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					                                                     The Preserve’s
                                                Community Connection
Newsletter Date: May 2011                                                                                    Volume 7, Issue 4

                                                              Financial Update
    What’s Inside
                                        For the last several quarters, the HOA has been sending Intent to Lien (ITL)
Newsletter Volunteer                notices to homeowners when assessment payments are late. This is not a new
   Needed                   2       rule or law—just more timely enforcement of existing Florida statues to protect
Helpful Websites            2       HOAs. No late fees have increased, and the fee for the ITL has always been $50
                                    per account. The use of the ITL is absolutely critical to the operation of the
Spraying Weeds              2       HOA from a cash flow perspective. If all residents paid on time every time,
                                    HOA dues could be reduced by 10-11%. However, approximately 30 residents
Loose Cats                  2       are late one payment each quarter. Due to timely enforcement activity, the HOA
Clubhouse Abuse             2       was able to clear 100% of residents one payment behind 10 weeks after the
                                    assessment was due in January.
Payment Reminders           2           Some may find this practice harsh, but think of HOA cash flow management
                                    like this: you have a job, and each time it was pay day, you have to chase down
Questions, Questions                your employer to get your check. It may take you a few weeks or a few months;
   Questions                    3
                                    how would you be able to manage your household? You would have to have a
Drain Cleaning                  3   large amount of cash on hand to cover expenses that have to be paid, right? The
                                    HOA is no different; to keep HOA fees low, residents need to pay on time to
Current Sales               4       keep the community services we are used to enjoying.
                                        Advanced legal action is underway on 33 homeowners who have not paid
                                    HOA dues. Conclusion of these advanced actions is expected in the next several
                                    months. To date over $100,000 of past due (in some cases, years delinquent)
                                    HOA fees have been collected. Remember, over 90% of the HOAs in Florida
 Newsletter Questions               have had an increase in dues, special assessments, bankruptcy, or a combination
 or Input                           of all in the last three years. Our HOA has reduced dues.
     Please e-mail the                  The expenses of the HOA are very tightly managed. Almost all discretionary
     Communications                 spending has been eliminated. Vendor relationships have been evaluated and
      Committee at:                 negotiated. Board members and residents are volunteering their own time to       work on the Clubhouse and common areas to save expense (see drain cleaning
Community Management                article, page 3). Tens of thousands of dollars are saved each year by these volun-
provided by:                        teer efforts.
Greystone Management

Phone: (407) 645-4945                         Next Board of Directors Meeting
     service@                                       Monday, May 23, 2011, at 7 pm in the Clubhouse
                                                        Everyone is invited to attend to find out the latest information
                                                                            about the community!
Page 2                                                                        The Preserve’s Community Connection

             The End Is Near . . .                                                                Loose Cats
                                                                                Some residents are reporting a growing
     The current newsletter editor will be stepping                         population of cats wandering the neighborhood.
 down after the June issue. So far, no one has                              Please remember that you cannot let your cat roam
 volunteered to help with this important                                    the neighborhood. It’s against the community’s
 neighborhood resource. If you have worked with                             covenants and against the law. Being awakened by
 Microsoft Publisher, like to write, and want to                            the snarls of fighting cats is not pleasant, either.
 give something back to the community, please                               Please keep your cat indoors, where it will be safe
 contact                                                                    from local bobcats, too.
                                                                                           Clubhouse Abuse
                                                                                Due to complaints and damage, the HOA
                                                                            Board discussed and reaffirmed their authority to
               Helpful Websites                                             enforce existing rules for the Clubhouse. Resi-
                                                                            dents (and their guests) who cause damage, disre-
     Anyone wishing to locate felons or sex                                 gard existing policies (i.e., having glass at the
 offenders in our vicinity can make use of the                              pool), bypass security measures (jump pool fence),
 following websites:                                                        ignore pool hours of operation, litter, and commit
                                                                            other infractions are subject to having access privi-
                                                                            leges suspended. Please familiarize yourself and
                                                                            your children with the policy and procedures for
                                              club property. The goal is to create a safe environ-
           (click on “Sex Offender Alerts”)                                 ment to be enjoyed by all residents.

