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									14.01.2012: Wish you happy MAKARSANKRANTI - UTTARAYAN.

13.01.2012: Fresh application not required for payment of arrears of
commutation due to revision of pension.

Q. An employee after his retirement got all the retirement benefits including
1/3rd commuted value of pension. Subsequently he expired. After his demise
pay commission recommendation was implemented and his pay was
retrospectively revised. His wife who is a family pensioner received the
arrears of pay, pension, gratuity, etc. But the arrears of the additional
commuted value of pension which has become due based on the quantum of
1/3rd revised pension was not paid to her on the grounds that the concerned
employee need to apply afresh for such payment. Since the employee had
applied for 1/3rd commutation of pension while he was alive whether his
original application would cover any revision which may become due
subsequent to his death.

A. As per Rule 10 of CCS (Commutation of Pension) Rules, 1981, the said
family pensioner is entitled to the difference between the commutation amount
received by her husband for the original pension and the commutation amount
admissible on the revised increased pension. For this purpose, no fresh
application is necessary.

12.01.2012: Pension cannot be stopped, even though pensioner acquires
foreign citizenship.

Q. A retired Central Govt. Employee who is in receipt of pension immigrated
to Canada with Non-Resident Indian status. He was getting his pension
continuously when he was a NRI. But now he opts to take the citizenship of
that country and as such it may be clarified whether he may continue to get
his monthly pension as usual or will it be stopped after his acquiring
citizenship of a foreign country?

A. There is no provision in the Rules, viz., CCS (Pension) Rules, Central
Treasury Rules for the stoppage of pension drawn by a Govt. pensioner on
his acquiring the citizenship of a foreign country. As such the retired employee
will continue to get his monthly pension as usual even after his getting foreign

11.01.2012: No family pension to the parents, if the deceased employee had
left behind a widow or a child.

Q. Consequent of demise of one employee family pension to his widow was
sanctioned. Later on, the widow of the deceased has got re-married with other
person. As the widow of the deceased has no children, family pension was
stopped from the date of re-marriage. Whether the mother/father of the
deceased is entitled to family pension?

A. As per Para 7.2 of the OM, dated 27-10-1997, parents are eligible for
Family Pension only if the deceased employee had left behind neither a
widow nor a child. Hence, in the case referred to by you, the parents are not
entitled to Family Pension. However, after implementation of 6th CPC
recommendations, A child less widow will continue to receive Family pension
even after remarriage.(SCM).

10.01.2012: Child adopted even after retirement is entitled to get family

Q. A retired employee due to demise of his wife and son legally adopted one
of his grand sons after his retirement. He submitted the adoption deed to the
Pension sanctioning Authority with the request to add the name of his legally
adopted son in the list of his family members so that he could receive family
pension in case of his death. Whether the same is permissible as per law?
Also kindly clarify as to whether the children of post-retiree spouse born to the
retired employee are eligible for family pension.

A. The stipulation that adoption should be "before retirement" has been
deleted vide Notification No.1 (66) P & PW/89-E, dated 18-1-1993. Hence as
per Rule 54 (14)(b)(ii) of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, son/daughter legally
adopted after retirement and children of post-retiral spouse are eligible for the
grant of family pension vide Rule 54 (14) of CCS(Pension) Rules and GIDs
(18) to (20) there under in Swamy's Pension Compilation.

09.01.2012: Central Government Employees/Pensioners will get increase of
7% in C.D.A. w.e.f. 01.01.2012, making total of 65%.

07.01.2012: BDPA viewership cross figure of 5, 01,111 on 06.01.2012, thus
average viewership per month 16165 which reflecting its popularity. We
convey our thanks to viewers for their regular visit and also suggestions to
make it more user-friendly. The web was commenced on 12.07.2009.

06.01.2012: Full Pension after 10 Years Qualifying Service : DOP&T, DOT
has clarified on 28.11.2011 that Government Servants selected / appointed on
immediate absorption basis in a CPSU are eligible for full pension after 10
years of qualifying service. Click.

05.01.2012: Complete Agenda of National Anomaly Committee.Click.

04.01.2012: Governing Council Meeting of BDPA was held on 03.01.2012 at
BDPA Office at 11.00 hours. Representatives from Valsad, Rajkot, Anand,
Unjha and Mehsana attended. It was decided to hold Third Bi-Yearly Annual
Conference in the month of June, 2012. Publish 3rd Edition of BSNL
Pensioners Telephone Directory 2012 – cum Hand Book. Membership of the
deceased members will be transferred to his/her nominee with nominal fee of
Rs.100/ and all the credit against Administrative Charges will be transferred to
new account. The subscription of BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT will
be R.100/- per year with effect from 01.04.2012. All those who renew the
same before 01.04.2012 will be entitled for renewal @ Rs.50/- for the year.
Those who renew/subscribe for three years can do so by paying Rs.250/- for
three years. First All India Conference of BDPA will take place in the month of
June 2012 at Ahmedabad.

03.01.2012: S/Shri A.N. Patel & D.D. Mistry, met Shri S. Bhargava CGM &
S.K. Bhandari PGM ATD Ahmedabad on New Year eve and conveyed

02.01.2012: GS BDPA issues Circular No.3/31.12.2011 requesting the
Members to expedite the Pension Revision Donation from pre-2007 retirees.
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01.01.2012: WISH YOU Click both ends HAPPY NEW YEAR

31.12.2011: I.D.A. INCREASE w.e.f. 01.01.2012 will be 4.7% which will make
total 56.7%. For Pre-Revised Pay/Pension it will be 164.6% w/o 50% DA
merger, 104.6% with 50% DA Merger, i.e. 8% more.

30.12.2011 :URGENT

No. NU/CHQ/11 dated 29/12/11

Sri.                    R.                     K.                     Upadyay


Sub: Recognition to NUBSLW (FNTO) .

It is learnt that recently BSNLEU, the recognized union has written to
management agreeing for recognition for more than one union and also
extension of T.U facilities. It has also come to our knowledge that this subject
is under active consideration of the management.

CMD is aware that NUBSNLW (FNTO) had already taken up the matter with
management and also with Govt to grant recognition to our union as we have
secured 7.5% votes (and also having more than 20000 members as per
check off system). In this connection we would like to invite the kind attention
of CMD regarding the case pending at Hon’ble High Court of Kerala
(Ernakulum) and its interim order which states that the provisional recognition
granted to BSNLEU is subject to the final outcome of the verdict in this case.

As per NUSBNLW (FNTO) plea in that case for recognition, it is requested
that recognition may please be extended to our union also. Hope that CMD
will favorably. consider our request.

With regards

Yours sincerely
General Secretary

29.12.2011: So reads TEPU WEB:

BSNLEU caves in for Proportionate Representation:

In their letter to BSNL Management has conveyed its desire of agreeing with
proportionate representation and have requested for framing company's own
recognition rules keeping the concept of proportionate recommendation. Will
they agree with the same concept in all PSUs / Industries? Whether BSNL is
empowered to frame its own rules outside the premises of CODE OF
CONDUCT and that too when all the Central Trade Unions have already
taken the decision to discuss the matter in the ensuing Indian Labour
Conference? Let us wait and watch.

Possibility of Re-employment of repatriate Group A Officers in BSNL:

According to press report, there is a possibility of re-employment of repatriate
Group A Officers, below the age of 58, on their retiring from Government
service. To induce them to quit Government Service and to return to BSNL,
their Pension liability will be taken over by DOT.

BSNL stops payment of Computer Advance:

Under the pretext of paucity of funds, orders regarding stoppage of Computer
Loan for the time being has been sent to Heads of Circles. The order
continues requesting the circles/units to encourage the employees to take the
loan from banks

GS BDPA : Only the time can reveal the intenton as it is un-natural to hope
such a sea change but for hidden agenda/compulsion.

