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Coves of Brighton Bay, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Greystar, Tampa, Fla.
Leadership                  Industry                           Education                       Legislation Communication
  Leadership Letter   2               About NAA 4               NAA Education Institute    6     NAA Government Affairs    12    PR and Media Outreach     18
 Board of Directors   3   Economist’s Perspective 5                        ACE Awards      7             Issue Almanacs    14          UNITS Magazine      19
                                                      Letter from the NAAEI President      8   Joint Legislative Program   15     Community of the Year    20
                                                               NAAEI Board of Directors    9          Capitol Conference   16       Financial Statement    21
                                                                 Education Conference     10                      NAAPAC   17        NAA Lease Program     21
                                                                                                                                           NAA Network     22
                                                                                                                                               NAA Staff   24

   “industry are on the horizon and NAA looks
     Great opportunities for the apartment
      forward to providing more benefits and services
      to its members and to industry professionals. ”
                                                                               n already healthy apartment industry got      saw record numbers of homeowners foreclosing
                                                                               healthier this year as the need for rental    on their homes. The voice of NAA and its
                                                                               housing throughout the country increased      members was widely reported.
                                                                       with homeownership hitting a four-year low and           It was another record-setting Capitol
                                                                       key demographics such as retiring Baby Boomers        Conference, with numerous member and
                                                                       and Generation Y’s young professionals entering       affiliate contingents visiting Senators and
                                                                       our markets.                                          Congressmen on Capitol Hill, advocating for the
                                                                           Much of the year was spent following a “Back-     industry’s most important issues. NAA addressed
                                                                       to-Basics” approach by finding ways to enhance        several of these key legislative and legal issues
                                                                       our current products and services while               throughout the year by conducting timely
                                                                       introducing new ones that meet the industry’s         seminars and dedicating resources on
                                                                       financial and operational needs.                      accessibility compliance, state and federal
                                                                           Heading the list of achievements is the 2007      immigration enforcement, HUD’s interpretation
                                                                       NAA Education Conference & Exposition. In Las         for owners to pay for translation of housing
                                                                       Vegas, NAA was privileged to present a show that      documents under Limited English Proficiency,
                                                                       attracted the greatest number of attendees,           sex offender/Megan’s Law questions and
                                                                       exhibitors and sponsors in our history and            catastrophic insurance coverage.
                                                                       offered the most education sessions.                     Great opportunities for the apartment industry
                                                                           NAA also has invested substantial time and        are on the horizon and NAA looks forward to
                                                                       resources this year into enhancing                    providing more benefits and services to its
                   NAA Chairman of the Board Dave Watkins (left) and   communications with membership, affiliates and        members and to industry professionals.
                   NAA President Doug Culkin.                          the media. This due diligence enables us to go
                                                                       forward with delivering pertinent information in
                                                                       a timely and effective manner and to market and
                                                                       deliver our products and services more effectively.
                                                                           The benefits of making apartment living a         David B. Watkins, CAPS
                                                                       lifestyle choice were more visible to consumers       2007 NAA Chairman of the Board
                                                                       through national media reports facilitated by
                                                                       NAA’s public relations firm Fleishman-Hillard.
                                                                       Informing the public and public officials about
                                                                       the value of renting and a balanced housing           Douglas S. Culkin, CAE
                                                                       policy was more critical than ever as this year       NAA President

2 Landmarks 2007                                                                                                                     National Apartment Association
                                                                                                                                                        NAA Board of Directors

                                       Dave Watkins              Michael Tompkins               Ron Shelton, CAPS      Marc Rosenwasser                Joe Sharp, CAPS
                                        NAA Chairman                  CPM, CCIM                 NAA Vice Chairman         NAA Treasurer                NAA Immediate Past
                                         of the Board             NAA Chairman-Elect          Amalgamated Management     Meadow Wood                  Chairman of the Board
                                           Greystar               Julian LeCraw & Co.                 Corp.             Property Company                Actus Lend Lease
                                          Tampa, FL                    Atlanta, GA                   Dallas, TX             Tampa, FL                     Fort Hood, TX

Jodi Bart, CPM                                Nena Gang                                 Jeff Lowry, CAPS                 Linda Page, CPM, ARM                           Joe Sharp, CAPS
Morrison, Ekre & Bart Mgmt. Services          Bay Area Apartment Association            McDougal Cos.                    Edwin Raskin Co.                               Actus Lend Lease
Region 7 VP                                   Member Services                           Leadership Lyceum                Region 4 VP, Member Relations                  NAA Nominating Committee
Membership Committee                          Jonathan Gershen, Esq.                    John McDermott, Esq.             Diana Pittro, ARM                              Rick Snyder, CPM, R.A.
Tom Beaton                                    The Gershen Group LLC                     The Law Office of                 RMK Management                                 Synder Properties
The Dolben Co.                                Board Member-at-Large                     John J. McDermott PLLC           Region 3 VP                                    Region 10 VP
Region 2 VP                                   Carrie Ann Gillis                         Parliamentarian                  Communications Advisory Board
                                                                                                                                                                        Susan Truesdale
Mike Beirne                                   New Colony Ltd.                           Mike McDougal, CPA, CAPS         Tony Pusateri, CAPS, CPM                       Greystar Management Services
The Kamson Corp.                              Region 8 VP                               McDougal Cos.                    Equity Residential                             Region 9 VP
Region 2 VP                                   Michael Goldfarb, CPM                     Region 6 VP, NAAPAC              NAAEI Apartment Careers
                                                                                                                                                                        Becky Weaver, CPM
Cheryl Buol, CPM                              Manco Abbott Inc.                         Sam Merrick, CPM, CDPM           John Raper                                     American Residential Group
The Hayman Co.                                Region 10 VP                              Lincoln Military Housing         Central Properties                             Region 5 VP
Region 3 VP                                   Rosemary Goss, Ph.D.                      Privatized Military Housing      Independent Rental Owners
                                                                                                                         Committee                                      Scott Wilkerson
Gary Cherry                                   Virginia Tech                             John Mitchell                                                                   Babcock & Brown Residential
Cherry Investments                            NAAEI Curriculum Development              Apt. Assn. of Tarrant County     Kathy Ratchford, CAM, CAPS                     Region 4 VP
Region 9 VP, Member Services                  Rick Graf, CPM                            NAAEI Program Administration     United Dominion Realty Trust
                                                                                                                         Region 9 VP                                    Jerry Wilkinson, CCIM
Doug Culkin, CAE                              Pinnacle Realty Management Co.            Scott Monroe, CPM                                                               The Wilkinson Group Inc.
National Apartment Assn. President            Region 6 VP                               SARES-REGIS Group                Marc Rosenwasser                               Legislative Committee,
Tom Day, CAPS                                 David Hirsch, CAM                         Board Member-at-Large            Meadow Wood Property Co.                       2008 Conference Committee
Hepfner, Smith, Airhart & Day                 ECI Groups                                Melanie Morrison                 Budget and Finance Committee
                                                                                                                                                                        Brad Williams, CPM
Specialty Housing                             Region 4 VP, National Issues              Morrison, Ekre & Bart            Marc Ross                                      Lincoln Property Co.
Andy Drier                                    Mike Holmes                               Management Services              Bob Ross Realty                                Region 6 VP
Sawyer Realty Holdings LLC                    Easlan Management                         Region 7 VP                      Region 6 VP, Lease Advisory Committee
                                                                                                                                                                        Gary Wilson, CAM
Region 1 VP                                   Region 4 VP                               Mary Pacini, CPM                 Tom Scott, CPM                                 A.R. Wilson Inc.
Jenifer Ewoniuk                               Alexandra Jackiw, CAPS, CPM               Chancellor Properties            Cambridge Management Co.                       Region 5 VP
Cowboy Properties                             Buckingham Management LLC                 Region 1 VP                      Region 10 VP, State & Local Issues
                                                                                                                                                                        Bill Wollinger
Region 8 VP                                   Region 3 VP                                                                                                               WinnResidential
                                                                                                                                                                        Education Institute President
                                                                                                                                                                        2007 Conference Committee

National Apartment Association                                                                                                                                                         Landmarks 2007 3
Apartment Industry Responds, Succeeds in Eventful 2007
                                                     them to foreclose on their investments.             minded organizations and key decision-          NAA Owner/Manager Member Profile
                                                         As was the case in prior times of crisis such   makers.
                                                     as Hurricane Katrina and the Southern                  As for onsite operations, whether it
                                                     California firestorm, NAA members and the           involved five units or 5,000 units, NAA
                                                     apartment industry were poised to provide           members saw a second consecutive year of
                                                     comfortable, affordable places to live. NAA and     improving Net Operating Income (NOI),
                                                     the NAA Education Institute (NAAEI), through        according to NAA’s Annual Survey of
                                                     education, communication and legislation,           Operating Income & Expenses in Rental
                                                     fully addressed the questions and concerns of       Communities. Major findings in this survey
                                                     owners and management companies who                 of the professionally managed rental
                                                     continued to meet Americans’ short- and             apartment industry show a distinct
                                                     long-term housing needs.                            improvement of the economics in the           Owner Firm 22%
                                                         Members also had their messages                 market rent segment of the rental             Property Management Firm 44%
                                                     delivered through the national media, and           apartment market with NOI rising and a        Independent Owner, Developer/Builder,
                                                     public relations, print and television media        lower economic losses rate.                   Rehabber/Renovator 31%
                                                                                                                                                       Other 9%
                                                     opportunities, created by NAA, further
                                                     strengthened the value of rental housing as a       About NAA                                       NAA Owner/Manager Member Job Titles
                                                     lifestyle choice.                                      NAA, based in Arlington, Va., is the
                                                         The past year also saw record numbers           leading advocate for high-quality rental
                                                     of Baby Boomers and Generation Y                    housing.
                                                     residents enter the rental housing market.             NAA is a federation representing nearly

