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December, 2010
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                              BOARD HOLDS ITS ANNUAL TAILGATE FUND
                                 RAISER FOR “CHEFS FOR KIDS” AT UNLV
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                                                                                 Mike Fryer
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Dear Readers, Contributors, Advertisers and Associates,
For the past 18 months, we have been working to develop the branded publication Fork & Pour. Needless to say, it has been an uphill
crawl, not only because of the sluggish F&B industry economy, but we’ve found the name just is not working as we had expected.
Changes are being made to return to the basics which I have been developing for the past 8 years here in Las Vegas. In returning to our
roots, we have rebranded the publication Las Vegas Food & Beverage – with website at address www.lvfnb.com.
               We will continue to cover all major Food & Beverage Events both locally and regionally, plus offer the
               following features on a monthly basis:
                    What’s Brewing and What’s Cooking - by Bob Barnes
                    Human Resources Guide - by Linda Bernstein
                    Brett’s Vegas View - by Jackie Brett
                    Food For Thought - by Les Kincaid
                    Your Personal Chef - by Chef Brian
                    Restaurant Review - by Shelley Stepanek
               Monthly highlights we are also delighted to have onboard include:
                  Green Restaurant Association - Founder Michael Oshman
                  IFSEA - International Foodservice Executive Association
                  ACF Chefs Of Las Vegas Page
                  JASN - Japan American Society of Nevada Page
                  Three Square Community Page
                  Laughlin Events Page
All of this would not be possible without our support team and our great contributing writers that we are
so grateful to have working with us including:
                                            George Fryer
                                            In-House Award Winning Photographer

                                                                    Bob Barnes
                                                                    Associate Editor and Restaurant & Beer Correspondent

                                                                                               Juanita Aiello
                                                                                               Creative Director

Thank you all for
your continued support in
making Las Vegas Food & Beverage
the ONLY industry-dedicated publication
for the Las Vegas F&B market. We look forward to
continue serving you through these challenging times.
Mike Fryer
                         December, 2010

 M A G A Z I N E
17                       FEATURES
                   Cover ACF Chefs of Las Vegas Associate Advisory
                         Board holds its annual tailgate fund raiser for
                         Chefs for Kids at UNLV.

                   16    Santa Monica Seafood recently held its facility
                         opening here in Las Vegas, which was well
                         attended by restaurant operators and chefs in
                         the know…

                   27    LVF&B welcomes our newest industry
                         contributor – Chris Hanmer, both pastry chef
                         and instructor/owner of the School of Pastry

                         Design here in Las Vegas.
                         A world pastry champion, Chris brings to us
                         a monthly article on all pastry concerns…
                         Welcome on board Chris!

                   Cover The Catersource show will be coming to Las
                         Vegas once again this year and bringing with
                         it all things catering.
                         Our readers are offered free admission-register
                         on line now!

25                       IN EVERY ISSUE
                     4   Hot off the Grill
                     6   Human Resources Insights
                    10   Food for Thought
                    12   Brett’s Vegas View
                    22   What’s Brewing?
                    24   Your Personal Chef

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    M A G A Z I N E                                                                   HOT OFF THE GRILL!
                                                                                       UNLV with IFSEA held
    December 2010
                                                                                        its Sushi & Sake Demo
                       Mike Fryer                                                   and Practice Sushi Rolling
                       Editor-in-Chie        f                                           instructed by UNLV’s
                       Thank you for joining us in this                               Chef Jean Hertzman. In
                       issue of LVFNB.                                                 attendance were IFSEA
                       For any questions, comments or                                      Board Member Rick
                       advertising inquiries please email                                Albrecht and LVF&B
                       mike@lvfnb.com                                              Editor-In-Chief Mike Fryer.

                       Bob Barnes                                                                                       UNLV Culinary and
                       Associate Editor                                                                                 IFSEA recently held
                       LVBobB@juno.com                                                                                  a Korean Cooking
                                                                                                                        Demonstration by
                                                                                                                        celebrity Korean chef
                                                                                                                        Myung Lee, President of
                                                                                                                        the Culinary Institute of
                                                                                                                        California and a well-
                       George Fryer                                                                                     known Korean national
                       Photographer                                                                                     food specialist.
                                                                                           Chef Rick Moonen
                                                                                       recently hosted a Santa
                                                                                           Monica Sustainable
                                                                                     Seafood Dinner at his RM
                                                                                     Seafood Restaurant in the
                       Juanita Aiello                                                          Mandalay Bay.
                       Creative Director                                            Both Santa Monica Seafood
                       juanitaa@lvfnb.com                                                and Chef Moonen are
                                                                                       strong supporters of the
                                                                                     Monterey Bay Aquarium,
                                                                                      which was represented that night by Sheila Bowman Senior
                                                                                               Manager of the Seafood Watch Outreach Program.

      Contributor    Contributor         Contributor          Contributor        Contributor        Contributor     Contributor        Contributor
      Jackie Brett   Les Kincaid        Juanita Fryer       Shelley Stepanek     Chef Brian        Linda Berstein   Beth Ellyn        Chris Hamner

      Contributor    Contributor         Contributor          Contributor        Contributor        Contributor     Contributing      Contributing
       Tony Tsai     Linda Duke        Michael Oshman          Chef Jet        Chef Allan Asch     Lara Baldwin     Photographer      Photographer
                                                                                                                    Sani Caliedo      Adam Shane

4    Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine I December 2010                                                                               www.lvfnb.com

                                    Wellness Programs
                                    Are They righT For you?
                BY Linda

                                    I can’t think of a single organization, regardless of the size, that could not benefit from having wellness
                                    programs in their workplace. These program can help identify health problems before they become deadly
                                    or costly, reduce costs by reducing claims or program usage, and help employees to be more successful at
                                    work by ensuring they are fit and well, both of which result in more productive employees.

                                    One organization responded to last month’s wellness program question by stating that their annual “Check
    Linda has provided sound        Your Numbers” day at the office has helped to identify numerous employees with risk factors such as diabetes,
      human resources advice        high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, and that left unidentified could have resulted in catastrophic
     and guidance to Fortune        incidents. Some individuals that were tested were even rushed to the hospital that same day.
            500 companies for
       over 25 years. She has
      helped these companies
                                    What are the benefits of implementing wellness programs at your work and how do they help your employees?
         review processes and       Wellness programs are designed to raise health awareness, highlight benefits that are available to employees
          implement solutions       that may be underutilized (such as counseling benefits), and to encourage healthy lifestyles in your employees
           that are designed to     including stop smoking, weight loss and/or getting more exercise on a regular basis.
         reduce liabilities and
         increase their profits.       Here are some programs you can consider doing at your place of work. Of course,
     She also assists with the
       development of human            all of these programs must be clearly defined and closely monitored for the safety
      capital through focused          and well being of all participants.
            employee relations
       and training programs                • Employee competition - individual or department that achieve a
        designed for all levels                record change in behaviors such as,
                  of employees.
                                                  - weight loss
        Phone: 702-326-4040
                                                  - cease smoking
        Email:                              • Health Club memberships - discounts for external club memberships.
                                            • Health Fairs - annual fair where employees can meet with experts and
                                               health plan providers.
                                            • Walks - participation in charitable walks as a group/organization for
                                               the exercise as well as the cause.
                                            • Wellness check-ups - periodic dates where clinicians will check blood
                                               pressure, cholesterol, etc.
                                    Today’s organizations need to look for ways to make their wellness programs more participative and are
                                    turning to contests and competitions to encourage individuals and drive behavior changes. A little healthy
                                    competition at work can be a very good thing and can enhance your wellness efforts through increased
                                    physical activity, high participation levels and a stronger culture of health.