IT ACT:Click.


24.12.2011: NE-12 pay scale approved by the BSNL Board Meeting on
23.12.2011 and it will be sent to DOT for approval before implementation.

24.12.2011: BSNL HQ Vide letter No: 250-13/2011-Pers-III dated 19.12.2012
addressed to the CGM Jaipur has issued clarification on applicability of rule
for permitting voluntary retirement with regard to staff absorbed in BSNL:
BSNL has clarified that employees directly recruited by BSNL on or after
1.10.2000 and persons employed on compassionate grounds on or after
1.10.2000 shall be governed by Rule 55 (ii)(c) of BSNL CDA Rules, 2006 with
regard to voluntary retirement. For those who were absorbed in BSNL from
DoT, provisions of sub rule 11-A under Rule 37 A of CCS (Pension) Rules,
1972 shall apply.Click
23.12.2011: D.D. Mistry, GS, BDPA and V.N. Rathod, Kheda District BDPA
Representative met Shri S.K. Bhandari, PGM ATD Ahmedabad on
22.12.2011 and discussed Pensioners pending issues. GS drawn the
attention of the BSNL HQ instructions No. 37-2-2011 NOW/CFA date
27.09.2011on the subject “providing STD facility to all the land line and WLL
customers of BSNL – regarding” and pointed out the said facilities are not
extended to SE DOT Categories and as result thereof in Gujarat Telecom
Circle revenue loss runs in lakh of rupees per month and Pensioners are
deprived of the facility. The PGM assured to issue instruction at the earliest.

Para 1 of said letter reads :” Tariff of the calls from fixed line customers of
BSNL to any fixed line customer in India was revised w.e.f. 1st Dec. 2010.
Prior to that instructions were issued vide this office letter no 22-6-98-PHT
Vol. IV dated 24-2-2009 to provide STD to all the existing landline/WLL
customers of BSNL. It has been found that an instruction of providing STD
has not been implemented full in all the circles. Due to this, large numbers of
BSNL customers, say 45 percent, are still without STD in many exchanges.
The non implementations of these instructions has resulted into little affect on
the traffic of STD calls from fixed line of BSNL to ay fixed line and
consequently non STD customers could not derive the benefit out of reduction
in tariff.”

23.12.2011: One More Option for BSNL Non-Executive for promotion - BSNL
HQ Vide No: 1-37/2011-PAT(BSNL) Dated 22.12.2011 issued order saying “ it
has been decided that Non-executievs, who has been placed in a higher pay
scale on account of prootion between 1.1.2007 and 7.5.2010, may be given
anoher opton as a speial case as one timemeasure, not to be quoted in future
to switch over to the revised pay scales from the dae of 1st promotion
immediately after 1.1.2007 and upto 7.5.2010. the opton can be exercised by
the Non-executives within a period one month from the date of issue of this

20.12.2011 Read "BHARAT PENSIONER" December, 2011 issue.Click.

19.12.2011: Expected CDA from Jan 2012: Perhaps it is very early to
calculate the status of additional Dearness allowance from January, 2012 for
Central Government employees and Pensioners, before releasing the AICPIN
for the balance of three months i.e. October, November and December.
Enquiries are being poured as comments and received emails to our inbox
about the expected DA from Jan, 2012. We can assume that the AICPIN will
certainly go up, because of the essential commodities prices are going high
with nonstop. Anyway we can assume the additional Dearness allowance
from January 2012 will be minimum 7%. The existing Dearness allowance is
58%, it will become as 58% + 7% = 65%.(CGN).

18.11.2011: View Photographs of 11.12.2011 Rajkot Get-to-Gather.Click.

18.12.2011: BDPA celebrated the Pensioners Day on 17th in unique way of
contacting aged pensioners who are above 80 and feel happy if old colleague
contact them. We will continue to meet them personally during ensuing week
as well.

18.12.2011: PENSIONER ADALAT – FOR Godhra, Vadodara, Bharuch, Surat
and Valsad SSAs will be held preferably at VALSAD. All the Pensioners of
these Districts can send their grievances to the Communication Accounts
Officer (Pension), o/o the CCA Ahmedabad-380001 to reach on or before
23rd December, 2011. The information was notified in local daily news papers
longbak. We received the information dated 02.12.2011 only on 17.12.2011,
so there is delay in placing the information on web. However, the Pensioners
can send their grievances even after the specified date at the earliest.

18.12.2011: PENSION ADALAT – HIMACHAL PRADESH – It will be held on
30th December, 2011 at SHIMLA. The Pensioners DOT & BSNL of Himachal
Pradesh can send their grievances to the Communication Accounts Officer
(Pension), o/o C.C.A. DoT, HP Circle, SDA Complex, 18-A, Kasumpti Shimla-
171009 (H.P.). The last date for submission of grievances as notified is 20th
December, 2011.

16.12.2011: CMD held meeting with JAC today (15.12.2011):

CMD informed the JAC that the management is trying its level best to settle
the issue of relieving the DOT opted ITS officers as early as possible and he
assured that it will be settled in two or three months. He clarified that the
apprehension that the ITS who opted for DOT will be allowed to come back
through recruitment process along with the continuation of their seniority need
not be there and such back door entry with maintaining seniority will not be
there. He assured that the issue of 78.2% DA merger will be submitted for the
consideration of BSNL Board. (Extract from BSNLEU Web).

15.12.2011: BSNL HQ VIDE. No.: 500-57/2011-12/BSNL/CA I/VOL IV Dated
New 14th Dec, 2011 issues orders on “Pension Contribution to be paid to
DOT in respect of absorbed employees of BSNL”click.

14.12.2011: Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA writes to MOC Shri Kapil Sibal to
review and restore Medical Facility for quarterly reimbursement without

13.12.2011: Jt. CCA Gujarat issues letter to provide due & drawn statement to
all Pensoners vide his letter dated 29.11.2011 addressed to all Banks&
CPMG Gujarat.Click.

12.12.2011 : ONE DAY STRIKE on 15.12.2011 by JAC Unions/Associations :
Leaders of JAC unions participated in today's meeting called by the
management with Director (HR) BSNL. Management explained the action
taken by them on common issues like ITS absorption etc. On merger of
78.2% IDA with revised pay, Bonus, restoration of LTC, BSNLMRS facilities
etc., there was no positive response. JAC meets tomorrow i.e13.12.2011.
(Source: TEPU WEB).
12.12.2011: Rajkot Get-to-Gather: It was held at K.R. Exchange, Conference
Hall BSNL, at 10.30 hours where more than 100 Pensioners attended in
chilled air despite their old age. Shri A.N. Patel presided over the function.
The function commenced with prayer b Shri B.D.Bhatt. Shri S.S. Shingada
gave well come speed and spoke on the organization activities in Rajkot
Telecom District. S/Shri J.C. Mandalia and M.G. Dhebar also spoke on the
occasion well-coming the guests and narrating achievement of BDPA and
Shri M.P. Tankaria also joined them in recalling his golden memories of
Ministerial Union era which was full of achievements by Shri D.D. Mistry in his
earlier period.

Shri J. B. Kumpavat spoke how the Association came into being and make its
presence felt which was recognized by Bharat Pensioner Samaj, New Delhi
which has more than 500 affiliated Associations. Award to BDPA on 4th
November, 2011 with Trophy, Certificate and Rs.5000/ cash itself is unique
example BDPA’s working. He said we have crossed 2601 mark in
membership and aiming at completing 5000 by the year end.

