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									                               Visit our website http://www.antelopevalleyafa.org/ or email us, webmaster@Antelopevalleyafa.org
Inside this issue:

• President’s Words                                    Knight’s News
• 2009 Community Partner
  Dinner—Victory from

• Pete Knight Airplane
  Wash (sort of)

• CP Dinner—”The Rest of                                            11 October 2009
  the Story”
                           Dear Advocates and Friends Words From the President MEMBERS
                                                                                                    We appreciate all of you and
                           of Edwards AFB, Plant 42 and
                                                                                                    encourage you to not only to
                           the US Air Force:                   of your friends.                   continue your membership, but
                           2009 AIRSHOW                        COMMUNITY PARTNERS
   "PETE" KNIGHT           We have a great opportunity to I want to express my deep appre- also to recruit all of your friends
                                                                                                  and associates to become a
    CHAPTER SAYS           show Edwards and the Air            ciation to our 67 Community Part- member. The Air Force Associa-
     “THANKS” TO           Force how much we love and ners and the great support they
              IT’S         support them by attending the give our Pete Knight Chapter and tion is THE leading advocate for
                           2009 Edwards Air Force Base Edwards Air Force Base. You are our United States Air Force in
      COMMUNITY                                                                                   the Nation’s Capitol. (On The
                           Air Show and Open House on indeed the foundation for what
        PARTNERS           Saturday, October 17. This                                             Hill). The Air Force Magazine
                                                               makes our Chapter one of the       provides the best and most
                           event is always a spectacular       best in the Air Force Association. timely information to all Active,
                           display of our Air Force and        Your membership demonstrates to Reserve, Guard, Civilian, Con-
                           allows us to get up close and       both the Leaders at Edwards and
                           personal to the marvelous men the entire United States Air Force tractor, and supporters of the Air
                           and women of our Air Force          a very high level of community     F-100
                           and their equipment.                support for the base and the Air   Please join us monthly for con-
                           There will be many displays         Force.
                           and a lot of air activity, but just The Pete Knight received a GOLD versation and camaraderie as we
                           the Flight demonstration of the award at this years National Con- spruce up the F-100 Super Sa-
                           F-22 Raptor will make the trip vention for our Community Partner ber at the City of Palmdale’s Joe
                                                                                                  Davies Air Park.
                           to Edwards memorable.               program. THANK YOU!                 YOUR BOARD
                           The North and West Gates            Thanks to MG David Eichhorn for
                           open at 7:00 am and the Flying an outstanding presentation at our You and I are truly blessed with
                                                                                                  a hard working and dedicated
                           starts at 9:30 am with BG           recent Community Partner Appre- Board of Directors.
                           Chuck Yeager and MG Joe             ciation Dinner at the Flight Test                     Rex Moen
                           Engle breaking the Sound Bar- Museum.
                           rier. Please attend and tell all

                                                           2009 Community Partner Dinner
                            The Pete Knight Chapter
                            honored it’s past years Com-
                            munity Partners at a gala
                            event on the evening of 19
                            August at the Edwards Air
                            Force Base Museum. Chap-
                            ter 294 committee members
                            Leigh Kelly, Cindy Phillips,
                            Conrad and Jinnie Hernan-
                            dez and Ryan Marcotte did
                            the setup and brought all the
                            pieces into play. President
                            Rex Moen and his date Kris-
                            ten jumped into the lead to             Maj Gen David “Eich” Eichhorn tells the Community Partners about the
                            “meet and greet” over 40                                   next classic Edwards airplane.
                            honored guests. Randy                guests of honor and the            coming flight test programs
                            Kelly, the Vice President was        group enjoyed an excel-            and changes to the Edwards
                            the Master of Ceremonies for         lent buffet meal catered by        AFB infrastructure. , After the
                            the evening. The event               Chapter 294 member and             presentation, the General and
                            kicked off promptly at 18:30         Community Partner, Do-             Rex Moen presented new
                            with the presentation of the         mingo Gutierrez of Do-             community partner plaques
                            colors by the Desert High            mingo’s restaurant. After          and renewed partner
                            School JROTC honor guard.            the meal, Maj General              medalions.
                            After presentation of the col-       David “Eich” Eichhorn
                            ors, Randy introduced the            briefed the crowd on up-                   Story continued on page 3
                                                                                                           Knight’s News
   Page 2