         acing a year of unprecedented economic      Again, through NAA information and                  200 state and local affiliated associations
         turmoil in the U.S. housing industry, the   activity, apartment owners and                      with approximately 50,000 members
         National Apartment Association (NAA)        management firms of all sizes learned best          responsible for more than 5.8 million
  and its approximately 50,000 members were          practices that helped them to operate more          apartment homes nationwide. It is the
  positioned to help satisfy the nation’s critical   effectively.                                        largest broad-based organization dedicated
  housing need in 2007.                                  NAA’s legislative advocacy was relentless       solely to rental housing.
     NAA maintained a position at the                at the state, local and federal levels.                NAA provides a wealth of information
  forefront during the industry’s continued          Governments targeted apartment owners for           through advocacy, research, technology,       Owner, President,       Onsite Property
  push to Congress to adopt a more balanced          fees, fines and obligations that potentially        education and strategic partnerships. NAA     Principal, Partner,     Manager 33%
                                                                                                                                                       CEO, CFO, COO 35%
  housing policy.                                    hindered their ability to work effectively and      publishes UNITS magazine and other                                    Leasing Professional 6%
     Never has this position been more               efficiently. NAA’s Government Affairs               industry publications; holds an annual        Vice President,
                                                                                                                                                       Management Executive
  necessary than in 2007, when tens of               department was able to assist members in            Education Conference & Exposition; and        8%                      Maintenance
  thousands of homeowners nationwide saw             achieving positive outcomes through                 promotes industry professionalism. The NAA                            Supervisor,Technician
                                                                                                                                                       Property Supervisor,    2%
  their mortgage payments reach                      grassroots efforts and existing relationships       Education Institute offers six nationally     Regional Manager
  unmanageable levels, ultimately causing            NAA has through partnerships with like-             recognized designations.                      (Multi-Site) 11%        Other 10%

 4 Landmarks 2007                                                                                                                                           National Apartment Association
                                                                                                                                                     Economist’s Perspective
             Improved NOI, Lower Vacancy Rates Contribute to Strong Rental Housing Market

          ost economic and demographic                                                                                                          Renter Households
          variables affecting the rental                                                  Rental Vacancy Rates                                     Demand for rental housing is being
          housing market were positive                                                                                                          strengthened by the moderation in
this year.                                                                                                                                      homeownership rates. The renter’s share of
   Major factors were high rent increases                                                                                                       total households has risen from a record low
and improved Net Operating Income (NOI)                                                                                                         of 30.8 percent in Q4 2004 to 31.6 percent in
and a decline in rental apartment vacancy        Percentage                                                                                     Q2 2007.
rates. Additionally, rental housing demand                                                                                                         This change was a major factor in the
benefited from a decline in the homeowner-                                                                                                      increase of more than 800,000 rental
ship rate. Employment growth moderated,                                                                                                         households over the year period ending
but approximately 1.6 million jobs were                                                                                                         Q2 2007.
being added in 2007.                                                                                                                               Renter’s shares of households should
                                                                                                                                                continue to improve as subprime loan
Vacancy Rates                                                                                                                                   problems pull many strapped, relatively
   A return to improved rental apartment                       2002                2003         2004            2005       2006          2007   new homeowners into mortgage defaults.
vacancy rates, according to the U.S.                                                      Apartments   All Rentals
                                                  Source: U.S. Department of Commerce
Department of Commerce data series,                                                                                                             Labor Markets
occurred in Q2 2007. Nevertheless, the Q2                                                                                                          The health of the rental apartment
rate at 10.1 percent was still in the double    percentage point above the overall                                                              market is dependent on the strength of the
digits.                                         consumer price inflation.                                 Net Operating Income Individually     labor markets.
                                                                                                        Metered Market Rent Garden Properties
   Data for the second half of 2007 is                                                                                                             Employment growth has slowed from a
expected to show further improvement as         Operating Income & Expenses                                                                     2.9 million annual rate in the second half
the rental market benefits from the for-sale       For the second consecutive year, major                                                       of last year to about 1.6 million in Q3
housing market collapse.                        findings in this survey of the professionally                                                   2007.
                                                managed rental apartment industry show a
Trends in Rents                                 distinct improvement of economics in the                                                        New Construction
   Net effective rent increases continued to    market rent segment of the rental                                                                 Multifamily housing construction starts
rise at healthy rates through the first three   apartment market with NOI rising and a                                                          declined by 13.6 percent over the first nine
quarters of 2007. The rent index of the U.S.    lower economic losses rate.                                                                     months of this year from a year ago.
Department of Labor was up 3.9 percent over        NOI increased to 53.9 percent of gross                                                         Most of the decline occurred in
the year period ending in September. Still,     potential rent from 52.2 percent a year                                                         condo/co-op units. They were down 27
some moderation is occurring from the 4.6       earlier. Adding to the improvement in                                                           percent in the first half of this year (latest
percent annualized growth recorded in Q1        apartment economics was the small 0.7                                                           data available) from the same period a
2007.                                           percent rise in total operating expenses. The                                                   year ago.
   More positive was the fact that new          economic state of subsidized properties in                                Year                    Rental unit starts were off 10 percent
effective rents rose by more than one           the survey also improved.                                                                       during the period.

National Apartment Association                                                                                                                                          Landmarks 2007 5
NAA Education Institute Carries Through on Mission Statement
                                            Property Supervisor (CAPS), Certified and can be viewed through a
                                            Apartment Maintenance Technician               link on and on the U.S.
                                            (CAMT) and CAMT II (advanced version),         Department of Labor’s Web site, Career
                                            Certified Apartment Manager (CAM),             Voyages,
                                            National Apartment Leasing Professional           Printed brochures also were created to
                                            (NALP), Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS)     complement each career-specific DVD to be
                                            and California Certified Apartment             distributed at high school and community
                                            Manager went live this year.                   college career centers and career fairs.
                                               NAAEI also has partnered with Rio
                                            Salado College to make apartment               New Apartment Career
                                            leasing, management and maintenance            Web Site Launched
                                            distance- learning courses available              NAAEI is launching its new career Web
                                                                                                                                          NAAEI’s new apartment industry career Web site,
                                            online for college credit. To date, the        site, It  , targets
                                            apartment leasing and management               targets high-school and college-aged job       high-school and college-aged job seekers and
                                            courses are completed and available. A         seekers and features weekly blogs and          features weekly blogs.
                                            maintenance course will be delivered in        covers everything from interviewing and
                                            2008. Nearly 100 students enrolled in 2007.    resume tips to Q&As with industry leaders,
                                            Additionally, apartment industry               career descriptions and profiles on featured

       he National Apartment Association    employees who hold NAAEI designations          employers.
       Education Institute (NAAEI)          can receive college credit from Rio Salado.
       mission is to provide broad-based                                                   CAMT, CAPS Curriculum
education, training and recruitment         Apartment Careers                              Rewrites Underway
programs that attract, nurture and retain   DVD Available                                     The curricula for the CAPS and CAMT
high-quality professionals and develop         NAAEI unveiled its inaugural DVD,           courses are being updated, with completion
tomorrow’s apartment industry leaders.      “Careers in Apartment Management,”             expected in the first half of 2008.
  NAAEI made impressive strides this        during June’s NAAEI Board meeting. The 8-         Industry experts participated in NAAEI
year in providing members with new          minute DVD can be used by the apartment        focus groups for each, choosing to re-focus
online capabilities, enhanced curricula     industry to assist with recruiting high        the curriculum to meet current industry
and with its campaign to promote the        school, career and technical school and        needs, standards and delivery processes.
apartment industry as a viable career       college students to careers in the apartment      Approximately 60 percent of the CAPS
choice.                                     industry.                                      curriculum is being rewritten. It will
                                               NAAEI also produced three additional        remain predominantly classroom-based,
Online Exams Offered                        4-minute career-specific DVDs on               but portions blend classroom and online
                                                                                                                                          NAAEI unveiled its DVD on Careers in
  Apartment professionals now can take      maintenance, leasing and property              learning.                                      Apartment Management, which can be used to
their NAAEI designation exams online. The   management.                                       CAMT subject-matter experts met to          assist in recruiting students to industry careers.
online exams for the Certified Apartment       These videos are also posted on             delineate and weight the learning objectives   The 8-minute video is available on

6 Landmarks 2007                                                                                                                                National Apartment Association
and their related knowledge, tasks and
   The curriculum rewrite will be based on
                                                       respective industries is all about. Job careers
                                                       in management, maintenance and leasing
                                                       were showcased.
                                                                                                             2007 ACE                         Awards
feedback from this meeting and comments                                                                        Dolben, Earhart Receive ACE Awards
received through a survey of current CAMT              National Job Corps
designation holders.                                   Partnership Formed                                         From NAA Education Institute
                                                          NAAEI and National Job Corps
NAAEI Participates
in Job Shadow Day
   NAA members, through NAAEI,
                                                       developed a national “Memo of
                                                       Understanding” that allows students over
                                                       18 years of age to participate in NAAEI Job
                                                                                                          D    eane Dolben, CAPS, President of The
                                                                                                               Dolben Co. in Boston, and Carla
                                                                                                          Earhart, Ph.D., CFCS, Residential
                                                                                                                                                        the formation of one of the country’s
                                                                                                                                                        leading university-based RPM programs.
                                                                                                                                                        It was formed in 1999 in conjunction
participated in National Groundhog Job                 Corps pilot programs in Laurel, Md.;               Property Management Director at Ball          with the Indiana Apartment Association.
Shadow Day.                                            Baltimore; Lynchburg, Va.; and                     State University in Muncie, Ind., were        In 2004, Earhart took a sabbatical to
   The annual program, next set for Feb. 1,            Washington, D.C. Through the program,              named recipients of the National              work in the apartment industry with two
2008, allows employers to welcome high                 participants are transported to apartment          Apartment Association Education               Indiana-based companies. She has
school students into their workplaces so the           community worksites, serve a paid                  Institute (NAAEI) ACE Awards.                 served as Ball State’s RPM Program
students can “shadow” workplace mentors                internship and learn about career                     These annual awards recognize              Director since the program’s inception
to see and experience what working in their            opportunities in the apartment industry.           Advancement of Apartment Careers and          and continues to work closely with local
                                                                                                          Education (ACE) and were presented at         and national apartment management
                                                                                                          the 2007 NAA Education Conference &           companies relative to curriculum
                                                                                                          Exposition in Las Vegas.                      development and internship programs.
                                                                                                             Dolben received his award in the              Earhart currently is focused on
                                                                                                          Apartment Management Practitioner             developing distance learning
                                                                                                          category in recognition of his role in        opportunities for a RPM minor, the first
                                                                                                          leading NAAEI’s fund-raising efforts.         of its kind in the country.
                                                                                                          Earhart has been instrumental in the
                                                                                                          development of the residential property
                                                                                                          management program at Ball State.
                                                                                                             Dolben served as 2004 NAA’s Chair-
                                                                                                          man of the Board, during which time he
                                                                                                          played a critical role in combining the ef-
                                                                                                          forts of the NAA education components,
                                                                                                          including the NAA Education Depart-
                                                                                                          ment, the Education Foundation and the
                                                                                                          NAA University concept into one entity.       Deane Dolben,        Carla Earhart,
Students from Washington-area high schools visit Archstone-Smith’s Lincoln Towers in Arlington, Va., to      At BSU, Earhart was instrumental in        CAPS                 Ph.D., CFCS
learn more about day-to-day operations at a high-rise apartment community.