Shri A.N. Patel cited many examples of other associations and distinguished
BDPA’s working with collective team spirit and management of BDPA Office,
release of quarterly magazine, sending birthday greeting cards to members
and representing the pensioners’ grievances before management. After
retirement we have to get united irrespective of our past associations with any
union, as now our sole aim is to protect the interest of pensioners. But for
BDPA’s effective representation, the Revision would have not been achieved
and also lauded the efforts that join us in the mission.

Shri D.D. Mistry narrated the sequence of Pension Revision battle in brief is
showed the BDPA’s efforts in the direction to achieve goal despite many odds
and handicaps. We have been able to start Pension Adalat in the Circle on
regular basis and the BSNL Management at Circle level also pays due
attention to our representation, he added. We represent all the SSAs and
Cadres in the Association and also got exemplary support by the way of
Pension Revision Donation and we have crossed a figure ofRs.12, 00,000. He
called upon the present member to enroll at least one new member to achieve
our goal. We have branches in J & K, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh and are
forming at Kerala, Tamilnadu, NTR, Orissa and W.B within three months. We
have associate members in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Kerala,
Karnataka, A. P. W. B. and Chennai.

S/Shri H.C. Bhatia, A.K. Patel, A.A. Patel, H.R. Balolkar and K.S. Modi from
BDPA Council also attended the function. 25 New members were enrolled
and host district hnour all the office bearers with Banquet and Shawl. In
Rajkot, Pension Revision Donation, Administrative Charges and new
members collection marked total figure of Rs.56, 000 which was unique. The
news of event were carried out by all local newspapers of Rajkot.

11.12.2011: Invitation: On the occasion of new year get - to - gather
programme, Rajkot Telecom District BSNL & DOT Pensioners Association
cordially invite you to be present in the meeting on 11\12\2011 Sunday
between 10:00 to 12:00 a.m. at the K.R. Exchang Conference Hall, to be
followed with lunch at 01:00 p.m. S/Shri A.N. Patel President, J.B. Kumpavat
Working President & D.D. Mistry, GS will also participate in the meet.

J.C. Mandalia & M.G. Dhebar, District Representative,Rajkot

ABSORBED EMPLOYEES:BSNLHQ orders directing all Circles to calculate
pension contribution of absorbed employees at par with those on deputation
as per DoP&T OM dated 19th November 2011. CLICK.

10.12.2011: D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA attending FNTO C.W.C. Meeting at
Chennai on 1st December, 2011. S/Shri K. Vallinayagam GS FNTO, Thomas
John K, President & M.R. Vashista Patron FNTO are also on Dias.Click.

09.12.2011: The Fourth Meeting of the National Anomaly Committee to
discuss the anomalies arising out of the implementation of the
recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission is scheduled to be
held on Thursday, the 5th January, 2012 at 3.00 P.M. in Room No.119, North
Block, New Delhi, Secretary, Department of Personnel & Training will chair
the Meeting.

08.12.2011: Shri R.T. Sharma, pioneer leader of BSNLEU in Gujarat passed
away due to heart attack on 7th December, 2011, His body is kept in cold
storage as his son is expected to arrive here from abroad and cremation will
take place on 09.12.2011.. We convey our heartfelt condolences to bereaved
family. His role in building up trade union activities in Gujarat will always be
remembered by one and all.

08.12.2011: BSNL HQ Vide No: 1-13/2010 PAT (BSNL) dated 02.12.2011
issued orders on encashment of HPL against shortfall in Earned Leave of 300
days on retirement in respect of Executives/Non Executives absorbed/directly
recruited n BSNL in case of death w.e.f. 01.01.2006.CLICK.

08.12.2011: BSNL HQ Vide Office Order No: BSNL/Admn.I/15-4/11 dated
28/30 November, 2011 considers “Extension of Medical facility of souse
ofretired employee married after retirement. “CLICK.

08.12.2011: BSNL HQ Vide No: 1-31/2011-PAT (BSNL) dated 02.12.2011
addresses all Heads of Telecom Circles etc. on the subject – “Regarding
fixation of pay on promotion of executive employees – clarification on method
of fixation of pay on promotion w.r.t. 2nd Pay Revision.”CLICK.

07.12.2011: Condolence: Shri P.S. Trivedi, Retired Chief T.M. C.T.O.
Ahmedabad expired on 04.12.2011 after brief illness. He was one of the
strongest pillars of BDPA in maintaining our activities. We convey our heartfelt
condolences to bereaved family. S/Shri A.N. Patel, J.B. Kumpavat, R.C.
Sharma, H.C. Bhatia, A.D. Dixit, K.S. Modi, V.N. Changawala, A.A. Patel, A.K.
Patel and many members of BDPA
01.12.011; CPI for Oct-11 I is ncreased by one point at 198 and if the trend
continues, IDAmay increase from 01. 01.12 4.2 to 4.7 %.

01.12.2011: D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA is attending C.W.C. meeting of FNTO
(NUBSNLW) at Chennai on 1st & 2nd December, 2011 and will highlight
Pensioner burning issues. He will also meet BSNL Pensioners at Chennai on
3rd December, 2011 and will be back to Ahmedabad on 5th evening.

29.11.2011: Table Showing Minimum Revised Pension Of Pre-2006
Pensioners. (As per accepted Recommendations of 6th CPC and as
misinterpreted vide DOP OM Dated 3-10-2008).Click.

29.11.2011: Table showing Stage to Stage Fitment of Pension for Pre-2006
Pensioners After SCPC.Click.

28.11.2011: Pensioners March to Parliament: 25.11.2011 :

A surging crowed of Pensioners & serving Central Govt. / State Govt.
employees/ University & school teachers assembled at the Jantar Mantar
Chowk on the Parliament Street N.Delhi at 10.00 A.M. on 25.11.2011.

Tens of thousands superannuated persons and in-service employees
gathered there to protest against anti pensioners policies of the Central/State
Govt. demanding withdrawal of Pension fund regulatory & development
agency (PF &RDA ) Bill from the Parliament and scrapping of New Pension
Scheme ( NPS ) introduced by NDA Govt. w.e.f 01.01.2004 & continued by
the UPA Govt. which deprives the new employees of their hard-won right to

Leaders of Bharat Central Pensioners Confederation, including S. S.
Ramachandran, Chairman, Shyam Sunder, Secretary General and of the
major Trade Unions of Central Government/State Govt. /University teachers /
School Teachers were on the dais. The huge gathering was chaired by Bro.
Shiv Gopal Mishra, Genl. Secy. All India Railway men’s Federation (AIRF).

The entire ground echoed with slogan shouting not only of Pensioners, but
especially also of the young workers whose right to Pension has been
snatched by the cruel NPS which is now sought to be legalize by the

Over 1000 Pensioners from all over India had joined them. The grand Rally
continued up to 3.00 PM. A delegation of leaders, along with Com. Bassudeo
Acharya, M.P. met the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, explaining the
demands & handed over a Memorandum for withdrawal of PFRDA Bill from
Parliament, scrapping off of NPS & also considering Pensioners demands like
full parity between pre & post 2006 retirees and adequate Medicare for
Pensioners. The Prime Minister gave Patient hearing but no promises.

Shyam Sunder Secretary General, BCPC (S.G. BPS) addressed the grand
rally, giving a Clarion Call for the unity and joint struggle of Pensioners and in-
service employees to achieve their demand. He emphasized THAT “Today’s
Employees Are To-marrow’s Pensioners”.

Courtesy : BPS News Service.

26.11.2011: http://bdpa.in/ will be under maintenance from to-day midnight to
28.11.2011 morning. The next updating will be done on Monday, 28.11.2011.
Regret for the inconvenience. GS BDPA.

25.11.2011: Grant of One Extra Increment to BCR Grade-III officials of BSNL
who had reached maximum of the scale or were drawing stagnation
increment one year prior to their retirement – DOT clarified on 04.11.2011-
pensionery benefit not allowed.Click.