                                    Employee wellness programs must not be neglected even in tough economic times. Even though money
                                    may be tight, show your appreciation for your employees and their families by providing a low cost, fun,
                                    educational, event at work. Contact your plan benefits providers; many of them already have the means to
                                    hold health fairs or other events on your premises and for little or no money. Provide a few refreshments and
                                    your “good will” will be a small price to trade for good health. Guess what? Maybe you’ll save a few lives
                                    in the process.

      Question of
                                   (Send responses to LJBConsulting@cox.net) Have you ever participated in or
                                   made available a Mentoring program at your work? What are your requirements
                                   for participation, both employees and managers? Explain. (Your response may be
                                   printed in next month’s column.)
      the Month

6     Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine I December 2010                                                                             www.lvfnb.com
Signature Chef
   of Las Vegas
                                                                              LAS VEGAS CHEF AND SOMMELIER
                                                                            A NEW CLUB created by Chef Jean-David Groff-Daudet
                                                                              (Chef JD) Executive Chef of Garfield’s on the Lake
                                                                                  in Summerlin and supported by Fork & Pour –
                                                                                    Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas.
                                                                              An invitation-only gathering of Industry Professionals
                                                                                in a relaxed, informal, no-pressure atmosphere.
                                                                                 This is THE venue to taste complementary new
                                                                                   and different wines, talk with the distributors
                                                                               and winemakers, eat great food, and catch up
                                                                                      with other Las Vegas Industry Leaders.
                                                                                     Please contact us if interested in joining
                                                                                           & attending or any questions…

                                                                                     UPCOMING PRESENTORS INCLUDE
                                                                                            JOY ARMAGNAC

You Work Hard on Your Menu . . .
   Leave the MAGIC to Chef Paul !
        Choose From 28 Magic Seasoning Blends Products

                                              Chef Paul Prudhomme
                                              stands for quality and
                                              he proudly offers his
                                              line of all-natural, Magic
                                              Seasoning Blends (17),
                                              Magic Sauce & Marinades
                                              (4), Magic Chiles (7)
                                              and Smoked Meats
                                              (Andouille & Tasso)!

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       Call Gregg Villarrubia (504) 731-3519 or gvillarrubia@chefpaul.com

       Las Vegas broker contact:                                                CALL YOUR LOCAL SALES REP TODAY!
       Rick Mundy (Nasser Company, Inc.), (702)-873-4351 or

                                                                                         (702) 400-1378
                                    ACF Chefs Las Vegas
                                                         November Meeting
                                                            at the CSN

                                                                                       Photos by Mike Fryer
Tailgate Party
  at UNLV

                                                                                       Photos by George Fryer

8   Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine I December 2010                      www.lvfnb.com
                                                                                                                         CAREER PLANNING

 Insights into Career Planning                                                                                                               BY Katherine

 Within Culinary Arts
                                                                                                                                 Donaho-Wessman CEPC
                                                                                                                                    Patisserie and Baking
                                                                                                                                        Department Chair
                                                                                                                                  Le Cordon Bleu College
                                                                                                                                          of Culinary Arts
 One of the major problems faced by many individuals within any career field is that they have little idea of what they
                                                                                                                                  Melvin W. Donaho, PhD.
 want to do or to be. Consequently, they often accept a position simply by chance – “A job was needed; a job was offered;                     Professor of
                                                                                                                                 Communication, Retired
 a job was accepted with little, if any, thought for the future.” All too often we have seen young people accept the first job
 offered and run right out and buy a car, fancy clothes, or expensive gifts with little thought of going into debt and already
 getting behind the eight ball of personal frustration as far as any future goals are concerned. Immediately, we challenge
 the reader first to sit down and think. Yes, think realistically about where you would want to be in twenty or thirty years
 both personally and professionally. Very few people really know where or what they want to be in the future; however,
 you should begin by assessing your interests and attributes and then identifying long-range goals. Remember, once you
 have set long-range goals, you can, at any time along the line, change or re-establish new ones while building on the old.
 Establishing personal goals such as marriage, where to live or having children we leave to the reader – except to remind                    Katherine Donaho-
                                                                                                                                    Wessman currently holds
 you that these too, should require careful forethought and planning. The primary goal of this article is to assist you with
                                                                                                                                         the position Patisserie
 realizing what steps should be taken to achieve realistic, long-range, career goals. At this point, we encourage the reader          and Baking Dept. Chair/
                                                                                                                                     Pastry Chef Instructor at
 to review the following chart entitled, “A Personal/Professional Development Matrix,” so that you may become oriented                Le Cordon Bleu College
                                                                                                                                  of Culinary Arts Las Vegas
 to it for the discussion which follows.                                                                                                  and is responsible for
                                                                                                                                        student instruction and
                                                                                                                                 curriculum development for
                                                                                                                                   the Patisserie and Baking
                                                                                                                                    program. Le Cordon Bleu
                                                                                                                                   Las Vegas is an affiliate of
                                                                                                                                     Le Cordon Bleu Schools
                                                                                                                                    North America, one of the
                                                                                                                                  largest providers of quality
                                                                                                                                       culinary arts education,
                                                                                                                                   and offers an intensive 15
                                                                                                                                     month hands-on culinary
                                                                                                                                    arts training program that
                                                                                                                                       combines classical and
                                                                                                                                      fundamental techniques
                                                                                                                                 with contemporary methods
                                                                                                                                 culminating in an Associate
                                                                                                                                     of Occupational Science
                                                                                                                                       (A.O.S) degree and the
                                                                                                                                 prestigious Le Cordon Bleu
                                                                                                                                     Diplôme. The Las Vegas
                                                                                                                                     campus boasts a current
                                                                                                                                      enrollment of more than
                                                                                                                                         600 students and over
                                                                                                                                         1,000 graduates since
                                                                                                                                        its opening in 2003. Le
                                                                                                                                       Cordon Bleu College of
                                                                                                                                   Culinary Arts Las Vegas is
                                                                                                                                      a member of the Career
                                                                                                                                         Education Corporation
                                                                                                                                  (NASDAQ:CECO) network
                                                                                                                                 of universities, colleges and

www.lvfnb.com                                                                            December 2010 I Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine                        9

     Travel Monterey for More with Les!
     Four Days & Three Luxurious Nights - April 22, 23, 24, 25th 2011
                                                                                                                                           BY Les Kincaid

