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Assembly Brings Out Wild Side


									The Visor
 Bishop O’Connell High School                                                               Volume 51 Issue 4

Assembly Brings Out Wild Side                                                                                                          been dancing for thirty four years.
 Lulu Moore                               Brennon, Rose Sieve, and Valerie               O’Connell’s favorite weather man,
                                                                                         Bob Ryan, hosted the couples’ game,                     Cystic Fibrosis affects about
 Staff Writer                             Zetts. Their performances got students
                                          clapping along. A thrilling performance        reformatted this year for best friends.       30,000 people across the United
          O’Connell! Are you ready to                                                                                                  States. The three-million dollars
get “Wild for the Cure?” The Superdance                                                                                                Bishop O’Connell has raised over the
Assembly on Friday the 13th kicked                                                                                                     past thirty-four years has contributed
off the month-long anticipation of                                                                                                     to research that has changed the life
Superdance 2009. Two years ago we                                                                                                      expectancy for CF patients from the
got our “License to Cure.” Last year,                                                                                                  teens to the thirties.
we “Turned Up the Cure.” This year, on                                                                                                           Rich Mattingly informed
March 14, we are going “Wild for the                                                                                                   O’Connell of a recently-discovered trial
Cure.”                                                                                                                                 drug that helps decrease the symptoms
          Throughout the assembly,                                                                                                     of Cystic Fibrosis, a giant step towards
various videos depicting former                                                                                                        ultimately finding a cure.
O’Connell alumni along with some                                                                                                                 “The week before the dance
awesome dancing provided lots of                                                                                                       will be ‘Superdance Spirit Week,’ loaded
entertainment and laughs, and kept                                                                                                     with tons of fun!” said Executive Board
students entertained.                                                                                                                  Secretary Margaret Montavon.
          “The dancing video was                                                                                                                 If you have any questions about
amazing!” said Junior Marley Garner.                                                                                                   Superdance, or would like to become
          Guest speakers included                                                                                                      more involved, simply ask at the regis-
Rich Mattingly, Danny Bessette, the                                                                                                    tration table in the cafeteria.
O’Donnells, and 10-year-old Allison,                                                                                                             With Superdance only a mere
the youngest speaker, who took some                                                                                                    14 days away, students around the
time off from All Saints.                                                                                                              school are preparing themselves to go
          Each one of them shared                                                                                                      “Wild for the Cure.” Why is Junior John
their personal observations about the     from Seniors Ricky Tanis, Billy Roche,                    “We fight because they             Duffy excited about Superdance?
incredible challenge of living with       Laura Indigaro, John Joe Rother,               fought,” exclaimed Mrs. Jorns, of the                   “The free t-shirts.”
Cystic Fibrosis, and how it affects       Betty Olaya and Ryan Nichols further           O’Donnell family, who summarized the                    What about Senior Yousef
people’s everyday lives. Musical acts     inspired students with their dancing           purpose of Superdance at the assembly.        Qumseya?
followed from Juniors Virginia Gates,     prowess.                                       The death of Brenda O’Donnell inspired                  “Dancing with girls and my
Erin Conner, Natalie Pettit, Danny                 In the last student act, Matt         Maura O’Donnell and Monsignor                 homies!”
                                          Coit, Zach Tessier, and Steve Haynes           James McMurtrie to organize the first                   and Taylor Hayes-Leak?

                                          showed the school that they can hold           Superdance in 1976. It is important to         “I’m all about the dancing, and find-
                                          their own next to the Royalettes.              remember why O’Connell students have          ing a cure.”

                                          After Dancing for a Cure, Walk for Hope
                                            Marley Gamer

     day until                              Staff Writer

                                                    Saturday April 4th from 8 am
   Casino Night                           to 10 am, the Interact Club and Helping
                                          Hands Club are sponsoring the Walk of
                                          Hope, a 5 K walk that will raise much
                                          needed money for the children at the

                                          Good Samaritan Orphanage in Kenya.
                                                    Anyone interested in partici-
                                          pating is strongly encouraged to join in
                                          the effort. The registration fee for the
                                          walk is $10 a person.
                                                    The fundraiser is the first of its
                                          kind and club members are spreading
  days until                              their enthusiasm and excitement through
                                          flyers posted around the school, as well

SUPERDANCE                                as getting the word out to local news
                                          organizations. Christian service hours         uted to a decline in the contributions
                                                                                                                                       tance, and food.
                                          for this school year will be awarded to        needed to feed the children and continue
                                                                                                                                                 The school offers a brighter fu-
                                          all participants.                              their education.

                                                                                                                                       ture for these orphans, not only benefit-
                                                    “We want to give the orphans                  The Walk of Hope is designed
                                                                                                                                       ting them directly, but also the future of
                                          hope for future dreams and give them a         to help pay for the school’s 2nd trimester.
                                                                                                                                       Kenya, as several of the graduates have
                                          strong Catholic education,” said sopho-        Through the donations the children are
                                                                                                                                       gone on to medical school.
                                          more Andrea Portillo.                          able to receive clothing, medical assis-
                                                    The Interact Club is also ask-
                                          ing for help from any parents willing
                                          to donate their time to help organize           What’s Inside:
      days until                          the walk.
                                                    The Good Samaritan Orphan-           Learn about senior Molly Courtney’s EMC experience.
      4th quarter                         age is a Catholic boarding school in
                                          Kenya for children who have lost both
                                                                                         Get one writer’s take on the Michael Phelps scandal.
                                          their parents to AIDS.
                                                    This has been an important
                                          project at O’Connell for several years,
                                          but the difficult economy has contrib-         Diet soda: worth the risk?
Visor February 2009                                                  Campus Outlook                                                                                        Page 2

Behaving Badly, In Spotlight                                                                                                                                  The Visor
                                                                                                                                                     Bishop O’Connell High School
                                                shocked many adults, as well as children                                                                 6600 Little Falls Road
           If you have been watching your                                                       that these behaviors are wrong, despite
televisions at all in the past month or         all over the country.                           how much we may look up to or adore                         Arlington, VA
so, you have definitely learned of some                   These two public figures, as well     them. We need to realize that things such                  Published monthly, the student
interesting stories going on in the world of    as countless movie stars, athletes, and         as smoking, drunk driving, or violence             newspaper of Bishop Denis J. O’Connell
sports.                                         musicians, do truly have an impact on           really are not things that we should mimic         High School is a public forum with
           If you watched the Super Bowl,       today’s kids.                                   or be influenced by in our daily lives. We         its student editorial board making all
as most people probably did, you saw                      Reflecting on these bad behaviors     need to be able to do what is right, no            decisions about its content, under the
Steelers #92, James Harrison, make an           makes many stop and wonder, “Are these          matter what.                                       guidance of its faculty advisor.
interception and run all 100 yards of the       really the type of people that I should be                And though that is hard,                          Opinions in the paper are not
field to score a touchdown at the end of        looking up to?”                                 sometimes due to peer pressure, we really          necessarily those of the staff, nor should
the first half. However, later on in the                  But many kids continue to do so.      need to be able to overcome it and “be             any opinion expressed in this public
game, you also saw him punch a member                     Some look at these individuals        your own person.”                                  forum be construed as the opinion or
of the Cardinals not once but twice,            and think, “Since they are doing it, it must              We as teenagers should take a            the policy of Bishop O’Connell High
drawing a personal foul.                        be okay.”                                       hard look at the people we admire, and             School, unless so attributed.
           The next morning, if you flipped               And that’s the problem; it’s          think about not only the choices that they
the news, you probably saw a shocking           not. Even though some may not realize           have made, but the choices that we make
photo of Michael Phelps smoking                 it, people they admire or just see in the       as well.                                                      Editors-In-Chief
marijuana from a bong. T                        public eye really influence them. Kids                    We should realize that some of                         Moey Fox
           his photo may have given some        see the success of these figures and are        the activities they take part in just aren’t                   Taylor Brogan
people flashbacks to four years ago when        willing to overlook their bad behavior, and     ones we should follow. And because we
a then 19- year- old Phelps was arrested        perhaps even accept it.                         are young, we can really change the next
for drunk driving. Although the American                  But if you take a closer look at      generation and show that wrong behavior                                   Editorials
hero of last summer has apologized for          these people, even if they are basically        is wrong, regardless of the status of the          Sports                 Taylor Brogan
his behavior on both counts, it has still       good, it’s vital that we as teenagers realize   perpetrator.                                       Mark Moran             Moey Fox
                                                                                                                                                   Minh Vuong             Entertainment

