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                       On Content Centric Applications

                    Frederik Riebbels, Director Public Sector, Axi

Frederik Riebbels                                                    2
                    Quick Overview

Michael Brands

Philip Walker

Frederik Riebbels

Stijn Vandereyken

Frederik Riebbels                    3
                    Public Sector

Program             o General evolution
Michael Brands
                       o Centralized Gov      Decentralized Gov
Philip Walker
                       o Closed Gov           Transparent Gov
Frederik Riebbels
                       o Non-accountability   Accountability of policy
Stijn Vandereyken        of policy            on strategic level

                    o Governement should be
                       o Simple
                       o Understandable
                       o Controlable
                       o Cost effective

Frederik Riebbels                                                        4
                    Public Sector

Program             o Focus on measurement of processes
Michael Brands
                       o Secundary (Fincancial, HRM, ICT)
Philip Walker
                       o Primary : operational goals
Frederik Riebbels

Stijn Vandereyken
                    o 95% of IT projects in public sector support this
                    o EPM supports policy: goals need to be planned
                       o Who is available?
                       o Who has the right competence?

                    o Ad hox management versus vision

Frederik Riebbels                                                        5

Program             o Made-to-measure
Michael Brands         o Relational applications
                       o Data modeling
Philip Walker
                       o Develoment generators
Frederik Riebbels
                       o Oracle
Stijn Vandereyken
                    o Package
                       o Well-defined parts
                       o Restricted
                       o Little flexible
                    o Market
                       o Clear transition
                       o Believers and non-believers
                       o Many ICT projects fail in transition

Frederik Riebbels                                               6
                            Web Content Management (Drupal)
Michael Brands               Model letter              Planning

Philip Walker

Frederik Riebbels     Mail In / Out        Workflow           Reporting
                                         Mgmt (JBOSS)
Stijn Vandereyken
                                          - Processes
                      i.KNOW                  -Files              Projects

                           Discovery Suite                Mail and

                             Enterprise Content Management

                            Knowledge Management: iKNOW
                                      Business Intelligence
Frederik Riebbels                                                                      7
                    Project broadening

Program             o Functional: general principals
Michael Brands
                       o Basic set of “general” functionalities
Philip Walker
                       o Important that this basic set is “completely” present
Frederik Riebbels
                       o Basic set: most successful if combined with one or more
Stijn Vandereyken        “special functionalities”

                    o Market
                       o Project: almost always one or more “primary administrative
                       o Market has to teach me where these processes are: today no
                       o Market segmentation: not according to budget, but according
                         to process.
                       o Solution fits problem 100%

Frederik Riebbels                                                                      8
                    Case Management
                    o What?
Program                o Follow up case
Michael Brands         o Operational core tasks
Philip Walker          o Relations between all elements of a case
Frederik Riebbels   o Essential:
Stijn Vandereyken      o Type of case: flexible
                       o Flexfields, flextabs
                       o Workflow flexible

                    o Characteristics:
                       o User-friendly (Oracle ADF: Self Service User Interface)
                       o Integrated
                       o On line, off line
                       o Office at location
                       o Task driven
Frederik Riebbels                                                                  9
                       Market: 2 types of processes
Program             Passive            Active

Michael Brands      Registration      Inspection

Philip Walker

Frederik Riebbels
Stijn Vandereyken                                  Fixed procedure             Regular character

                                                   Variable procedure          Irregular character

                                                                                                        End product
                                                                                            Private   Public        Financial annex
                                                                                            Letter    Web           Claim
                                                                                            Permit    Folder        Pay
                                                                                            Arrest    Press


Frederik Riebbels                                                                                                                     10
                         2 process types: 2 applications

                    One indivisible solution, but essential differences:

            Fixed procedure/ regular                Variable procedure/ irregular
                    character                                 character
  o Content centric                              o Document centric
  o Structure data: relations                    o “Store” unstructured data
  o Automatisation via workflow and              o Collaboration (documents, portal
    business rules                                 information)
  o Emphasis on metadata                         o Workflow routes document
  o Documents and Knowledge                      o Documents and Knowledge
    Management are accessories                     Management are focal point

                                 Interaction is necessary! CMIS

Frederik Riebbels                                                                     11
                    Where is the information?
                    o Knowledge Management is fundamental
Michael Brands
                    o Why?
Philip Walker          o Do we enter data?
Frederik Riebbels      o Do we follow up the process?
Stijn Vandereyken      o Do we prefer linking documents electronically?

                    o Because
                       o Avoid mistakes
                       o Speed up processes or enhance productivity

                    o But most of all
                       o We don’t want to lose our “knowledge”
                       o We make this knowledge independent of the employees
                       o We want to reduce the search for the correct information
Frederik Riebbels                                                                   12
                    How to integrate i.Know in Case
                    o Most important functionalities:
                       o Summaries:
Michael Brands

Philip Walker              o Summarize generated texts or linked texts
Frederik Riebbels          o Summarize complete files
Stijn Vandereyken      o Full text search
                           o Google, but better
                       o Suggestions
                           o Is it what I was looking for?
                       o Automatic creation tree diagram
                           o Migration of large amount of unstructured text
                           o Automatic classification

Frederik Riebbels                                                             13
                     Functional base Case Management
                                                   Basic prototype

                       Application management      Fixed data
                                                   On-line help
Michael Brands         Access management           Access Identity Management
                                                   Rights management
Philip Walker
                       Document management         Version management
Frederik Riebbels                                  Archive (in file, digital)
                                                   Document search engine
Stijn Vandereyken                                  E-mail integration (two-way)
                                                   Indicator correspondence

                       Administrative management   Generic workflow
                                                   Search engine metadata
 Media                                             Deadlines
 Workflow                                          Approval groups

 Improv. layer         Document generation         Generic document engine
                                                   Microsoft Office
 Application (GUI)                                 Open Office
                                                   Link to admin manag.
                                                   Link to doc manag.

                       Reporting                   Screendump Excel
                       Interfacing                 Not appl.
Frederik Riebbels                                                                 14
                        Functional specific
                             validaties van informatie voor adm. Proces                   Administratief proces                              Eindproducten van administratief proces
                    passief                  actief                            vaste procedure met repititief karakter   Private communicatie        Publieke communicatie      Pecuniair
                    Registratie              Inspectie                         Verwerking                                Brief, Vergunning, Arrest   Documentatie               Inning / Betaling
Program                                                                                                                  Telewerk, Citrix            Telewerk, Citrix           Telewerk, Citrix
                    wetgeving              wetgeving                           wetgeving
Michael Brands                             Offline
                    SSO, E-ID              SSO, E-ID                           SSO, E-ID                                 SSO, E-ID, E-Loket          SSO, E-ID, E-Loket          SSO, E-ID, E-Loket
Philip Walker
                    Digitale Formulieren   Offline, Digitale Formulieren                                                 E-Loket                     E-Loket                     E-Loket
Frederik Riebbels   Scanmodule             Scanmodule
                                                                                    management                           E-Loket                     E-Loket                     E-Loket
Stijn Vandereyken   Scanmodule             Scanmodule
                                                                                                                         E-Loket                     E-Loket                     E-Loket
                                           Elektronische Checklist, Off Line

                                           Planning                            Planning
                                                                                                                                Web Content management
                                  Web Content                                                                            E-Loket                     E-Loket                     E-Loket

                                  Management                                           Document /
                    OBI, Statistieken      OBI, Statistieken
                                                                               OBI, Statistieken                         OBI, Statistieken           OBI, Statistieken           OBI, Statistieken

                    GIS, KBO, RRN, SOA     GIS, KBO, RRN, SOA                  GIS, KBO, RRN, SOA
                                                                                                  /                      GIS, KBO, RRN, SOA          GIS, KBO, RRN, SOA          GIS, KBO, RRN, SOA
                    Hand Held              Hand Held

Frederik Riebbels                                                                                                                                                                                     15
                    Also ICT technical requirements
                    o Universality: Processes reflect social developments:
Program                 o Free file types
Michael Brands          o Free repositories
Philip Walker       o Low TCO: avoid CRQ’s
Frederik Riebbels       o Free fields/tabs
Stijn Vandereyken       o Free work flow
                    o Interoperability: how to integrate ICT in existing environment?
                        o Separate work flow engine
                        o Separate Business Rule Engine
                        o Work service oriented via web services
                    o End user is critical
                        o   Self service user interface (ADF)
                        o   Performance
                        o   Knowledge management
                        o   One integrated environment i.e. via portal function
Frederik Riebbels                                                                   16
                    o IF:
                       o There is a basic set of “general” functionalities
Michael Brands
                       o It is important that this basic set is “completely” present
Philip Walker
                       o Basic set: most successful if combined with one or more “special
Frederik Riebbels        functionalities”
Stijn Vandereyken   o AND
                       o The End user doesn’t differentiate between his processes
                       o Thus always Case Management, (web)content Management and
                         Document Management
                    o THEN
                       o We need one offer that
                       o Meets all the conditions

                    o i.Know plays an important role in that matter
Frederik Riebbels                                                                       17

Michael Brands

Philip Walker

Frederik Riebbels

Stijn Vandereyken

Frederik Riebbels                  18
                    Modules Case Management
                    o Basic file management
Program             o Predefinition of file types:
Michael Brands           o   Invitation for tender
Philip Walker
                         o   Inspection
                         o   Permits
Frederik Riebbels        o   Complaints
                         o   Claims
Stijn Vandereyken
                         o   Legal
                    o Document Management:
                         o   Scanning (manual or automatic linking)
                         o   Doclink
                         o   Microsoft Share point
                         o   Oracle UCM
                    o   Reporting
                    o   Projects and Planning
                    o   Mail and calendar
                    o   Generation of output documents
                    o   Mail in – Out
                    o   Search and key words – i.Know concept analysis
Frederik Riebbels                                                        19
                    About Case Management AXI

                    o Oracle J2EE framework (based on Java Server Face
Michael Brands
Philip Walker       o JBPM engine
Frederik Riebbels
                    o Home made designer based on Java Web Start to
Stijn Vandereyken
                      model and design enterprise case process
                    o Latest web technologies, strong and reliable

Frederik Riebbels                                                        20
                    About Filenet

                    o Full J2EE application
Michael Brands      o Java, .Net and WebServices set of API
Philip Walker
                    o CMIS complaint
Frederik Riebbels

Stijn Vandereyken   o Content Repository with full set of Enterprise class
                      Content Management functionalities
                    o BPM for document processing, i.e. Workflow related
                      to folders or documents
                    o Enterprise-class architecture

Frederik Riebbels                                                            21
                    AXI – global picture
                                           o Each case has a type, a set
Program                                      of characteristics and an
Michael Brands
                                             associated workflow
                                           o One workflow could be
Philip Walker
                                             linked to multiple case
Frederik Riebbels                            types
Stijn Vandereyken                          o A case contains many
                                             different kinds of
                                             information coming from
                                             multiple sources
                                           o All information is
                                             centralized and stored in
                                           o Files are stored in blobs
                                           o Versioning, check-in/out
                                             and edition in Office via
                                             WebDav capabilities

Frederik Riebbels                                                        22
Michael Brands

Philip Walker

Frederik Riebbels

Stijn Vandereyken
                    Thank you!

Frederik Riebbels                23

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