 Here is an overview of most of the experiences we will have during this luxury stay in Monterey. Not in a specific order but
 certainly an important part of this exclusive trip. This beautiful city is nestled alongside the shimmering Monterey Bay. The bay
 (a wildlife sanctuary and world-famous in its own right) is a nature-lover’s dream. Besides the natural beauty of the area, the
 waters are teaming with wildlife: migrating whales, gulls, otters, pelicans, sea lions, egrets, and seals are all there in abundance.
 And while from the shoreline you might not be able to see the plentiful sea life beneath the surface, you can easily visit the
 world renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium that boasts some of the finest underwater exhibits anywhere. Monterey also has its
 own Fisherman’s Wharf, its historic Cannery Row district, as well as many world-class restaurants, shops, and fine art galleries.
 Monterey County boasts over 35,000 acres planted to 40 different grape varieties. The area is home to San Bernabe Vineyard,
 the world’s largest contiguous vineyard at over 7,500 acres.
 The very essence of this incredibly beautiful region deliciously captured in a bottle…Wines that have an identity, a character, a sense   Les Kincaid is a
 of place. Monterey boasts one of the most dramatic meetings of land and sea on Earth. And these same scenic elements that make            food, wine, and
 Monterey among the world’s favorite vacation destinations also combine to create conditions perfect for growing wine grapes.              golf expert and
                                                                                                                                           cookbook author. He
 Because of this area’s unique geography and sparser population, it offers some of the most dramatic and rewarding Highway 1               hosts a nationally
 drives. Central Coast’s up-and-coming wine regions – from Paso Robles, now the third largest in the state, to Santa Barbara,              syndicated wine
 made famous in the film Sideways – boast some of the most sought-after and delicious wines California has to offer.
                                                                                                                                           radio show each
 In addition to great restaurants, shopping and entertainment abound here, as well as several local wine tasting rooms at Taste            Thursday from
 of Monterey, located on Cannery Row, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, whose Seafood Watch program is known nationally                       7 to 8 pm. You can
 for boosting sustainable seafood.                                                                                                         enjoy his website or
 Email me at les@leskincaid.com to sign up for this experience.                                                                            his broadcast at
 Here’s part of what we are going to experience on this luxury trip:                                                                       www.leskincaid.com
                                                                                                                                           or email
 Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa Monterey, CA.                                              The highlight of L’Auberge Carmel is its
          Dramatically perched over the Monterey Bay, this                             intimate 12-table restaurant, Aubergine,
          world-class resort offers the perfect vantage point to                       featuring a 4500-bottle wine cellar. It is the
                                                                                                                                           FOLLOW ME ON
          enjoy the gentle sounds of the surf, fresh scent of sea                      passion of Executive Chef Christophe Grosjean.
                                                                                                                                           FACE & TWITTER
          air and the sight of otters at play.                        Les will work with Chef Grosjean to concoct a sumptuous meal
                                                                      we’ll all enjoy with appropriate wine, of course. The intimate
 Monterey Aquarium Private Tour Visit                                                                                                      leskincaid
                                                                      10-table Aubergine restaurant features an underground wine
                       Get an insider’s view of the Aquarium.         cellar that was constructed beneath the inn’s courtyard to house     www.twitter.com/
                       Our private tour will give us all an           the restaurant’s 4,500 bottle collection.                            leskincaid
                       opportunity to interact with the staff,
                       discover the hidden life of animals and         LES’ TIPS FOR OUR TOURS:
                       learn about ocean research. They exhibit        • Do not wear perfume or fragrances while tasting wine. Smell is such a huge
                       approximately 550 different species.              factor in how a wine is perceived and you’ll want to save all of those olfactory
 17 Mile Drive at Pebble Beach and lunch                                 receptors for the lovely wines you will taste.
 Synonymous with golf, Pebble Beach boasts some of the                 • Taste only at the wineries and not in the vehicle between wineries. The goal
 premier courses in the world – certainly some of the most               of tasting wines is to expose you to great wine and help acquaint you with a
 beautiful – including Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill and Poppy             particular winemaker’s style, not get you drunk.
 Hills. Pebble Beach’s famous “17-Mile Drive” will take you            • You will be given “tastes” of wine. The pour that you get may vary from winery
 on a scenic loop past incredible multi-million dollar homes,            to winery – some giving you more than others (and possibly more than you
 spectacular golf courses and magnificent ocean views.                   want). The wineries will not be offended if you either spit or dump-out wine.
                                                                         No one at the winery will put you on the spot if you do not consume the wine.
                   Gear up to one of the West Coast’s top
                                                                         You may also opt out of tasting a particular wine if it’s not your thing (although
                   pieces of real estate. Enjoy an alfresco stop
                                                                         I highly recommend that you taste all types of wine since one type can differ in
                   at The Inn at the Spanish Bay. We are simply
                                                                         style from one winery to another).
                   going to imbibe a bit and mostly take in the
                   views, which are spectacular.                       • Do not be afraid to ask questions. Winemakers LOVE to tell you about their
                                                                         wine. No question is a stupid question and learning adds so much to the wine
             Although Château Julien Wine Estate is just                 drinking experience.
             10 minutes from the Monterey Peninsula, you’ll
                                                                       • Chewing mints or gum will definitely affect the taste of wine - and not for the better!
             think you’ve been magically transported to the
             French countryside. Nestled in the rolling hills of       • Drink lots of water between tasting wines. Staying hydrated is the key to avoiding
             Carmel Valley, amidst vineyards and gardens, this           hangovers. You’ll thank yourself in the morning! Also, be sure to eat along the way
 16-acre French country winery is a unique setting for anything          at some point. The less food you eat, the more quickly you will become intoxicated.
 from elegant sit-down dinners to festive extravaganzas.               • Take a note pad to make tasting notes. You can get something as simple as a spiral
                                                                         notebook. It’s always good to write down your perception of the wine you tasted
                                                                         as you taste it (and when you still remember). It can be used as a handy reference
 Bernardus Lodge & Winery                                                when you are heading to the wine store to make a purchase at a later time.
 “Experience the Dream!” Nestled on verdant acres with                 • If you find a wine that you especially like and it’s NOT available in Las Vegas, buy
 stately pines and California oak trees, surrounded by a                 it from the winery! You don’t have to feel obligated to purchase on your visit, but
 vineyard and the Santa Lucia mountains rising majestically in           if you know you’re going to buy it anyway then why not directly from the people
 the background, Bernardus Lodge is a premier luxury resort              who make it? Plus it’s a great token of your wine excursion and it gives you a way
 that combines the simple elegance of fine country living, with          to share the experience with friends when you return home.
 the high quality of service and luxury amenities found in only        • Lastly, enjoy yourself. Visiting Les’ favorite wineries should be a very fun
 the choicest European hotels.                                           experience. You just never know the adventures you might have!

10    Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine I December 2010                                                                                          www.lvfnb.com
                                                   AL MANCINI: “This is a totally different type of restaurant guide – like nothing anyone has ever
                                                   seen before.
                                                   First, it’s a collaboration between three very different critics who write for competing publications.
                                                   Getting us to agree on anything is close to impossible, but we somehow managed to agree on this list of
                                                   the 50 essential restaurants.
                                                   Second, we each review each restaurant on the list from our very different perspectives --- and put our
                                                   names on our reviews. Readers will get to know each of our personalities as they read through the book.
                                                   And that’s extremely important when you’re reading a review. Different authors value different things.
                                                   And if you know something about who’s writing, you can better decide how much weight to give his or
                                                   her opinion. In other guide books, you have different reviewers writing about every restaurant, and you
                                                   have no idea who wrote what, what their overall viewpoint is, what they value, or how closely you can
                                                   relate to them. As far as I’m concerned, anonymous reviews are completely useless – and yet they’ve
                                                   become the guidebook industry standard.
                                                   Finally, other restaurant guides give you only a few sentences each on hundreds of restaurants. By the
                                                   time you finish reading a review, you don’t know a lot more about the place than when you started. And
                                                   you have to sift through page after page of these basically worthless reviews. We’ve decided to narrow
                                                   down the list of places we cover--we’re only hitting the places we all agree are “essential” to the Vegas
                                                   dining scene. We give you three detailed, knowledgeable reviews on each and every one. So after
                                                   reading about one of our choices, you should know exactly what to expect from the place.”
                                                   JOHN CURTAS: “EATING LAS VEGAS is unique in many respects: No other restaurant guidebook
                                                   combines the top critics from three different publications under one title, pontificating, venting their spleens
                                                   and carving up their rivals, while identifying and illuminating the best places to eat in one of the world’s
                                                   great restaurant cities. It also distills the mind-blowing array of world-class restaurants in Las Vegas into
                                                   an entertaining, readable and concise format. Finally, it proves once and for all that Max Jacobson and Al
                                                   Mancini, for all of their charm and erudition, should stick to reviewing banh mi parlors and pizza joints.”
MAX JACOBSON: “If the the Three Stooges had written a restaurant guide, no one would take it seriously. Thank goodness the general public
can’t figure out which one of us is Moe, Larry, or Curly. We all had fun--a real surprise--but the biggest surprise was actually getting three very different
heads together and discovering that, by and large, we were on the same page most of the time. And if a consensus can be reached by me, Curtas, and
Mancini, then there is hope for peace in the Middle East.”