25.11.2011: BSNL HQ vide order dated 04.11.2011 citing Supreme Court
Judgment dated 06.09.2011 – directs its units to defend all cases on
Reservation for BCR Gr.IV on similar lines.Click.

24.11.2011: The State Bank of India, Gandhinagar Office informs that now
onwards all the Pensioners will be given detailed statement for the Pension
Revision Arrear. Those who have not got it and desire now may approach the
SBI Gandhinagar through application.

23.11.2011: CCA Gujarat held Pension Adalat on 22nd November, 2011 at
15.00 hours and settled majority of issues to the satisfaction of Pensioners.
S/Shri A.N. Patel, J.B. Kumpavat, D.D. Mistry & H.R. Balolkar represented
BDPA. Other two Associations also present. Next Adalat will be held in 3rd
week of January, 2011 at Valsad. The notification will be issued in local
papers. All the Pensioners of Navsari, Valsad, are requested to keep their
representation ready for submission.

22.11.2011: 11th Annual Conference of AISCCON,At Kalavani Auditorium,
Visakhapatnam, A.P. On 22nd November 2011,SEMINAR ON PROBLEMS
OF PENSIONERS, Chaired by Sh. Shyam Sunder Secy. Genl. Click for

21.11.2011: PFRDA Bill : The Union Government approved amendment to the
said Bill while proposing 26% FOREIGN INVESTMENT in Pension Sector but
refrained from providing assured returns to subscribers in the proposed low.
The bill is likely to be taken up for consideration and passage in the Winter
Session beginning November 22.

20.11.2011: GS BDPA Writes to CGM SBI Gandhinagar requesting him to
issue statement of arrears to BSNL Pensioners whose pension is revised
w.e.f. 01.01.2007 and entry in PPO.

2011.2011: GS BDPA writes to CPMG Gujarat on following issues:

1.To credit Pension Arrear in to Saving Bank Pension Accounts of BSNL
2. A request to supply statement of arrears to BSNL Pensioners whose
pension is revised w.e.f. 01.01.2007 and with entry to that effect in PPO.

3. To provide sufficient Cash to Post Offices on Pension Disbursement Day
and expedite Revised Pension with arrears

18.11.2011: PENSION ADALAT for Ahmedabad, Himatnagar, Palanpur,
Mehsana and Nadiad Districts will be held on 22.11.2011 at C.C.A.
Ahmedabad office at 15.00 hours. All who have submitted their grievances
are requested to remain present for settlement of their grievances.

17.11.2011: The Staff Side vide letter dated 09.11.2011 notifies 16 items for
discussion in the 26th National Council Meeting. See how far it relates to
issues like restoration Quarterly Medical Allowance, Merger of 78.2% IDA,
Adhoc Bonus, Settlement of Anomaly arouse in October, 2000, Continuation
of One Extra Increment to those who have not opted for NEPP etc. Click for

16.11.2011: We receiving numerous requests for photographs of 25th Silver
Jubilee Get-to-Gather held at Ahmedabad on 8th November, 2011. Here we
exhibit few photographs.

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14.11.2011: Central Administrative Tribunal,Principal Bench, New Delhi
Judgment dated 01.11.2011 for OA No.0655/2010,With OA No.3079/2009,
OA No.0306/2010 and OA No.0507/2010, reads:. In view of what has been
stated above, we are of the view that the clarificatiory OM dated 3.10.2008
and further OM dated 14.10.2008 (which is also based upon clarificatiory OM
dated 3.10.2008) and OM dated 11.02.2009, whereby representation was
rejected by common order, are required to be quashed and set aside, which
we accordingly do. Respondents are directed to re-fix the pension of all pre-
2006 retirees w.e.f. 1.1.2006, based on the resolution dated 29.08.2008 and
in the light of our observations made above. Let the respondents re-fix the
pension and pay the arrears thereof within a period of 3 months from the date
of receipt of a copy of this order. OAs are allowed in the aforesaid terms, with
no order as to interest and costs.Click for Judgment Copy

12.11.2011:      Implementation     of    Governments      decision  on the
recommendations of the 5th Central Pay Commission — Revision of Pension
of pre and post-1986 pensioners/family pensioners etc — Consideration of
application for revision or pension/family pension.Click for Orders.

11.11.2011: Extension of scope of Family Pension to wwidowed/unmarried
daughter and deendent disabled siblings of central Government
servants/pensioners. BSNL HQ Vide No: 40-13/2011-Pen(B) dated
08.11.2011 issues       compiled   instrutions   of   all   the   orders   with

09.11.2011: 25th Silver Jubilee Get-to-Gather of BDPA was held at
Medical Council Hall, Ahmedabad at 14.00 hours. More than 300
Pensioners participated in the function with full enthusiasm. Smt.
Darshana Momaya Dabral, CCA, Shri Jaju Dy.CCA and Shri Ghatkode Jt.
CCA attended the function. CCA Assured to look into the grievances of
the pensioners with precise care and promptness. She said that in
majority cases, the SSAs are delaying the submission of pension papers
which result in delay in issuing of PPOs, clearing gratuity and GPF and
other pensionery benefits. She asked the Association to pursue such
issues with SSA heads.

Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA was honoured for discharging his duties
effectively and in exemplary manner. His contribution was appreciated
in BDPA’s honour by Bharat Pensioners Samaj, New Delhi on 4th by
awarding Trophy, Certificate and cash award. The District
Representatives of Vadodara, Anand, Unjha, Mansa and Rajkot were
also honoured. S/Shri R.C. Sharma, H.C. Bhatia & A.K. Patel were also
honoured for their efficient working in BDPA Office.

S/Shri Dr. Maharshi Bhatt MS (Ortho) and Dr. Amit Agarwal MS (Ortho),
Aditya Orthopedic Hospital, Ahmedabad replied to all querries of
Pensioners on knee problems. They also provided information on knee
related problems through slide show.

08.11.2011: The Trophy was awarded on 4th November, 2011 at Bharati
Vidya Bhavn, New Delhi to the BSNL & DOT Pensioners Association,
Ahmedabad by S/Shri K.R. Gangadharan, Vice President, IFA, Toronto,
Secunderabad (AP) and Shyam Sunder, General Secretary, Bharat
Pensioners Samaj as recognition of outstanding contribution towards
efficient, effective and devoted service to Pensioners’ Community by the
Association. Shri Maheshwari also presented Certificate. Shri D. D.
Mistry, General Secretary, BDPA received the trophy. A cettificate and
Rs.5000/- Cash Award was also given.

Shri D.D.Mistry receiving Trophy.Click.

Shri Maheshwari awarding Certificate.click

Shri Deshpande receiving Trophy.Click.

07.11.2011: Shri R.K. Upadhyay, CMD BSNL – Message – BSNL

Shri A.K. Garg, Director, HRD, BSNL – Message – BSNL PENSIONERS
Shri Koteshwarao Nerella, DGM Hyderabad – Message – on winning

05.11.2011: November 4th, 2011 will be written in golden words in the History
of BSNL & DOT Pensioners Association, Ahmedabad as it got recognition of
the services rendered to Pensioners Fraternity by the Bharat Pensioner
Samaj New Delhi. For Award – Trophy – Certificate – Picture of Platinum
Jubilee, please click below.

Click for Certificate

Click for Trophy

Click for Platinum Jubilee

03.11.2011: G.S. BDPA is now in New Delhi to attend AGM of BHARAT
PENSIONER SAMAJ on 4th November, 2011 and will discuss Pensioners
issues at various levels.