     Let’s Spray Those Weeds!                                                            Payment Reminder
      Please help avoid a special assessment for                                Due to problems associated with bank initiated
                                                                            online bill payment of HOA dues, the HOA Board
 road repair by killing the grass and weeds
                                                                            recommends residents establish an automatic debit
 growing in the cracks in the street. Greenwillow
                                                                            of HOA fees administered by Greystone. This ser-
 residents have a serious need for this effort. If
                                                                            vice is free of charge and puts the responsibility for
 left unchecked, the weeds will cause premature                             administration on the management company.
 damage to the roads that will necessitate repair                           Contact Greystone directly to arrange for this ser-
 and a possible special assessment. Please spray                            vice. If you pay by check, make sure you send the
 with an herbicide and help out the community.                              proper coupon with payment.

              If you are interested in placing an item on the Community Bulletin Board, please e-mail
                      Business card advertisements cost $15 per the Advertising Policy approved by the Board in Feb. 2006.

  Thirty-One Gifts: Party with a Purpose                                                         Arana Construction, LLC
            Shelly Ott, Resident /                                                                Professional Remodelers
           Independent Consultant
            2554 Treymore Drive
         407-247-9574 / 407-401-9364                                                   Steve Lazaroff, Resident
                                                         9301 Shadow Pinar Court
Volume 7, Issue 4                                                                             Page 3

                        Questions, Questions, Questions
Question:      My mailbox was damaged recently. Do you think it was vandalism?
Answer:         The Board has heard several reports recently about mailboxes that have been damaged through
possible vandalism. No culprits have been identified; if you know who has been vandalizing
residents’ property, please contact Greystone Management. Also, be sure to place your garbage and yard
waste on the side of your driveway opposite the mailbox so the collection workers don’t have to maneuver
around your mailbox.
Question: Sometimes I put items at the curb for collection but they are not picked up.
What are the rules for trash pickup?
Answer:     Orange County provides detailed information about trash, yard waste, and recycling collection
on its website. For more information, please call the Orange County Utilities Solid Waste Hotline at 407-836-
6601. Here are a few reminders:
   Place material out after 6:00 p.m. the night before or by 6:00 a.m. the day of collection to be sure you do not
   miss the collection truck. Remove containers from the curb within 12 hours after pickup.
   Place material within 3 feet of the curb.
   DO NOT MIX yard waste, garbage, and recyclables.
   Containers, bundles, and bins must weigh less than 60 pounds when full.
   Container capacity must not exceed 50 gallons.
   Large items such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, and up to 4 tires are collected on your second household
   garbage collection day. Large item collection is limited to 3 cubic yards per week. Automobile parts; hazardous
   waste; and freon-containing devices, such as freezers and refrigerators, are not included in your curbside collec-
   tion program.
   Yard waste collection is for all vegetative landscaping material, grass, and tree and shrub trimmings.
   Yard waste is collected on Wednesday. Collection is limited to 3 cubic yards per week.
   Bundle tree and shrub clippings into lengths of 3 feet or less and securely tie them with string or twine. Each
   bundle must weigh less than 60 pounds. Tree stumps should be cut in lengths of 3 feet or less and each piece
   must weigh less than 60 pounds.
   In the orange recycling bin, place newspapers, pasteboard (i.e., cereal boxes, empty paper towel and toilet paper
   rolls, and shoe boxes), brown paper bags, flattened corrugated cardboard boxes, phone books, magazines, cata-
   logs, junk mail (unopened or opened envelopes), and office paper (does not include shredded paper). Flattened
   cardboard may be placed next to the recycling bin and should be no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet.
   In the green recycling bin, place aluminum and tin cans, glass bottles and jars, drink boxes and milk/juice car-
   tons, empty aerosol cans, plastic containers with a #1 or #2 symbol on the bottom, and plastic bottles with a
   neck and #3 - #7 symbol on the bottom.
   Do not use plastic bags for recycling. If your recycling bin is full, put the excess recyclables into brown paper
   grocery bags for collection. Excess newspapers and magazines may be stacked and tied with string.