www.lvfnb.com                                                                            December 2010 I Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine                       11
      SHOWS GET CONTRACT                         Shops at Caesars and bring 125 years of              more than 50 lighted trees through Jan. 2.
          EXTENSIONS                             New York history to the Strip.                          In its debut year, CityCenter has
    Disney’s “The Lion King” has been                A media evening at the Twin Creeks               received the coveted AAA Five Diamond
 extended at Mandalay Bay through Dec.           Restaurant inside the Silverton showcased            Award® for both ARIA and the Mandarin
 30, 2011, which will mark it as the longest     the remarkable $3.7 million interior remodel.        Oriental, which also received the coveted
 run of the show in any U.S. city.                   American burger joint, i♥burgers will            Forbes Five-Star award for its spa. For the
    Penn & Teller recently celebrated the        open its first location at The Shoppes at the        second consecutive year, the M Resort has
 10- year anniversary of their show at the Rio   Palazzo in mid-December. The Executive               been honored with a 2011 Forbes Four-
 and an extension through 2013.                  Chef/General Manager is Errol LeBlanc,               Star Award by Forbes Travel Guide.
    Holly Madison has extended her run           formerly of R.E. Tapas Kitchen and Aureole.             The Bellagio has been awarded the
 as “Bo Peep,” who discovers her sexuality,          Tommy Bahama’s Restaurant & Bar at               AAA Five Diamond Award for the tenth
 in “PEEPSHOW” at Planet Hollywood               Town Square has unveiled a new collection            consecutive year. It is the only hotel in America
 through 2011.                                   featuring more than 150 rums.                        to have two AAA Five Diamond restaurants–
                                                     Station Casinos is bringing back its             Picasso and Le Cirque.
                                                 Grand Café restaurants to five of its                          ENTERTAINMENT
                                                 properties and replacing the national chain                     HAPPENINGS
                                                 Coco’s Bakery Restaurants. The first will               The Estate of Michael Jackson and
                                                 open on Dec. 27 at Palace Station followed           Cirque du Soleil will create touring and
                                                 by Sunset Station in mid-January                     permanent shows and launch “Michael
                                                     The Garden Fresh Buffet with action              Jackson The Immortal World Tour™.” A
                                                 stations opened for breakfast, lunch and             show will open Dec. 15, 2011, at Mandalay
                                                 dinner at the Riviera last month.                    Bay.
                                                     Kahunaville at Treasure Island is featuring         Garth Brooks has released his next
                                                 live band karaoke and performances by the            series of concert dates at the Encore
                                                 five-piece Rock the Mic band starting at 10:30       Theater at Wynn with a new $100 higher
                                                 p.m. Thursday through Saturday nights.               ticket price…$225.
                                                 RESORT & MISCELLANEOUS NEWS                             The Tiffany Theatre at the Tropicana,
                                                    The Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical           now managed by Eagle Group Holdings,
                                                 Gardens is featuring its free gigantic winter        will open “Yesterday” A Tribute to The
                                                 holiday display 24 hours daily through Jan. 2.       Beatles next year.
     The Luxor’s adult revue “Fantasy” has                                                               Four-time      Grammy-winning     R&B
 been extended through 2011. Celebrating                                                              group Boyz II Men will open a four-week
 its 11th year on the Strip, the Anita Mann                                                           engagement at the Flamingo on Dec. 14.
 production features new star Lorena Peril.                                                           Flamingo mainstay headliners “Donny &
                                                                                                      Marie” will return to on Jan. 18.

                                                    This month, Lady Gaga unveiled at
                                                 all eight Madame Tussauds’ locations
                                                 worldwide a “different portrayal” of the
                                                 superstar. This immense four-month
         RESTAURANT NEWS                         process cost $2.4 million.
     New York-based The ONE Group will open          The 12th annual gingerbread village at              The Miss America Organization will
 its edgy steakhouse STK on Dec. 15 at the new   the Four Seasons features 20 gingerbread             reinstate the Miss America Parade,
 Cosmopolitan. Stephen Hopcraft (Bravo’s         “real estate” properties and a life-sized, working   renamed the “DSW Show Us Your Shoes
 ‘Top Chef’ and Food Network’s ‘Chefs vs.        carousel on display through – Dec. 25.               Parade,” on Friday, Jan. 14, at Paris at
 City’) has been named executive chef.              The Western pioneer-themed Mystic                 noon. The 2011 “Miss America Pageant,”
     P.J. Clarke’s will open its first West      Falls Park inside Sam’s Town has been                will air live on ABC, Jan. 15 from Planet
 Coast location this month at The Forum          transformed into a winter wonderland with            Hollywood.
12    Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine I December 2010                                                                                 www.lvfnb.com
                               Paul works closely with the
                               culinary team to craft a wine
                               list that complements and
                               accentuates Bouchon’s bistro
                               cuisine. Drawing mainly
                               from the wine making
                               regions of California and
                               France, he selects wines
                               that offer a window into
                               their distinct terroir. Prior
                               to joining Bouchon in Las
                               Vegas in 2005, Paul owned
                               and operated the Café
                               Madrid in Salt Lake City,
                               Utah, which was named Best
                               Neighborhood Restaurant
                               by Bon Appetit magazine
                               in 2002. While supervising
                               the day to day operations of
                               the restaurant, he channeled
                               his passion for wine into
                               building a renowned Spanish
                               wine list. Paul holds a
                               Bachelor of Science degree
                               in Management from the
                               University of Massachusetts
                               in Boston, MA.

                THE L AST WORD
                3/4oz Plymouth Gin
                3/4oz Luxardo Maraschino
                3/4oz Chartreuse Green
                3/4oz Lime

www.lvfnb.com                             December 2010 I Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine   13
     Restaurant Review

 BY Shelley Stepanek

                                           When you first arrive at Briar Rose           California. Throughout the winery, there
                                           Winery, you blink your eyes, and think you    are original artworks, statues and hidden
                                           are dreaming. Then you blink again and        messages in the plaster of the cottage
                                           see that you’ve stepped into a Brother’s      walls which are only visible at sunset.
                                           Grimm fairytale high in the Swiss Alps.
                                           With authentic Snow White cottages all        In the 1980s, Dorian and Les Linogle
                                           around you and music from Cinderella          lived in Orange County, but were looking
                                           serenading you as you enter the winery,       for property in a remote area to fulfill their
                                           you really have stepped into a true piece     lifelong dream of owning a winery. A
                                           of Disney history, in the city of Temecula    realtor called, saying a owner of a very rare
                                           in Southern California.                       property was ready to sell and they needed
                                           I first met one of the owners, Dorian         to meet her at 8:30 the next morning. But
                                           Linkogle at a travel show in San Diego.       when they arrived they couldn’t get the
                                           She invited me to tour the winery, and        key to work. They peered in the windows,
                                           never being one to say no to a new unique     walked around, fell in love and made their
                                           experience, I said yes. And unique it was.
                                                                                         offer of full price. Mr. Fields said that
                                           Briar Rose is named after the Grimm’s         whoever purchased the property had to
                                           version of Sleeping Beauty. It is a small     make a commitment to leave the property
                                           winery hidden among numerous wineries         as it was as long as he remained alive.
                                           in Temecula. The entryway is a waterfall,
                                           with cascading sounds soothing you as         Briar Rose as we know it today, opened
                                           you glide into the tasting room.              in 2007, and produces some of the most
                                           In 1968, Belden Fields, one of the creators   award winning wines in Temecula.
                                           of Disneyland decided to give his wife a      Briar Rose wines have won numerous
                                           present. He built the Snow White cottages     international competitions in the $100
                                           with thatched roofs among a huge grove        and over category and been served at the
                                           of olive and orange trees. Callaway, his      Playboy Mansion and White House for
                                           closest neighbor at the time, made a gift     Presidential Inaugurations.
                                           to him of one of his olive trees for a 25
                                           cent delivery fee when the groves were        Temecula is located in southwestern
                                           torn out to make way for their current day    Riverside County and could easily
                                           vineyards. This tree, which still produces    intrigue you for all of three days. But if
                                           olives is the oldest olive tree in Southern   you go, you MUST visit Briar Rose.