02.11.2011: In order to expedite disposal of Indoor/Outdoor Medical Cases,
BSNL HQ issues instruction on 04.10.211 showing checklist to be submitted
with each claim.Click.

31.10.2011: D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA met Shri V.K. Sajnani, GM (A), O/O CGM
Gujarat and exchanged New Year Greetings and share pensioners pending
issues and extended invitation for 8th November, 2011 get-to-gather.

He also met Shri Sanjeev Singhvi, DGM (A), O/O CGM Gujarat and discussed
the issue of VRS. He questioned as to why the Government of India should
give assistance of Rs.18, 000 crore for VRS Scheme. He also expressed his
displeasure towards the present functioning of BSNL Staff and maintaining
fault free services and ventilated his feelings towards the anomaly in pay
structure for DOT Optees and BSNL Direct recruitee.

Shri D.D. Mistry met Shri Sudhir Bhandari, PGM ATD Ahmedabad and
exchanged new year greetings and share the concern of ITS towards their
anxiety towards the Pension Scheme, which it seems, coming in their way to
opt for BSNL. On being invited for 25th Get-to-gather, he assured to attend
the same.

Shri D.D. Mistry GS is leaving for New Delhi on 2nd morning and will be there
for three days from 2nd Nov.2011 to 4th Nov. 2011. He will attend the 56th
AGM of Bharat Pensioner Samaj on 4th November, 2011 and will receive 2nd
Prize awarded by the BPS to BDPA Gujarat as it stood Second in PEMS
(Performance Evaluation & Monitoring System).

BDPA Office will re-open o 4th November, 2011 after Diwali Vacation and will
observe its normal working hours.
28.10.2011 :D.P.E. has issued orders for IDA (w.e.f. 01.10.2011) for those
whose pay has been revised from 01.01.1997 in other words the orders are
issued for those whose Pay has not been revised as per 6th CPC

Wish you all Happy & Prosperous New Year : D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA


24.10.2011: CDA Orders for Pensioners whose Pension is not revised a per
6th CPC and getting CDA at 5th CPC Rates.Click.

Read “BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT” full text for October, 2011

23.10.2011: BSNL endorsed DPE orders on increase of IDA from 01.10.2011
(i.e. 52%) Vide Circular No.27 dated 21.10.2011.Click.

22.10.2011: DPE issued orders on increase of IDA from 01.10.2011 (i.e. 52%)
F.No.-2(70) 2008-DPE (WC)-GL-XVII/2011 dated 21.10.2011.Click.

22.10.2011: “BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT” October 2011 (72
pages) posted from Navrangpura H.O. on 21.10.2011 to all members,
subscribers and complimentary readers.

21.10.2011: G.S. BDPA is glad to inform the valued viewers that BSNL &
DOT Pensioners Association, Ahmedabad stood Second in PEMS
(Performance Evaluation & Monitoring System) by Bharat Pensioners
Samaj, New Delhi.

This year's result for winners of these prizes is as follows :

1.                             AICGA                                   Pune.
2.    BSNL   &           DOT   Pensioners           Association   Ahmedabad.
3.                           DAPWA                                Chandigarh.
4. RSCWS Mohali.

Winners will be awarded on 04.11.2011 in 56th AGM of Bharat Pensioners


19.10.2011: View the photographs of Donors of Pension Revision 2007 -
Part II.

19.10.2011: ‘BENL PENSIOERS NEWS GUJARAT’ October 2011 issue
containing 72 pages is ready for release on 21st morning. We will publish the
same on web in parts so as to have easy reading. To-day we are publishing
Title Page and Ediorial.


18.10.2011: S/Shri A.N. Patel, J.B. Kumpavat and D.D. Mistry addressed get-
to-gatherer Surat on 17.10.2011. More than 250 Pensioners were present and
seventy new members enrolled in the meeting itself and Pension Revision
Donation to a tune of 60,000 was collected. S/Shri Ghanshyam Parekh and
P.J. Tailor made exemplary arrangements. More than 10 Pensioners gave
shape to their dream by performing in the meeting. Shri N.E. Saiyed did
anchoring. The gathering was concluded with a Surati Lunch at noon. S/Shri
H.R. Balolkar, A.A. Patel, H.C. Bhatia, R.C. Sharma and V.N. Changawala
also attended gathering and assisted in collection an issuing on the sport
receipts. From Vyara District, Shri D.M. Gamit and his team also attended and
gave handsome Pension Revision Donation and new members from Bardoli.

16.10.2011: To-day, S.Shri A.N. Patel, J.B. Kumpavat, D.D. Mistry and H.R.
Balolkar are to address get-to-gater at Surat. S/Shri H.C. Bhatia, R.C.
Sharma, A.A. Patel and V.N. Changawala are also attending. Seventy Two
Pages October 2011 issue of our quarterly magazine 'BSNL PENSIONERS
NEWS GUJARAT' is under print and it will be desapatched in the next week.

15.10.2011: DOT asks the BSNL HQ to send status report and BSNL HQ
twisting contents issues Circular No.19 on 11.10.2011 to send calculation
sheets etc.Click.

13.10.2011: Anomaly/aberrations for BSNL Retirees during the period of ten
months from October, 2000: DOT issues clarification: “2. However, DoP&PW
has clarified that the government has decided and implemented (w.e.f.
1.1.1996) the formula for full minimum pension of all pensioners irrespective
of their date of retirement as not to be less than 50% of the minimum pay in
the revised scale. Therefore, the absorbees {in BSNL) who are entitled for
combined service pension as per rule 37-A are also entitled for minimum of
pension, irrespective of their date of retirement, a the rate not less than 50%
of the minimum pay in the scale of pay held by them at the time of retirement.”
BSNLHQ endorse the said order on 11.10.2011.


DOT Order.

While publishing news, we do not claim anything but for saying that we are
discharging our duty of keeping all BSNL Pensioners informed on latest rules.

Names of Donors whose Pension Revision Donation received on or after
12.10.2011 will be published in January 2012 issue of BSNL PENSIONERS
NEWS GUJARAT. However, we will publish their names in web from time to
11.10.2011: We request the members to send their Pension Revision
Donation expeditioulsy so that we can incorporate their names in October
2011 magazine.

10.10.2011: TSMs eligibility for Pension: BSNL HQ letter No: BSNL/9-
11/SR/2010 Dated 29.09.2011 – “Corrigendum” – TSMs after regularization
entitled for Pension.

In partial modification of this office reference No. BSNL/9-11/SR/2010 dated
29th August, 2011 relating to record of discussions of the meeting held on 7th
July, 2011 with the office bearers of NFTE BSNL in pursuance of the
directives given by the Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner ( C) . New Delhi,
the words ‘Temporary status conferred mazdoors on or before 30.09.2000
and regularized on 1.10.2000’under heading “Pension” and “Gratuity” of Para
2.4 may be read as “Temporary status conferred mazdoors on or before
30.09.2000 and regularized on or after 1.10.2000”

SD/                               Mukesh                                Meena,

09.10.2011: Copy of letter No: GJT/DOT-CELL/Pension Adalat/2011-12 dated
03.10.2011from the o/o the Controller of Communication Accounts, Gujarat
Circle, Ahmedabad addressed to Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA Ahmedabad.

Subject: Holding of Pension Adalat.

Kindly refer to above subject. In this regard I have been directed to inform you
that this office will hold Pension Adalat on 22nd November, 2011 for redressal
of grievances relating to pensionery benefits of DOT/BSNL pensioners of
Ahmedabad, Himatnagar, Palanpur, Nadiad and Mehsana Divisions.

Pensioners can send their grievances related to pensionery benefits to
Communication Accounts Officer (Pension) of this office so as to reach
on or before 17h October, 2011.