 National Apartment Association                                                                                                                                                Landmarks 2007 7
                                                 From the NAAEI                                      President
   Putting Industry’s Education Investment to Work

                                partment       high-quality professionals and develop         community colleges and universities,          The NAA
                                owners and     tomorrow’s apartment industry leaders.         making them aware of the opportunities
                                management        Apartment career marketing projects         for professional advancement by climbing      Education
                         companies have        have been a major focus. NAAEI is creating     the ladder in our industry. Pilot programs
                         made important        a comprehensive apartment careers Web          are being implemented with DECA, the
                                                                                                                                            Institute made
                         and generous          site ( that is      National Job Corps and Jobs for America’s     impressive
                         investments in the    designed to appeal to high school and          Graduates.
                         NAA Education         college students. NAAEI also produced four        NAAEI designation programs now
                                                                                                                                            strides this
                         Institute and         slick DVDs that highlight careers in the       utilize online enrollment and exams.          year in
                         through 2007 they     apartment industry. These videos also          Major rewrites of the CAMT and CAPS
  were not disappointed with the results and   appear on YouTube and on the                   curricula are underway with new, cutting-     providing
  projects underway.                           Department of Labor’s Web site                 edge programs being delivered in 2008.        members with
     Under the leadership of its new                                 We thank the companies and
  Executive Vice President Maureen Lambe,         Spreading the word about apartment          individuals who have shown their              online
  CAE, her expanded staff and a determined     careers to career counselors and groups        commitment to the future of our industry
  Board of Directors, we made great strides    and agencies that help facilitate              and have invested so generously in NAAEI.
  in fulfilling our mission: providing broad-   employment was another big step for us                                                       enhanced
  based education, training and recruitment    this year. We created and built strong
  programs that attract, nurture and retain    relationships with high schools,               President, NAAEI Board of Directors
                                                                                                                                            and with its
  NAAEI will publish a report at the           Advanced Instructor Training (AIT) in          NAAEI Affiliate Education
                                                                                                                                            campaign to
conclusion of this pilot program which         2007.                                          Conference a Success                          promote
will help apartment communities tap into          These instructors are now better equipped      The 2007 annual NAAEI Affiliate
the Job Corps’ system for potential leasing    to teach NAAEI designation courses at the      Education Conference was hosted by the        the apartment
and maintenance workforce talent.              affiliate level.                               Houston Apartment Association. This year,
                                                  NAAEI, which offered five sessions held     more than 60 affiliates and speakers
                                                                                                                                            industry as a
Advanced Instructor                            throughout the country, will continue this     attended the event focused on partnering      viable career
Training Well Attended                         program in 2008 that provides training to      strategies. Attendees learned how a well-
 Nearly 100 instructors completed              Institute faculty.                             defined learning value proposition can lead   choice.
8 Landmarks 2007                                                                                                                              National Apartment Association
                                                                                                               NAAEI                  Board of Directors
                                                                                                                                     President       Nena Gang
                                                                                                                           William W. Wollinger      Executive Vice President
                                                                                                                                      President      Bay Area Apartment Association
                                                                                                                                                     Rosemary Goss, Ph.D
                                                                                                                               Vice President        Professor
                                                                                                                       Alexandra Jackiw, CPM,CAPS    Virginia Tech
                                                                                                                                                     James P. Hepfner, CAPS, CPM
                                                                                                                   Buckingham Management LLC
                                                                                                                          Secretary/Treasurer        Hepfner, Smith, Airhart & Day Inc.
                                                                                                                      Michael Tompkins, CPM, CCIM    Maitri Johnson, CAPS
                                                                                                                                       President     Vice President Education
                                                                                                                      Julian Le Craw & Company       Riverstone Residential
                                                                                                                                        Sue Ansel    Patrick McCloud
                                                                                                                          Chief Operating Officer    Executive Director
                                                                                                                       Gables Residential Services   Central Virginia Apartment Association
                                                                                                                              Douglas M. Bibby       Mike McDougal, CPA, CAPS
                                                                                                                                       President     President
                                                                                                                  National Multi Housing Council     McDougal Properties
Chris Gardner, a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur,   Vice President of Marketing Brad Setser, center, is
motivational speaker and philanthropist, shares         recognized by NAAEI President Bill Wollinger, left,                       Mitchell Blatt     John H. Mitchell
his inspirational story of his Pursuit of Happyness     and 2007 NAA Chairman of the Board Dave                                       President      Executive Director
during a general session sponsored by NAAEI at the      Watkins at the NAA 2007 Education Conference &                     Coinmach Corporation      Apartment Association of Tarrant County
Education Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas.         Exposition.
                                                                                                                          Douglas S. Culkin, CAE     Cheryl F. Pucci
                                                                                                                                       President     Vice President
to repeat students and to full classes.                 industry and our future work force,”                      National Apartment Association     United Dominion Realty Trust
                                                        Wollinger said. “We thank the entire Yardi
Yardi Begins NAAEI’s                                    team for the confidence they have placed in                      Thomas C. Day, CAPS, CAPS   Anthony V. Pusateri, CAPS, CPM
                                                                                                                          Executive Vice President   Senior Vice President, Property Services
Second Fund-Raising Phase                               NAAEI in helping us to achieve the goals of                                                  Equity Residential Properties
                                                                                                              Hepfner, Smith, Airhart and Day Inc.
   Yardi contributed $300,000 to begin                  the Institute.”
NAAEI’s second fund-raising phase. The                     Anant Yardi, President and CEO of Yardi                              Angella Dickson      Gail Scott, CPM
                                                                                                                   National Director of Education    Regional Property Manager
investment is the third largest received by             said, “We applaud NAA for creating an                                                        Lincoln Military Housing
                                                                                                                          Camden Property Trust
NAAEI to date and the highest amount any                educational institute that is focused on
supplier partner has invested, setting the              providing education to apartment industry                         Deane H. Dolben, CAPS      Ron Shelton, CAPS
                                                                                                                                      President      Vice President
Institute on the path toward its second                 professionals. We are pleased to be able to                                                  Amalgamated Management Corp.
                                                                                                                        The Dolben Company Inc.
fund-raising goal of $8 million. NAAEI                  contribute to NAAEI. NAAEI will strengthen
surpassed its initial goal of $5 million in             our apartment industry and will help us to                                                   Maureen Lambe, CAE
                                                                                                                                                     NAAEI Executive Vice President
July 2006, raising $5.26 million.                       provide a higher level of service to our
   “Yardi has a strong commitment to the                clients.”

National Apartment Association                                                                                                                                                  Landmarks 2007 9
                                                  2007 NAA Education Conference & Exposition:
                                                  Making a Difference
                                                     “The career tracks enabled attendees to
                                                  target their specific needs or mix and match
                                                  by choosing issues that were most
                                                  important to them,” said 2007 NAA
                                                  Education Conference & Exposition
                                                  Committee Chair Bill Wollinger,
                                                  WinnResidential. “As always, Las Vegas
                                                  proved to be an exciting and enjoyable
                                                  venue for our members.”
                                                     In one action-packed session, five
                                                  industry CEOs served as roundtable              Tracie Eagle, District Manager, Berkshire Properties,
                                                                                                  Hampton Roads,Va., stands with Platinum Sponsors
                                                  panelists for a lively discussion about
                                                                                                  after receiving $30,000, having won the 2007 NAA
                                                  technology, insurance, interest rates, online   Education Conference & Exposition grand prize.
                                                  leasing and onsite management.
                                                     Attendees enjoyed entertaining and
                                                  inspiring keynote speakers including            Records Set at Trade Show
                                                  football greats Peyton Manning and his             The trade show floor, spanning 140,000

