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									                     Evergreen School Division
                  Aboriginal Education Collection
         Available Through TRC (Teacher Resource Centre)

Theme: Native Women

A Tribe of One
Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief Directed by Carol Geddes, Produced by: Barbara
Jones, and Kathleen Shannon
For Angela Produced by Daniel Prouty
Hands of History
History Television – The Pauline Johnson Story
Keepers of the Fire
Singing our Stories directed by Annie Frazier Henry, produced by Annie Frazier
Henry, Michael Chechik, George Johnson


The Sharing Circle, Season 11, Show 10: Water


Daughters of Copper Woman by Anne Cameron
Famous Native North Americans by Bobbie Kalman and Molly Aloian
Flint & Feather – The Life and Times of E. Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake by
Charlotte Gray
Her Story - Women from Canada’s Past by Susan E. Merritt
Honour Song – A Tribute by Barbara Hager
I Walk in Two Worlds by Eleanor Brass (4 copies)
Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George
Little Voice by Ruby Slipperjack (2 copies)
Many Tender Ties – Women in Fur Trade Society by Sylvia Van Kirk
My Children are My Reward – Life of Elsie Spence by Alix Harpelle
My Name is Seepeetza by Shirley Sterling (2 copies) – Racism, Residential Schl.
Pauline Johnson – First Aboriginal Voice of Canada by Betty Keller
Sacagawea – The Making of A Legend by Rick Book
Stolen Life – The Journey of a Cree Woman by Rudy Wiebe & Yvonne Johnson
Stories of the Road Allowance People by Maria Campbell (Short stories and art)
Storm Child by Brenda Bellingham
Sweetgrass by Jan Hudson
The Color of Resistance by Connie Fife
The Kids Book of Great Canadian Women by Elizabeth MacLeod (2 copies)
The Silence of the North by Olive A. Fredrickson with Ben East (2 copies)

The Winona Laduke Reader
Twelve Poems for Emily Carr by John Weier
Women in Profile – Visual & Performing Artists
Women of the West by Bobbie Kalman

Classroom Sets

Aboriginal Peoples – Building for the Future by Kevin Reed (6 copies)
April Raintree by Beatrice Culleton (8 copies)
The Canadians – Emily Carr by Rosemary Neering (6 copies)
Where the Rivers Meet by Don Sawyer (33 copies)

Teacher’s Guide

Songide’ewin Ikwe Sohkitehewin Iskwew – Aboriginal Women in Canadian
History (A Senior 3 Social Studies Unit)


Emily Carr (Jan-Dec)
Pauline Frost
Women’s History – Enhancing the System 1990-1999 (Parks Canada)


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