NEWSFLASH: Congress Does Business As Usual                                                                                                         Campus News
                                                                                                                                                   Jeremy Azuran
                                                                                                                                                   Style                  Taylor Brogan
           So I knew that I wanted to write     really?”                                                   Finally, the guy hands you              Katie Grady            Moey Fox
about the stimulus bill, but when I first sat             Let’s put this into perspective,      back your wallet and says the following:           Caroline Monek         Jamitress Bowden
down to do it, I literally could not think      shall we? Okay, say a guy comes up to           “Because I am so generous, and because
of a single thing to say about it. Well—        you. You’re standing in the middle of the       you really really need a hand, I’m going
that’s not totally true. I could think of a     street—God knows why—and you’ve got             to give you $400 right now, $800 if you’re                       Staff Writers:
thousand non-specific things, but there         your wallet hanging out there. Say you          married, and then I’m going to give you               Mark Azar, Tyler Bergeron, Kathleen
was nothing there to tie it all together.       have a lot of money in that wallet. Say,        $13 a week until next year, when I will              Bettencourt, Jamitress Bowden, Maria
           Instead of blaming that on           $787 billion.                                   give you $8 a week. I’m going to call this           Buitrago, Christy Buranaamorn, David
my own lack of clarity or purpose in                      So the guy takes your wallet and      a ‘benefit.’”                                       Castro, Natalie Cocozza, Marley Garner,
thought, I decided to blame it on the           your money and does the following: He                      Newsflash: When someone steals          Maggie Goetzman, Joanna Harkins, Dan-
bill itself. The current bill—which has         gives some of that money to a guy down          your wallet and then gives you back a              iel Herbert, Grace Hollis, Alexis Johnson,
already passed through the House and the        the street who lost his job, and then he        little bit of your money, I don’t call that           Clair Jones, Matthew Kelley, Maggie
Senate—encompasses a little less than           gives some to himself for having to travel      a benefit. I call that stealing most of your        Luning, Sandra Malone, Hayley Milon,
1600 pages. Mind you, that’s 1600 pages         down the street to give money to the            money.                                               Lulu Moore, Caitlin Patterson, Rachel
of legal-speak (“language”) so confusing        guy who lost his job. Also, there is this                  This is what’s happening, people.        Potts, Amy Shepard, Kara Sims, Devon
that Nancy Pelosi can’t even describe           business in town that isn’t doing so well,      Wake up. The government claims to be                                Spencer
it. And, as we all know, interpretation is      so he’s going to give a huge chunk of           transparent. They claim it’s not “politics
everything.                                     your money to the CEOs of that company.         as usual,” but we know. We’re better than
           Anyhoo, to say that the 1600         Simultaneously, he’s going to demand            that.                                                       Faculty Moderator
page “Stimulus” Bill is “pork-free” is a        that the workers at that CEO’s company                     It’s time to take a stand. To                        Dan Culler
little preposterous, even though President      be paid more, forcing the CEO to lay off        remind the government that it works for
Obama claims this is the case. That’s           more workers. Then the guy will take            us—not the other way around. We can’t sit
probably because the earmark-free               more of your money and give it to the           here and let Congress say one thing and
porkulus bill is an earmark itself. You         workers who were subsequently laid off.         do another: Hassle the CEOs for making
can’t earmark an earmark, can you? No,                    You following me here?                so much money and then demand to get
you can’t say that the bill is pork-free- not             Next, the CEOs of that company        paid more themselves (they just got a
when Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY)             that’s now running on your money will           $4,000 pay increase—bringing them to
said this: “And let me say this to all of the   buy expensive jets and throw week-long          $169, 300 a year—and they will receive
chattering class that so much focuses on        parties at the House of Blues in Chicago        another increase this year without any
those little, tiny, yes, porky amendments;      featuring stars like Sheryl Crow and the        legislation to block it).
the American people really don’t care.”         band Chicago. That will cost a couple of                   Tell Obama he can keep the
           Gee, the American people don’t       million dollars of your own money, but          change. We don’t want it.
care, do they? In the wise words of Amy         don’t worry—you’re not invited to these
Poehler: “Really? Really, Chuck Schumer,        parties.

    Spotlight On:
Alejandra Buitrago
                                                                            Molly Courtney
Staff Writer                                    Q: Where do you volunteer?                      Q: Which of the two do you see yourself
                                                                                                pursuing? firefighting or medicine?
                                                A: I volunteer at Ashburn Volunteer Fire –
           Molly Courtney, a 17- year-
                                                Rescue. Mostly I run calls on the ambu-         A: I am interested in emergency medicine
old senior, has an unconventional after
                                                lance or I respond to the fire engine alert.    because I want to be a flight nurse on a
-school activity. She’s an Emergency
                                                                                                MedEvac [Medical Evacuation] copter.
Medical Technician (EMT). While many
                                                Q: Have you ever been in the position to
teenagers spend their weekends hanging
                                                save somebody’s life?                           Q: How time-consuming is it?
out with friends, Molly, whenever needed,
finds herself dealing with emergencies and
                                                A: It’s definitely a team effort; I can’t       A: It’s basically a full time job; it’s at least
critical situations.
                                                really say that I was personally in charge,     30 hours a week.
Q: How and when did becoming an
                                                                                                Q: What words of encouragement do
EMT “spark” your interest?
                                                Q: Have you ever been legitimately              you have for your fellow students who
                                                scared when putting out a fire?                 may be interested in these career paths?
A: Well, it was at the end of sophomore
year; and I’d always wanted to get into the
                                                A: No, not really. When you’re on a call,       A: For those interested in being a fire-
medical field so I thought that becoming
                                                you’re anxious; but in a good way. I’ve         fighter or EMT, you really have to have a          Molly Courtney, Senior, shows
an EMT would really open that up for me.
                                                put out small fires, but not a real house       passion for helping others and you have to
Right now I’m in fire school, so I’m not                                                                                                           off her super-cool firefighting
                                                fire yet.                                       be confident; it doesn’t really help going
yet as experienced in firefighting.
                                                                                                into a fire scared.                                skills.
 Visor February 2009                                                              Campus News                                                                     Page 3

Service Savvy Keyettes Do Their Part
Sandra Malone                                                                                                                                Grad Party.
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                                                       The
                                                                                                                                              Keyettes also aided in the Diocesan
                                                                                                                                              Institute, supporting the Catholic School
          The Bishop O’Connell Keyettes                                                                                                                  Many Keyettes are also
are a service organization dedicated to                                                                                                       independently active in their
serving the school and the community.                                                                                                         communities. Junior Christy
Under the guidance of Mrs. Susan Graif                                                                                                        Buranaamorn volunteers at INOVA
and Mrs. Susan Koranek, the Keyettes                                                                                                          Fairfax Hospital.
assist at various school events such as                                                                                                                 Junior Keyette Marley Garner,
Open House, Opera Night, and Parent                                                                                                           who also does hospital work, added
Conferences.                                                                                                                                  “Volunteer work makes a strong
          The most enjoyable part about                                                                                                       impression that other people need help;
being a moderator, according to Mrs.                                                                                                          it makes it easier to think outside of
Koranek is that, “It’s a good way for                                                                                                         myself.”
great students to connect with other                                                                                                                    Marley volunteers at INOVA
people outside of the classroom.”               such as the Advancement Office and             Arts, and the Band Concert and Chorus          Alexandria Hospital as a candy striper.
          Both Mrs. Koranek and Mrs.            Guidance Office. If you’ve noticed any         Concert.                                      She has been working there for 3 years
Graif contribute countless hours to             of the ubiquitous, All-night Grad Party                 Not only do the Keyettes             now, and reports for work every Saturday.
Keyettes, in addition to their teaching         posters throughout the school, you may         dedicate their time during and outside of               Such sacrifice of personal time
duties.                                         also know that the Keyettes created them.      school, they enjoy every minute of it.        shows the true character and selflessness
          Not many people realize how                    Other recent Keyette projects                  “Keyettes allow us to serve our      of the Bishop O’Connell Keyettes.
much the DJO Keyettes actually do for           include volunteering to help at the Foreign    community and have fun with our friends                 The Keyettes accept new
our school.                                     Language Honor Society Induction,              at the same time,” observed Junior and        members each year, so any girl interested
          During their lunch periods, many      Admitted Students Night, National              Keyette Joanna Harkins.                       should attend the annual meeting in
Keyettes complete tasks in school offices,      Honor Society Induction, Festival of the                Joanna participated in Opera         the spring and sign up. Keyettes is an
                                                                                               Night, assists in the Advancement and         excellent opportunity for those who wish
                                                                                               Guidance Offices, and has created colorful    to grow in their faith and serve their
                                                                                               and informative posters for the All-night     school.