Sd. Rajbir Singh CAO (Pension)

08.10.2011 : List of Members enrolled dring the period from 01.7.2011 to

07.10.2011: CDA increased w.e.f. 01.07.2011. Orders for Pensioers/Fmily
Pensioners issued.Click.

06.10.2011: CDA increased w.e.f. 01.07.2011. Orders issued.Click.

03.10.2011: In the month of September, 2011, total 23230 viewers visited our
web and as such per day average come to 774.33.The increase is 4751
members added during the month. We thank our viewers for their visit and
assure them to maintain their trust in us.
03.10.2011: We are in receipts of Pension Revision Donation from our
members and thank one and all who have contributed. We request the donors
to send their pass post size photograph before 10.10.2011 for publication in
October, 2011 issue of our magazine. We also request them to ensure their
co-pensioner is following him for donation at the earliest. We will publish
consolidated list of such donors shortly.

03.10.2011: We receive complaints from members that they have not
received revised pension and arrear though send a post card in earlier month.
We would like to inform that postcard campaign was for drawing attention
towards the grievances of pensioners towards delay and contents of their
representation were to focus the attention of authority. However, individual
Pensioner has to approach the CCA/Pension Disbursing Authority if not
received as we cannot monitor all the cases.

• 03.10.2011: AIBSNLREA web reads: 02.10.2011: REVISION OF PENSION
OF PRE-2007 BSNL RETIREES IN GUJARAT: All cases for revision of
pension of pre-2007 BSNL retirees in Gujarat has been settled by CCA,
Ahmadabad. However, a few cases are still pending due to administrative
reasons. The State Branch of AIBSNLREA along with others followed up the
cases at every stage. The cases in respect to those who retired from WTR
and WTP are yet to be fully settled. The State Branch is pursuing the matter
with Pr CCA, Maharashtra at Mumbai..

01.10.2011: We have received reports from the field that virtually majority of
pre-2007 BSNL Pensioners have received Revised Pension + Due arrear. We
thank the CPMG Gujarat and Director Accounts Postal, Gujarat for continuous
monitoring of the system. GPO Ahmedabad and its subordinate Pension
Disbursing Post Offices have given old pension but paid arrears from January,
2007 to September, 2011. Navrangpura HO and its subordinate Pension
Disbursing Post Offices have paid arrear during Septemer itself by sending
individual letters with calculation sheets and new pension on 30th September.
Revdi Bazar and its subordinate Pension Disbursing Post Offices require
more attention as we received scattered complaint for nonpayment of revised
pension and arrears as well. Gandhinagar SSP, majority have given Revised
Pension & Arrears on 30th September in one cheque. Mehsana SSP has also
acted as per reports received by us. Surat, Vadodara, Bharuch and Valsad
have also acted.

01.10.2011: Surat District has convened a get-to-gather to celebrate victory
on 16.10.2011. Details follow. GS BDPA and Office bearers will attend and
address the meeting.

30.09.2011:15.15 hours: Revised I.D.A. w.e.f. 01.10.2011, there is increase of
4.8%, making total 52.00%.

29.09.2011: Wish you Happy Navratri Festival.

29.09.2011: BSNL HQ issues number of Clarifications on NEPP Scheme on
28.09.2011,making it more complicated/Simple? Click.
29.09.2011: Pension Revision Orders for 2081 cases covering period up to
2003 have since been issued by o/o Principal CCA TAMILNADU. Details of
these revision orders are available in five lists in www.ccatn.gov.in.Further
cases are being processed in o/o PCCA. It is expected that before 15th
October, 2011 revision orders will be issued for all the remaining
cases.(AIBSNLREA Web).

28.09.2011: Credit to whom? On 27.09.2011, Shri Deshpande, SCOVA
Member, Poona informed that BSNL Optees issue of Pension Anomaly for
October, 2000 to July, 2001 is settled and orders to be issued shortly. This
was confirmed by Shri Shyam Sunderji, Secretary General, BPS as well. But
now, someone wants to take credit for the job?? Find out who someone is?
We simply say we too were perusing the issue with the authorities by letters
and also in meeting with DoT Authorities. There is long way to go as
unfinished more task are ahead..

28.09.2011: As CCA Gujarat and Director Accounts (P) completed their work,
all the District Representatives are requested to contact their Pension
Disbursing Office or their HO. In case of difficulty, they can send fax to SSP,
CGM CCA and to us as well. List of CGMs of India is attached herewith.Click.

27.09.2011: BSNL PENSION REVISION: CCA Ahmedabad has completed
the cases of Gujarat Circle. All the concerned should now approach their HO
or Pension Disbursing office for latest position.

27.09.2011: Shri Deshpande reports from Poona: In SCOVA meeting DoT
assured to issue orders for Pension Anomaly for October,2000 to July 2001
Pensioners. Deails awaited.

27.09.2011: 20th SCOVA meeting - gist of important discussion & decision
taken on 21.09.2011: 20th SCOVA meeting started at 3.00PM in North Block
Room No 119.

ATR (Action taken report) on 19th SCOVA meeting Minutes: The Secretary
agreed to process the suggestion of giving monetary incentive for issuing
revised PPO expeditiously.

A suggestion to introduce a new form similar to FORM 14 to claim Family
Pension by Spouse was accepted by official side.

ATR on the issue of suitable alternative to merger of DR after it reaches 50%
in view of VI CPC recommendation against 50% DA/DR merger benefit to
ensure revision at reasonable intervals: Issue was again debated. On the
insistence of SCOVA members, Secy. P.AR & DOP asked the members to
submit concrete .proposal so that he can again take it to the Ministry of
Finance for consideration.

Revision of ex-gratia: Members were informed that it was in advance stage of
About Rs 1000 as FMA: Members were informed that DOP &PW has taken
up the issue with the M/O H &FW & is pursuing it on regular basis.

Current agenda:

Shri Shyam Sunder Secy. Genl. BPS & others vehemently opposed NPS &
pressed withdrawal of PFRDA. The Secy. DOP & PW expressed his inability
to make any comments on the subject

Revision of Pension/Family Pension Vth CPC.: It was decided that the
Pension sanctioning authorities will be allowed to revise pension of any
applicant W/o insisting on dead line prescribed in OM dated 07.06.2005

Subsidy for Office Rental & Computer operator. to Associations in receipt of
Grant in aid: It was agreed to process the issue favourably.

Note :The above is a very brief description covering main items excepting
items of BSNL, Postal & Defence departments, as brief from SCOVA
members of these departments could not be obtained till the time of writing
this release. Source: PREWA.

26.09.2011 :Railway employees Bonus - Cabinet will decide on 28.9.2011.

26.09.2011: 20th SCOVA meeting was held on 21.09.2011 at 3.00PM in
North Block Room No 119. As the MOS was busy, Shri R.C. Misra, Secretary,
M.O.P. AR & Pensioners presided. The Representatives of all Ministries
except H & FW represented official side. Shari Urao Mal Purohit, Secretary,
JCM recorded his displeasure for absence of MOS. He conveyed discontent
of Pensioners Associations & SCOVA members for not being allo9wed to
represent Pensioners cases in Pension Adalat. Gist of discussion follows.

25.09.2011: GS FNTO has invited feedback from members/office bearers on
VRS offered by the BSNL. The last date is 05.10.2011. Click to view

23.09.2011: For one stupid act by someone, who threw rubbish on the
platform, I will suffer till I die.Click to read story.

22.09.2011: Shri Sushanto Ghosh, Circle Secy, FNTO WB Passed

21.09.2011: The claims of optees of without voucher shall be entertained only
for the treatments undertaken or medicines taken after 1st October 2011, as
medical expenses for treatments up to 30th September 2011 are covered
from the allowances received for the said period.Click.