                                            Monthly Joe Davies Airpark Wash Day
                    It was an interesting quarter
                    as far as the Pete Knight F-
                    100 wash day was con-
                    cerned. The primary August
LA County Board     wash day was postponed and
Of Supervisors      we all had other plans the
                    alternate day :-( The Septem-
                    ber wash day was the same
                    week as the National AFA
 The Charles        convention and “Plane Cap-
Wallasch Family     tain” Paul Vitale was out of
                    town. He got word to us late,
                    but only Randy was available
                    as Rex was busy writing Air-
                                                  Paul, Rex, and Ryan on the Sabre—
                    show solicitation letters and
                                                       Conrad hiding behind the Rhino.
                                                          Conrad was also tied up.
                                                          So Randy imitated an
                                                          “Army of 1” for the day,
                                                          cleaning up both the F-
                                                          100 and sweeping around
                                                          the Highland HS JROTC
                                                          F-4 (normally cleaned by
                                                          Conrad’s kids). Pete
                                                          Knight members showed
                                                          up again in their “washin
                                                          duds” for the wash day in
                                                          October. The next wash
                                                          day is November 7th.      Our highly motivated, AFA chapter
                   Randy’s “Army of 1” makes a clean                                            294 members are ready to take on
                   sweep at Sept plane wash day.                                                the biggest airplane cleaning jobs.

                                                                                                 SPIDERMAN WANTED
                                                       AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                 ALIVE by WJPK Chapter
                                                       The Air Force Association is an
                                                                                                 Got talent taking pictures, writ-
                                                       independent, non-profit, 501(c)3
                                                                                                 ing story lines and spinning
                                                       civilian organization promoting
                                                                                                 webs? Have we got a job for
                                                       public understanding of aerospace
                                                                                                 you! We really really need a
                                                       power and the role it plays in
                                                                                                 volunteer to feed us pictures
                                                       USA National Security.
                                                                                                 and stories for our newsletter
                         --Free Admission--
                                                                                                 and website. Call or Email
                                                                                                 Randy Kelly if you’re inter-
                       EAFB Museum Open                                                          ested.
                    Tuesday – Saturday 9 am.                                                     =====================
                               to 5 pm                                                                  TIDBITS
                    Please contact EAFB Pub-                                                       RETIREE INFORMA-
                   lic Affairs prior to your visit,                                                      TION?
                     to arrange base access.                                                    www.afpc.randolph.af.mil/afretire
   Devonshire      Phone: (661) 277-3510                          NASA DRYDEN
  Inn and Motel.                                                                                        VOLUNTEERS
  Rosamond CA.                                                                                             DO MAKE
                     Blackbird Airpark Open                    Most Weekdays -- 10:15            ORGANIZATIONS GROW -
                   Friday – Sunday 10 a.m. to                     By Reservation                            BE ONE
                             5 p.m.                                                             If you’re not a Pete Knight AFA
                                                          Contact NASA Public Affairs to make   Member, call Randy Kelly (hm:
                   2503 E. Ave P. Palmdale                  arrangements: (661) 276-3449        661-256-1616) email: elec-
                                                                                                                       Knight’s News