                                                                                               Pro-Life Assembly Presents the
                                                                                               “Real Deal” vs. the “Imitation”
                                                                                               Natalie Cocozza
                                                                                               Staff Writer

                                                                                                         The Bishop O’Connell student        Evert, who has spoken to O’Connell
                                                                                               body filed into the auditorium on January     in previous years. He has written nine
                                                                                               21, expecting a slide show as in previous     books, including popular titles such as If
                                                                                               years depicting what an actual abortion       You Really Loved Me and Pure Love.
                                                                                               entails, and were instead greeted by a                  Senior Katie Gargulio is the one
                                                                                               pretty frank discussion about sex. This       to see with questions about The Pure Love
                                                                                               got the attention of the students fast. The   Club. She has been a part of it since the
                                                                                               speaker, Chris Stefanick spoke about          eighth grade when she started going to
                                                                                               real love verses imitation love and all the   meetings with her senior brother Joe and
                                                                                               frightening things                                                      his girlfriend.

Fashion is the New Club
                                                                                               the media does not                                                                Katie
                                                                                               reveal about STD’s.                                                     defined the Pure
                                                                                                          “He did a                                                    Love Club as a
                                                involved the art of tie-dying, a thoroughly    great job discussing                                                    group of people
Christy Buranaamorn                             enjoyable experience for all who               a touchy subject,”                                                      that encourages
Staff Writer                                    participated.                                  observed Father                                                         its members “to
                                                          The Fashion and Design Club is       Hudgins.                                                                hold ourselves
                                                showcasing Bishop O’Connell’s very first                 So who                                                        accountable for
         The Fashion &Design Club               Spring Fashion Show. The theme of the          is Chris Stefanick,                                                     saving sex until
          For the first time ever, Bishop       show is Prom 2009. Local stores such as        other than the father                                                   marriage, to
O’Connell has its own Fashion and               Forever 21, Jessica McClintock, Caché,         of five kids? He                                                        protect our hearts
Design Club. There are two main goals of        and Leila Rowe will be loaning their           is a speaker in a                                                       and minds…not
this club: First, to create a forum for ideas   evening wear and stylish accessories for       group formed by                                                         only preventing
involving different styles and fashions.        this event. The Spring Fashion Show will       Karl Keating called                                                     missteps
Everyone has their own personal style that      be open house and will be a part of the        Catholic Answers.                                                       but always
makes them unique. And the Fashion and          upcoming Festival of the Art which will        Keating formed                                                          strengthening
Design Club will offers a forum for all         be held Saturday, April 25, 2009.              Catholic Answers                                                        the current
types of people with various cultures and       When asked about why she started the           in 1979 after having                                                    relationships we
personalities to come together and express      Fashion and Design Club, the sponsor           a stroke of insight                                                     have with others
their views on today’s fashion.                 of the show Ms. Zitron said, “A lot of         when he found an                                                        by keeping our
          The second, and more important,       students have approached me about how          erroneous flier about                                                   Lord, Jesus Christ,
is to have fun! The Fashion and Design          you can get more involved with fashion         the Catholic Church                                                     at the center of all
Club officers and moderator have created        and design, and I wanted to create a group     on his car. He decided that he needed to      of our relationships.”
a lively and enjoyable atmosphere which         that could come together with others with      create a group that would help give people              When asked how Katie felt
welcomes everyone and encourages                a common interest to pursue fashion and        the right answers about the Church and        about Chris’s talk she exclaimed, “He
all its members to share their special          interior design after high school as well as   its beliefs. He wrote many informative        was awesome, even if his microphone
perspectives.                                   get experience here through activities such    articles and also answered people’s           was a little bit too loud! I honestly think
          The club discusses topics             as the fashion show.”                          submitted questions regarding the Church.     what he had to say got through to a lot
about the fashion world, as well as the                   This year’s Spring Fashion           The group also sponsors a magazine,           of people. Although it was a Pro-Life
fundamentals of interior design. Not only       Show will be a huge event, therefore it        called The Rock, that has been published      assembly he really drew the parallel
can a person create art through clothing        is essential for all DJO students to get       since 1990.                                   between protecting the unborn and having
choices, but also through the choices that      involved. This show is in need of students               “Catholic Answers” is also          healthy relationships to prevent unwanted
create the atmosphere of a room.                both front and behind the scenes such          connected with an organization that is        pregnancies; because the bottom line is
          The Fashion and Design Club           as models, lighting, and music. Ask Ms.        familiar to O’Connell students: The Pure      that if everyone were to save sex for a just
meets monthly and sponsors many                 Zitron if you want to participate in the       Love Club. It is based in San Diego,          and ordained marriage, there would be a
activities. One of the most recent              Spring Fashion Show.                           California, and was created by Jason          lot fewer abortions in this world.”
 Visor February 2009                                                                Campus News                                                                      Page 4

Godspell Cast Casts Spell on Audience
 Devon Spencer                                   the stage as an endearing flirt. In her                  Junior Catherine Callahan’s           highlighted the performers and unified the
 Staff Writer                                    rendition of “Turn Back Oh Man,” she             performance of “Day by Day,” one of           musical numbers.
 Moey Fox                                                                                                                                                 As the second act came to an
 Editor-In-Chief                                                                                                                                end, culminating in Jesus’ crucifixion
                                                                                                                                                and resurrection, there were few dry eyes
          This winter, DJO Drama                                                                                                                in the audience. Williams’ and Brady’s
decided to take on another musical,                                                                                                             convincing performances permeated the
Godspell. Performed on the weekend of                                                                                                           auditorium. Their portrayal of one of the
February 20-22, it was unlike any other                                                                                                         most important stories in the Catholic
DJO productions in recent memory.                                                                                                               faith moved everyone who saw it—they
          This musical was composed of                                                                                                          literally brought it to life.
a much smaller cast of 25, with senior
Carlo Williams playing the white tuxedo-                                                                                                                  Even though Godspell was
clad Jesus and senior Matt Brady playing                                                                                                        prepared in a shorter amount of time
the darkly dressed Judas/John the Baptist.                                                                                                      than usual, the dancing and singing was
          The smaller cast allowed each                                                                                                         extremely well-orchestrated. Although the
member of the drama department to                                                                                                               props and stage were fairly minimal, the
showcase their musical and dramatic                                                                                                             tall scaffolding on which the actors stood
                                                                                                                                                and danced added to the dynamic of the
          Other than Williams and Brady,                                                                                                        performance. The projector screen on the
the other actors sang under their own                                                                                                           back of the stage showed biblical images
names and were all dressed in red.                                                                                                              which inspired the overall mood of the
They acted out the parables and various                                                                                                         musical. The scaffolding and projector
stories of the Bible in a less conventional                                                                                                     ironically provided a very professional
and expected way. In addition, the                                                                                                              feel to the performance.
                                                 glided through the audience, surprising          the most famous Godspell songs, was
cast involved the audience on several            some of the audience as she danced and           powerful and moving. Senior Maddie                      In a time when all too many
occasions.                                       sang her way up and down the aisles.             Arthur’s wonderful singing voice was          seem to forget their faith, Godspell was
                                                                                                  another high point in the show. Senior        the perfect reminder that Jesus is always
         Senior Katlyn Clinton lit up                                                             Margaret Montavon’s choreography              there for us.