21.09.2011: Govt. of India, Ministry of Communications & IT, Departments of
Posts, New Delhi vide his No: 26-23/11-PA (PEN) Dated 16.09.2011 writes to
the Director of Accounts (Postal), Ahmedabad on “Revision of Pension of
BSNL Pensioners” saying “ You are requested to arrange revision of pension
of BSNL Pensioners at the earliest and send a report to enable this office to
send a suitable reply to the BSNL & DOT Pensioners’ Association letter.Click
for letter

20.09.201; Meeting with the Director (HR) BSNL:

There was a preliminary meeting on 19.09.2011 with the Director (HR) BSNL
on the Management proposal for VRS Scheme for BSNL Employees sent to
Government for Approval.

The BSNL has proposed VRS for employees above 45 years of age with
following benefits.

Ex-gracia lump sum amount as per DPE scheme – i.e. Salary (Basic Pay +
DA) of 35 days for each completed year of service and 25 days for every year
of service left until superannuation.

The compensation is subject to a minimum of Rs.25, 000/- or 250 days salary
whichever is higher.

However, the amount shall not exceed the um of the salary that the employee
would have drawn at the prevailing level for the balance of period left before
superannuation and further it cannot exceed 60 months’ salary.

The ex-gracia amount will be in addition to other retirement benefits.

The Management stated that VRS is not COMPULSORY nor TARGETTING
any group of employees..From Union Side we informed to the Management
that we will be able to give our comments only after broad internal
consultation with our body. The Management was represented by the Director
(HR), PGM (SR), GM (Restructuring) and GM (Personnel). FNTO was
represented by Shri K. Vallinayagam, General Secretary, FNTO New Delhi.

Meeting with Shri S.C. Mishra, Member Services, DoT: Shri K.
Vallinayagam, GS FNTO met Shri S. C. Mishra, M.S. to-day (19.09.2011)
and discussed pending absorption and disciplinary cases and also the
Case of Gujarat Telecom Circle Surplus Workers deployed in lower scale
in DoT period.

19.09.2011 : Meeting with BSNL Management:

BSNL management (Director HR) has invited NUBSNLW-FNTO for a
discussion on current issues of importance (VRS?). The meeting is fixed at 11
AM on 19.09.2011 Monday.

BSNL VRS proposals sent to MOC & IT on 12.09.2011 – Ex-Gracia of 60
days of salary (Pay + DA) for each completed ear of service or salary for
number of month’s service left, whichever is less, with all other retirements
benefits. VRS open to all employees (about 1 lakh Employees) above the age
of 45 year = M. Mahalingaiah FNTO BG TD.
We reproduce extracts from our letter to Management dated 14.09.2010 on
the subject and welcome the discussion and fruitful outcome of the proposal
in the larger interest of employees and the company. GS BDPA.CLICK.

17.09.2011: The JCA O/o CCA, HP Telecom Circle. Shimla vide his letter No:
HPT/DOT/1-684/PEN-Rev/Pre-2007/25 Dated 07-09-2011 informs for 76
cases of Dharamsala SSA, 4 cases of SSA SOLAN, 35 Cases of SSA
Hamirpur, and 25 cases of SSA Shimla settled.Click for Letter.

17.09.2011: Hundred Dollars Question: BSNL Workers/Pensioners are
reverting to us asking “When there is increase of 7% in CDA Rates w.e.f.
01.07.2011, no change in IDA rates on the same date?”

Simple Answer: The modus operandi for working out Price Index for CDA and
IDA are similar but with slight difference. For CDA calculation, 12 month’s
average is taken into consideration whereas for IDA 3 month’s average is
considered which makes difference.

The Workers/Pensioners getting CDA will also be affected when the 12
month’s averages from January to December, 2011 is considered in January,

I.D.A. with effect from 01.10.2011: Three Probabilities – (1) The index of
July 2011 is 193, if it is same for August, 2011 – IDA will be 4.5% (2) If the
index for August, 2011 touches 194 – IDA will be 4.8 % (3) If the index for
August, 2011 touches 195 – IDA will be 5.0 %. Let us wait for the figure of
August, 2011 which will be available on 30th September, 2011.

15.09.2011: At last BSNL HQ issues orders for Pension Revision for its pre-
2007 retirees.Click to view entire list.

"15.09.2011: So spoke Shri Rakesh Shrivastva from New Delhi through email
: “At last BSNL HQ submits Pension Calculation Sheets to US (STP) for
Pension Revision for its pre-2007 retirees through PFP Wing of DOT Head
Quarters and CCA Delhi.

This has been possible because of a strong DO letter sent by Secretary (T) to
CMD, BSNL with copy to Member (F) for prompt action by CCA Units.

At present only one person (AAO) is available in PFP Wing for issue of PPOs
who can release at the most 5 PPOs per day. We have to again pursue with
Member (F) / DDG (A/C) to provide additional manpower in PFP Wing for
issue of PPOs.

After issue of PPOs, CR Cell of DOT Head Quarters takes at least two weeks
to forward these letters to CCA Delhi. CCA Delhi will take about one month to
forward these cases to Banks/ Post Offices for release of revised Pension. So
still a long road ahead for completion of the work.”
GS BDPA adds: This is a way Corporate Sector functions in competitive
era reflecting its work culture, setting example for field unit and
expressing its concern for the employees who serve the departments for

16.09.2011: C.D.A. Hike: The Government hiked CDA for its 50 lakh
employees and 40 lakh pensioners by 7% with effect from 01.07.2011 costing
Rs. 7,228.6 crore for a year.

15.09.2011: Bonus and D.A. for central staff may be announced to-day:
According to reliable sources, the Cabinet may consider the proposal of hike
of 7% Dearness Allowance w.e.f 01.07.2011 and Diwali Bonus to Central
staff.The Railway Employees are likely to get 78 days PLB, while the other
Govt. employees may get 30 days' adhoc bonus, as per sources.

14.09.2011: Shri P.J. Tailor, District Representative, BDPA Surat with other
Pensioners visited CCA Office on 13.09.2011 and met Shri Joshi, AO who
apprised them on the latest position of Surat District. Then they visited
Director Accounts Postal Office at GPO and apprised themselves regarding
latest position. They were convinced on the progress made at these levels.
They also visited BDPA Office and discussed Pension Revision Related
issues with GS BDPA.

13.09.2011: Ministry of Personnel, PG&P, DOP&PW, New Delhi vide No: F.
No. 42/50/2010-P&PW(G) Dated 09.09.2011 convenes 20th meeting of
‘SCOVA’ ( Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies) on 21.09.2011.Click
here to view agenda items.

12.09.2011: Corrupt Babu to face Pension Cut.Click.

12.09.2011: Pension Revision: Navrangpura has started to send intimation to
the Pensioners regarding their revised pension and arrear with a copy to
paying post office. Gandhinagar HO has commenced the work of pension
revision and preparing arrear.

11.09.2011: GS BDPA writes to Ms. Ms HUMERA AHMED Chief Post Master
General, Gujarat Postal Circle, Ahmedabad-380001 on 09.09.2011 to instruct
all SP/SSPs/HOs & Pension Disbursing Post Offices to expedite the arrear
payment to pre-2007 BSNL Pensioners and also start payment of revised

11.09.2011: Shri D.D. Mistry GS and H.R. Balolkar, Advisor BDPA visited
office of the Central Govt. & Other Pensioners Association on 09.09.2011 and
met Shri S.P. Parmar, President & other Office bearers of the Association and
discussed the Pensioners issues. BDPA was givenRs.3000/- donation by the
office bearers for its valuable services to Pensioners fraternity.