                                2009 Community Partner Dinner
                                                                                                                •   Honorable George
                                                                                                                •   Boron Chamber of
                                                                                                                •   Leigh and Randy Kelly
                                                                                                                •   Rex Moen Consulting
                                                                                                                •   Bob and Michelle
                                                                                                                •   Congressman Buck
                                                                                                                •   Lochkeed Martin Aero-
                                                                                                                    nautical Systems
                                                                                                                •   The Boeing Company
                                                                                                                •   Rio Tinto Minerals
                                                                                                                •   Honorable Bill Maze
                                                                                                                •   Fiberset Inc
                                                                                                                •   Mojave Air and Space
                                                                                                                •   Calspan Bicycle Works
                                                                                                                •   Northrop Grumman
                                                                                                                    Advanced Combat
Community Partner Domingo Gutierrez—at home in
                                                                                                                •   Desert Christian
front of AFA, or his customers. You’re #1 in our eyes
                       Domingo.                                                                                     Schools
                                                        MGen Eichhorn and Rex Moen present Community            •   Edwards Civ-Mil Sup-
                                                        Partner Plaque to Ms. Gail Knight. (Notice the X-15         port Group
                                                        that Col Knight flew in upper right corner of mural.)   •   XCOR Aerospace
                                                                                                                •   Hansen Aviation
                                                                                                                •   Mark Bozigian—City of
                                                                                                                •   Ms. Gail Knight
                                                                                                                •   Thompson Von
                                                                                                                    Tungeln APC
                                                                                                                •   Antelope Valley Ford
                                                                                                                •   Service Rock Products
                                                                                                                •   Charles Wallasch Fam-
                                                                                                                •   Corrections Corp of
    Ginnie and “Komrade” Conrad. Conrad, what are                                                               •   JT3LLC
                    you looking at?                                                                             •   SoCal Edison Com-
                                                                                                                •   Tybrin Corp
                                                                 Rex and Kristen address the group.
As    of Spring 2009, the Pete Knight Chap-                                                                     •   California Space Au-
ter   had 66 Community Partners:                                                                                    thority
•      Interstate Highway Construction Corp             •     CH2M Hill                                         •   Domingo’s Restaurant
•      Bio-Solids Remediation                           •     Hon Sharon Runner                                 •   SAIC
•      Frank A. Visco & Associates                      •     LA County Board of Supervisors                    •   Mojave Desert Bank
•      Rosamond Community Service Dis-                  •     Kern County Board of Supervisors                  •   Talbot & Associates
       trict                                            •     Mayor, City of Lancaster                          •   BAE Systems
•      City of Lancaster                                •     Congressman Kevin McCarthy
•      Devonshire Inn Motel                             •     SoCal Gas Company
•      Honorable Roy Ashburn
                                                                                                                     Knight’s News

                                                 2009 Community Partner Dinner
  Ch 294 Community Partners

  •    BAE Systems
  •    City of Palmdale
  •    Edwards Federal Credit
  •    Antelope Valley Eye Care
  •    Hanford Home Loans
  •    Hispanic Chamber of
  •    Antelope Valley Chamber
       of Commerce
  •    Aerotech News and Re-
  •    Quartz Hill Chamber of   “The Venue” Wow, who could ask for a better place to
       Commerce                        hold a “small” Edwards AFB social event?
  •    Palmdale Chamber of                                                           “Ms Cindy” Phillips accepts plaque for the Bo-
                                                                                         ron Mine and Vern Saxon Museum
  •    Michael Walker Financial
  •    Lockheed Martin Aero-

                                                         Chief Eric and Laura Jaren are enjoying the
                                                       presentation. Past President Harry Talbot who
                                                      had the “longest distance to drive award” for the
                                                        evening is contemplating the long trip home.
                                                               (Just pulling your chain Harry :-)       Pete Amaya accepts plaque for newest commu-
                                                                                                                  nity partner, UnionBank.

The Honorable Andrea Seastrand accepts the Cali-
  fornia Space Authority Plaque. CSA is CH 294’s
longest standing members. (Se specifically kept the
   X-15 and Space Shuttle images in this picture.)