Classmates Welcome French Exchange Students
   Sandra Malone                                                                                  York City, a Mardi Gras party, and various
                                                 field they wish to pursue (like a major).                                                      in communications or publicity and will go
   Staff Writer                                  This decides the classes they take their final   other excursions prepared by their hosts.     into the economic section next year (she is
                                                 year. At the end of their third year, French     They were very pleased with the welcoming     in her second year).
         For the past week, twelve students      students must take the BAC, a rigorous           attitude and general warmth of the teachers             Although these students came to
from the Jean XIII school in France have         and intimidating exam which basically            and students.                                 learn about our culture and way of life, they
been staying with generous O’Connell             determines the course of their lives.                      Victoire Huyghues Despointes,       have left us with something too. They have
families and accompanying students to                                                             hosted by Jamitress Bowden, commented,        made it evident that, despite cultural and
                                                           Also, the everyday schooling and
school. They came to America not only                                                             “All the people have been very kind. I have   language boundaries, it is entirely possible
                                                 grading systems are significantly different.     liked everything about O’Connell.”
to improve their English, but also to learn      While Americans are graded on a scale of                                                       for people from diverse backgrounds and
about American culture.                                                                                     One French student, Tiphanie        cultures separate backgrounds to come
                                                 100, French students are graded on a scale
         Bishop O’Connell has done this                                                           Fornage, serves as an example of              together and become close friends.
                                                 of one to twenty.
exchange with the Jean XIII school for                                                            how American and French youth are                       Even though Tiphanie and
                                                           Those students who receive 17-20
three years now, with alternating hosts.                                                          not completely different. She enjoys          Victoire may speak French and go to a
                                                 are considered exceptional and those who
Last year American students stayed with                                                           photography and shopping at Hollister,        different school, they are still similar to
                                                 receive anything above the average 10 are
French families for a week, only about an                                                         Abercrombie & Fitch, and Tiffany &Co.         their American counterparts.
                                                 considered good. French students go to
hour distant from Paris.                                                                                    Her favorite subject is English               This serves as an important lesson
                                                 school from 8 A.M. to 5:30 P.M., have an
         French students have good reason                                                         and she loves Starbucks, rap music, and       that its our humanity that binds us: not our
                                                 hour and a half to eat lunch, have a fifteen-
to be curious about the American school                                                           parties. She wants to have a career either    ethnicities, languages or cultures.
                                                 minute break, do not change classrooms,
system. High school in France is much            and do not have every class every day.
different from high school in America.           They are required to take two languages
French “lycéens” (high-schoolers), are           (not just one) and enjoy less than an hour
divided into three grades, not four.             of homework a night.
         In their final year, they are divided             The French students visiting
into three sections: literature, economics,      O’Connell enjoyed a rich itinerary,
and science, depending on which career           including trips to Washington D.C., New
 Visor February 2009                                                           Health                                                                              Page 5
                                             Good Nutrition Starts Now
                                               Cait Patterson
                                                                                              permitted on school property and will be                  Mrs.     Majoreck      encourages
                                               Staff Writer                                   confiscated by faculty and/ or staff if they    students to read the advertisements in the
                                                                                              are found.                                      cafeteria. The system “Color Your Plate
                                                       Being nutrition-conscious is                                                           Healthy” displays the menu for the week
                                                                                                       Sports drinks are a much better
                                             always good, but is often difficult to follow                                                    and also shows the nutritional value of
                                                                                              choice, because they replace the electrolytes
                                             its demands. A teenager has even more of a                                                       each item with color-coded diagrams. This
                                                                                              lost in sweat and provide the appropriate
                                             struggle. But having good nutrition habits                                                       technique is used to make students more
                                                                                              “carbs” to fuel working muscles. Other
                                             as a teenager improves an individual’s                                                           aware of the nutritional value of an entrée.
                                                                                              ways to obtain more energy are to hydrate                 Another good habit is staying
                                             chance of becoming a healthier adult. Of
                                                                                              continuously and use sports drinks before,      active. Adolescents are encouraged to
                                             course, eating “junk food” every once in
                                                                                              during, and after workouts; to eat every 2-4    exercise for 30-60 minutes a day. Mr.
                                             a while will not determine if a person has
                                             excellent or horrific nutrition, but having      hours by having three meals and two-three       Tilson’s advice for fulfilling that hour of
                                             unhealthy habits is something that will          snacks a day, and also to get eight hours of    activity is to “find something you like.”
                                             affect an individual later in life.              sleep every night.                              With spring sports try-outs on the horizon,
                                                       Energy drinks, such as Red Bull,                                                       there is always a way to stay active. Most
                                                                                                        Mrs. Majoreck, Chef Garth and         communities offer sports leagues as well.
                                             Monster, etc., can stimulate instant energy,
                                                                                              the cafeteria staff have been working hard
                                             but they can also bring great harm to the                                                                  Nutrition is very important to
                                                                                              to supply O’Connell students with their
                                             body. Drinks like these contain high                                                             help secure one’s health in later years.
                                                                                              nutritional needs. They sell more salads,
                                             amounts of caffeine, the equivalent to                                                           Small changes can improve an individual’s
                                                                                              made fresh daily, that come in either a
                                             drinking about 4 cokes, which has shown to                                                       nutrition, such as taking smaller portion
                                                                                              small or larger size. Chef Garth also makes
                                             improve endurance in some areas, but has                                                         sizes or exercising more frequently. The
                                                                                              all meals from scratch every day. The
                                             also contributed to increased or abnormal                                                        nutritional choices a person makes now
                                                                                              cafeteria always offers 1% milk, vitamin
                                             heart rate, increased blood pressure,                                                            will have an effect on his/her future; and
                                                                                              water, Snapple, and Arizona Tea which
                                             lightheadedness, anxiety, and jitters. The                                                       honestly: who really wants to be known as
                                             WCAC strongly discourages athletes from          provide healthier choices than soda. A milk
                                                                                                                                              the “fat” one at their high school reunion?
                                             consuming energy drinks. On page 52 the          vending machine will soon be installed to
                                             accident and first aid section of the school     provide dairy products such as smoothies
                                             hand book states that energy drinks are not      and milkshakes.

  The Scary Truth
  About Diet Soda
 Sandra Malone
 Staff Writer                                          Aspartame is dangerous because
                                             it contains methyl alcohol. When methyl
                                             alcohol enters a person’s body, it becomes
          Millions of people today pat       formaldehyde, a toxic and carcinogenic
themselves on the back with the complacent   chemical that is used in laboratories as
statement of, “I’m healthy. I drink diet     a disinfectant or a preservative. It is not
soda.” Diet soda, while it may not contain   intended to be ingested into a person’s
calories, does contain a dangerous           body. This could explain the ninety-two
chemical sweetener called aspartame.         side effects associated with aspartame
Aspartame has been blamed for hundreds       consumption.
of illnesses, including arthritis, birth
                                                       This information should not be
defects, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, lupus,
                                             taken the wrong way. Because aspartame
multiple sclerosis, and diabetes. With all
                                             is about 180 times sweeter than sugar,
these health risks, why would someone put
                                             very little of it is used in diet sodas (which
something so toxic into their body in the
                                             explains why diet soda has no calories).
first place?
                                             Thus, a person will not develop lupus
          Aspartame was invented by          disease from drinking one diet coke.
a chemist named G.D. Searle in 1973.         However, if aspartame is consumed over a
Searle decided that an ingredient that       long period of time, it can pose a threat to a
allowed people to drink mass quantities      person’s health.

