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									Harry Coumnas Is A Dedicated
Harry Coumnas is a successful professional
based in New York. He is an excellent
sportsman and involves himself various sports
activities. He was an exceptional wrestler
during his college time and won numerous
wrestling championships and awards in
college. He is also a skilled basketball player
and has played for Knicks basketball team in
New York.
In order to stay fit and healthy, he involves in
various sports activities. He is an adventurous
person and participates in several adventurous
activities such as hitch hiking the country, sky
diving from mountain, camping out in the
woods and driving very fast cars. During his
free time, he loves to play with his 6 pets, as
this makes him feel relaxed from work related
Harry Coumnas is family oriented person. He
has a large family of around 100 members who
live in different parts of the world including
Australia, India and Western Europe. He
possesses strong family values and spends
him quality time with his family members. He
has many friends and loves playing pool with
them, throughout the night.
He hates alcohol and drugs and believes that
they are harmful for one’s health and also make
him behave like a stupid. He is a generous
person and helps the poor and underprivileged.
He involves himself in several charitable
events and community activities. He loves
reading love stories and watching movies on
HBO channel during his free time.
About Harry Coumnas
Harry Coumnas is very respectful for laws. He
follows all the laws of the society. He believes
that laws are made for the betterment of
society and makes the society safe for human
livings. He is a sports lover and involves in
various indoor and outdoor games such as
wrestling, basketball, chess, pool etc.

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