                                                      ^^ Everpresent CH294
                                                       board member Paul
                                                        Vitale hiding in the
                                                      crowd. Gotcha Paul :-)        ^^ Heard the legend owners choose their dogs? Well past AFA
                                                                                   CH294 Board Members choose their weapons: Bob Slade (Kern
                                                       << CH294 Treasurer          County Deputy Sheriff) chooses the Aim-9, Pam Belzil goes for the
                                                        Capt Ryan Marcotte        gracefull F-22 Raptor, while Mike Belzil chooses the lean and mean
                                                       and his expectant wife           Joint Strike Fighter. (Who does he work for anyway? ;-)
                                                       Gabby listen intently to
                                                            the General.
          2009 Community Partner Dinner—”The Rest of the Story”                                             Page 5

   The 2009 Pete Knight Chapter Community Partner dinner had a wonderful venue,
good food, good friends, and a great speaker. Just what you would expect given the plan-
ning and arrangements the Pete Knight committee members made for weeks in advance
of the date. You might could say the event went off without a hitch—but you would be
seriously in error. Now as the late Paul Harvey would say, here is “the rest of the story”:

    It’s true the Ch 294 Community Partner Dinner planning committee had planned eve-
rything in great detail to include meal planning and coordinating with Desert High JROTC
to get cadets before the official start of school. Unfortunately a monkey wrench was             Domingo’s Restaurant, Boron
thrown into our plans at the last minute when some “dirtbags” (nicest statement I can use                   CA.
at the moment) broke into the planned venue, the Edwards AFB Club Muroc the night
before. At about 8AM on 19 August (the day of the event) with everybody either at work
or in transit, Chapter Secretary Cindy Phillips showed up at Club Muroc to begin setup
and discovered Lydia Rivera, the Club Muroc catering manager sitting in the parking lot in
her “PJs” with lots of cops and the OSI. As Lydia told her story, it was immediately obvi-
ous that our venue, our caterer, our emplaced audio-visual support, and 90% of our labor
were all locked down in an OSI investigation. Disbelief, and PANIC set in, for about 3
seconds, at which time the stone cold aviator mantra “aviate, navigate, communicate”
was evoked. Within 5 minutes, in a flurry of phone calls, we started examining options
and everybody sprang into action. Members in transit from Lancaster, Palmdale, Rosa-
mond, Tehachapi and on Edwards Air Force Base began exploring options and pulling
the logistics together. By lunch we definitely knew the original caterer and venue were
not going to be available. Within an hour or so we’d secured another caterer and a
venue. “Team Edwards” rolled into the fight, began spreading the word, moving “event”
signs up to redirect folks and provide additional critical logistics. Additional logistics re-
quirements got farmed out by cell phone to board members all over the valley, who then
began converging on the new site about 3 hours before the event. “Diverted” attendees
started showing up about 10 minutes early at which point we learned the divert signs at
Club Muroc had been ineffective. Chapter Treasurer Ryan Marcotte headed out to the
club to begin personally diverting guests to the new venue at the museum. The final CH
294 members on logistics tasks rolled in right after the start of the 6PM social. At
6:30PM, the Desert High School honor guard did the flag ceremony and the event offi-
cially began. Domingo Gutierrez, proprietor of Domingo’s Restaurant catered, helped
serve dinner and was available to receive his Community Partner Plaque. General Eich-
horn gave the main presentation plus presented plaques to approximately 20 community
partners. It was almost 10PM before we wrapped everything up and everybody pitched
in to clean up so the museum could open bright and early the next day.
    So, we actually pulled it off! A first class social event replanned and executed in basi-    Antelope Valley Eye Care
cally a business day. It would be difficult to list everybody we need to say thanks to –               Lancaster CA
we’re even sure what everybody did for several days. The biggest thanks go to Fred
Johnsen of the Edwards Flight Test Historical Foundation and curator of the AFFTC
Flight Test Museum who made their facility to us on short notice, and to Domingo
Gutierrez, owner/operator of Domingo’s Restaurant in Boron who accepted the challenge
of catering an event with only a few hours notice. Super special thanks to board mem-
bers Cindy Phillips and Leigh Kelly who picked up the communications and coordination
position between the various organizations on base and the “field” members dealing with
the last minute logistics support. Thanks to Rex Moen and                                            Ms. Gail Knight
his new lady friend Kristen Ellis for the run downtown for
plates, flatware and refreshments. Thanks to “Team Ed-                                              Individual Donors:
wards” for rerouted special event signs and a flawless base                                           • Albert and
check-in process. OH, and a final special thanks to the                                               Cathy Hansen
anonymous donor of the wine—we never did get anybody to                                              • Mr. Rex Moen
fess up to that. (There’s got to be some kind of story to that                                     • Mr. Randy Kelly
tale, but as I said earlier, nobody is talking. In the immortal                                  • Mojave Desert Bank
words of the B-52 gunners association—Cest LaVie!)
                                                                                                  • Talbot Associates
                                                                                                                               Page 6
    17 October 2009 -- Edwards AFB Open House