                                                                                                Tea vs. Coffee
of soda without gaining weight could be a
goldmine. When it was first introduced to              It is also understood that some
the FDA, it was denied, and subsequently     people, such as diabetics, cannot drink
denied seven more times. Although many       regular soda because of the high sugar
FDA scientists declared Searle’s testing     content. But regular soda is not healthy
methods inconclusive and manipulated,        either. A two-liter bottle of regular coke
aspartame was finally approved for use in    contains 216 grams of sugar! Thus, one
                                             should consider more natural options such
                                                                                                              Which Do You Prefer?
dried goods in 1974.
          In 1977, the FDA filed a           as fruit juice. Of course, the best thing to
lawsuit against Searle for knowingly         drink is water.
misrepresenting and concealing facts
about aspartame in safety tests. However,
Searle was never prosecuted because the                                                       Marley Gamer
leading attorney in the suit against him                                                                                                      anti-oxidants in tea help fight off attacks
was offered a high-paying job by the law                                                      Staff Writer                                    on the immune system.
firm representing Searle, causing him to                                                                                                                “Tea tastes lighter and is really
resign as a U.S. attorney and withdraw                                                                                                        good for you, especially with the anti-
from the case. He accepted the job with                                                                                                       oxidants. Plus it tastes delicious!” said
                                                                                                        In the early morning hours as
Searle’s firm and all investigations were                                                                                                     junior Lulu Moore.
                                                                                              everyone grudgingly gets ready for school,
dropped. Further circumstances presented                                                                                                                Whip cream, caramel, chocolate
                                                                                              they probably grab an “on-the-go” cup of
themselves in 1980, when the Public Board                                                                                                     syrup…Is your mouth watering yet?
                                                                                              either coffee or tea.
of Inquiry determined that aspartame                                                                                                                    The options are endless, according
                                                                                                        The tow favorites are easy and
should be approved. Arthur Hull Hayes,                                                                                                        to junior Matt Allen.
                                                                                              instant energizers after a long night of
the FDA commissioner, approved it for                                                                                                                   “I like coffee because there are
                                                                                              homework. The choice of which of the two
beverages in 1983 (despite the fact that                                                                                                      a million different ways to prepare it. In
                                                                                              works best can be a dilemma.
the National Soft Drink Administration                                                                                                        tea you can only add so many different
                                                                                                        Sugary and sweet or light and
urged the FDA to delay the approval until                                                                                                     ingredients to customize it. And besides:
                                                                                              herby? Either comes in a variety of flavors,
further testing were done.) The same year,                                                                                                    coffee really wakes me up better.”
                                                                                              to suit every taste imagineable.
Hayes was dismissed for accepting bribes,                                                                                                               The toppings have helped make
                                                                                                        Tea is refreshing, and possesses
and went to join Searle’s law firm. After                                                                                                     coffee one of the most popular drinks in
                                                                                              soothing properties. When preparing for an
this, the FDA decided to prosecute Searle,                                                                                                    the world.
                                                                                              exam it can calm nerves.
but the two leading attorneys in the case                                                                                                               And besides its popularity, coffee
                                                                                                        Because it contains fluorine, it
decided not to prosecute and went to                                                                                                          also boasts a few health benefits, as studies
                                                                                              also provides a little dental care so by
join Searle’s firm. Thus, aspartame was                                                                                                       have shown that it can relieve some of the
                                                                                              choosing tea you can perform a somewhat
legalized through false laboratory reports                                                                                                    symptoms of Parkinson’s disease as well as
                                                                                              abbreviated version of brushing before you
and bribed attorneys.                                                                                                                         Alzheimer’s.
                                                                                              fly out the door.
                                                                                                         In addition, the abundance of
Visor February 2009                                                              Sports                                                                              Page 6

   Girls’ Basketball: Rising to the Top!
Mark Azar
Staff Writer
          O’Connell       Varsity      Boys                                                                                                     as Coach Brown and the girls expect to
Basketball has always enjoyed a high profile                                                                                                    reach lofty goals. The State Championship
throughout the country, which occasionally                                                                                                      as well as the WCAC Championship are
makes it harder for other sports to shine.                                                                                                      both on their “to do” list as they plan to
This year, another O’Connell team that is                                                                                                       maneuver their way to victory. The Lady
sometimes overshadowed has managed to                                                                                                           Knights have shown they are a force to be
capture the attention of many, due to its                                                                                                       reckoned with by challenging the mighty
great success. The Varsity Girls Basketball                                                                                                     Holy Cross team and forcing a tough game.
team has displayed its excellence and                                                                                                           Unfortunately they lost by 8.
competitiveness by posting a 15-13 record                                                                                                                 Individual efforts have also played
in a highly competitive conference.                                                                                                             a large factor as each player has her own role
          Led by Head Coach Jimmy Brown,                                                                                                        and contributes to the team in a different
the credit for the team’s success depends                                                                                                       way. Meg Lagos is an assassin from beyond
on every single person, from the players                                                                                                        the arch, as evidenced by her team-leading
to the assistants and even the managers.                                                                                                        52 threes. Sarah Jones is the leading scorer
This year’s squad depends upon Seniors                    The 2008-2009 Varsity Lady Knights Led by the Browns                                  at 14 points per game, Shannon Tumelty is
Kelly Horvath, Meg Lagos, Kate Culhane,                                                                                                         the team’s best defender, and Kate Culhane
and Mieke Coppes; Juniors Sarah Jones,         this team different from previous years?        three pointers currently at 192. They rely       is considered “the facilitator and the person
Shannon Tumelty, Colleen Bannigan, and         The team has been starting 5 guards, which      so heavily on their outside shooting that        that brings everyone on the floor together,”
Erin McDonough; Sophomore Meghan               opens up the whole floor since everyone         they call them the “Bolts of Lightning,”         as described by Coach Brown. Individual
Gadell; and Freshman Nicole Carty.             can shoot from the outside. This means that     and as long as they make around 11 threes        success has also been rewarded as Kelly
          When asked what he thinks of         the opposing team’s Center and the Power        a game they believe they can compete with        Horvath was recently named the Z-Burger
this year’s team, Coach Brown observes,        Forward have to come out and chase them         anyone in the country.                           player of the week by DC Sports Fan.
“They’re a great group, the best group of      around the perimeter, thus opening up the                 The WCAC has always been a                       Coach Brown has been very
girls I’ve ever had. I’m very proud of them    driving lanes.                                  competitive league, described by Coach           pleased with the team, and after Monday’s
and it’s good to see them finally succeed.              The commitment to excellence           Brown as the “best high school league in         practice he praised and stressed the fact
You know, we’ve had some rough years           on the team has also been great this season     the country, hands down.” This team has          that every one of the girls stayed for 20
but loyalty has been very important.”          as only one girl has missed practice all        been able to achieve many milestones along       minutes after practice just talking and
          After having their fair share        year. This shows the girls’ dedication to       the course of the season, including a league     shooting around in the gym. The players
of struggles over the past years, one of       winning and to their teammates. The             all-time record with 13 three pointers made      are good friends as well as teammates and
the main themes this year has been that        results are obvious in their high level of      against Ryken.                                   enjoy each other’s company on and off
“Things Change” from one year to another;      play. Experience has also played a big                    “It is really all about making shots   the court, which helps them to play well
their philosophy has always been to create     role this season as 5 players have been         with this team; and as long as they do then      together. This team is a great example
a mindset that will help them achieve          on the Varsity team for the past 3 years,       they’re very hard to beat.”                      of how the little things make a difference
victory.                                       and already faced the big name schools.                   Though it is easy to become            and practice truly does make perfect. This
          This year’s team has posted some     Playing them is nothing more than routine       distracted by success, it is more important      team overcame many struggles and Lady
big victories as they went on to defeat        now.                                            to finish the season strong, as the final        Knights’ fans are excited to see them
Bishop Ireton twice, as well as earning                 One of the team’s biggest strength     games of the season are all conference           succeed as they cruise toward the WCAC
victories over St. Mary’s Ryken, Flint Hill,   has been its ability to shoot the three ball.   games. It is important to keep getting           playoffs, hoping to raise the trophy at the
and Trinity. One might ask what makes          O’Connell is leading the entire area in         better. Expectations are high for this season    end of the tournament.

                ESPN Shines National Spotlight on Boys
                    Basketball Program and Fans
Haley Milon
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                    happens to be the youngest recruit in UNC
                                                                                                                                                Basketball history.
         O’Connell       gained     national                                                                                                              But Deatha was quick to the
exposure on February 17th, when the                                                                                                             boards and sent several defensive rebounds
Kight’s men were handed a tough loss, 65-                                                                                                       down the court quickly with their fast break
53, by the DeMatha Stags in a game aired                                                                                                        game. The Knights did all they could to get
on ESPNU.                                                                                                                                       back and set up their tight man defense.
         O’Connell led throughout the                                                                                                           Cole was always quick to get back, and
first quarter, but this was unfortunately                                                                                                       he blocked several lay-up attempts by the
not televised because the earlier game ran                                                                                                      Stags.
late.                                                                                                                                                     The fight over rebounds was
         “DeMatha is a really good team,”                                                                                                       physical, intense, and very exciting for the
said senior Devin Cole. “There were a lot                                                                                                       fans.
of things that we had to be aware of.”                                                                                                                    “We knew the Stags wanted to
         The guys play with a really fast                                                                                                       win,” said Marshall; “but we played with a
tempo,” said head coach Joe Wooten. “We                                                                                                         lot of energy and determination.”
are constantly moving, and at any given                                                                                                                   Regardless of the final score,
point the guys are each doing something                                       Photos By Sarah Wilbur                                            O’Connell put on a fabulous display on
productive.”                                                                                                                                    and off the court for the fortunate ESPN
         This tactic was shown throughout                                                                                                       U viewers. The student section took up an
the course of the game. When a player                                                                                                           entire side of the gym, filling it with cheers
wasn’t looking for a drive to the hoop, he                                                                                                      led by the seniors, who had painted their
was looking for an opportunity to work                                                                                                          faces and arms white.
the ball to the outside. The Stags sensed                                                                                                                 It was also senior night for the
the Knights’ intention of moving the ball                                                                                                       basketball team, the cheerleading squad,
to the hoop from the first tip, and reacted                                                                                                     and the pep band. Devin Cole, David
by putting a lot of pressure on the Knights’                                                                                                    Eismeier and Jordan Burgess were honored
offense.                                                                                                                                        for their years of commitment just before
         The usual stand-out players were                                                                                                       tip-off.
counted on to make an impact with good                                                                                                                    The entire O’Connell community
shots. Kendall Marshall notched 14 points,                                                                                                      was obviously proud of the team’s effort
causing the fans to burst into their “U N                                                                                                       on national television, as evidenced by
C” cheer. ESPN commentators discussed                                                                                                           their enthusiastic support throughout the
Marshall throughout the game, as Marshall                                                                                                       tight contest.
 Visor February 2009                                                               Sports                                                                            Page 7

