fire station, and barn. These different settings
will allow children to expand their imaginations into new forms of role-playing. It also gives the avid
collector the ability to design new rooms in new settings and add some diversity to their collection.

Each of these unique dollhouses offers something special. The barn has a great loft as well as several
areas for farm animals. The fire station has a bunk for the fireman, firemen's pole, and bays for the fire
trucks. The country store is a beautiful display piece with great potential for the right miniatures. The
church boats an altar, six pews, and stained glass windows. None of these items would be found in a
traditional dollhouse.

These unique dollhouses are available as a wood kits from Real Good Toys. Real Good Toys is based
in Vermont, and so these designs have a very traditional New England feel. The company boasts some
of the most unique and well-structured dollhouses available. Each design comes with a complete set of
plans that includes working parts. The kits includes all precut materials, which ensures that each piece
will match correctly. Several of the kits also come with miniature accessories.

Building a dollhouse from scratch brings an amazing sense of accomplishment. This is something that
can be passed down the generations as an heirloom. The lighthouse kit includes electricity to light the
way for ships and the church includes a ringing bell to call in the parishioners. These dollhouse models
are a wonderful way for siblings to bond or for parent and child to spend time together or just for some
relaxing alone time.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to dollhouses. These 5 unique dollhouses are just the
beginning. A true collector of dollhouses and miniatures should expand their collection to include some

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unique dollhouse designs. The barn, church, New England lighthouse, fire station and country store
are just some of the potential additions to a great collection.

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                                                                  Doll Houses
                                                              By Roxanne Kelly

Copyright (c) 2009 Roxanne Kelly

When the topic of doll houses comes up, the first thing that often comes to mind is children toys. The
image of a young girl playing with her Barbie doll house or decorating her old-fashioned Victorian-style
home. Though this may often be the case, these homes are no longer just the playthings of children.
Antique doll homes, are decorated to perfection and for historical accuracy, are perfect for adults.

Surprisingly, the first houses were created not for children but for their parents. Adults created tiny
replicas of their favorite architecture and styles, paying attention to the smallest detail. While, today,
the Fisher Price ones are generic and more common, the original doll houses were off limits to
children. As the years went by, there popularity with adults faded and they became children's toys.

In this day and age, antique houses are becoming popular again. Go into any antique or craft store and
you'll likely find doll houses, sets of furniture, miniature clothing, and the makings of small doll
inhabitants. The types of furniture and decorations that can be bought for doll houses now harken back
to the days of the original state; they are tiny, intricate replicas of real furniture from different eras of
our past. Hundreds of dollars can be spent in a single shopping trip on the most beautiful accessories
or one can make their own decorations themselves with kids.

Today's doll houses are a fascinating way to explore historical fashions, be they rustic cabins or
Victorian mansions. To get started in the antique doll house hobby, it is important to know where to
look. Doll house kits can be bought in craft stores or online. Toy auctions are also great places to start.
Once the basic structure is set up and ready, it's time to buy the furnishings. Try to stick with a theme,
such as the Victorian era, and only purchase or make furniture that fits the time period. There is no
need to rush. Taking the time to pick out just the right piece is half the fun.

Doll houses are the perfect hobby for someone who loves history, architecture, and fashion. They are a
great way to express your sense of design and to create something beautiful. These structures are
elegant toys for adults who don't want to lose touch with their childhoods. Doll houses take time to
build and arrange and are very much worth the effort. Doll houses need not be plastic cubes for
children. They are, once again, the playthings of adults.

For more information on children's doll houses check out

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