    20 October 2009 -- Chapter Board meeting and officers elections @ SAIC Rosamond, 6:00 PM

    24 November 2009 -- Chapter Board meeting @ SAIC Rosamond, 6:00 PM

    7 November 2009 -- Airplane Wash Day @ Joe Davies Airpark, Palmdale, 8:00 AM

    TBD—Ch 294 Holiday Party, location is TBD also

    5 December 2009 -- Airplane Wash Day @ Joe Davies Airpark, Palmdale, 8:00 AM
                                                                                                                        AFA Mission

                                                                                                                   •   To advocate aerospace
                                                                                                                       power and a strong na-
                               OTHER ROUTINE STUFF                                                                     tional defense.
                                                                                                                   •   To support the United
      Do you know about the AFA Veteran Benefits Association?                                                          States Air Force and the
                                                                                                                       Air Force family.
AFA Veteran Benefits As-                                               ======================
sociation (AFAVBA) was
                                   served or is serving in the
                                                                       Other things you can get from
                                                                                                                   •   To promote aerospace
                                   U.S. Military                                                                       education to the Ameri-
created as a result of the                                             AFA:
                              Ancestor or Lineal Descendent                                                            can People.
consolidation of the Air                                               • Military member and spouse
                              of someone who served or is
Force Association and the                                                 scholarships
                              serving in the U.S. Military.
Aerospace Education
                              (This means you’re the child,            • Vacation and rental car dis-
Foundation to provide                                                     counts
                              grandchild, great grandchild,
benefits to military Veter-
                              etc., or the father, mother,             • Discounts on Dell and Apple
ans and to AFA Members.                                                   computers
                              grandfather, grandmother, etc.
AFA’s programs will con-
                              of someone who served or is              • Reducted rates on insurance
tinue unchanged, but un-                                               • Reduced rates on dental,
                              serving in the U.S. Military.
der the AFA Veteran                                                       pharmacy, vision and chiro-
                              Aunts and uncles do not qual-
Benefits Association                                                      practic services
All AFA members are eli-
gible to participate in                                                                                                  AFA Chapter 294
these AFAVBA Programs.        ==========================               ===========================                         P.O. Box 294
                              Member Benefit Magazine High-            Many Vets May be Missing Out on                      Edwards, CA
The Life and Accident                                                                                                        93524-0294
Insurance Programs,           lights                                   Special Compensation                             Phone:661-400-0203
                              $50 Cash Back AFA Member Re-             Just because an Air Force veteran was             Fax: 661-256-4882
however, require that you
                              ward on Sprint/Nextel                    not injured storming the beaches at Nor-                Email:
meet one of the following
                              Whether you are an existing              mandy does not mean he or she may not       webmaster@antelopevalleyafa.org
requirements:                                                          be entitled to receive combat- related
                              Sprint/Nextel customer or looking to
                              switch to Sprint/Nextel, AFA members     special compensation, or CRSC. Many
1. Served or serving in       get a $50 Cash Back Reward when you      Air Force veterans may be missing out
    the U.S Military          order or renew Sprint/Nextel through     on hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars
                              the AFA Wireless Center. Visit           every month because they have not ap-
2. Spouse or Widow(er)        www.afawireless.com or call a wireless   plied for the compensation. Go to http://
    of someone who            solutions expert at 866-281-0004.        www.tricare.mil/ for more information.

                                                                                                                     We’re on the Web

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