 O’Connells’ Champions
Maggie Luning                                            This season was also made very
Staff Writer                                    special with the retirement of an admired
                                                coach, Coach Carpenter, after twenty-nine
                                                years of coaching wrestling at O’Connell.
          The best word to describe                      Senior Nam Dunbar commented
O’Connell’s boy’s wrestling team this           on the season as a whole, “I’m really
year is simply one word: Champions.             proud of the whole team, being able to
On January 31st, at Bishop Ireton High          work together and come out with a tre-
School, the team achieved ed one of their       mendous season.”
biggest goals this season, as well as many
previous ones: winning the WCACs,                          The team also boasted eleven
emerging on top of eight other conference       starting senior wrestlers. Senior Jonathan
high schools, including Paul VI, Good           Carpenter commented, “The fact that we
Counsel, and McNamara. O’Connell not            won the WCACs, and ended DeMatha’s
only attained the prestigious title, but by     streak is awesome; but that we being able
4.5 points ended DeMatha’s sequence of          to do it with ten fellow seniors made the
twenty-three straight WCAC titles. The          experience a rare and special time for us
team not only achieved the title, but also      all.” The team concluded Coach Carpen-
won every one of their sixteen individual       ter’s stellar career with a prestigious 10th
matches. The team placed first in both the      place finish at the National Prep Champi-
St. Stephen’s Invitational Tournament and       onship Tournament on February 20th and
in the Sterling Lions’ Club Invitational        21st at Lehigh University in Bethlehem,
Tournament.                                     Pennsylvania.                                               Coach Carpenter’s final season with Oconnell’s Wrestlers

Coach Carpenter Retiring After 28 Years
Alexis Johnson
Staff Writer
                                                proach. You have to know your kids, and
                                                tailor what you say and how you teach to       losing so many times, beating our long-                    Mr. Carpenter says he’ll use this
         Bill Carpenter, respected and be-                                                                                                      newfound time to pursue another interest:
loved by all O’Connell’s faithful, has an-      their style.”                                  time rival was the best thing I could’ve
                                                          His favorite part of coaching is     asked for.”                                      traveling.
nounced his retirement after 28 years as                                                                                                                  After 28 years as one of
head coach of O’Connell’s varsity wres-         the relationships he’s built with the kids               He said that preparing for the
                                                over the years, the opportunity to make        WCAC was the same as preparing for any           O’Connell’s finest coaches, Coach Car-
tling team. He also shared his great abili-                                                                                                     penter says. “I appreciate the e-mails from
ties and enthusiasm on the football field       those connections through his work. After      match. They squad had to work very hard,
                                                28 years, he recalls countless good memo-      and give it their best shot.                     people, saying nothing but good things. I’ll
as an assistant coach for 22 years; but the                                                                                                     miss coaching, but I’ll still do whatever I
wrestling has always held a special place in    ries, and unforgettable times. Throughout                 “That’s all you can do, added
                                                everything, the losses and challenges as       Carpenter.                                       can to help the program.”
Coach Carpenter’s heart.                                                                                                                                  Mr. Carpenter will be greatly
         As a freshman and sophomore            well as the victories and accolades, he ex-              With this championship newly in
                                                presses no regrets.                            hand, many wonder why Coach Carpenter            missed; his contributions to O’Connell
biology teacher, his teaching and guidance                                                                                                      sports will never be forgotten. But if his
skills easily transferred to his coaching                 His current favorite moment, not     has chosen this time to step down.
                                                surprisingly, is the most recent: the WCAC               “I’m not retiring all together, I’ll   athletes feel they miss him too much, they
success. His basic philosophy?                                                                                                                  can always find him at the end of the mis-
         “Every kid has different motiva-       tournament victory over rival DeMatha.         always love wrestling but I think it’s time
                                                After years of challenging competition,        for someone else to fill the position that       cellaneous hallway, teaching those lucky
tions. They work differently; every kid has                                                                                                     enough to have his and experience and ex-
his own formula for success. Some kids do       often coming up “just short,” O’Connell        I’ve held for all these years. There are a
                                                finally defeated the talent-laden DeMatha      lot of things I want to do, things I didn’t      pertise as their biology instructor.
well when you yell; it drives them to do                                                                                                                  Mr. Carpenter’s final words on his
better. But others don’t like the yelling ap-   squad.                                         have time for because of my commitment
                                                          Coach Carpenter observes, “After     to caching.”                                     retirement? “Always go out on top.”

                        DC Sports Fan “Player of the Week”
Kathleen Bettencourt                                                                                                                                      Junior teammate Shannon Tum-
                                                                                                                                                elty commented, “Kelly or as we call her,
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                    Boulder, is a great team leader and she re-
                                                                                                                                                lates really well to all of our teammates.”
                                                                                                                                                          Another junior on the team, Sar-
         Kelly Horvath has been on the                                                                                                          ah Jones, added, “Kelly is my inspiration,
varsity girl’s basketball team since her                                                                                                        she’s awesome!”
sophomore year and now serves as one of                                                                                                                   Horvath’s life doesn’t just revolve
the leading seniors on the team. This 5’5”                                                                                                      around basketball. She is a very charis-
power-house point guard has helped lead                                                                                                         matic and active member of O’Connell’s
the team to its many victories so far this                                                                                                      student body, serving as President of the
season. DC Sports Fan recently named                                                                                                            Spirit Club, winning the Senior Superla-
her “Player of the Week” for the week of                                                                                                        tive for “Most School Spirited,” and also
1/25/09- 2/1/09. In that week she scored                                                                                                        playing on the varsity girl’s lacrosse team.
71 points, had 38 rebounds, and logged                                                                                                          She can always be found at other sports’
13 assists. She had an especially outstand-                                                                                                     events, decked out in O’Connell colors,
ing performance in the team’s victory over                                                                                                      face painted, and cheering on her fellow
Archbishop Carroll, where she scored 27                                                                                                          Knights. Even though sports occupy a lot
points, had 13 rebounds, and provided 5                                                                                                          of her time she is still able to tackle three
assists.                                                                                                                                         AP classes and balance her active social
         Horvath has been playing bas-                                                                                                           life.
ketball for about ten years. Off the court,                                                                                                                When asked if she would like
she is extremely modest about her athletic                                                                                                       to continue playing basketball in college,
                                                                                                                                                 she replied, “Definitely; but I’m not sure
performance; she’s not one to brag about                        Kelly Horvath directs the offense from the court.
herself or her accomplishments.                                                                                                                  if I want to try out for the varsity team or
                                                it all to my teammates because I couldn’t      sportsmanship make her an even stronger           play club. I don’t want to give the sport
         After hearing that DC Sports Fan
                                                have received the award without their          player and team leader. Her teammates are         up.” Kelly plans to attend the University
named her “Player of the Week,” she re-
                                                help.”                                         united in their praise of her, on and off the     of Colorado in Boulder starting in the fall
sponded, “I was shocked; I wasn’t expect-
                                                           Her excellent attitude and good     court.                                            of 2009.
ing to win an award like that. But I owe
 Visor February 2009                                         Style                                                  Page 8

