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									                      CURRICULUM VITAE

Personal Data :

           Full Name      :    Rabee Mohamud Alabsi
           Date Of Birth :      21/01/1981
           Nationality    :    Syria
           Marital Status :    Single
           Address         :   Damascus – Syria
           Telephone      :    00963 11 631 22 09
           Mobile         :    098 668292
           E-mail         :

Education Qualification :

         2003: Graduated from Faculty of Economics , Accounting Section ,
         Damascus University , Syria

         2005: Diploma In General Accounting – Damascus University.
         2006: I’ve been taken Part Tow In CMA Certificate.
         2007: Prepare research In Accounting for Master Degree.

Objective :

           To seek a challenging position in the company as an
           accountant. This is the fields where my experience an
           dedication can secure along term career oriented
           employment within a reputed organization to invest all my
           professional expertise, educational qualification and to
           undertaker ventured responsibilities to widen the scope of
           learning practically optimum benefit of the organization
           I will work for and the development of myself . in addition
           to above I've studied at Damascus university economic
           accounting , and management , political economic , and
           statistics . I hope you give me the chance to serve your
           prominent company with a suitable job

Professional Experience:

 From July 2007 to Aug                   :   Solidarity Alliance for Insurance As
                               Financial Manager Deputy

 From July 2007 to Aug            :   Syrian Arab for insurance AROP Syria As
                               Senior Accountant.
 From April 2007 to July 2007     : Alkailany Trading CO ( agency of Soueast )
                           As Internal Auditor & Restructuring Accounting cycle.

 From July 2005 to April 2007 : Saif Alsham CO (agency of Jillen Tongtian
                          Glow ) .  As A chief Accountant in charge of;

            Issuing the necessary invoices for the debtors and following up their
             payments. doing the required reconciliation, accordingly.
           Receiving the creditors invoices and arranging for the payments after
             checking the invoices and being sure from receiving the related
           Doing the necessary reconciliation for the bank account of the company
             in a monthly basis.
           Extracting a monthly trial Balance from a special accounting System at
             the company on a monthly basis and being sure from the accuracy of the
             balances before submitting the necessary reports to the Management.
           Make Daily , Monthly , Yearly Reports .
           Determine The Financial Position Of the Company .
           Discus Company Strength And Weakness.
   From Jan 2005 To July 2005 : MTT CO (agency of Subaru and
   proton cars) .
   From Sep 2003 to May 2004 : An accountant for Technique Center
    Oct 2002 to Apr 2003 : Computer’s software maintenance
    Mar 2001 to Feb 2002 : Photo Design

Training Courses :
  Special intermediate English conversation courses at Dar Al
  Excellent computer knowledge using Microsoft Office 2000 -
   Adobe Photoshop – Turbo Pascal – Power Point – Internet.
  Special courses in Accounting Programs As “Alameen , Alsahley
   soft , Analysis and altawfeeq“ and using many other local
   accounting programs.


Arabic : Native Language.
English : V. Good.

Personal Skills :

  Good personal relation and communication skills .
  Faithful to my job
  Quick learning and hard working .

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