        veryone was a winner in Las Vegas at      father Archie Manning, television news          square feet, overflowed with attendees who              NAA Chairman of the Board Dave Watkins greets
        the 2007 NAA Education Conference         reporter Lesley Stahl and the NAAEI-            found information on the latest products                football greats Peyton and Archie Manning, who
                                                                                                                                                          spoke to the 6,000 conference attendees during the
        & Exposition in June as NAA set           sponsored session with Chris Gardner,           and services from more than 350 exhibitors              General Session.
 record highs in attendance, education            whose rags-to-riches life story was             in the apartment industry.
 sessions, sponsorship and exhibitors.            portrayed recently in a Hollywood movie.           The fun, exciting, fast-paced environment            $30,000 cash.
    More than 6,000 attendees spent three            There was plenty of football talk—           was ideal for those walking the aisles.                   The grand prize was sponsored by NAA’s 18
 days at the fabulous Mandalay Bay Resort         something the NAA audience expected                The conference finale delivered the                  Platinum Sponsors—Apartment Finder,
 and Casino in Las Vegas as part of the           when listening to NFL superstar Peyton          dramatic grand-prize random drawing,                    Apartment Guide Printernet, AT&T, AZUMA
 most comprehensive national education            Manning and his father, former New              during which one winner was able to choose              Leasing, Coinmach, Comcast, For Rent
 event and trade show for the apartment           Orleans Saints quarterback Archie               either the title to a 2007 BMW 325i or                  Media Solutions, HD Supply, Intuit Real
 industry.                                        Manning, during the Opening General
    The record number of more than 50             Session.
 education sessions spanning eight specific
 career tracks were loaded with insight, best
 practices and motivational tips that addressed
 leadership, human resources, specialty
                                                     The pair delivered a touchdown to a
                                                  wide-open, attendee-filled ballroom at
                                                  Mandalay Bay with comments on effective
                                                  management, teamwork, attitude and
                                                                                                      “ As always, Las Vegas proved
                                                                                                     to be an exciting and enjoyable
 housing, independent rental owners, value
 and asset preservation, marketing and
 leasing, technology and a “wild card.”
                                                  knowledge, scoring many points as well
                                                  with humor about rookie mistakes and
                                                  growing up in a football family.
                                                                                                     venue for our members.
                                                                                                              —Conference Chair Bill Wollinger, WinnResidential                   ”
10 Landmarks 2007                                                                                                                                             National Apartment Association
                                                                                               Maintenance                                Mania
Estate Solutions, Lowe’s, Mac-Gray, Move,      crisis, celebration or everyday life, that
RealPage,, Sears, Time Warner         underscores the impact and value our                            NAA Hosts First
Cable, Verizon and Yardi.                      industry provides to the communities where
   National Supplier’s Council Chair Terry     we live and work.                                       Maintenance Mania Championships
Slattery, For Rent Media Solutions, Norfolk,      More than $112.5 million has been

Va., who served as 2007 NAA Education          contributed through the programs included            AA hosted its first Maintenance       performances in six skill-based events:
Conference & Exposition Committee Co-          in the Making a Difference publication.              Mania National Championships at       door lockset installation, faucet
Chair, welcomed a record number of                One program from each region, chosen by           the 2007 NAA Education                installation, garbage disposal installation,
exhibitors for a fourth consecutive year.      their peers in that                          Conference & Exposition. Maintenance          blind tool ID, light bulb installation and
                                               region, was selected                         professionals qualified for the               smoke detector installation. In the seventh
NAA Makes a Difference                         as most outstanding.                         championship competition based on their       event, a model car construction project,
   Apartment industry professionals            These stories and                            performances in Maintenance Mania             the teams had to construct Pinewood
understand the unique privilege we have to     programs were                                events held at NAA affiliated associations    Derby-style racecars from standard
serve those who consider our communities       celebrated in                                earlier this year. Herb Harr and Troy         maintenance products.
home. Our industry plays a vital role in       conjunction with                             Shelby, Van Rooy Properties, Indianapolis,       Maintenance Mania competitions in
helping to make a difference in the daily      the NAA Education                            Indiana Apartment Association, won the        2007, organized by NAA with presenting
lives of our residents.                        Conference &                                 national championship with a time of 5        sponsor HD Supply, gave maintenance
   Making a Difference was a compendium        Exposition in                                minutes, 58.51 seconds for completing         professionals the opportunity to compete
of experiences, whether during times of        Las Vegas.                                   seven maintenance-related events.             and earn honors as the nation’s top
                                                                                               Participants were judged on their          maintenance professionals.

                   Platinum Sponsors

                                                                     Silver Sponsor

                                                                      Bronze Sponsors

                                                                                            Regional winners from the Maintenance Mania   Herb Harr and Troy Shelby of Van Rooy
                                                                                            event competed in Las Vegas during the 2007   Properties in Indianapolis celebrate their
                                                                                            NAA Education Conference & Exposition.        national championship.

National Apartment Association                                                                                                                                     Landmarks 2007 11
Industry Benefits From Government Affairs Support
                                              front-line property managers and leasing       has responded to the following cases:           legislature authorized a task force to study
                                              agents on elements of accessibility.           • Ohio Discrimination Case                      the current system and provide comments
                                                 The curriculum is based on                     NAA filed an amicus brief in the Ninth       on how to improve that system by Dec. 1 to
                                              recommendations from seven apartment           Appellate District of the Ohio Court of         the state legislature.
                                              industry subject matter experts and            Appeals supporting an appeal by the
                                              delivered through the Government Affairs       Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority.           NAA Testifies on Expedited
                                              department. A beta test was presented at the   At issue was a decision stating that a          Eviction Legislation
                                              Assembly of Delegates in November.             cause of action may lie against a property         NAA staff worked with South Carolina
                                                 Participants who complete the course        owner who fails to remedy discrimination        Apartment Association (SCAA) members
                                              will receive a certificate of completion and   by its residents, even if the property          and lobbyists to assist with the passage of a
                                              are eligible to obtain Continuing Education    owner has not committed discrimination.         bill to provide for expedited evictions in
                                              Credits (CEC) from NAAEI.                      • Montgomery County, Md.,                       cases where there is a threat to life or
                                                                                             ‘Source of Income’ Case                         possibility of significant property damage.
                                              Expert Continues Work                             NAA filed a joint amicus brief with the      NAA conducted research on various state
                                              on Megan’s Law                                 Apartment and Office Building Association       expedited eviction laws, definitions of
                                                 NAA retained Michael Allen, a tenant-       of Metropolitan Washington (AOBA) and           threat to life and dollar amounts attached
                                              advocacy attorney with the firm of Relman      the Maryland Multi-Housing Association          to “significant” property damage and

  t was a year of heavy action through        & Dane, PLLC, to work on the Megan’s Law       (MMHA) in the Maryland Court of Special         testified before a subcommittee.
  advocacy for NAA’s Government Affairs       issue currently affecting members operating    Appeals supporting Glenmont Hills
  department. Following are some of its       in California and other states. Allen          Associates in a case in which the courts        NAA Assists AMA
many significant accomplishments.             produced an internal strategy/risk             ruled that a housing provider cannot be         in Eviction Study Process
                                              assessment document and a “joint               forced to enter into a contract with the           The Arizona Multihousing Association
Accessibility Task Force                      statement” of enforcement for the U.S.         federal government, and thus Montgomery         (AMA) commissioned partners and
Identifies Action Steps                       Department of Housing and Urban                County cannot mandate a housing                 contractors to prepare a study to examine
    NAA’s Accessibility Task Force met        Development (HUD) and Department of            provider’s participation in a voluntary         the micro- and macro-economic impact
regularly throughout 2007 to address          Justice (DOJ) to issue.                        federal program. Montgomery County is           the eviction process has at the local and
aggressively accessibility issues. The Task      Allen agreed to accompany NAA members       appealing the ruling.                           state level. There is currently little national
Force worked on educating members on          to relevant meetings with HUD and DOJ and                                                      or state information available to support
the issue and on developing a strategy to     to provide technical expertise to support      NAA Testifies to Overhaul                       the side of property owners and because the
attain relief for the industry through        NAA’s position that sex offenders not be       Justice Courts Requirements                     research model is one that can be
litigation. Several strategy tactics were     included as a protected class under federal       In response to member requests in            replicated in other states, NAA funded a
taken including jointly hosting, with         fair housing law.                              Mississippi, NAA testified at a public          portion of the study.
NMHC, an Accessibility Conference                                                            hearing in Jackson, providing comments
attended by 140 representatives from 80       NAA Files Amicus Briefs                        on how to change the education                  NAA Assists NJAA
member companies and an NAA-produced            NAA has seen an increase in affiliate        requirements of the state’s justice courts to   in Sprinkler Campaign
Accessibility Course designed to educate      requests to participate in amicus briefs and   create a fair and equitable system. The           At the request of the New Jersey

12 Landmarks 2007                                                                                                                                  National Apartment Association
                                                                                                                                                        NAA produced an
                                                                                                                                                        Course designed
                                                                                                                                                        to educate front-
Apartment Association (NJAA), NAA                     The California Apartment Association        of nearly 100 visitors from the state.
conducted nationwide research of state and         (CAA) hosted its legislative day in Sacra-        The group’s main objective was to                  line property
local regulatory efforts that involve              mento in March. Eight hundred members of       demonstrate support for passage of
requiring apartment communities to be              CAA successfully delivered the message to      expedited eviction legislation that had               managers and
retrofitted with sprinkler-based fire              legislators regarding Megan’s Law and the      already cleared the House.
suppression systems. NAA assisted NJAA in          safety of residents.                                                                                 leasing agents
developing a media campaign to counter             • FAA Conducts Legislative Day                 NAA Tracks
these efforts and will use this data to craft a       The Florida Apartment Association (FAA)     Terrorism Security                                    on elements of
national strategy that can be used by other        hosted its annual legislative day activities      The FBI and U.S. Department of
affiliates to counter efforts to mandate           in March with participation from               Homeland Security issued a security                   accessibility and,
sprinkler system retrofits in high-rises.          approximately 150 members. Two principal       assessment of Webcams as a potential
                                                   pieces of legislation highlighted its          terrorist planning tool in apartments.                with NMHC,
NAA Active in Affiliate                            efforts—early termination fees and                NAA provides members access to
Advocacy Efforts                                   property of deceased residents.                information disseminated, including                   hosted an
   NAA participated in several affiliated          • SCAA Holds First Legislative Day             terrorism alerts, homeland security
association legislative days by attending             The South Carolina Apartment                assessments and reports through its                   Accessibility
and providing on-the-ground support.               Association (SCAA) held its first state        partnership with the Real Estate
• CAA Members Rally at State Capitol               legislative day in March with a gathering      Information Sharing and Analysis Center.              Conference.