               Thrify Spending
A Unique Shopping Experience; A One of a Kind Store
Caroline Monek
Style Editor                        containing over thirty two aisles
Katie Grady                         of donated clothing, shoes, ap-
Style Editor                        pliances, and much more. An-
       Finding stylish and rea-     other advantage to shopping
sonably priced clothes can be       at Unique is the weekly price
difficult and frustrating. With     reductions on all merchandise
many people finding them-           found in the store. Each Mon-
selves running low on cash,         day, everything in the entire
shopping trips that used to         store is marked down, with a
be fun and carefree have be-        25% discount!
come stressful. For those who               Some people may not
can relate to this aggravation,     have the eye or time for thrift
thrift store shopping may be        stores, and will only shop there
the answer to what you’re           for particular occasions, such
looking for. Not only do thrift     as Spirit Week. Unique is defi-
stores carry merchandise at         nitely the perfect spot to find a
extremely low prices, but can       crazy and festive wacky-tacky
also boast designer brands and      day outfit. Unique offers vari-
high fashion products.              ous outfits embellished with
       For fashionistas who         bright colors and distinctive
like to have their own individ-     and memorable designs.
ual style, Unique could be just             The store is open Mon-
the right store for you. Located    day through Saturday from           Unique is a growing chain of stores that offers donated
a mere ten to fifteen minutes       10am to 8pm, and on Sundays         clothing items from around the local area. This particular
from O’Connell, Unique is a         from 11am to 6pm. Go check          store is located in Falls Church.
convenient and one-of-a-kind        out this up and coming place
place to shop. Unique is the        and find yourself an awesome
largest thrift store in the area,   outfit for a cheap price!

   Brand Names
 Found at Unique:
Visor February 2009                                                                Entertainment                                                                        Page 9
    Shopaholic a Hit
                                                                                                            Based on the first two of the series
                                                                                                 by best-selling author, Sophie Kinsella,
                                                                                                 Confessions of a Shopaholic, originally set
                                                                                                 in London, was moved to New York City
                                                is being hunted down by her bank manager
Alejandra Buitrago                                                                               for the film version. Rebecca’s sincerity and
                                                for the huge debt she cannot pay.
Staff Writer                                                                                     her humanity make her a truly endearing
                                                          As she works with Luke she
                                                                                                 character, who learns from all the personal
                                                finds that he is much more than a boss;
          Ever since she could pick out her                                                      chaos that “little white lies” can only lead
                                                he is someone with compassion and pride
own outfits, Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla                                                             to disaster.
                                                in his work who doesn’t seem to get the
Fisher, Wedding Crashers) has had only                                                                      Overall, Confessions was a great
                                                credit he deserves. She then learns of a
one true love: SHOPPING! But growing up                                                          movie, though the books more adequately
                                                deeper secret: Luke is rich, but prefers to
on the other side of the Hudson, fun- loving                                                     explain Rebecca Bloomwood’s love of
                                                lead a typically middle-class life. Rebecca
Rebecca was raised on a tight budget and                                                         shopping.       Her economic situation is
                                                falls madly in love with him, but another
bereft of the glamorous fashions which she                                                       particularly relevant today, as so many are
                                                ambitious girl also has set her eyes on him.
desired so much. As she grows up, Rebecca                                                        guilty of spending so much more than they
                                                Finally, her debts catch up to her in a fairly
only knows to spend frivolously without                                                          make. The movie provides a light look at
                                                embarrassing and public way, forcing her
taking into account her outrageous debt;                                                         materialism, and it’s a great “chick flick” to
                                                to tell the truth about her own financial
and living in luxurious New York doesn’t                                                         enjoy with your friends. Now in theaters, it
                                                situation to all those whom she formerly
make it easier for her. To add to these                                                          also features John Cusack, John Goodman,
                                                advised on money problems. Many of the
difficulties she loses her job at a gardening                                                    and John Lithgow. Confessions of a
                                                predicaments Rebecca puts herself into
magazine, giving her absolutely no way                                                           Shopaholic will dazzle young audiences
                                                could have been avoided if it were not for
to pay off her debt of $16,000. She has                                                          everywhere.
                                                her naïveté and “little white lies.”
always dreamt of working at the fashion
staple Alette Magazine, but ironically lands
a position as an advice columnist for Smart
Savings, a financial magazine.
          On her way to the supposed job
interview Alette, she passes one of the many
shop windows on Fifth Avenue and spots
a $125 green velvet scarf which she must
have in order to make a great impression.
Although she’s aware that her debt is
increasing daily, she sees this scarf as an
investment for her future career. It turns
out she’s short 35 dollars and quickly runs
to make change at a hot dog stand where
she unknowingly meets Luke Brandon
(Hugh Dancy, Ella Enchanted), her future
boss and editor. While writing a column
for Smart Savings as The Girl in the Green
Scarf, Rebecca writes an article that relates
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   A Museum Not to be Missed
                                                                                                                                                   Lulu Moore
                                                                                                                                                   Staff Writer

                                                                                                                                                             For those who hate scary movies,
                                                leader in promoting interest in modern art.      lections and exhibitions. The Hirshhorn
Joanna Harkins                                                                                                                                     “The Uninvited” is here. For many who
                                                The actual building, which was designed          also has a returning program called “Art-
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                       like a little suspense, but can’t handle the
                                                by architect Gordon Bunshaft, was the sub-       Lab for Teens” which is a workshop in             shocking and terrifying scenes that define
         For the past 35 years the Hirsh-       ject of controversy when it was first built.     which teens contemplate, discuss, and cre-        the horror movie, this is the perfect bal-
horn Museum and Sculpture Garden has            The building itself is a piece of art. Today,    ate art. Lastly, there are the “After Hours”      ance.
been providing metro area residents with        the museum continues its tradition of new        events which include speeches from vari-                    Previews for “The Uninvited”
the best of modern and contemporary art.        and fresh art. Two of the most recent exhi-      ous artists, music, visual presentations and      make it seem like a really scary, “clench
Located on the National Mall and within         bitions include “Black Box,” by artist Ori       curator-lead tours.                               the edge of your seat” movie. The film’s
walking distance of the L’Enfant Plaza          Gersht, which explores the relationship                    If you aren’t in the mood to go         several creepy, eerie scenes are balanced
metro station, it is the perfect place to       between nature and humans; and “Strange          inside the museum you can always grab a           by unexpectedly comedic scenes, which
spend a Sunday afternoon.                       Bodies,” a series of figurative works from       hotdog from a nearby vendor and enjoy the         lift viewers’ spirits enough to get through
         The museum includes everything         the Hirshhorn’s collection.                      outside sculpture garden. The impressive          the movie without wanting to cry.
from sculptures by Auguste Rodin to “Mar-                 There is more to do at the mu-         collection includes works by artists like                   The main plot of the movie in-
ilyn Monroe Lips” by Andy Warhol. There         seum than simply look at art. The Hirsh-         Auguste Rodin, Alexander Calder, David            volves two sisters, Anna and Alex (Emily
are works of art of many mediums: paint-        horn hosts multiple events each month to         Smith and Dan Graham.                             Browning and Arielle Kebbel), “freaking
ings, photographs, prints, sculptures and       involve its patrons in art. Impressed by a       So next time you find yourself bored and          out” because they think that their father’s
even short films. The Hirshhorn is a place      certain work of art or collection? You can       wanting to do something new and exciting,         new girlfriend, who was also a nurse to
for people who are just learning about          meet the artist, listen to a lecture, and ask    consider visiting the Hirshhorn for an edu-       their late mother, is actually an obsessive,
modern and contemporary art and experts         questions at one of the Hirshhorn’s “Meet        cation in modern art. For more informa-           psycho killer using a fake name to cover up
alike. There is something for everyone.         the Artist” events. There are also “Gallery      tion about exhibits and events visit http://      her past.
         The Hirshhorn has always been a        Talks” every Friday about the various col-                                          Anna returns home after spending
                                                                                                                                                   time in the hospital, following the tragic
                                                                                                                                                   death of her mother, also named Anna.
                                                                                                                                                   She discovers that her father’s recovery
                                                                                                                                                   has been a lot easier because his deceased
                                                                                                                                                   wife’s former nurse, Rachel (Elizabeth
                                                                                                                                                   Banks), has been keeping him company.
                                                                                                                                                             Anna is visited by her mother’s
                                                                                                                                                   ghost who warns her that Rachel was the
                                                                                                                                                   one behind the tragic fire that killed her. Af-
                                                                                                                                                   ter that, Anna and Alex do some snooping
                                                                                                                                                   and realize that daddy’s new girlfriend is
                                                                                                                                                   not who she says she is. When their father
                                                                                                                                                   refuses to listen, the girls take matters into
                                                                                                                                                   their own hands and end up fighting for
                                                                                                                                                   their lives.
                                                                                                                                                             The movie’s surprise ending is far
                                                                                                                                                   from predictable and makes what seemed
                                                                                                                                                   to be an average scary movie, a fascinat-
                                                                                                                                                   ing psychological thriller. Without the me-
                                                                                                                                                   diocre acting and just-decent action scenes,
                                    This piece of artwork called “Pomegranate” from the new “Black Box”                                            the film would be more worth your while.
                                    exhibit by Ori Gersht, can be found in the Hirshhorn Museum.
  Visor February 2009                                                         Entertainment                                                                    Page 10