              This is one of the many wineries that require a reservation.
     There are three tastings, along with a private tasting called the Counter Club.
               www.BriarRoseWinery.com • Reservations: 951-308-1098
14   Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine I December 2010                                                                  www.lvfnb.com
 Santa Monica Seafood
 New Facility

                                                                     Photos by George Fryer
 Dinner at RM Seafood Bay
 Santa Monica Sustainable Seafood Dinner at Mandalay

                                                                     Photos by George Fryer

16   Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine I December 2010   www.lvfnb.com
 Create A Change Now, is a grassroots non-
 profit organization creating edible gardens
 in schools, adding a nutrition program, and
 then bringing the top Las Vegas chefs into the
 classroom to educate children about how to
 cook the food they have grown and make it
 taste good. “We want to get children hands-on planting edible
 gardens as well as teaching them the skills to harvest, prepare
 and cook the food they’ve grown,” Candace Maddin, co-
 founder of Create A Change Now says. “Chefs are wonderful
 mentors and if we can break the cycle of reaching for junk
 food by educating children that fresh fruit and veggies can
 taste good, we can have an effect on the high child obesity
 numbers we have here in Nevada.”
 Create A Change Now is currently working with 6 local
 schools. Recently John Simmons, Chef and Owner of
 Firefly* Tapas & Restaurant, planted a shovel in the ground
 to celebrate the creation of an edible garden at Rose Warren
 Elementary School, and Chef Trevethan donated his award
 from the Michael Ty Endowment Fund to put in a garden at
 Elaine Wynn Elementary School. In addition, Chef Oscar
 Toro from SUSHISAMBA has been working with the
 children at Gene Ward Elementary School to show them
                                       healthy meals you can
                                       create in the kitchen
                                       with the fresh produce
                                       from their garden.
                                       Create A Change Now is
                                       a Las Vegas grassroots
                                       movement asking for
                                       support from our local
                                       businesses,     families
                                       and friends. Volunteers
                                       and donors are still
                                       needed. For more
                                       information, visit www.
                                       to learn more.
www.lvfnb.com                                                      December 2010 I Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine   17
 First Restaurant Introduces New Menu Items

                                                                     Photos by Adam Shane
 UNLV Taste of Korea

                                                                     Photos by Adam Shane

18   Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine I December 2010   www.lvfnb.com
www.lvfnb.com   December 2010 I Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine   19
                                       SAVE THE DATE!!                                                             Thank You
          December                                JASN Bonenkai                                                      to Our
         JASN Bonenkai                         (End of the Year) Mixer                                              Sponsors
      (End of the Year) Mixer
      Thursday, December 9,      Thursday, December 9, 2010 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm                                       EMPEROR LEVEL
      2010 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm     @ Ginseng 3 at the Imperial Palace Casino
        @ Ginseng 3 at the       3535 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
      Imperial Palace Casino     Message from JASN President:                                                       SHOGUN LEVEL
                                 Dear JASN Members and Friends,
          JASN supports
                                 I would like to formally invite you to join us for JASN’s annual Bonenkai
       Las Vegas Marathon
                                 party, to be held at the Imperial Palace on December 9th, beginning at
        December 5, 2010
                                 6:00 p.m. A delicious buffet will be catered by the wonderful Ginseng3
                                 Restaurant. The party will be in the event room on the Third Floor, just
                                 north of Ginseng3.
      JASN MISSION               When I lived in Japan, the “bonenkai” season (literally, “let’s party until
       STATEMENT                 we forget this year”) was one of my favorites. The streets of Shinjuku
                                 and Shibuya were filled with merry-makers, most of whom seemed just a
                                 little more merry than the rest of the year. Despite the name, I found that
     understanding of
     Japan, its people,          the bonenkai was really a chance for friends and co-workers to gather and
     culture, politics           remember the good and the bad of the waning year, and to look forward to
     and economics in            the opportunities and challenges of the upcoming year.
                                                                                                                    DAIMYO LEVEL
     Nevada.                     I think we could all agree that the past few years here in Las Vegas are

