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					                                  GARY CLARK JR.
                                          Quote Sheet
                                         (as of Jan 4, ’12)

    “You can look forward to some loud guitar, some sweet guitar Some things that I’m into.”
                                       -- Gary Clark Jr.

“Clark has been a local treasure for years. Now, with a major-label deal and a kickass rhythm
section behind him, he’s fixing to blast himself out of the barrooms and onto bigger stages. The
most exciting about Clark is hat he could steer his career in any direction – or perhaps every
direction. His live gigs prove he’s got more great tunes up his sleeve. Can’t wait for the album.” –
Rolling Stone / 4 Stars

“Austin resident Gary Clark Jr., who may be the city’s next big music star flashed his blend of
blues, soul and rock, mixing fluid, muscular guitar with rootsy bark or a falsetto croon” – The Wall
Street Journal

“Warner Bros. has a virtuosic new act in Gary Clark Jr. This is blues-based rock with an eye
toward a groove, and Clark effortlessly wields his guitar into and out of solos. — The Los
Angeles Times

“Owing as much to Kurt Cobain and the Ramones as buddy guy and John Lee Hooker, indebted
to hip-hop and psychedelia, his shape-shifting calling card EP is grounded in tradition while
standing on the brink of change.” – Rolling Stone Magazine “Buy These Now” column

“This singer-guitarist may be the next Hendrix…churning his distorted strings into a euphoric
moment of psychedelia.” – The New York Times

“The taster for his major-label LP, due in 2012, is richer than most full length records, showing off
Clark’s gifts for smoldering electric R&B, boogie locomotion and acoustic-Hendrix drama.” –
Rolling Stone’s Best Albums of 2011

“OUT: Adele. IN: Gary Clark Jr. Yeah, we said it. With Adele’s over-exposure and vocal
problems, we’re looking for someone else who invigorates old sounds with fresh soul.”
– The Washington Post / Year In Review 2011

“He consolidates Hendrix, Stevie Ray, ’90s grunge, hip-hop, soul, and R&B into a cool mix that
makes your jaw drop. He can outgroove and outplay any fucker on earth, but he’s into songs, not
showmanship.” -- San Antonio Current

“Gary Clark Jr. cuts through a stunning blend of rock and soul. Clark can sing some sweet R&B,
but at heart, he's a blistering blues-rock guitarist who's about to blow up big.” – NPR Music

“You know who is killing it? Gary Clark Jr.! Hurry up and Google [him] before you’re late, because
he is, like, so special,’’ -- Alicia Keys

“Rolling Stone rarely devotes the front page of its album reviews section to little-known, blues-
based guitarists. It’s even more unusual when the reviewed album is only a four-song EP. With
influences including Nirvana, Tupac, Stevie Wonder, the Ramones and howling’ Wolf, Clark can
veer off in multiple directions.” – The Times Picayune

“Hit the lights: Clark’s ready for his close-up.” – The Austin Chronicle

“Wow. This young guitar player, singer and songwriter from Texas has completely blown me
away.” – The Buffalo News

“If you got your new issue of Rolling Stone, gary Clark Jr. is on your radar, if he wasn’t already.” --
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

The Hype-O-meter has pretty much blown off the chart regarding guitarist/vocalist Gary Clark Jr.
…Impossible to resist, you can include Clark’s names alongside the likes of Derek Trucks and
Joe Bonamassa, two of the planet’s premier players.” – Times Leader / Pittsburgh

“Oh yes. I mentioned Gary Clark Jr. And who is he you ask? He’s a phenomenon from Texas who
can play some pretty tremendous electric guitar.” – The Other Paper (Columbus, OH)

“Gary Clark, Jr. is a soul man. He's a blues man. He's a rock and roll man. Gary Clark Jr. is the
real deal. — IFC News

“The 27-year old Austin guitarist Gary Clark Jr. is maybe the closest thing there is to a “Frosty”era
Albert Collins in 2011, especially considering the tens of thousands he blew away at the
Crossroads Guitar Festival.” – YES Weekly (Greenville, SC)

“Amazing music that will live in your heart, mind, soul forever. Gary is going to become one of the
legendary players of our time.” – RockOverAmerica.Com

“The opening cut tears into the track with a ferocity not heard since Jack White picked up a guitar.
‘You gonna know my name by the end of the night’ - Make no mistake; this is an anthem
announcing himself to the world.” – Examiner.Com

“Brace yourself and get ready, folks. What we have here just may be the decade’s blues guitar
savior. No kidding. And bring on the long player.” – Jambands.Com

“To think that the Bright Lights EP is only a smidgen of what Gary Clark Jr can offer is incredible.
The man has a world of potential – he could become the next guitar hero that the world is looking
for.” – BestNewBands.Com

“I’ve been turned on lately to gary Clark Jr. gary has got the stuff. It’s this Chicago [style] electric
blues, and it just comes out of him I heard about him recently – this is my kind of music – this guy
is incredible.” – David Lynch for Rolling Stone

“Wailing guitar solos that partake of both Jimi Hendrix and Neil Young at their most explosive.
Impressive.” – Traiken Care of Business Blog

“‘The Bright Lights.’ It’s a fitting title as Clark should be seeing plenty of bright lights in the big city.
With his versatility and talent I wouldn’t bet against him.” – Blues Rock Review Magazine