11.09.2011: On 6th of September 2011 Minister of State for Finance Shri
Namo Narain Meena in a written reply to a question raised in Rajya Sabha
11.09.2011: Withdrawal of facility to opt for reimbursement of medical
expenditure without voucher for Outdoor treatment – GS AIBSNLREA

09.09.2011: S/Shri A.N. Patel & D.D. Mistry were honoured by Shri I.G.
Parmar, General Secretary, P&T & Other C. G. Pensioners Association for
their valuable services for BSNL & DOT Pensioners in 28th Annual General
Meeting of at Ahmedabad Medical Council Hall, Ahmedabad, where more
than 350 pensioners were present.

09.09.2011: We regret to write that more than 900 revised PPOs are held up
in DAP Office merely because Dealing Assistants are sanctioned leave???
Further 18 cases of those who retired from CTTC/RTSD Ahmedabad are also
not submitted by the CGM Gujarat for want of their service books which are
already available with RTSD.

08.09.2011: GS BDPA writes to Shri Rakesh Kumar, CMD BSNL, protesting
against    stopping    Medical  without    Voucher   requesting    for

08.09.2011: So reads web of Recognized Union on 06.09.2011, reacting to
cancellation of All India LTC, Medical …Let us teach a proper lesson to the
management: The management has shamelessly hit the employees below the
belt, by withdrawing the medical allowance and freezing the LTC. Today it
may be only the medical allowance and the LTC. But, if this is not resisted,
tomorrow management may lay its hands on other allowances also. Perhaps,
in future our pay may also come under attack. Don’t forget that this is the
reckless management, which provided luxurious Maruti SX2 cars to all the
CGMs and PGMS and also Blackberry handsets to all the ITS officers, even
when the company’s financial position was declining. Also don’t forget, that
this is lame-duck management, which was not capable of procuring GSM
equipments for the past 4 years, which is the main reason for the down fall of
our mighty BSNL. Now, to cover up their inefficiency and recklessness, the
management has decided to make the employees as scape-goats. This
cannot be allowed.

GS BDPA: Thanks God, now the ground realities have touched the Union and
decide to teach a proper lesson to the management. What stops them to give
united struggle is hundred dollar question for workers/pensioners to

07.09.2011: We strongly protest against ill-conceived and unmotivated action
of the BSNL HQ to stop the quarterly payment of Medical Allowance without
vouchers. Before reverting to such drastic action, BSNL Management
should have ensured that at present its offices are clearing quarterly
payment of Medical Allowance with vouchers which are pending in
number of offices for more than two to three quarters on the one reason
or the other. Further increasing the work load without providing additional
funds which may be nearing to double if all claims whatever they are spending
and not submitting the bills only in order to save themselves from humiliation
and table to table journey at uneven places on 3rd to 4th floor for which it is
nothing but punishment. We join all the Associations/Unions in their move
protesting against the action. We assure our members that we will continue to
strongly protest against the move with your cooperation and support. We
further suggests that instead of raising the issue on different platform, all
should give united movement to yield fruitful result. Needless to say all are
equally aggrieved and concerned. G.S. BDPA.

06.09.2011: Till date, DAP Gujarat has cleared 3008 cases for Pension
Revision received from CCA Ahmedabad. The figure does not include roughly
1000 cases of Pensioners who are receiving the Pension through Bank who
have started receiving new pension and arrears. The BDPA has extended all
possible assistance for expeditious clearance of all PPOs from DAP
Office.View the List.

The GPO Ahmedabad has commenced the work of preparing arrears up to
September, 2011 and will pay old pension on 30th September,2011 and
arrear in October 2011. Ahmedabad Navrangpura has started to pay the
arrear in this month as and when ready. Dholka HO has paid new pension
and arrears as well. We are awaiting information from rest of HOs.

There is no end to our struggle. We are just coming out from the riddles of
Pension Revision for pre-2007 BSNL Pensioners and we got news of stopping
Medical Allowance without vouchers w.e.f. 01.10.2011? It appears that BSNL
has decided to harass the Pensioners by expecting them to run from pillar to
post to clear their Medical Bills each quarter and thereby being in touch with
Company? Have they collected any data before arriving at such fatal
decision? We will continue to protest with our all force.

05.09.2011: BSNL HQ withdraws All India LTC, Medical Reimbursement
Outdoor without Voucher, with immediate effect. This is applicable to BSNL
PENSIONERS also.Click for Orders.

05.09.2011: Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance issues Notification for
beneficiaries’ of 6th CPC to provide special date in given format for facilitating
the Pension Cases/Claims. Hindi format was given on 04.09.2011. Click for
English Format.

05.09.2011: We have shifted the news of July and August, 2011. See Below
to view.

04.09.2011: Rajasthan Patrika, Jaipur Edition, Ministry of Finance, Notifiction
on Pensioners of 6th CPC asks to submit data/information.Click.

03.09.2011: PENSION REVISION – LATEST – 2nd SEPTEMBER, 2011: As
per information available with BDPA, the DAP (Director of Accounts Pension
Office) has completed the Pension Revision Work as shown here. Rest of the
work is in progress. BDPA is extending all possible assistance to expedite the
same. GS BDPA is thankful to S/Shri A.K. Patel, A.B. Patel & B.M. Bhavsar
who joined the GS in noble task for pensioners.Click to view list.
02.09.2011: S/Shri D.D. Mistry, A.K. Patel, attended the DAAP Office on
01.02.2011 and advanced their assistance to expedite disposal of revised
PPOs dispatch to concerned HPOs. Probably 1300 cases have been
dispatched to HPOs by this office so far.

02.09.2011 :UP West out of 1600 cases received, 1406 have been cleared by
CCA of UP West. Out of the remaining 36 cases are disputed due to some
disciplinary cases etc. West Bengal informs that out of 2500 cases 1900 are
cleared by the DoT Cell in WB Circle.Source: AIBSNLPWA.

02.09.2011: Shri S.P. Sood, Secretary BDPA Dharamashala (HP) vide his
letter No; BDPA/DMA/2011 dated 23.08.2011 addressed to Mrs. Sheena
Sandhu Shekhar, Jt. CCA, Shimla invites her attention towards inordinate
delay in issuing revised PPOs for pre-2007 BSNL Pensioners. Out of 76
cases received by CCA Office, only 3 have been cleared so far.

GS BDPA Adds: If this is the attitude of the authorities, when the Pensioners
will be able to get their revised PPOs? Are the authorities awaiting further
strictures from the Ministry?


01.09.2011 : Pension Revision – Latest :

PPOs for Ahmedabad Telecom District, Vadodara, Valsad, Surat, Bharuch,
Jamnagar, Junagadh, Godhra, Mehsana, Amreli, CGM Gujarat Office and
Rajkot have been dispatched.

PPOs for Bhuj, Palanpur Himatnagar and Nadiad have been prepared and will
be dispatched by to-morrow.

Some papers from Bhavnagar are received by CCA Office.

From 05.09.2011, PPOs preparation work for Surendranagar will begin.

We have also taken up the issue with CPMG, Director Postal Accounts and
they are also monitoring the work of released PPO. In the middle of
September, we hope the work will be completed by CCA Office.

01.09.2011: During the month of May, 2011, 19,151, June, 2011, 20,289, July
2011, 20321 and in the month of August, 2011, total 18,479 viewers visited
BDPA and in this month we also crossed envious figure of 4,21,601. We
thank the visitors of our web and assure them that we will continue to serve
you with latest news for Pensioners as well as to workers.

31.08.2011 : GS BDPA releases Circular No.1 dated 22.08.2011. Click. Its
1500 copies were posted 1500 from GPO Ahmedabad on 26.08.2011 to
members in Gujarati/English on Pension Revision issue and Diwali
Advertisement and request for Donation. Rest 750 posted on 29th Morning.

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