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Getting Bathroom Decor Ideas (1)


meant neutral, earth-toned colors, brushed nickel faucets, and a vanity that looks almost like a piece

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									Getting Bathroom Decor Ideas
The local bookstore is a terrific place to start. There's a plethora of books and magazines with tons of
bathroom decor ideas. We found that making an idea, or "inspiration," book is very helpful. We tore
out pictures from our favorite magazines that showcased features we wanted in our newly fabulous
space, and we filed them in a three-ring binder. We paid attention to lots of different room designs as
well as accessories. We also had to consider what kind of plumbing fixtures, vanity, sink, flooring,
window treatments (if any) and shelving we wanted, and included all of those in our book of bathroom
decor ideas.
It didn't take long for us to realize that we liked the clean, simple bathroom decor ideas best. That
meant neutral, earth-toned colors, brushed nickel faucets, and a vanity that looks almost like a piece
of furniture. We also had a local contractor give us a quote on installing a new tumbled marble floor.
Because we'd decided not to move the toilet, vanity, or shower, and because our master bath is a
modest size, the new flooring was actually not too expensive. With the big decisions behind us, we
focused on the accessories.
The Internet is another great tool for combing through bathroom decor ideas. Again, working from our
own idea notebook, we checked the net for deals on coordinating accessories such as shower
curtains, towels, and bath rugs. We were also able to find items such as toothbrush holders and soap
dispensers that fit the bill for our new look. We had fun scouting the Internet for some trendier items
we'd seen in all the magazines. Finishing the space with baskets full of sumptuous Egyptian cotton
towels, some apothecary jars filled with cotton balls and swabs, and earthenware bowls filled with
shells pulled our remodeled bath together just the way we wanted.
The biggest issue for us was to define the look we were after. I highly recommend following in our
footsteps and creating your own book of bathroom decor ideas to help get your project started. It has
taken a little longer than we thought to complete the update, but the results have made it totally

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