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									Can Your Click A Mouse And Type
 A Few Sentences ? I’ll Show You
 How To Make Your Own Website
     With Just Those Skills
                                        Hi I’m shailesh, I run a web design

                                        Getting your website online doesn’t
                                        have to be complex and cost you
                                        thousands of dollars. Today I’m going
                                        to show you how to build a
                                        website today without any technical

                                        And by following these steps you can
                                        have you own website up and running
                                        in under 4 minutes by using my secret
                                        website building software resource that
                                        I am going to reveal.

The cost to you is going to be a little bit of time and around $6.95 per month
for website hosting (an explanation on this later).

You can be the next persion to learn how to setup your website or blog by
following the instructions below.

Setting up your website – Basic Steps
This website runs on the free website building software called wordpress
(more detailed definition below) which is used by millions of people online in
the world.

I am going to teach you how to get a website like this up and running today.
Once you have achieved this you can start customizing it yourself.
    To set up a website, you need the following three things:

         Choose a domain name
         Sign up for website hosting
         Create your website using wordpress

    Setting up the above three things shouldn’t take more then around 10 minutes,
    but only if you use the right tools.

    I am about to show you the right tools and will explain web hosting and
    creating a website in the steps below.

    Choosing The Right Domain Name
    Just like having a telephone number that is unique to you and only you so
    people can call you. A domain name is also unique to you so people can see
    your website on the internet. A domain name is your unique address that can
    be used on the internet. It is what you see after the “www.” in your browser
    and its what comes after the @ symbol in your email. For example
    tom@make-a-web-site.com, where www.make-a-web-site.com is the
    domain name.

    If you already have a domain name you can use that too.

    Domain Tips
    Your domain is important. Coming up with the name shouldn’t be hard. It
    should either be a cool catchy name or a description of what the site is about.
    For example, facebook.com is cool and catchy and has nothing to do about
    social network. On the other hand creditcards.com explains exactly what the
    website is about.

    o            Make it simple
    o            Register a .com domain name were possible.
    o            Keep it short. (e.g. rockingchairdesign.com instead of
        bobsbesttipstomakearockingchair.com )
    o            Register is for more than 2 years
    Next Step: Creating A Website – The Step
Now you know that you need a domain name and website hosting I am going
to explain to you how to get a website built so that you can signup at the
bottom of this page and setup your new website.

What to use to make your website ?
WordPress is what I recommend to build your website or blog. I may be bais
but wordpress is the best platform to build your website on. It accounts for
about 25% of all new websites in the world and is currently the most popular
CMS(Content management system) in use on the Internet.

It allows you build a website without having to write any website code or know
any website design. It is ideal for people who know nothing about website

Plus wordpress is free.

Setting up WordPress on Bluehost website hosting is very easy. See the
instructions below (Watch Me Make A Website With Bluehost).

Explanation of WordPress
A few years ago setting up a wordpress site on your domain and hosting would
have taken forever. There would be lots of files to upload and you would have
needed to learn the technical aspects which could take days to learn.

Today it is as simple as clicking a few buttons and it is finished.

Because it is web based and operates on the internet it will work on any
computer (PC or Mac) and any browser (internet explorer, safari etc.) and
even more modern devices like (Smart phones, Iphones, Ipads)

To edit your worpdress website all you have to do is add new pages with a
name and add pictures and video if you like. WordPress will automatically
create the sites design with the menubar and all the links. If you want to create
a blog, that functionality is inbuilt as well.

You don’t need to design the layout, you can just choose a theme and the site
will add all the design elements for you. Or you want other options
for wordpress hosting you can see them here. Or if you want to get a special
design made it is easy for someone to create something unique for you. This is
something that we don’t do but should only cost you about $200.

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