FAA Government Affairs Director Jeff Rogo (left) with Dana Hammond (Wilson Co.), Marlo Skinner    Eight-hundred California Apartment Association members successfully delivered the message to legislators
( and Mike Davis (AIMCO).                                                                in Sacramento regarding Megan’s Law and resident safety.

National Apartment Association                                                                                                                                                 Landmarks 2007 13
                                                                                                            2007 Issue                        Almanacs
  Issue Almanacs Detail State, Municipal Issues

         AA’s Government Affairs staff           that our industry deserves the same         lawmakers and law enforcement
         unveiled three Issue Almanacs           deference that is given to single-family    agencies.
         in 2007. Issue Almanacs are             housing with respect to smoking
  designed to provide snapshots of state and     prohibitions. Under federal fair housing    Bump Keys
  municipal issues. The topics either mark       law, smokers are not considered a              Key-bumping involves use of a specially
  particularly vital issues or those spreading   protected class. This enables apartment     cut key and a tool to apply a burst of force,
  across the nation. Included in each            communities to decide if smoking will be    causing the pins inside the lock cylinder
  Almanac is background information, state       permitted on their properties.              to separate across the shear line just long
  and local policy considerations and                                                        enough to allow the cylinder to turn. It is
  resources for additional information. The      Immigration                                 a technique that takes no special skill and
  Almanacs also can be used to educate              The apartment industry supports          can be learned and used in only moments.
  policymakers or other interested parties. An   strong, proactive enforcement of our        There are many variables that determine
  archive of all NAA Issue Almanacs is           nation’s immigration laws and believes      whether a lock can be opened by bumping
  available at     that property owners who knowingly          and whether a property is at risk of being      Issue Almanacs
                                                 violate immigration laws or knowingly       targeted.
  Smoke-Free Housing                             harbor illegal immigrants should be            Apartment firms are encouraged to            are designed to
     Prohibition of smoking in apartment         subject to prosecution.                     evaluate lock systems on their properties,
  communities (voluntary and                        However, apartment managers are not      key control policies and security
                                                                                                                                             provide snapshots
  involuntary) expanded as public health         police officers, immigration officials or   requirements to determine their levels of       of state and
  concerns regarding the effects of              border guards. Apartment industry           risk and what, if any, protective steps
  secondhand smoke continue to be cited.         professionals are not trained in            should be taken.                                municipal issues.
     With county and municipal                   interviewing potential lawbreakers,            Several states have laws criminalizing
  governments nationwide pressing for            inspecting government-issued residency      the possession of burglar’s tools or
                                                                                                                                             The Almanacs
  more stringent smoking ordinances to           documents or detecting forged,              instruments; those laws can be used as          can also be used
  further restrict tobacco use in public,        incomplete or incorrect documentation.      examples for other states. With pre-cut
  apartment owners and managers were                NAA urged that legislative initiatives   bump keys readily available on the Internet,    to educate
  made aware by NAA of the scope of the          that require apartment operators to carry   NAA urged that sanctions be implemented
  ordinances enacted.                            out law enforcement duties need to be re-   for the manufacture, sale or trafficking of     policymakers or
     NAA emphasized the multifamily              drafted to place the responsibility for     pre-cut bump keys. Carve-outs could be          other interested
  housing industry must remind                   enforcing our nation’s immigration laws     made in the law for official uses such as law
  municipal, county and state governments        where it belongs—on our nation’s            enforcement or locksmithing.                    parties.

14 Landmarks 2007                                                                                                                              National Apartment Association
                                                                                                                                                 Joint Legislative Program
                                                                                    Federal Goals Accomplished: NAA/NMHC Reports

    n partnership with the National             Limited English Proficiency                     sprinkler system in four-story buildings with    Hurricane Housing Funding
    Multi Housing Council (NMHC), the           (LEP) Document Legislation                      apartments in the basement.                         NAA/NMHC obtained language in a
    NAA/NMHC Joint Legislative Program             NAA/NMHC successfully obtained                                                                House-approved measure that enables
celebrated many accomplishments in 2007.        language in House legislation that              IRS Issues LIHTC Ruling                          apartment owners to recover the cost of
Working with a Congress that saw its            provides funding for HUD to incur the              NAA/NMHC have long sought changes in          damages caused by hurricane evacuees.
leadership swing to the Democrats from the      expense—rather than the apartment               the way rents are adjusted for utility expense   Their efforts also led to continued
Republicans following the November 2006         industry—of providing LEP documents             on Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)         authorization of funding of housing for
election, the NAA/NMHC Joint Legislative        and interpretations to renters and potential    properties. After more than three years, in      evacuees. NAA/NMHC continue to press
Staff achieved many victories and regulatory    renters. NAA/NMHC worked with Sen.              2007 the IRS issued its long-awaited             Congress to pass a bill reimbursing
gains.                                          Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) to introduce           ruling, which allows rents to be more            apartment owners who participated in the
                                                similar legislation in the Senate.              accurately adjusted on these properties.         FEMA-funded city voucher programs
Federal Immigration Reform                         In separate action, NAA/NMHC sued HUD                                                         (Section 403) and who suffered financial
   Through active participation in various      in Federal Court saying the HUD                 National Green Building                          losses when FEMA broke its agreement to
groups, NAA/NMHC effectively raised             “Guidance” was really a binding regulation.     Standard Established                             provide reimbursements under the program.
opposition to legislation that would obligate   In oral arguments before a Federal judge,          NAA/NMHC successfully obtained the
apartment operators to screen residents and     HUD stated that its 52-page “Guidance” was      backing of the American National Standards       Lead Dust Dataset Examined
employees for their legal status to live and    not binding.                                    Institute (ANSI) to work with us to develop         NAA/NMHC’s national dataset on lead
work in this country.                                                                           a separate green building standard for           dust in occupied properties has proved to be
   Although the measures eventually died        Building Codes Sprinkler                        multifamily housing buildings—the                an insurmountable obstacle for the
because of extreme discord surrounding the      Ruling Overturned                               National Green Building Standard. Having         Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to
broader issue of comprehensive immigration        A major victory was secured for the           the ANSI backing will enable NAA/NMHC to         overcome in its attempt to justify the costs
reform, NAA/NMHC succeeded in including         apartment industry when the International       distinguish multifamily housing from the         associated with a proposed worker training
language in proposed federal legislation that   Code Council’s Code Technology Committee        current Leadership in Energy and                 rule. This has caused the EPA to go back to
would preempt state and local efforts to        voted to overturn a controversial ruling that   Environmental Design standard, which does        the drawing board with the caveat that they
make apartment operators de facto               would have limited the ability of apartment     not take into account the unique aspects of      can only move to a more moderate position
immigration police.                             builders to use the less expensive NFPA 13R     an apartment community.                          on this rule.

National Apartment Association                                                                                                                                        Landmarks 2007 15
                                                                                                                                                              The 2007 NAA
2007 Capitol Conference                                                                                                                                       Capitol
A Clear Voice on Capitol Hill                                                                                                                                 Conference
                                                                                                                                                              was the most

        AA members turned out in record         Affairs Council, spoke on developing                                                                          attended
        numbers for the annual Capitol          confidence with political outreach and
        Conference in Washington, D.C., in      educated attendees about ethics and                                                                           Legislative
March, making their voices heard on             involvement.                                                                                                  Conference
critical legislative issues by speaking face-      Pinkham offered advice on how to
to-face with their respective members of        engage members.                                                                                               with more than
Congress. The 2007 NAA Capitol                     "[Pinkham] put the 2005-06 fund-
Conference was the most attended                raising scandals into perspective," Cindy                                                                     450 attendees
Legislative Conference with more than           Fredlund, CAM, NALP, said. "This helps us
450 attendees participating in 200 Capitol      to realize that grassroots efforts of
                                                                                                                                                              participating in
Hill visits from 22 states across the           advocacy are that much more important."                                                                       200 Capitol
nation.                                            The Government Affairs Overview,
   The event featured presentations by          presented for the first time at the Capitol                                                                   Hill visits from
subject matter experts on all things            Conference, highlighted issues the
political.                                      department anticipated would be critical
                                                                                                                                                              22 states
   Renowned political pundit Charlie            in 2007 and explained some of the                      NAA members visit with Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX),           across the
Cook addressed key issue trendlines             products and services that the department              right, in his Capitol Hill office as part of the
among voters and made modest                    offers.                                                2007 Capitol Conference in Washington, D.C.            nation.
predictions for the 2008 White House race
during the 12th annual Government
Affairs Roundtable.
   Allen Orr, Business Immigration &
Executive Transfer, Baker McKenzie LLP,
discussed immigration and employment
issues, such as I-9 compliance and
record-keeping, and current Immigration
and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
   Connie Bertram, Partner, Winston &
Strawn, addressed Fair Housing
accessibility issues and explained the surge
in resident requests for reasonable
accommodations because of their mental
disabilities and how owners are expected to
comply.                                         Dave Watkins, 2007 NAA Chairman of the Board, left,    The 2007 Capitol Conference represented the industry’s largest contingent to visit Capitol Hill.
   Doug Pinkham, President of the Public        speaks with renowned political analyst Charlie Cook.   Above, this year’s attendees gather prior to visiting their members of Congress.