     Advancing                   really deserving of a good bonenkai!
     awareness                   As we come together on December 9th at the Imperial Palace for our
     of Nevada in                annual JASN Bonenkai, we have a lot to remember and celebrate about
     Japan and within            2010. To help us celebrate, a number of Japanese performers have promised
     the Japanese                to join us and to lift a beverage in a hearty “KANPAI!”
     community abroad.           We will even have a performance by a shamisen player who will share
                                                                                                                    SAMURAI LEVEL
     Creating                    songs and stories from his home island, Amami Oshima. Trust me, his
     opportunities               performance is not to be missed.
     for meaningful              There will be a melancholy side to this year’s Bonenkai, as well. As many
     interaction between         of you know, our wonderful Executive Director, Miho Rigdon, will be
     Nevadans and                leaving us at the end of the year to return to Japan. For many of us, this will
     Japanese.                   be the last chance to see Miho-san before she leaves for her home country.
     Educating Nevadans          Bittersweet, indeed.
     on important issues         See you December 9th!
     that impact the U.S. –      JASN President : Jeffrey Winchester
     Japan relationship.
     Providing support for                               Become a JASN Member Today!
     expatriate Japanese
     residing in Nevada.
                                                            Call us at (702) 818-3781
20    Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine I December 2010                                                                    www.lvfnb.com
           n Nov. 4, Tbones Chophouse & Lounge at the Red              The first course featured an Autumn Squash Bisque made with           BY Bob Barnes
           Rock Casino, Resort & Spa presented an evening of        pumpkin and Pumpkin Salad, which was naturally paired with
           craft beer from Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales,          Punkin Ale. The result was a perfect blend of pumpkin flavors in
           paired with the creations of Chef Joseph Kudrak.         both food and beverage form. Next up was Pork Belly with Apple
           The evening began with an informal gathering in          Fritter and one of Dogfish Head’s flagship beers, the 90-Minute
           the restaurant’s beautiful outdoor patio overlooking     IPA. The pork belly was braised in the beer and its salty char-
           the Red Rock pool area. Passed appetizers of pulled      acter balanced quite nicely with the citrusy flavor of this beer.
           pork barbecue sliders, mesquite grilled pizza and        The very potent 15.5% Olde School Barleywine was matched
 a savory sweet potato tart were served with Dogfish Head           with Braised Beef Cheeks and beets with a celery root puree
 Festina Peche, 60-Minute IPA and Midas Touch.                      and a demi-glace made from the beer. A grand finale of a Warm
                                                                    Chocolate Savarin was served alongside Pangaea, so named after
                                                                    the supercontinent that existed 250 million years ago, before               Bob Barnes is a
                                                                    the continents were separated into their current configuration.       native Las Vegan and
                                                                    Pangaea incorporates ingredients from all seven continents, with         associate editor of
                                                                    water from Antarctica, basmati rice from Asia, muscavado sugar        Fork and Pour-Food
                                                                    from Africa, quinoa from South America, crystallized ginger          & Beverage Magazine
                                                                    from Australia, European yeast and North American maize. The               of Las Vegas. He
                                                                    result is a very unique beer with complex flavors.                           welcomes your
                                                                       A nice touch at the conclusion of the dinner was the appear-                   inquiries.
                                                                    ance of Executive Chef Joseph Kudrak and his assistant, Chef
                                                                    Philipp Norsetter, who took time to visit with guests. This was       Email:
                                                                    the first beer dinner that Tbones has hosted, and judging from        LVBobB@juno.com
                                                                    the positive response of its patrons, it won’t be the last. Tbones
                                                                    is definitely living up to its Best Steakhouse award in the 2010
                                                                    Best of Las Vegas Review-Journal Readers Poll.
                                                                       Ventano Italian Grill & Seafood hosted its second beer dinner,
                                                                    featuring the beer of Sam Adams and a Boston theme. Ventano
                                                                    had already shown itself to be versatile enough to venture from
                                                                    its Italian menu with its German-themed Oktoberfest beer din-
                                                                    ner a few months earlier, and this evening would again prove its
                                                                    adaptability in excelling at any type of cuisine.
                                                                       The first course matched Clam
                                                                    Chowder and a baked pretzel with
                                                                    Boston Lager, Sam Adams’ flagship
                                                                    beer. The chowder featured generous
                                                                    amounts of clams and garlic, which
                                                                    wound up being a preview of an eve-
                                                                    ning filled with hearty fare. A Boston
                                                                    standard of fish and chips made with
                                                                    North Atlantic haddock and served with
                                                                    signature homemade chips was paired
                                                                    with the new Coastal Wheat. Since
                                                                    it’s brewed with lemon peel and has a
                                                                    noticeable lemon flavor, a lemon wedge
   We left this idyllic interlude and were ushered into Tbones’
                                                                    would be completely unnecessary to en-
 private dining room, where we were greeted with laminated
                                                                    joy this beer. Although Oktoberfest had
 placemats adorned with the Dogfish Head logo and a list of the
                                                                    ended a few weeks earlier, it didn’t pre-
 beers we would be enjoying. The sit down four-course meal
                                                                    vent us from enjoying the Sam Adams
 was prefaced with a talk by Bryant Goulding, Dogfish Head
                                                                    Oktoberfest Lager with Bratwurst and
 West Coast Regional Sales Manager. Bryant entertained us with
                                                                    Boston Baked Beans. A hearty Pepper
 the history of the humble beginnings of the brewery and how
                                                                    Roasted Pork Loin with Old Fashioned
 founder Sam Calagione opened the first brewpub in Delaware
                                                                    Mashed Potatoes was backed up with
 in 1995. The brewery has since grown exponentially to its
                                                                    the equally hearty Sam Adams Cream
 current status as the 24th largest brewery in the U.S. A highly
                                                                    Stout. Naturally, Boston Cream Pie was
 amusing tale was told of how Sam used a vibrating football
                                                                    served for dessert, complimented by the
 game to accomplish continual hopping during brewing. This
                                                                    Winter Lager, which features a blend of
 worked fine until the steam from the brewing kettle caused the
                                                                    cinnamon, nutmeg and orange peel.
 game to short out. Sam went on to invent and patent his own
 continual hopping machine, a giant computer-controlled pneu-          The dinner was capped off with a raffle
                                        matic cannon that shoots    of prizes of Sam Adams logo-ed hats and
                                        hops into the boil kettle   varieties of Sam Adams beer, some of
                                        that he dubbed Sofa         which are not available in the Las Vegas
                                        King Hoppy. Bryant          market. All attendees were given a part-
                                        invited us all to tune      ing gift of a Sam Adams glass, which is
                                        into a new program on       dubbed the perfect pint glass; specially
                                        the Discovery Channel       designed by the brewery, it has a narrow
                                        titled     Brewmasters,     bottom and wider top to better open up
                                        spotlighting        Sam     the beer flavors. This beer dinner at-
                                        Calagione and the vari-     tracted more than 80 diners, proving that
                                        ous collaborations he       Ventano’s clientele is ready and willing to
                                        does with brewers from      put aside their wine glass for a pint glass.
                                        around the world.           Ventano’s next beer pairing dinner is
                                                                    slated for Friday, January 21.

22   Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine I December 2010                                                                                          www.lvfnb.com
www.lvfnb.com   December 2010 I Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine   23
Your Personal Chef
               BY Chef Brian

                                       In the past months I have written about summer
                                    menus and recipes, vegetarian menus and Italian and
                                    Asian cuisine. I have received several letters from
                                    readers who are enjoying my photographs and my style
                                    of International Cuisine. Since we are moving into the
                                    winter months, I feel it fitting to write about the foods
                                    which are fresh and currently in season. Most chefs
                                    will design their menus using seasonal ingredients;
                                    this helps with “food costs” and assists in the creative
                                    cuisine the chef can offer their guests. Summer-
                                    ripened fruits and vegetables are often difficult to find,
                                    at a reasonable price, in the winter months; just as in
                                    the summer months, winter-ripened produce doesn’t
                                    find its way to the farmer’s market or grocery stores.
                                     Some of my favorite versatile winter produce are
                                   Fuyu persimmons and pumpkins. Sure, there are many
 other varieties of cherubs and squash, but pumpkins are my favorite. I have designed
 several meals and menus using pumpkin & persimmon in every course. A quick example
 may be a breakfast menu of pumpkin and cinnamon pancakes with persimmon & pecan
 butter; lunch may be a garden salad with bite-size roasted pumpkin and pumpkin seeds
 with a lemon zest-persimmon vinaigrette; dinner menu may include pumpkin, ricotta
 and turkey sausage ravioli with a sage and persimmon buerre blanc. With these two
 ingredients dessert menus can be unlimited; a favorite of mine is a pumpkin cheesecake
 with a gingersnap cookie crust and a persimmon caramel sauce topped with nutmeg-
   The photographs shown are sweet-pumpkins with Fuyu persimmons and a roasted
 sweet-pumpkin pie with a cinnamon caramel, a persimmon-nutmeg crème chantilly, with
 very ripe-fresh-squeezed persimmon and candied vanilla-pecans….
   The holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here and aside from the
 persimmons, thousands of families will be eating turkey and pumpkins in every state
 of the Union. These ingredients have become so commonplace, during these holiday
 months, that they can be available in every market, every city and on almost every dinner
 table in the country. Between early November and early January, chefs all over the country
 will be challenging their minds and palates deciphering ways to come up with creative
 menus using these ingredients.
   A great approach to traditional holiday menus is bread stuffing for turkey breast. It
 seems most cooks at the holiday times make traditional-bread stuffing with dried white
 bread, celery, onion, sage and chicken stock. I have created a non-sweet pumpkin bread
 and persimmon stuffing with walnuts, dried cranberries, apples, celery, onions, leeks,
 marjoram, nutmeg, and smoked bacon. It really is an amazing combination of flavor
 profiles, if I do say so myself…
    Many restaurants and chefs will cook several, if not dozens, of turkeys for the special
 holiday menus and guests. To make a deeply concentrated turkey stock, use these bones
 and drippings to make an enriched broth and an incredible base for fantastic flavored soups.
 If you brown the bones with a little bacon or liquid smoke, you can have a great base for
 split-pea soup, turkey noodle soup, turkey-escarole and white bean soup, and many more           If you have any questions or
 including turkey & corn chowder with diced pumpkin and persimmon croutons, and also             would like a quote, consulting or
 a turkey-pot-pie with a ginger, persimmon and pumpkin crust.                                      recipes please write me at
    Please, if you have any questions or would like a quote for a catering, or weekend-            chefbrian310@yahoo.com.
 delivered meals, feel free to write of call me. I am available to all my clients and readers    Please also view my website at
 upon appointment. I can create any style meal for any discerning palate for any size event.     http://chefbrian310.tripod.com
 I am here for you; if you want the best foods at the best prices contact me…