  Storm Drain Cleaning: Thank Yous And More Information
    Thank you to resident volunteers who recently helped clean out several storm
drains in the community: Ken Blye, Dave Mau, Russ Niewold, Steve Lazaroff,
and Phil Hampton. In just under 2 hours, 15 drains were cleaned accounting for
7 bags of debris. In addition to one very large piece of heavy duty plastic, one
drain yielded 12 baseballs and 7 tennis balls as well as plastic bottles. The
community will have another more extensive effort on May 21 . Please
volunteer; we need more help. We will meet at the Clubhouse at 7 am, Saturday,
May 21. Please do your part to keep trash out of the drain system!
                       Keller Williams Advantage II Realty
                       12301 Lake Underhill Rd Ste 111
                       Orlando, FL 32828
                       Attn: Jenny Wemert



    Dedication                               Community Newsletter Sponsored By:
                                              The Preserve’s Community Partner
                                                       Jenny Wemert
       Results                                       Office: 407-412-8488

                  The Preserve’s Current Market*
Address                      Square Feet     Bedroom/ Bath            List Price   Status
2239 TREYMORE DRIVE              2,208           4/3                  $180,000     ACTIVE
2713 OLD REDPINE WAY             2,081           4/2                  $185,000     ACTIVE     We are the team that
2450 GREENWILLOW DRIVE           2,434           4/2.5                $199,900     ACTIVE      works for YOU!
9415 WHISPERING MEADOWS LANE     2,433           4/3                  $200,000     ACTIVE
2451 TREYMORE DRIVE              2,450           4/3                  $225,000     ACTIVE
2731 OLD REDPINE WAY             3,470           5/3                  $229,000     ACTIVE     Undivided Attention
2227 TREYMORE DRIVE              3,293           5/3                  $238,000     ACTIVE
9220 HIDDEN STREAM COURT         2,471           4/3                  $239,900     ACTIVE    Partners in the Search
9129 WOODBRIDGE OAK TERRACE      2,593           4/3                  $250,000     ACTIVE
9353 SHADOW PINAR COURT          3,293           4/3                  $269,900     ACTIVE
2413 GREENWILLOW DRIVE           3.470           5/3                  $278,888     ACTIVE        In It to Win It
9424 ASHMORE LANE                2,469           4/3                  $279,000     ACTIVE
1718 WINDING OAKS DRIVE          3,674           6/4                  $295,000     ACTIVE      Proven Marketing
2644 GREENWILLOW DRIVE           2,066           4/2                  $296,000     ACTIVE
2701 OLD REDPINE WAY             3,158           5/3                  $315,000     ACTIVE         Strategies
2566 GREENWILLOW DRIVE           2,424           4/3                  $166,500     PENDING
2719 OLD REDPINE WAY             2,534           4/3                  $190,000     PENDING        Satisfaction
2125 TREYMORE DRIVE              2,864           4/3                  $200,000     PENDING
2637 TREYMORE DRIVE              2,804           4/3                  $219,900     PENDING
2571 GREENWILLOW DRIVE           2,476           4/3                  $229,900     PENDING
1743 WINDING OAKS DRIVE          2,717           4/3                  $230,000     PENDING   FREE Market Analysis &
1707 WINDING OAKS DRIVE          3,079           4/4                  $249,900     PENDING     Initial Consultation
9334 WHISPERING MEADOWS LANE     2,237           4/3                  $159,900     SOLD!!
9102 FOOTBRIDGE TRAIL            2,494           4/3                  $188,900     SOLD!!
2232 TREYMORE DRIVE              2,470           4/3                  $195,000     SOLD!!
2462 GREENWILLOW DRIVE           2,514           4/3                  $220,000     SOLD!!
9435 ASHMORE LANE                2,491           4/2                  $235,900     SOLD!!
1918 WINDING OAKS DRIVE          2,620           4/3                  $260,000     SOLD!!
9200 SHADOW PINAR COURT          2,636           4/3                  $260,900     SOLD!!
1937 WINDING OAKS DRIVE          3,434           4/4                  $285,000     SOLD!!
1844 WINDING OAKS DRIVE          3,208           5/3                  $299,900     SOLD!!
9217 SHADOW PINAR COURT          2,890           4/3                  $300,000     SOLD!!
1737 WINDING OAKS                3,257           4/3                  $335,000     SOLD!!
                                    *Data accurate as of 05/02/2011

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