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                                Château du Chatelard

Château Moulin de la Roquille

         Chateau Les Manies
                                   Domaine le Garrigon

                                  Château Real Martin

Last update
February 22,
         The Vision

Re-think the packaging of fine
wines by eliminating the glass,
improving its value, reducing its
Carbon footprint while keeping a
high profile appearance.
                Why not the glass?
Expensive: due to the high cost of the product and freight because of its

Very high Carbon footprint: also due to its weight, its production process and
   poor space profitability.

Corkage: most bottles are still using natural cork, with an average of 3% of
  corked bottles.

       Current Alternatives
Tetra-Brick: was recently re-launched (Three Thieves
Bandit, French Rabbit…).
Inconsistent success within the brands.
The image remains cheap, poor packaging and low
quality product. For off premise trade.
             Cubitainer: Almost non-existent on the
             market, extremely poor image, low
Bidon: No comment…
        Current Alternatives
Bag in Box: Very limited distribution in the US market
and non-existent in the on premise segment. After over 20
years of existence, it has proved to be one of the best
conservation process with the lowest oxidation.
In France, it has taken a good market share vs. the bottles
over the last 5 years.
The few examples we can find in the US have been made
to target the off premise trade.
Exceptionally, this technology is used with a recipient
“adapted” to the on premise trade. They all are highly un-
functional, with poor design.

The only   alternative, with a high
 profile image bringing together
Fine Wines, Value, and Ecology.
                    The Wines
  Pursuing our current mission, we are using mostly Domaine
  wines, always very respectful to their terroir.
  The selection is adapted to the “by the glass” and upper “by
  the glass” program. Our introductory selection:
-Chateau Moulin de La Roquille, Bordeaux Cote de Francs 2007
-Chateau Les Maines, Bordeaux Blanc 2009
-Chateau Les Maines, Bordeaux Rose 2009
-Chateau Chatelard, Morgon 2009
-Chateau Chatelard, Bourgogne Blanc 2009
-Domaine Du Garrigon, Cote du Rhone 2010 (Biodynamic)

  Each wine will carry Wineberry Guaranty of
  Excellence and authenticity
                   The Box

Made out of Pine trees
coming from certified
sustainable forest,
supporting responsible
use of forest-resources.
Sliding door at the
bottom to easily install
the faucet.
Strong natural handle.
Possibility for multiple
re-use (saw as bird
                       The bags
Wine has been packaged using bag-in-box
technology for many years and this type of
wine packaging is proven to have distinct
                     Unlike bottles, the consumer can keep the
                     wine after opening for up to six
                     weeks and drink it by the glass;
                     economically and conveniently.

Logistical advantages: a 3 liter wine pack is
38% lighter than glass and utilizes 98% of a pallet
storage space (40% better than glass).

We use the 3 layers best quality bags on the market.
Unique selling points



Wineberry will not compromise the quality of
the wines but will keep providing outstanding
quality boutique wines true to their origin,
identity and terroir.
         We eliminate all corkage issue, and the
       oxidation problem, too frequent with the
       traditional bottle.
  Never the market has given so much importance to the ecological aspect
  of all consumed products. This trend wills only intensified with the time.
  Never an imported glass of wine will have such a small Carbon footprint:
            - 91% less packaging materials.*
                                                    PACKAGE-TO-PRODUCT RATIO
            - 79% less Greenhouse Gas emissions.*                                                 1.6


                                                                                 Weighted Score




                                                                                                  0.2   0.073
                                                                                                           3L Berry Box
                                   LANDFILL            GHG        TOTAL ENERGY                             750 Ml Glass Bottle
                                DISCARDS (g)        (g CO2 E)         (MJ)

Bag-In-Box         3 liter            52.5            0.118             2.08
Glass Bottle      0.75 liter         607.9            0.586             8.82

*As compared to an equal volume of wine packaged in traditional glass bottles
The Berry Box is offering the BEST value possible
on the market. For all restaurants, profitability is
essential for the wines by the glass market. Especially
considering the current economy; “value” is key.
By eliminating the expense of glass bottles, labels,
caps, corks and reducing the freight price, the cost of
business is at a all time low.
By having 3 recipients instead of 12, we also reduce
the amount of waste by 4.

Average saving of 25% for the same wine!!!
 Key advantages for On premise
QUALITY - Keeps wine fresh for weeks after opening:
Estimates of waste of 2% or more generated by leftover wine oxidizing – added to estimates of
3% to 5% loss due to cork taint – are revenue losses that can be avoided with fine wine casks.

COST - Less packaging for more wine equals savings:
The Berry Box can often provide roughly 20% savings compared to the same quality wine from a
750 ml bottle. That is 20% yours to pocket or reward your customers with!

SPACE SAVING - Space-saving shape and size:
The equivalent of four 750-mL bottles in roughly 60% of the same space. Storage is freed up for
other necessities and more supplies.

LESS LOSS - Less loss from breakage:
No glass and no corks means less breakage and no cork taint or spoilage due to poorly sealed

CONVENIENCE - Ease and convenience:
The Berry Box is easy to open, reducing staff frustration, and never need to be sealed or gassed to
preserve quality.
  Key advantages for off premise
• Meets today’s customers’ demands for:
    Value: less packaging for more wine usually provides savings for the same quality wines.
    Quality: never any cork taint, and wine stays fresh for weeks after opening unlike bottles, cans,
  or TetraPaks.
    Convenience: the Berry Box is easy to open and serve.
    Durable: no glass to break, and the compact size is a space-saver on the counter, in the
  refrigerator, and on-the-go.
    Less Packaging: less packaging for more wine, paperboard and plastic is easily recycled, and
  the savings in weight and volume mean lower costs in energy to transport and store.
    Tasting: It is easy and inexpensive to keep a Berry Box open allowing you to offer a tasting all
  week long, all day long…

• These same benefits for your wine customers benefit you, the
  shop owner:
    Savings: less packaging, storage, and transport costs often end up in savings to you and your
  customers for the same quality wines.
    Inventory Turn-Over: fine wine casks are intended to be sold and consumed, creating repeat
    Space-Saving Shape and Size: boxed wines hold more wine in less packaging, opening up more
  shelf, cold-box, walk-in, and storage space.
    Breakage and Spoilage: no glass, no corks – no breakage and no cork tainted wines mean less
  returns and happier customers.
                                                                                                                            Stays fresh
                                                                                                                            For up to 6 weeks
          WINEBERRY BOX                                    Château Les Maines - Bordeaux
                                                                                                                               after opening
                                                           Château du Chatelard - Burgundy
               Press release 2010
                                                           Château Moulin de La Roquille -
                                                           Domaine Le Garrigon -
                                                           Cotes du Rhone
               Feb 2010 - “The Argument for Boxed Wine” by Eric Asimov
               “In the last year I’ve seen a few good wines in boxes that give me hope…I also loved a series from another
               importer, Wineberry America, which came in wooden boxes rather than paper or plastic.”

                                              Oct 2010 - Dr Vino on Good Morning America Show “Box wines still have a
                                              stigma and this stylish wooden crate can go a long way to dispelling the
                                              downmarket image on looks alone”.

    Nov 2010 -Michael Shafer-the wine counselor                                            June 2010 - “Tacky No More: Making Boxed Wine
    “They are a great supplement, providing good wines in a practical                      Look Chic” by Sharon Kapnick
    container for a great price”

Wait ! We are also on …                                                                 June 2010 -

                           For tasting or information: Call (212) 481-0322 or email
                                    Wineberry America LLC 107 E. 31st Street New York, NY 10016
Don’t compromise quality,
  save on packaging.

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