24   Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine I December 2010                                                                  www.lvfnb.com
 Since Inaugural Dinner in April, Project Dinner Table’s Local Charitable Donations Will Reach $20,000
 Project Dinner Table hosted its seventh and final dinner of the season on Sunday, Nov. 14 at Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs. Chef de
 Cuisine Roy Ellamar of Sensi at Bellagio prepared the much-anticipated six course dinner. The event began at 2 p.m. Only 130 seats
 are available at the event’s signature continuous long clothed-draped dinner table.
 Project Dinner Table is the wildly popular community dinner series founded by self-proclaimed spoonbender, Gina Gavan. What makes
 Project Dinner Table so special is the delicious sense of community each event brings. Every dinner is hosted in a unique location,
 unavailable typically to the public for dinner with each location selected based on its ability to host the event’s signature long, white
 dinner table seating more than 100 guests and serving dishes family style. Local chefs work with local growers and purveyors to not only
 create a one-night-only menu, but also to educate Las Vegans on all that is available while feasting on an organic dinner.
 Project Dinner Table blends a philanthropic approach and appreciation for the farm to table movement, while focusing on what we love:
 food, community and fun. A series of once-in-a-lifetime, white tablecloth dinners hosted on-location in unique and adventurous settings,
 Project Dinner Table pays homage to and educating guests regarding local growers and sustainable sources. The gatherings celebrate
 community, local food sources and the lost art of conversation. Guests break bread with local growers, food artisans, restaurateurs
 and other spirited community members. Project Dinner table is a tasty reason for people to gather, give back, connect and share in
 a phenomenal culinary adventure. A donation will be made to a selected charity at each dinner. For more information, go to www.
 projectdinnertable.com or find on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Las-Vegas-NV/Project-Dinner-Table/197400746943?ref=ts
 or follow on Twitter - @Food4Good.

www.lvfnb.com                                                                December 2010 I Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine          25
     Jan. 4 - 9, 7pm
     Riverside Resort-Celebrity
     Don Rose has made a
     career portraying Elvis and
     has performed his tribute
     show across the United
     States and Canada as
     well as in Germany and
     Switzerland. Cost: $30.
     Jan. 7 - 9
     Riverside Resort-South
     Parking Lot
     Events will include an
     open header contest,
     creeper races, poker run,
     raffles, ladies tea party,
     door prizes and a DJ all
     weekend. Cost: Entry
     donation fee for charity.
     Jan. 7 - 9
     Golden Nugget - Front
     Parking Lot
     The Laughlin Regional on
     Saturday, and the Nevada
     State cook-off on Sunday.
     Cost: Free for viewing
                                   DON LAUGHLIN’S RIVERSIDE                                  GOLDEN NUGGET LAUGHLIN
                                   RESORT HOTEL & CASINO                                     1900 S. Casino Dr. Laughlin, NV 89029
                                   1650 S Casino Drive Laughlin, Nevada 89029                1-800-662-LUCK (5825) or 1-702-298-5111 or
                                   Phone : 1-800-227-3849 Nevada: 702-298-2535               1-800-760-7046
                                   www.riversideresort.com                                   www.goldennugget.com/laughlin
                                   Owned by Don Laughlin, the property now known             Golden Nugget Laughlin is an intimate, 300-room
                                   as the Riverside was originally a boarded-up motel        resort located on the banks of the Colorado River. The
                                   purchased by Laughlin in 1966, and became the             tropical-themed casino features slot and video poker
                                   cornerstone of one of the fastest growing communities     machines, which includes progressive-play machines;
                                   and gaming resorts in Nevada. The Riverside has           table games, including blackjack, craps, roulette and
                                   1,404 rooms in its two towers, five restaurants and       three-card poker; keno; and a complete race and
                                   a showroom that continually features top-name             sports book, which is linked to the Golden Nugget
                                   celebrities. The resort has a state-of-the-art movie
                                                                                             Las Vegas for the most up-to-the-minute betting lines.
                                   theater with six screens; a classic car collection
                                                                                             Unrivaled in Laughlin, the Golden Nugget’s race book
                                   featuring more than 80 rare and historic automobiles;
                                                                                             offers pari-mutual betting, provides access to major
                                   convention facilities; a $15 million state-of-the-art
                                                                                             sporting events from around the world, and features
                                   bowling alley; and supervised children’s daycare
                                   center. The Riverside operates the U.S.S. Riverside,      more tracks than any other race book in Laughlin.
                                   a luxury tour boat that sails under Laughlin Bridge       The Golden Nugget Laughlin also offers a variety
                                   to Davis Dam and offers daily narrated routes on          of fine and casual dining at affordable prices, to suit
                                   the Colorado River. A new addition to the complex,        all palates. Restaurants include Joe’s Crab Shack,
                                   Casino West, features a 10,000-square-foot casino         Harlow’s, Saltgrass Steak House, The Sports Bar at
                                   with more than 180 slot and video poker machines, a       Tarzan’s and The Deli. After dark, Thursday through
                                   full-service cocktail bar and snack bar. Casino West is   Saturday, The Sports Bar at Tarzan’s transforms into
                                   located adjacent to the RV park (full hook-up with 740    the tropical-inspired Tarzan’s Nightclub featuring live
                                   spaces) and 560-space parking garage.                     DJs and bands.

26     Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine I December 2010                                                                             www.lvfnb.com
                The School of Pastry Design is the creation of celebrity chef and
                TV culinary artist Chris Hanmer, the youngest world pastry team
                champion ever, and one of the few such champions to come from
                the United States. The highly-creative, outgoing Hanmer is a former
                pastry chef for multiple AAA Five Diamond hotels, and he is a
                frequent face on the TV Food Network.
                While a world champion in every sense of the word, Chef
                Hanmer is also a friendly, down-to-earth, chef-next-door role
                model, a master of every major pastry art, and the antithesis of the
                stereotypical French
                pastry chef. His
                spectacular sugar
                sculptures and
                chocolate showpieces
                have graced the pages
                of major global food
                magazines, and he
                is now bringing his
                dynamic cooking
                techniques to a fantasy
                studio kitchen in Las
                Vegas where students
                can spend time learning
                or mastering the art of
                pastry design and have
                a great time doing so.

                Biography of Pastry Chef Chris Hanmer
                Chris Hanmer has made a steady progression from peeling
                potatoes at a country club at the age of 15 to claiming the
                gold medal as the youngest-ever American chef for a World
                Pastry Team Championship. His accolades include world
                class recognition and experience, and in 2006 he was honored
                to become the executive pastry chef for the Ritz-Carlton Lake
                Las Vegas property.

                Now Chef Chris is bringing his experience and dynamic
                cooking techniques to a beautiful studio kitchen in Las Vegas
                where students – professionals and non-professional alike –
                can spend time one-on-one or in small groups mastering the
                art of pastry design.

                2010 – The School of Pastry Design, Las Vegas, Nevada
                2006 – Executive Pastry Chef, Ritz-Carlton, Lake Las Vegas,
                Corporate Pastry Advisory Board Member, Ritz-Carlton
                Opening Trainer for Ritz-Carlton Denver 2007, Dove
                Mountain 2008, Lake Tahoe 2009
                Member Art Institute Professional Advisory Committee
                2004 – Team USA World Pastry Team Championship, gold
                2003 – Assistant Pastry Chef, Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada
                2001 – International School of Confectionary Arts (ISCA)
                Traveled worldwide with famed Chef Ewald Notter
                Member Team Klocko National Pastry Team Championship,
                bronze medal
                2000 – Albert Uster Imports (AUI), Gaithersburg, Maryland
                Apprentice to Chef Susan Notter’s Gold Medal ACF Olympic
                team, Germany
                1998 – Named an up-and coming chef by the California
                Restaurant Association
                1998 – Culinarian, Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, California
                1995 – Candlewood Country Club, Whittier, California

www.lvfnb.com      December 2010 I Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine                  27
                        Sustainable Art:
                        Decorating While Green
                      For many restaurateurs, the ambiance within a restaurant is just as important as the quality of service or
                     the food on the plate. Furnishings, lighting fixtures, and photos can tell stories about family dreams, culinary
                 inspiration, and owner philosophy. But, for our Certified Green Restaurants®, décor also offers an opportunity
 to communicate a commitment to sustainable practices.
 Restaurants seeking Certification with the GRA earn points in seven environmental categories: Energy, Water Efficiency,
 Sustainable Food, Disposables, Waste Reduction & Recycling, Chemicals & Pollution Reduction, and Sustainable Furnishings
 & Building Materials. For some of our Certified Green Restaurants®, the latter category means recycled denim insulation or
 sustainable flooring options, but for many, it means finding unique ways to decorate their space.
 Need inspiration? Here’s how some of our Certified Green Restaurants® racked up points for their sustainable décor.