16 Landmarks 2007                                                                                                                                                   National Apartment Association
      NAA             Political Action Committee
   NAAPAC Exceeds 2007 Goals

           AA’s Political Action Committee         contributed to more than 50                    End Prior Approval
           (NAAPAC) reached and surpassed          congressional members and candidates in           In 2006, NAAPAC established a
           its goal of $200,000 in 2007, the       2007. Along with the Real Estate               coalition of associations to repeal the
   largest amount raised since the                 Roundtable and NMHC, NAA hosted 23 key         tedious Prior Authorization legislation.
   committee’s inception. This was                 congressional events in Washington, D.C.,      The “End Prior Approval Coalition”
   accomplished through the fund-raising           and in the districts. This not only put a      (EPAC) united more than 120 trade
   efforts of the NAAPAC Ambassadors and           face to NAAPAC, but it also aided in raising   associations similar to NAA in the battle
   NAA’s special events held at each of its        NAA’s political influence.                     to put these organizations on a fair
   three major conferences.                                                                       playing field with membership
      Events including the Diamonds and            Better Government Fund                         associations, 527s, unions and
   Champagne, Annual Golf Challenge and               The Better Government Fund (BGF)            corporate entities in dealing with
   Casino Night raised more than $125,000.         raised funds in excess of $96,000—the          elected officials.                           Scott Stamilio, Michael Fortinberry, Todd
   NAAPAC has its supplier partners to thank       largest amount since its start. Its annual        Making much headway this year with        Halverson and Dave Wilson, winners of the
   for helping to raise awareness of NAAPAC.       event at NAA’s Capitol Conference was          educating members of Congress and the        NAAPAC Golf Challenge, pose for a photo
   By holding raffles at the local level and       held in the Smithsonian’s National             Federal Election Commission (FEC)            after the tournament. The event raised $70,000.
   supporting NAAPAC events, their fund-           Museum of the Native American.                 about the federal statute, NAAPAC was
   raising efforts were excellent. Sixteen         Attendees were able to mingle with 29          asked to lead a panel on the issue before
   states and 67 percent of all local affiliates   members of Congress who attended the           the FEC. The panel met monthly during
   met or exceeded their Fair Share. Ninety-       event in support of our membership and         the first six months of the year. On Sept.
   four percent of NAA’s Board of Directors        our agenda.                                    6, Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA)
   and 92 percent of the Legislative                  The BGF was put to use this year            introduced legislation that would repeal
   Committee participated in 2007—an               aiding PAC initiatives and events across       the onerous prior approval requirements
   increase from 2006.                             the country. A new mission statement           along with an increase of allowed PAC
      NAAPAC succeeded in establishing a           was implemented, giving the BGF a              contributions to candidates.
   name change for the Fair Share program.         greater arena in which to grow. It is now         As this legislation moves forward in
   The program’s name, “Fund Our Future,”          used not only to support NAAPAC but also       2008, EPAC will be working closely with
   installs a sense of membership                  to support ballot initiatives across the       Congressional members to ensure they         NAA members examine their champagne flutes
   involvement and this is instrumental in         country and statewide candidates who           understand the hindrance and                 for two-carat diamond studs during NAAPAC’s
   NAAPAC growing its program. NAAPAC              can accept corporate funds.                    tediousness of the regulation.               annual Diamonds and Champagne event.

National Apartment Association                                                                                                                                           Landmarks 2007 17
NAA Media Outreach Promotes Apartment Living Lifestyle
                                              many key business headlines. Among                 “There’s been a lot of discussion of the
                                              those were the effects of and reaction to       economic fallout of subprime mortgage
                                              the subprime mortgage meltdown, market          lending that happened over the last few
                                              and industry data trends, amenity               years,” NAA President Doug Culkin said.
                                              preferences, renting as a lifestyle choice,     “However, little attention has been paid to
                                              the assisting of the Southern California        how the crisis has affected current
                                              firestorm evacuees, non-smoking                 homeowners’ views of homeownership as
                                              community legislation, renters insurance,       an investment choice.”
                                              immigration and other major business               “Make no mistake, these things are
                                              story lines.                                    cyclical,” Culkin said. “However, this
                                                 Through Fleishman-Hillard, NAA               survey reflects an interesting view of how
                                              conducted its first Harris Interactive survey   homeowners value their home
                                              to measure consumers’ views of the erratic      equity—and in our industry, we do not see
                                                                                                                                              NAA President Doug Culkin was interviewed as part
                                              housing market, rising foreclosures and         this changing anytime soon.”                    of CNBC’s Realty Check segment, discussing the
                                              uncertain mortgage rates.                          Adding to the complexity of the issue is     subprime mortgage situation.
                                                 The survey of more than 2,100 U.S.           that homeowners who have lost, or may
                                              homeowners, conducted in late April at a        soon lose, their homes to foreclosure are
                                              time when the subprime mortgage crisis          now facing the added difficulty of failing to
                                              was first being felt throughout country,        qualify as creditworthy apartment renters.
                                              found that 65 percent of homeowners                In an effort to help these “born-again
                                              believed that, given the current state of the   renters,” NAA, in collaboration with NMHC,

        AA, its members and their messages    real estate market, there are advantages to     is “proactively engaged in finding ways to
        received a record level of media      renting as opposed to owning.                   address the growing credit problem and
        coverage at the national and local       Among the key advantages of renting          assist consumers in getting into apartment
levels in 2007. Dozens of apartment           versus owning, homeowners cited:                homes. There are a lot of people out there
industry professionals were interviewed for      • No susceptibility to foreclosure           who need help,” Culkin said. “We want to
television business programs and national          (25 percent)                               do all we can to help them.”
news shows, quoted and profiled in               • Not being impacted by an                      More than 30 print and online media
national media stories, featured on news            unpredictable real estate resale          outlets published survey results.
Web sites and appeared on audio                     market (23 percent)
programs.                                        • No fluctuating interest rates              UNITS Helps Improve
   Through the work of local and state              (23 percent)                              Members’ Bottom Lines
                                                                                                                                              This USAToday report highlighting apartment living
affiliated association staffs, NAA Regional      Only 54 percent of homeowners cited            UNITS magazine, the nation’s leading
                                                                                                                                              features comments from several NAA members.
Vice Presidents and Executive Committee       the inability to build equity if they rent as   source and most-read magazine in the            It received 11,589,753 impressions through print
members and NAA’s public relations firm       a major concern about apartment or              multifamily housing industry with a             circulation, online viewings and local Gannett
Fleishman-Hillard, members spoke to           condominium living.                             readership of more than 160,000                 newspaper coverage.

18 Landmarks 2007                                                                                                                                    National Apartment Association
                                                                                                                                            UNITS magazine
                                                                                                                                            is the nation’s
                                                                                                                                            leading source
                                                                                                                                            and most-read
apartment industry                                                                                             to senior-level executives   magazine in
professionals, solidified its                                                                                 and research analysts and
position as the No. 1                                                                                        explained how the              the multifamily
resource for members and                                                                                    apartment industry is
subscribers to learn about                                                                                 positioned to gain from the      housing
the issues and topics that                                                                                ongoing national subprime         industry.
affect them and their                                                                                    mortgage crisis.
businesses.                                                                                                In July, management company
   Published monthly, UNITS                                                                            executive Victoria Cowart offered
increased its range and depth of                                                                      advice on how owners can              management. Participating in this fair is
topics in 2007, covering preventive                                                                  effectively communicate a raise in     one way to save on recruiting, hiring and
maintenance, design trends, staff                                                                  the rent to their residents.             training costs.
education, industry innovators, finance,                                                         In August, NAA’s Annual Survey of             In December, a leading student housing
rehabilitation, hiring and training,                                                          Operating Income & Expenses in Rental         operator described why student housing is
restoration and other critical topics. UNITS                                                  Apartment Properties showed a second          one of the most booming niche markets in
again also provided useful tear-out job                                                       consecutive year of improved Net              the rental property industry.
aides for onsite professionals to use in their                                                Operating Income and offered market-by-
daily work.                                                                                   market analysis of financial data in          UNITS Caters to IROs
                                                                                              specific budget categories.                      A high percentage of NAA members are
Twelve Months of Features                        forecasts about market conditions,              In September, a list of 39 great ways to   independent rental owners (IROs), those
   Each month during 2007, UNITS                 revealing which parts of the country         market a community—most of them dirt          who are intimately involved in the day-to-
featured articles that helped owners             would do booming business in 2007.           cheap—were outlined, based on a session       day management of their properties, often
improve their bottom lines and                      In April, one national developer was      by the Apartment All Stars during the         managing 100 or fewer units.
investments. Among the many highlights:          profiled, detailing how it reduces           2007 NAA Education Conference &                  The online IRO Resource Center offers
   In January, Independent Rental Owner          construction costs and helps solve the       Exposition.                                   education and information on IRO-specific
Dan Lieberman offered 10 tried-and-true          country’s housing affordability crisis by       In October, insight into why and how       topics and important subject matter that
strategies that owners can use that save         striking economies-of-scale deals with its   many apartment communities are facing         has appeared in UNITS magazine, in
time and money on maintenance.                   bankers and construction suppliers.          multimillion-dollar lawsuits filed by         addition to real estate news and investment
   In February, leasing consultant Mary             In May, owner Del Walmsley                advocacy groups about accessibility           information from beyond NAA.
Gwyn wrote how leasing professionals who         described how to find “diamonds in the       compliance was reported, including               The IRO Best Practices Guide debuted
take a pre-planned, month-to-month               rough” when seeking markets into which       updates on key legal rulings and how they     in 2007. It is a compendium of
approach to “selling” renewals to residents      to buy. Apartment management Senior          affect construction costs.                    management articles specifically written
will see their performance and vacancies         Vice President Mike Beirne explained how        In November, an inside look was provided   for IRO members.
rates greatly improve.                           to avoid costly mistakes when undertaking    at the country’s leading apartment industry      The IRO-member “Eye on IRO”
   In March, high-level apartment                rehabilitation projects.                     career fair for those recent college          spotlight highlights one trendsetting IRO
executives shared their insight and                 In June, reporter Ron Leshnower spoke     graduates entering the residential property   per quarter in UNITS, serving as an

National Apartment Association                                                                                                                                  Landmarks 2007 19
   2007 PARAGON                                    Community of the Year
  All-Inclusive and Exclusive High-Rise Wins Top Honor
                                           milestone for us. We’re so thrilled.”        managed by NNP Residential, eventually      excellent best practices guide. The IRO
                                              The high-rise, 548-apartment              will be home to 4,950 residences, 2.2       ListServe provides an online environment
                                           residence, designed by Loewenberg            million gross square feet of commercial     where members can communicate with
                                           Architects, developed by Magellan            space, 1,500 hotel rooms and a proposed     peers from across the country, and the
                                           Development Group and owned by a joint       elementary school. The six-acre Park at     Independent Rental Owners Committee
                                           venture between AFL-CIO Building             Lakeshore East features flowers,            (IROC) gives information about the
                                           Investment Trust and Lakeshore               waterfalls, a children’s play area, a dog   group’s progress throughout the year and
                                           Shoreham LLC, opened April 15, 2005, and     park and wireless Internet.                 offers best practices for creating and
                                           achieved a swift stabilization with 95          “What makes The Shoreham unique          sustaining an IROC on a local level.
                                           percent of units leased by December 2005.    is that it is part of a master-plan            NAA offers many member benefits
                                              “We experienced the fastest lease-up      community,” Berger said. “The building      specifically targeted to IROs. The Savings
                                           in NNP Residential history,” said Sara       itself is fabulous, but by having this      Program allows IROs to take advantage of
                                           Torsella, Director of Leasing for NNP        project be on such a large scope and        substantial discounts from NAA supplier
                                           Residential and Leasing Director at The      scale at the entry of Chicago—where         partners on products and services such as
                                           Shoreham. “We reached stabilization in       the Chicago River meets Lake Michigan,      maintenance items, debt collection,

         ach year, NAA recognizes the      eight months—that’s amazing.”                across from Millennium Park, the No. 1      resident screening and property
         industry’s accomplishments           At 400 E. South Water St., the 46-story   tourist park in the city—it has really      management software
         through its national awards       Shoreham was the first of several            helped to propel the community to
  program—the PARAGON                      developments planned in the waterfront       success. We’re in a great location. It’s    Understanding the Network
  awards—presented to individuals,         Lakeshore East neighborhood. This area,      really the full package.”                   Through Leadership Briefings
  communities and affiliates.                                                                                                          For the second consecutive year, NAA
     The Shoreham at Lakeshore East’s                                                                                               conducted Leadership Briefings to provide
  resort-like extras and amenities above                                                                                            outreach to affiliate members and leaders
  and beyond market norms helped it to
  earn the 2007 NAA PARAGON for
  Community of the Year.
     “The award elevates the community
                                           “  To be honored by peers in
                                           the apartment industry—on a
                                           local and a national level—is a
                                                                                                                                    who are not regularly able to attend NAA
                                                                                                                                    meetings because of time commitments or
                                                                                                                                    budget constraints.
                                                                                                                                       Members of NAA’s leadership visited
  to a national level,” said Robin         significant milestone for Us.                                                            seven cities this year to listen to members’
  Loewenberg Berger, President of NNP
  Residential, which manages The
  Shoreham. “To be honored by peers in
  the apartment industry—on a local and
                                                                          —Robin Loewenberg Berger
                                                                         President, NN P Residential
                                                                                                                        ”           issues, address their concerns and provide
                                                                                                                                    updates on NAA activities and describe NAA
                                                                                                                                    services and benefits.
                                                                                                                                       To further increase participation, in
  a national level—is a significant                                                                                                 2008, NAA will offer these leadership
                                                                                                                                    briefings via videoconferencing.

20 Landmarks 2007                                                                                                                         National Apartment Association
                                                                                          The NAA                                 Network
Alabama                                       • CAA Napa/Solano                          • Weld County Apt. Association           Georgia                                  • Howard County Apt.                     • Apt. Association of Greater New Orleans
• Alabama Apt. Association                      925/746-7131                               970/395-0225                           • Athens Apt. Association                  Association                              504/888-2492
  205/424-3175                                • CAA Tri-County Apt. Association                                                     404/275-1419                             765/452-5357                           • Apt. Association of Louisiana
• Apt. Association of North Alabama             408/873-1599                             Connecticut                              • Atlanta Apt. Association               • Indiana Apt. Association                 504/888-2492
  256/539-2998                                • California Apt. Association              • Connecticut Apt. Association             770/518-4248                             317/816-8900                           • Baton Rouge Apt. Association
• Birmingham Apt. Association                   800/967-4222                               860/722-9922                           • Columbus Apt. Association              • Monroe County Apt. Association           225/923-2808
  205/424-3175                                • Income Property Association of Kern                                                 706/568-9990                             812/339-6374                           • Houma-Thibodaux Apt. Association
• Mobile Bay Area Apt. Association              661/322-3288                                                                      • CSRA Apt. Association                  • Northern Indiana Apt. Council            985/879-2772
                                                                                         • Delaware Apt. Association
  251/604-9267                                • Marin Income Property Association                                                   706/868-9567                             219/924-7550                           • Northeast Louisiana Apt. Association
• Montgomery Apt. Association                   415/491-4461                                                                      • Georgia Apt. Association               • Riverbend Apt. Association               318/343-6210
  334/514-1780                                • North Coast Rental Housing Association   District of Columbia                       770/518-4248                             574/289-7785                           • Shreveport-Bossier Apt. Association
• The Plains Apt. Association                   707/526-9526                             • Apt. and Office Building Association    • Mid Georgia Apt. Association           • Tippecanoe Apt. Association              318/746-0000
  334/821-1600                                • Rental Housing Association of Northern     202/296-3390                             478/994-8773                             765/471-2300                           • Southwest Louisiana Apt. Association
                                                Alameda County                                                                    • North Georgia Apt. Association                                                    337/474-4242
Arizona                                         510/893-9873                             Florida                                    770/855-2000                           Iowa
• Arizona Multihousing Association            • Rental Housing Association of            • Apt. Association of Greater Orlando    • Savannah Apt. Association              • Central Iowa Apt. Alliance             Maine
  602/296-6200                                  Sacramento Valley                          407/644-0539                             912/920-3207                             515/327-0606                           • Maine Apt. Association
                                                916/920-1120                             • Bay Area Apt. Association                                                                                                  207/553-7777 Ext. 236
Arkansas                                                                                                                          Hawaii                                   Kansas
                                              • Rental Housing Owners Association of       813/882-0222
• Arkansas Apt. Association                                                                                                       • Hawaii Rental Housing Association      • Apt. Association of Greater Wichita    Maryland
                                                Southern Alameda County                  • Bay County Multi-Housing Association
  501/664-8300                                                                                                                      808/275-3136                             316/682-3508                           • Maryland Multi-Housing Association
                                                510/537-0340                               850/265-3569
• Arkansas Multi-Family                                                                                                                                                    • Apt. Association of Kansas City          410/825-6868
                                              • San Diego County Apt. Association        • Capital City Apt. Association
  Housing Association                                                                                                             Idaho                                      913/248-0355
                                                858/278-8070                               850/531-0628                                                                                                             Massachusetts
  501/664-2303                                                                                                                    • Idaho Rental Owners and Managers       • Apt. Council of Topeka
                                              • San Francisco Apt. Association           • Emerald Coast Apt. Association of                                                                                        • Rental Housing Association of The
• Northwest Arkansas Apt. Association                                                                                               Association                              785/273-0640
                                                415/255-2288                               NW Florida                                                                                                                 Greater Boston Real Estate Board
  479/387-1487                                                                                                                      208/336-9449                           • Kansas Apt. Association
                                              • San Joaquin County Rental Property         850/244-4157                                                                                                               617/399-7849
California                                      Association                              • First Coast Apt. Association           Illinois                                 • Missouri Apt. Association
• Apt. Association of Greater Inland Empire     209/944-9266                               904/292-1345                           • Chicagoland Apt. Association                                                    Michigan
  909/948-0784                                • South Coast Apt. Association             • Florida Apt. Association                 847/678-5717                                                                    • Detroit Metropolitan Apt. Association
• CAA Central Coast                             949/955-3695                               407/647-8839                           • Illinois Apt. Association              Kentucky                                   248/594-9803
  800/967-4222                                                                           • Gainesville Apt. Association             847/678-5717                           • Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky   • Property Management
                                              Colorado                                     352/333-0333                                                                                                               Association of Michigan
• CAA Central Valley                                                                                                                                                         Apt. Association
                                              • Apt. Association of Colorado Springs     • South East Florida Apt. Association    Indiana                                                                             616/531-5243
  800/967-4222                                                                                                                                                               859/581-5990
                                                719/264-9195                               561/447-0696                           • Apt. Association of Fort Wayne/NE                                               • Property Management
• CAA Contra Costa                                                                                                                                                         • Greater Lexington Apt. Association
                                              • Apt. Association of Metro Denver         • Southwest Florida Apt. Association       Indiana                                                                           Association of Mid-Michigan
  925/746-7131                                                                                                                                                               859/278-6540
                                                303/329-3300                               888/248-0092                             260/482-2916                                                                      517/281-0815
• CAA Greater Fresno                                                                                                                                                       • Kentucky Apt. Association
                                              • CAA-Fort Collins Chapter                 • Space Coast Apt. Association           • Apt. Association of Southern Indiana                                            • Property Management
  559/221-2533                                                                                                                                                               502/426-6140
                                                970/484-7754                               407/574-2686                             812/473-0917                                                                      Association of West Michigan
• CAA Los Angeles                                                                                                                                                          • Louisville Apt. Association
                                              • Colorado Apt. Association                • Tri-City Apt. Association              • Apt. Association of Terre Haute                                                   616/531-5243
  213/481-7416                                                                                                                                                               502/426-6140
                                                303/830-0886                               813/949-7553                             812/232-5083                                                                      • Washtenaw Area Apt.
• CAA Merced
                                                • Southern Colorado Residential                                                   • Clinton County Property Managers       Louisiana                                    Association
                                                  Rental Association                                                                Association                            • Acadiana Apt. Association                  734/663-1200
                                                  719/549-0576                                                                      765/659-2631                             337/993-3354