Remixes/Remakes: Better Than Originals?
Devon Spencer
                                            “Live Your Life”- Rihanna and T.I.             “Use Your Love”- Katy Perry (originally
Staff Writer and Music Aficionado                                                          by The Outfield)
                                                                                                                                           “Umbrella”- All Time Low, also the Plain
                                            (recreation of “Dragostea din tei,” by                                                         White T’s (originally by Rihanna)
                                            Norwegian O-Zone)                                        When I heard the remake, I
                                                                                                                                                     Both covers are extremely
                                                       The Norwegian track is better       couldn’t recall who’d performed the
                                                                                                                                           different, considering All Time Low’s
                                            known as “Numa Numa,” or “Miyah                original; I just knew it wasn’t her. This
                                                                                                                                           upbeat, “emo” sound, verses the Plain
“Sweet Apologize (Discotech Mash Up)”-      hee.” Chances are you don’t speak              version is totally different and pop-ified,
                                                                                                                                           White T’s more soft and acoustic beat.
One Republic Featuring Timbaland            Norwegian, so here is a basic translation:     but catchy nonetheless. The emphasis
                                                                                                                                           Both are great, depending on the tempo
         So catchy, you can so easily       calling someone, or “beeping them,”            on guitars is appreciated, which keeps
                                                                                                                                           that you prefer. Either way, both are
picture yourself grooving in a club to      and the other not picking up. The singer       a rock-esque ambience, rather than
                                                                                                                                           totally different than the hip-hop original
this excellent creation. It mixes One       also admires the other’s eyes, comparing       her typical synthesized stuff. Perry’s
                                                                                                                                           by Rihanna. For more covers of this
Republic’s “Apologize” with the classic     them to the works of the oh-so-famous          signature voice is so distinguishable, that
                                                                                                                                           song, check out Linkin Park, McFly,
Eurhythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (are Made        artist, Picasso. “Hello my love; it’s me,      this is a modern sound to something that
                                                                                                                                           Switchfoot, My Chemical Romance’s
of This).” It is so incredibly upbeat and   your happiness,” are the sweetest lyrics,      was once an oldies’ tune.
                                                                                                                                           Gerad Way, and Mandy Moore. There’s a
“groovilicious.” The mix of an 80’s song    in translation of course. Such a great and                                                     version for any music taste, but if you’re
with a modern one becomes pure genius.      unique dance tune!                                                                             an “everything” fan, you can check them
                                                                                                                                           out on YouTube.
                                                                                           “Love Song”- Death Cab for Cutie
“                                                                                          (originally by The Cure)
Baby, I’m Yours”- The Arctic Monkeys                                                                 A classically loved-soaked song
(originally by Barbara Lewis, 1960’s)       “Seven Nation Army”- Kate Nash
                                                                                           as this couldn’t be covered by anyone
          This slow-dance love song is      (originally by the White Stripes)
                                                      Charming singer/songwriter           other than Death Cab. They do a perfect
adorable and traditional, causing the                                                      job staying true to the sad and somber
listener to have a desire to slow dance     Nash will knock your socks off with this
with his/her sweetheart. Although the
vocals are different (Barbara to the
                                            adorable cover song. She stays true to the
                                            glum Stripes’ tone, but reforms it with
                                                                                           tone of the super-renowned song. They
                                                                                           also toss in a lovely piano solo. Front man          Suggestions
                                                                                           Ben Gibbard sings it just how it should be
Monkey’s lead singer, Alex Turner), the     her girly vocals. It’s a different take on a
                                            super epic song that has been covered by       sung.
tune and overall lightness or instruments
                                            many, including the Flaming Lips.
remain the same.

                                                                                           “Flowers and Football Tops”- Glasvegas
                                                                                                     Glasgow (Scotland) -based             “Time After Time”- Quietdrive (originally
“Across the Universe”- Rufus Wainwright     “Paper Planes DFA Remix”- M.I.A.               Glasvegas put out the most unique and           by Cyndi Lauper)
(originally by The Beatles)                           Surely you have all heard this       interesting music in the indie music
          The gentle and calming tempo      incredible song, from either Pineapple         scene. This beautifully tragic song about       “Working Class Hero”- Green Day
stays the same in this spectacular cover    Express or Slumdog Millionaire. It came        love and loss has an end that is bound to       (originally by John Lennon)
of the super-classic and super-acclaimed    out in early 2008, but she later remixed it    interest any listener. In the final minute of
song. Singer/songwriter Wainwright stays    for the Slumdog soundtrack. Even though        this five-minute song, singer James Allan       “Mrs. Robinson” The Lemonheads
true to his slow, dramatic, and almost      the original is great, it can be slightly      begins to sing the lullaby “you are my          (originally by Simon & Garfunkel)
operatic vocals that so many have fallen    overbearing, with the gun and “ker-ching”      sunshine, my only sunshine,” but not in a
in love with. At the same time modernizes   sound effects. This version omits most of      cliché-ridden or obnoxious way. He keeps        “Freest Man CSS Remix”- Tilly & the
it in a very classy and professional way.   those extras, producing a more fluid and       his tone and sound, but adds a little hope      Wall
                                            cool sound.                                    to the not-so-cheerful beginning.

Taylor Swift Fans: Listen Up!                                                              walls of many high schools, urging students
 Natalie Cocozza                            across the country. The first prize of this                                                    with notifications and group invitations
                                                                                           to vote.
                                            contest? A Taylor Swift concert at the
 Staff Writer                                                                                         One cannot even log onto             regarding the contest.
                                            winning school. Posters are covering the                                                                When asked what provoked her
                                                                                           Facebook without being bombarded
          Of        all     the                                                                                                                           to start a Facebook group,
recognizable names in the                                                                                                                                 the administrator for our
music world today, Taylor                                                                                                                                 very own “Taylor Swift
Swift is definitely one that is                                                                                                                           at O’Connell!” Suzanne
universally known.                                                                                                                                        Fonzi, said, “Actually it
          Girls obsess over                                                                                                                               was my friend’s idea and
her lyrics and catchy songs-                                                                                                                              she started the group; but
even boys admit to liking her                                                                                                                             we just thought that it
sound. Her first performance                                                                                                                              would be a great way to
for the public was at the age                                                                                                                             make people more aware
of 11 when she sang ‘The                                                                                                                                  of the contest and to raise
Star Spangled Banner’ at a                                                                                                                                enthusiasm amongst the
Philadelphia 76ers’ game.                                                                                                                                 O’Connell student body.”
          Swift went on to                                                                                                                                   So how does one vote?
become a star at age 16 in                                                                                                                                If you have Verizon, use
2006 when she released her                                                                                                                                your wonderful cellular
first self-titled CD. In the                                                                                                                              device to text ‘TS’ to 3401.
summer of 2006 her single                                                                                                                                    If you do not have
“Tim McGraw” became                                                                                                                                       Verizon, that is no excuse
well-known and her career                                                                                                                                 not to vote because you can
skyrocketed from there.                                                                                                                                   go to taylorswiftconcerts.
          She     received     a                                                                                                                          com and watch the video
Grammy nomination for ‘Best                                                                                                                               and hit “vote.”
New Artist’ and has gone on                                                                                                                                  You can do both as much
to release her popular second                                                                                                                             as one-hundred times, so
album in November 2008                                                                                                                                    your homework can wait
called Fearless.                                                                                                                                          until later: VOTE!!!!
          The hectic craze                                                                                                                                   You have until March
surrounding the recent news of                                                                                                                            23 to make this magical
a contest among high schools                                                                                                                              dream a reality for Bishop
has been a testament to her                                                                                                                               O’Connell.      It’s all on
overwhelming          popularity                                                                                                                          YOU.

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