Exploring the sights and sounds of the city with the Dubai Bus Tour

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					        Exploring the sights and sounds of the city with the Dubai Bus Tour
The growth rate of Dubai has followed a rather mercurial approach. In rapid time, the city has woken up
from its sleepy fishing village origins and morphed into a vibrant megapolis that’s reverently called as
the Las Vegas of the Middle East. A vacation in Dubai is one of the better ways in which one’s hard work
can be rewarded. The city’s myriad sights and sounds play a perfect foil as the traditional juxtapositions
itself with the neo-modern elements in perfect harmony.

The Dubai bus tour ranks high among the various ways in which one can explore the city and the
legendary Big Bus Company being the most famous operator of choice. Running two types of tours, the
hop-on hop-off tour that one can experience during the daytime is the tour of choice for those that are
looking to explore the city at a more leisurely pace. The night tour on the other hand is designed to
mesmerize those who wish to take in the sights and sounds of the city after sundown. It is a two hour
tour of the attractions in the city as they are lit up to showcase themselves at their dazzling best.

Some of the key attractions in Dubai that one can experience via the bus tours are:

The iconic 7-Star Burj Al Arab that soars 332 meters into the Arabian sky is a sightseers delight as they
gaze spell bound at this modern masterpiece that pays homage to the sea-vessels of yore! Considered to
be among the most attractive mosques around, the Jumeirah mosque is a must visit for everyone for the
spectacular photo-opportunities that it provides.

Dating back to 1787, with coral and shell walls held together with lime, the Al-Fahidi Fort is perhaps the
oldest standing structure in the city. Currently home to the Dubai Museum, it traces the transformation
of the city right back to the time when it once was a sleepy, fishing hamlet.
Home to over 200 stores that have over ten tons of the glittering yellow metal between them, the Gold
souk is a must visit for it is indeed tough to escape the spell of the metal. From here one can move on to
a different kind of dazzle, onto the star attraction in the latest blockbuster Hollywood movie, Mission
Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. The Burj Khalifa indeed wears it’s ‘world’s tallest building’ crown with
poise and élan.

Moving onto from the feast on the eyes to a treat for the senses, the Spice Souk is a must for those
looking for an authentic getaway to the days of old, with the aromas of various spices wafting through
small by-lanes. Located a stones throw away from the magnificent Jumeirah beach front is the well
maintained public beach park that welcomes kids of all ages.

The best way to experience the bus tours and these magnificent visitor attractions in Dubai is by booking
your place though a responsible tour operator that can cater to your individual needs. One great place
to discover great deals on the various city tours including the bus tour is: