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					Master of Professional Accounting -
Master of Business Administration (MPA-MBA)

Standard Duration                             CourSe StruCture                                 Capstone Subject (must complete 1)
6 trimesters                                                                                   lb5213 Business & Industry
                                              The MPA / MBA is made up of 16 subjects.
                                                                                                       Professional Internship
total no. of Subjects                         Students must undertake three (3) inner core
16                                            management subjects, 12 accounting core          lb5217 Community Project
                                              subjects and one (1) capstone work-              lb5218 Business Project
Intakes                                       integrated learning subject.
March, July and November                                                                       work-Integrated learning –
                                              Inner Core Subjects (all 3 are compulsory)       Capstone Subjects
overvIew                                      lb5214 Current Business Issues                   Employers want work-ready graduates that
                                              lb5201 Managing Business in a                    have a degree plus real experience. At JCU
Become a qualified accountant and                                                              Brisbane, high performing students in their
distinguish yourself to employers with                 Global Context
                                                                                               final study period who meet the entry criteria
advanced management acumen and a              lb5215 Strategy & Leadership
                                                                                               can choose to replace a classroom-based
dual Master degree.                           accounting Core Subjects                         subject with an industry-based LB5213
The Master of Business Administration -       (all 12 are compulsory)                          Professional Internship or work in a group on
Master of Professional Accounting program     Co5103 Management Accounting                     a LB5217 Community Project. The opportunity
is designed for students who intend to work   Co5109 Corporate Finance                         to engage with local business or community
as professional accountants and in senior                                                      enhances the students degree related skills
                                              Co5117 Introduction to Accounting
management positions.                                                                          whilst simultaneously improving employment
                                              Co5118 Auditing and Assurance                    and career opportunities. LB5218 is open
This course allows graduates to distinguish
themselves to future employers with a dual    Co5119 Business Law                              to all students.
Master degree and delivers comprehensive      Co5120 Taxation Law
training in accounting and finance while      Co5121 Law of Business Organisations
exposing students to key management           Co5122 Accounting for Corporations
areas including human relations, marketing,   Co5123 Advanced Issues in Accounting
business law, taxation, economics and
business information systems.                 Co5124 Data Analysis and Decision
Master of Professional Accounting graduates
                                              Co5125 Economics for Managers
qualify to apply for associate membership
with CPA Australia and the Institute of       Co5126 Strategic Performance
Chartered Accountants in Australia.                     Management

                                              The Master of Professional Accounting/Master of Business Administration from James Cook
                                              University has given me the foundation needed to be a qualified Accountant and a way to
                                              accomplish my dreams.
                                              At JCU Brisbane, there are a number of different learning and research techniques to help
                                              students broaden their way of thinking and familiarise themselves with the real world, which
                                              include presentations, boot-camps, case studies, online discussions and the internship program.
                                              During my studies I was exposed to not only expert technical knowledge of accounting
                                              concepts, but also a highly stimulating learning environment. I have been able to polish up
                                              on my skills such as active communication, working in a team environment and under highly
                                              stressed conditions, as well as personal attributes like punctuality and leadership qualities.
                                              Thanks to my degree and the help of Joblinx, I am now employed full time as a Company
                                              Accountant with an Australian organisation.
                                              ramanpreet kaur, India, mPa-mba Student

                                                                    2011 — 2012 J C U B R I S B A N E P R O S P E C T U S |                     19

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