     Breaking Down Sustainable Décor
 CUPS, CUPCAKERY & LOUNGE, LA JOLLA, CA                                            SOMETHING TO
 Points for Sustainable Furnishings & Building Materials: 9.39
 As the first 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® in San Diego
                                                                                    TALK ABOUT
 and the only California bakery to achieve Certified Green              Incorporating sustainable furnishings and
 Restaurant® status, Cups is a unique restaurant concept that’s         decorative elements is more than cost effective
 also integrated several unique sustainable design elements             and environmentally friendly; the origins
 into their restaurant:
                                                                        of a restaurant’s furnishings often serve as
 Chairs made from acacia trees, 0.39 points: Acacia wood                unique conversation pieces for guests and add
 is a rapidly-renewable and sustainable substance with
 significant strength.
                                                                        additional character to the building. Here are
                                                                        some interesting sources of salvaged decorative
                                                                        elements in our Certified Green Restaurants®:
 Recycled glass countertops, 3 points: Constructing counters
 with glass offers a more sustainable and cost-effective
 solution than granite or marble. The countertops at Cups are           • When it comes to sourcing salvaged wood,
 constructed of old glass bottles with multi-colored hues that             Sweetgreen in Washington, DC is king…
 give off a unique mosaic motif.
                                                                           pin, that is. Their chairs and tables are
 Recycled décor, 3 points: Even the animals that visit Cups                constructed of wood salvaged from old
 dine green—recycled bowls are used outside as a watering
 hole for the pets of patrons. Cups also uses recycled planters
                                                                           bowling alleys.
 for the restaurant’s greenery, saving money while creating an          • The Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland, OH
 elegant ambiance.                                                         takes a more educational approach, sourcing
 Sustainable flooring, 3 points: When it came time to choose               their tables from discarded secondary school
 their flooring, Cups went au naturale: Instead of hardwood or             and university laboratory tables.
 linoleum, they chose pebbles. Their flooring is constructed of
 small rocks that have been sealed with adhesives containing            • Le Pain Quotidien built its dining philosophy
 low VOCs that help reduce indoor air pollution.                           around traditional European neighborhood
                                                                           bistros where denizens ate around a large
 UNCOMMON GROUND, CHICAGO IL                                               communal table. At its locations, the tables in
 Points for Sustainable Furnishings & Building Materials: 12               question are constructed of salvaged doors.
 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® Uncommon Ground
 has made a name for itself amongst sustainably minded                  • Adam’s Sustainable Table in Eugene, Oregon
 Chicagoans with its diverse food, Certified Organic rooftop               is illuminating the way to sustainable dining;
 garden, and unique surroundings. Their commitment to                      their restaurant’s lamps are constructed of
 sustainability doesn’t end with the food; they’ve also                    old aluminum cans.
 done a great job of integrating their philosophy into the
 restaurant’s design:                                                   • When becoming more environmentally
 Sustainably-sourced chairs, 3 points: Chairs at Uncommon                  sustainable, every point counts, and even
 Ground are constructed of wood that has been sourced                      the smallest design elements can help a
 from forests certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council                restaurant rack up considerable points
 (FSC), an organization whose managed forests are planted,                 towards Certification. By implementing
 maintained, and harvested sustainably.                                    sustainable design and décor into their
 Reclaimed wood tables, countertops, and cabinetry, 9                      restaurants, Certified Green Restaurants® do
 points: Barns across the United States are often felled due               more than create conversation pieces, they
 to inclement weather, natural disasters, or remodeling.
                                                                           communicate their commitment to reducing
                                                                           their environmental impact.
 Uncommon Ground helps give new life to this old wood
 with cabinetry constructed of reclaimed oak from an old
 Midwestern barn. The restaurant also features tables and
 countertops constructed of reclaimed oak.

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        Green Restaurant Association

                   Since 1990

        Thinking of Going Green?
                Take a strategic approach.

                         a non-profit organization
                           Phone: (617) 737-3344
                          Email: gra@dinegreen.com

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                                                ACF CHEFS OF LAS VEGAS
                                              CHEF OF THE YEAR BOOK 2011
 Las Vegas “CHEF OF THE YEAR” is now in its 40th year and now highlights not only the elected Chef that greatly contributes to the
 Industry but also the Associate and Student Culinarian of the Year who are all honored at the Annual Chef Of The Year Dinner and
 Presentation in Las Vegas.

 This year the LAS VEGAS CHEF OF THE YEAR BOOK 2011 is delighted to include Individual Chef & Restaurant Spotlights as well
 as Directory Listings and Full Color Page Ads. The annual book is eagerly awaited by Chefs, F&B Professionals, Casino Executives,
 Restaurants, and Culinary Students alike and remains with them as a reference for the entire year, giving extra exposure to advertisers
 showing their support for the Chefs of Las Vegas. Distribution includes National ACF Chefs Associations and posting to the Chefs
 Website. Don’t miss this exciting invitation to be included and listed in any of the sections of the ACF CHEFS OF LAS VEGAS “CHEF
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 Chef Spotlight - 2.4” x 3.25” - $200.00                                           3.25” The critics and the John Curtas named
                                                                                                   Todd’s Unique Dining
                                                                                         KNPR food critic
                                                                                                             dining public agree.

                                                                                              Todd’s Unique Dining “Neighborhood            Chef Lo Oversees the menu development
                                                                                              Restaurant of the Year”· [East Side) in his   of Jasmine, Bellagio’s gourmet Chinese
                                                                                              2009 restaurant awards. Also voted Best       restaurant. The restaurant’s menu offers
 Quarter Page AD 3.5” x 4.8125” - $350.00                                                     Gourmet Restaurant by Las Vegas Review
                                                                                              Journal editors and readers.
                                                                                                                                            traditional Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine,
                                                                                                                                            as well as more modern interpretations.
                                                                                              4350 East Sunset Road                         Chefs in America, a California-based asso-
                                                                                              Henderson, NV                                 ciation of culinary professionals, honored Lo,
                                                                                                                                            an originator of nouvelle Hong Kong cuisine,

 Half Page AD - 7.125” x 4.8125” - $650.00
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                                                                                                               BIG DOG’S DRAFT HOUSE
 FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO PLACE                                                                           Rancho at Craig Road 645-1404
                                                                                                     BIG DOG’S CAFE AND CASINO
 YOUR LISTING CONTACT: mike@forkpourmore.com                                                         Sahara at Torrey Pines 876-3647

                                                                                                      BIG DOG’S BAR AND GRILL
                                                                                                     Nellis Blvd. at Owens 459-1099

                              2011 Directory
         RESTAURANT SUPPLIERS                  Get Fresh Companies
         Hickory House                         Las Vegas, NV
         Las Vegas, NV                         www.getfreshsales.com

         US Foodservice Las Vegas              Sysco Las Vegas
         Las Vegas, NV                         Las Vegas, NV
                                               Santa Monica Seafood
         Farmer Brothers Company               Las Vegas, NV
         6435 S. Valley View Suite B           www.smseafood.com
         Las Vegas, Nv. 89118 Las Vegas, NV
                                               Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada
         Custom Culinary                       Las Vegas, NV
         Las Vegas, NV
         www.customculinary.com                                                                                                                             7.125”


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