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                                                             Free Birthday Cards
                                                                By John Francis

    Where Can You Find Free Birthday Cards?

What is better than sending out birthday cards to friends, family and loved ones? Sending a free
birthday cards, of course! Yet where can you find these goodies that have a price tag attached them
that everyone can love? Here are some tried and true ideas that will help you to pinch pennies and still
encourage others:

* Electronic cards are the ultimate free birthday cards. The selections are endless and run the gambit
from the tongue in cheek funny, to the preposterous and oblique. You may choose to add a variety of
sounds to your graphic selections, as well as the opportunity to add as much or as little personalization
as you choose. For those with a talent for words, this is the perfect vehicle for a birthday poem to send
to the happy celebrant. Of course, an added feature is the fact that you not only save money because
you are not purchasing cards themselves, but you also save because you do not have to pay for
postage! In addition to the foregoing, if you are truly in a pinch for time, these cards can be sent before
midnight and still arrive on time for someone’s birthday! Truly a procrastinator’s dreams come true.

* If you don’t mind the postage, or if the birthday celebrants live close by, yet you still do not want to go
the expense of actually buying a card, you may wish to consider finding one of the websites that will
allow you to print any one of thousands free printable pages. Many can be colored in, which is a
always a favorite with children, while others are all ready to go, and just need you to handwrite in a little
something to the birthday boy or girl. Several of these printable cards can be made to look like your
standard birthday card by simply folding the paper as instructed.

* Did you know that you probably have a host of free birthday cards sitting in a shoebox somewhere? It
is true! A new trend in birthday greeting is the sending of a photo. Sometimes it can be a snapshot of
the celebrant, the sender, and mutually adored child or pet, or perhaps a beautiful scene or some
artwork that you have photographed and know that the celebrant will enjoy it. The sentimental value of
the photo as well as your happy birthday wishes on the back will ensure that the celebrant will truly feel
loved and thought of. Helping you find that perfect birthday gift.

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                                    Birthday Cards: Finding The Perfect Card
                                               By Gabriel Adams

 When your birthday comes around you probably expect to get a birthday card. A lot of time and
thought can be spent trying to find the perfect card. We are going to try and provide some tips to make
it easier for you to find the perfect birthday card.

When you’re first buying a birthday card try to think of what kind of personality the person has who your
buying it for. Some people will not like humorous cards while others will love them. This holds true for
standard and decorative cards as well.

After you figure out what type of card you want to get the person then you need to go out and buy it.
There are a lot of places that sell Birthday cards. However, most of these stores have big differences in
location, cost, and store type.

One of the more common ways to buy birthday cards is to just go ahead and pick them up at your local
grocery store. This saves you from having to travel out of you way to get cards and you can usually
find what you need in a grocery store.

Another great place is your local dollar store. By shopping here you can get cheaper birthday cards
which will still get the message across to the recipient.

If you want to really show someone how special they are you can shop from a place that specializes in
birthday cards. These stores are usually located in a mall are cater to people who need to find birthday,
greeting, or most kinds of cards. These stores also tend to be a little more expensive than some other
stores with their cards.

The most important thing to remember when buying a birthday card is to now go too far out of your way
to buy one. The card may be cheaper at a farther away store but you can easily use more gas to get

Start your search for birthday cards at

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