22 Landmarks 2007                                                                                                                                                                                           National Apartment Association
                                                                                                                                                                                 NAA and its Local
                                                                                                                                                                                 and State Affiliated
                                                                                                                                                                                 Apartment Associations
Missouri                                    • New York Capital Region Apt. Association   • Stillwater Apt. Association                Tennessee
• Columbia Apt. Association                   518/456-0927                                 405/372-8862                               • Apt. Association of Greater Knoxville
                                                                                                                                                                                 brings you the
  573/886-8638                                                                           • Tulsa Apt. Association                       865/588-8961
• Mid Missouri Rental                       North Carolina                                 918/747-6217                               • Apt. Association of Greater Memphis
                                                                                                                                                                                 resources needed
  Properties Association                    • Apt. Association of North Carolina                                                        901/685-9108
  573/364-1985                                704/334-9511                               Oregon                                       • Chattanooga Apt. Association
                                                                                                                                                                                 for professional
• Mid-Missouri Apt. Association             • Cumberland County Apt. Association         • Metro Multifamily Housing Association        423/876-8121
  573/635-0613                                910/521-7450                                 503/226-4533                               • Greater Nashville Apt. Association
                                                                                                                                                                                 growth in the rental
• St. Louis Apt. Association                • Greater Asheville Area Apt. Association                                                   615/365-3047
  314/205-8844                                828/277-7290                               Pennsylvania
                                                                                                                                      • Tennessee Apt. Association
                                                                                                                                                                                 housing industry.
                                            • Greater Charlotte Apt. Association         • Apt. Association of Central Pennsylvania
• Southwest Missouri Rental Housing                                                                                                     615/365-3047
                                              704/334-9511                                 717/730-0409                                                                          • Heart of Texas Apt. Association   Virginia
  Association                                                                                                                         • Tri-City Apt. Association
                                            • Greenville Area Property Managers          • Apt. Association of Greater Philadelphia                                                254/776-5451                      • Blue Ridge Apt. Council
  417/781-3337                                                                                                                          423/926-4156
                                              Association                                  610/664-1800                                                                          • Houston Apt. Association            434/971-8000
• Springfield Apt. and Housing Association
                                              252/321-1948                               • Western Pennsylvania Apt. Association      Texas                                        713/595-0300                      • Central Virginia Apartment
                                            • Triad Apt. Association                       412/288-9780                               • Apt. Association of Central Texas        • Lubbock Apt. Association            Association
Nebraska                                      336/294-4428                               • Pennsylvania Apt. Association                254/939-5655                               806/794-2037                        804/756-8262
• Apt. Association of                       • Triangle Apt. Association                    610/664-1800                               • Apt. Association of Greater Dallas       • North Texas Rental                • Fredericksburg Area
  Greater Omaha and Lincoln                   919/782-1165                                                                              972/385-9091                               Properties Association              Multihousing Association
                                                                                         Rhode Island
  402/333-5331                              • Wilmington Apt. Association                                                             • Apt. Association of South East Texas       940/322-7667                        804/739-8555
                                                                                         • Rhode Island Apt. Association
                                              910/793-1984                                                                              409/899-4455                             • Permian Basin Apt. Assn.          • New River Valley Apt. Council
Nevada                                                                                     781/418-1218
                                                                                                                                      • Apt. Association of Tarrant County         432/563-1278                        540/951-1221
• Southern Nevada                           North Dakota                                                                                817/284-1121                             • Piney Woods Apt. Association      • Roanoke Valley Apt. Association
                                                                                         South Carolina
  Multi-Housing Association                 • Bismarck-Mandan Apt. Association                                                        • Apt. Association of the Panhandle          936/569-6690                        540/951-1224
                                                                                         • Apt. Association of Greater Columbia
  702/436-7662                                701/255-7396                                                                              806/355-6391                             • Rio Grande Valley Apt. Assn.      • Shenandoah Valley Apt. Association
                                            • FM Apt. Association                                                                     • Austin Apt. Association                    956/428-5072                        540/432-5525
New Hampshire                                                                            • Beaufort County Apt. Association
                                              218/233-6245                                                                              512/323-0990                             • San Angelo Apt. Association       • Valley Landlords Association
• Apt. Association of New Hampshire                                                        843/525-9999
                                            • North Dakota Apt. Association                                                                                                        325/942-1332                        540/885-2915
  603/668-8282                                                                           • Charleston Apt. Association
                                              800/990-6322                                                                            • Big Country Apt. Association             • San Antonio Apt.                  • Virginia Apt. and
                                                                                         • Myrtle Beach Apt. Association                325/695-7431                               Association                         Management Association
New Jersey                                  Ohio
                                                                                           843/236-9292                               • Bryan-College Station Apt. Association     210/692-7797                        804/756-8262
• New Jersey Apt. Association               • Columbus Apt. Association
                                                                                         • South Carolina Apt. Association              979/260-9842                             • Texarkana Apt. Association
  732/247-6661                                614/488-2115                                                                                                                                                           Washington
                                                                                           803/252-5032                               • Corpus Christi Apt. Association            903/223-0217
                                            • Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky                                                                                                                                   • Washington Multi-Family
New Mexico                                                                               • Upper State Apt. Association                 361/852-2787                             • Texas Apt. Association
                                              Apt. Association                                                                                                                                                         Housing Association
• Apt. Association of New Mexico                                                           864/242-0200                               • Corsicana Apt. Association                 512/479-6252
                                              859/581-5990                                                                                                                                                             206/817-4784
  505/822-1114                                                                                                                          903/874-7165                             • Tyler Apt. Association
                                            • Greater Dayton Apt. Association
                                                                                         South Dakota                                 • El Paso Apt. Association                   903/581-6292
                                              937/293-1170                                                                                                                                                           Wisconsin
New York                                                                                 • Black Hills Area                             915/598-0800
                                            Oklahoma                                                                                                                                                                 • Apt. Owners and Managers
• Apt. Council of Western New York                                                         Multi-Housing Association                  • Galveston County Apt. Association        • Victoria Apt. Association
                                            • Apt. Association of Central Oklahoma                                                                                                                                     Association of Milwaukee
  716/633-0959                                                                             605/394-3310                                 409/762-8339                               361/572-4686
                                              405/606-2226                                                                                                                                                             414/278-7557
• Greater Hudson Valley Apt. Association                                                 • South Dakota                               • Greater Longview Apt.
                                            • Oklahoma Multi Housing Association                                                                                                 Utah                                • Wausau Area Apt. Association
  914/509-6726                                                                             Multi-Housing Association                    Association
                                                                                                                                        903/759-3966                             • Utah Apt. Association               715/693-6457 ■

National Apartment Association                                                                                                                                                                                              Landmarks 2007 23
                                                                                                    NAA            Staff
Main: 703/518-6141 • Fax: 703/248-9440
Name                   Title                          Extension   E-Mail                  Name                   Title                                      Extension      E-Mail
Doug Culkin, CAE  President                           109          INFORMATION SERVICES/DATABASE MANAGEMENT
Kevin Brown, Esq. Vice President, COO                 686         Rene Shonerd, CAE Director of Database Management   139             
Karen Goggin      Vice President of Governance        107         Blanca Diaz, MCP  Manager of Information Technology 636             
Sandra Bowman     Manager of Governance               253        Sara Kryder       Web Site Editor                   693             
Debbie Bilotta    Office Manager                       102        Andre Gandour     Assistant Database Administrator  128             
Stephon Gladdis   Administrative Assistant            140       Monica Escobar    Database Specialist               114             
Doreen Tallman    Receptionist                        100        Susanna Russ      Database Coordinator              113             

COMMUNICATIONS                                                                            MEETINGS & EXPOSITIONS
Paul Bergeron  Director of Communications             137          Jeremy Figoten Vice President, Meetings & Expositions              104
Kerry Sullivan Manager of Communications              141         Megan Shannon  Manager of Meetings & Expositions                   136
Kate Pierce    Coordinator of Design & Production     619
EDUCATION INSTITUTE                                                                       Valerie Hairston        Director of Membership                     138
Maureen Lambe, CAE Executive Vice President           116                               & Affiliate Services
Shana Treger       Director of Instructional Design   115         David Edwards           Assistant Director of Affiliate Services    236
Elizabeth Maddox   NAAEI Program Manager              122     Stephanie Boyer         Manager of Affiliate Relations              625
Lesley Packel      Exam Coordinator                   132
La’Kisha Harrison  Education Coordinator              108       NATIONAL LEASE PROGRAM
Julie Barden       Manager of Communications          691   W. Michael Semko Esq. Director of National Lease Program           111
                   & Affiliate Relations                                                   Gina Torretti         National Lease Program Coordinator           690

                                                                                          NATIONAL SALES
Nancy Dobberman        Vice President, CFO            110
                                                                                          Julie Stalknecht Vice President of National Sales                  125
Adriana Manea          Manager of Accounting          126
                                                                                          Justin Barker    Sales Coordinator                                 131
Larissa Teelucksingh   Coordinator of Cash Receipts   680
Kofi Frimpong           Staff Accountant               607
                                                                                          General Counsel
                                                                                          John McDermott, Esq. General Counsel                               112
Mark Ingrao   Vice President of Government Affairs    106
Rachel Arnold Director of Public Affairs              119
Irica Solomon Director of Political Outreach          123
Patrick Horn  Manager, State and Local Policy         117
Scot Haislip  Manager, State and Local Policy         120
Shelly Cook   Clearinghouse Coordinator               118
Chanal Thomas Government Affairs Coordinator          127

  24 Landmarks 2007                                                                                                                                   National Apartment Association
About NAA
       he National Apartment Association    maintenance personnel, suppliers and
       (NAA), based in Arlington, Va., is   related business professionals throughout
       the leading advocate for quality     the United States and Canada.
rental housing. NAA is a federation            NAA provides a wealth of information
representing 187 state and local            through advocacy, research, technology,
affiliated associations with                education and strategic partnerships.
approximately 51,000 members                NAA publishes UNITS magazine and
responsible for more than 6.1 million       other industry publications; holds an
apartment homes nationwide. It is the       annual Education Conference &
largest broad-based organization            Exposition; and promotes industry
dedicated solely to rental housing.         professionalism. The NAA Education
   NAA members include apartment            Institute offers six nationally recognized
owners, management executives,              designation programs and actively
developers, builders, investors, property   promotes the apartment industry as a
managers, leasing consultants,              viable career choice.

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