“Clark blends genres and turns heads without fail.” – Boston’s Weekly Dig

“Last June, Clapton picked Clark as the lone newcomer on his Crossroads Guitar Festival bill. His
blazing performance in Chicago was the talk of the show and left many of the 20,000 in
attendance wondering, "Who is this guy?" – Baltimore Sun
“Sometimes all it takes is a single song to really know, to feel that an artist is connected all the
way through and is on a path to greatness. It’s going to be a ball seeing where Gary Clark Jr.
goes next. Wherever it is, it’s going to be a wild trip.” – TheMortonReport.Com

“Austin’s own Gary Clark Jr. opened Rolling Stone’s second showcase with a potent electric-
blues set at La Zona Rosa. The charismatic 27-year-old guitarist, whose instrumental skills
earned him a spot at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads festival last year, tore through hot licks and
eloquent solos with a three-piece backing band to help fill out his sound. He was a strong
vocalist, too, breaking out a yearning Smokey Robinson-style falsetto for a love ballad called
“Please Come Home.” — RollingStone.Com

“Tonight’s focus was Gary Clark Jr., who began playing guitar at the ripe young age of 12. Born
and raised in Austin, TX, Gary was noticed by the legendary Clifford Antone, owner of the notable
Austin blues club Antone’s.Gary soon was sitting in and learning from various musical icons,
including the incomparable Jimmie Vaughan. Clark’s material was on fire tonight with songs such
as the highly touted “Bright Lights,” a tune that lets the influential cat out of the bag…Clark’s
penchant for groove-based compositions kept the house on their feet throughout his set. Other
songs such as “Don’t Owe You A Thing” and “When My Train Pulls In” definitely left an imprint
with this Stone Pony audience. I don’t think they’ll forget him when he’s back in town.” –
Aquarian Weekly

“The Bonnaroo Buzz Tour kicked off its official second show at Ram's Head live featuring Grace
Potter and the Nocturnals, the Futurebirds, The Black Box Revelation and comedian Julian
McCullough. However, the opening act of the evening really stuck out, and brought an old school
rock and roll sound with making it feel refreshing in 2011. This artist was Gary Clark, Jr. - a new
artist to lookout for who may certainly be joining the ranks of other guitar virtuosos, such as Eric
Clapton, Steve Vai, and B.B. King. Not only a guitarist, but also a singer and songwriter, Clark
brought some unique playing that melded blues, soul, rock, and a little bluegrass much in the vein
of Chuck Berry, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and T-Bone Walker. Clark's playing and energy remained at
a constant high throughout his set.” -- Shockwave Magazine

“Gary Clark Jr brought his fiery chops and songwriting to the masses. He’s doing his absolute
damndest to bare his soul through his fingers and with each and every passing riff. It is feasible
that Bonnaroo will have the propensity to catapult him into new stratospheres of popularity.” --

“Clark’s gritty, rolling solos and fuzzed-out distortion married the past and the present.” –
Chicago Tribune

“Such tamed and gentle swagger from a major label signee is a rarity. Clark played his guitar
effortlessly and stylishly. Clark traversed through the traditional realm of blues into his own
eclectic temple of sound.” - The Onion AV Club

“We stumbled into the magic that is Gary Clark Jr., when covering the Bonnaroo buzz Tour in
Louisville. Witnessing Clark was like watching a man who was dying into his music. With every
vocal or note, blues and soul oozed out of him like the sweat from his brow.” --

“Clark is fast warranting the buzz that constantly surrounds him. Clark, like maybe no other
musician I’ve seen in recent memory, has the real ability to scoop up the blues, broken and
beaten over the years by more marketable styles, and carry it to the mainstream precipice for all
the world to see.” -- Soundcheck Magazine

“You can say you saw him before h hit the big time.” – Atlantic City Weekly
“Gary Clark Jr blew my head off. He plays with the intensity of a freight train with a broken heart.”
– Rochester City Newspaper

“Laid back but limelight ready.” – MTV/TheHive.Com

“Impressive to a staggering degree. Gary has already been compared to come of classic rock’s
greats, invoking the guitar chops of Clapton, Hendrix and, a B.B King guttural tone the next.
Clark’s star is on the rise, and the young talent has many years and many full-length albums
ahead of him. We’re certain that Clark’s star is on the rise.” – VH1 Blog

“A surprise set from Gary Clark Jr capped off the night. Fans scrambled to push tables and chairs
out of the way to get closer.” – RollingStone.Com

“The sizeable crowd was one of the most engaged I saw all day. [Gary] exuded easy
charisma…searing guitar licks are his hallmark, but he also has a terrific voice. An exceptionally
appreciative crowd impatiently anticipates the full-length album.” – Austin American Statesman
(ACL Fest coverage)

“It’s those little surprises that make it all worthwhile. One brilliant surprise was gary Clark Jr. The
young Austin, Texas-based musician’s electrifying riffs mesmerized a room packed with industry
guests and celebrities like Heidi Klum, Rose McGowan, Mike D of the Beastie Boys and various
Gossip Girls cast members. Fashion parties aren’t always the easiest crowds to captivate but
Clark pulled it off. He’s just so chill.” -- HuffingtonPost.Com/Style (Fashion Week coverage)

“From Clark’s commanding set, predict a future superstar.” – Chicago Tribune

“When Gary Clark Jr.’s right hand hits the strings of his electric guitar, it’s almost always a
downstroke — as if he wants gravity on his side. At a crammed Mercury Lounge on Tuesday, the
notes fall off his guitar like raindrops. Ripe fruit. Bombs. Clark’s playing can be almost paralyzing.
A dumbstruck front-row fan can’t seem to get his hands to clap between songs. “Wow,” he says,
arms pinned to his sides. “Wowwowwow.” – The Washington Post

“Clark seems capable of making his guitar express more emotions than the human body can
muster.” – The Boston Globe

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