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Tangshan BoYu Bone China Limited Company

                      Prepared by: Yan Yirong
                     Supervision: Tekin Gultekin
                                Jose Edgar S. Mutuc

                         Table of Content
[Table of content]


A.I Enterprise history
 Tangshan BoYu Bone China Ltd Company was established in 1998. It is a family-owned enterprise. There are
more than 70 sets large production equipments and the yearly production ability is 8million pieces . The main
products are bone china for hotels , air companies, dinner set for families and handicraft product for present. The
bone china products have been sold to european , American, South-easteren Asian and Hongkong and Macau
markets and have covered many domestic markets.
A.II Current situation of the enterprise
This company produces about 6million pieces a year. It produces different series of bone china products such as
dinner set series, present and decoration series and special design utility series. This company has a product
exhibition and shopping center in the center of the city .These years the company has been accepting orders from
the distributors and producing according to the orders. But it has been authorized the export right since this June
and it means that the company can export their own products by themselves other than ask for other agents’ help.
This company has just developed a new material china which is similar to the traditional bone china in quality and
much cheaper in price.The company has a branch in Tanghai Industry Development Zone and the branch has a
10million pieces yearly production ability.There are more than 100 similar bone china companies in Tangshan and
the BoYu is neither the biggest nor the smallest.
A.III The different Businesses of the enterprise
There are three businesses in the enterprise.
1.They produce bone china set for high quality hotels. These sets include dinner set, coffee set ,wine set and tea
set ,etc. And the bone china is one criterion to assess the quality of the hotel.
2.They produce bone china handicraft for decoration.Because the price of the bone china handicraft is very high,it
is often be bought for collection or for given others as present.
3.They produce bone china set for family use. Those relatively rich and large family will buy it because it is part of
a high quality life style.

A.IV The Business selected for the assignment
I have chosen the second business for the assignment.This business can be defined as follows:
Tangshan BoYu bone china Ltd is providing special designed bone china handicraft to those who have high art
taste and are environmentally conscious and enjoying a high quality life style.
A.IV.1 Characteristics of the customers within the targeted segment
The customers need something with high decoration value and can show their own art taste. The product should be
unique or at least very small number in the market and handmade is better.They pay more attention into the brand
of the product.For those who bought the product for present,they need something within the package can certify
the product’s price and high quality besides the high decoration value.The customers buy the bone china handicraft
more often at the holiday period, for example, the Spring Day, the New Year’s Day, the Christmas Day, or even
the Valentine’s Day and the Nationl Day will be the summit of the sale because many young people get married
and their relatives will buy present for the wedding. The customers are looking for relatively scarce china
A.IV.2 Characteristics of the targeted segment
With the development of the economy , people are getting more rich and they are willing to pay more for the
expensive but special present. The potential of the market is unlimited.

A.IV.3 Characteristics of what this Business offers to the targeted segment
This business offers differents kinds of bone china handicraft. They include different size and different decoration
vase,different color or different variety decorative plates, wedding set, etc. Some are hand drawn flower and
unique, some are flower sticker and be produced in a large number. Basicly the production cycle is 45days and
the price differs from 400Yuan RMB to above 10,000 according to the degree of the design and production
A.IV.4 Characteristics of competition for this offer/target segment pair
There are more than 100 bone china enterprises in Tangshan and they all supply bone china handicraft to the
market.There are also some foreign bone china producers who compete in this market.Almost all the companies
have similar product series and some have great brand.They all claim can design and produce special handicraft
according to the customer’s request. Price competition is the main way in this market.

A.IV.5 The Strategy of this Business
Tangshan BoYu bone china Ltd is providing high quality special designed bone china decorative handicraft and
present to those who have high art taste and are environmentlly conscious and are enjoying high quality of life
style.The company may design the product according to your request and certify its quality and will deliver within
a very short time.

A.IV.6 The marketing capabilities in place for this Business
This company has an exhibition and shopping center . It is waiting for the order coming and hear where the
products go from the distributors. The marketing capability is very weak.

A.IV.7 Production capabilities in place for this Business
This company has a yearly 6million pieces production capability. All the different products use basicly the same
equipment and the workers are skilled people.It can deliver the order within 45days even there are maybe some
special requests,unless the number of the order is bigger than 1million.

A.IV.8 Processes for getting orders
This company gets orders from three channels. First is the exhibiting center. Distributors go into the center and
discuss with the shop assistant , if the shop assistant can’t make the decision about the price, she will ask for the
general manager’s help.The second way is the yearly held Tangshan China Exhibition. The company takes part in
the exhibition and the general manager gets orders from there derictly.And the company also contacts with
potential customers from the website .On the company’s website, there are many product pictures,you may call
the general manager derictly or leaving a message on the web and he will contact you within 2days.

A.IV.9 Processes for satisfying orders
The general manager is also the production manager. He estimates the production costs according to his experience
and tell derictly what the workers should do and where should be paid more attention to at the meeting ,and then
production proceeds as usual.

(for the Business selected in A.IV, make a diagnostic of the current situation, without taking into account the
potential improvements to the Business)

B.I Executive summary

(indicate the components of the Business which pose a problem; emphasize those which are the most critical [if the
elements pertaining to strategy, and in particular bargaining power, have shortcomings they are automatically
critical and in practice cast a serious shadow onto the other problems]; possibly synthesise the problems into a
table with the name of the component posing a problem, the description of the symptom/problem, the
consequences for the Business, the root causes, and the remedial actions suggested)

B.II Diagnostic report

B.II.1 Knowledge of competitors

(summarise the results of the Snapshot section by the same name; make reference to what has been observed in the
enterprise or to deductions which have been made based on observations;
In the case where the diagnostic’s result shows a shortcoming, identify the root cause of the shortcoming by
backtracking the shortcoming to the resource and management activity at fault, including Strategy design, explain
what is happening or will happen if the root cause is not corrected (non-success of task, missed production or
marketing objective(s), etc.), and suggest corrective action(s)/intervention(s) to eliminate the root cause(s) of the
problems/symptoms identified)

(repeat for every report item below)

B.II.2 Targeted segment

(this specifically concerns describing the nature of the targeted buyers and indicating their NEHO characteristics,
and in particular those not fully satisfied by an existing competing offer)

B.II.3 Positioning / offer

(this specifically concerns indicating the QQTC characteristics of the offer, matching them with the NEHO
characteristics of the targeted segment, and to judge the adequateness of this correspondence with the intent to
generate bargaining power; nothing to do with the usual references to positioning, such as “higher”…)

B.II.4 Strategy management

(indicate the adequateness of the resources provided to the strategy cycle as well as to the management of
resources (as done through management activities))

B.II.5 Production: Quantity

B.II.6 Production: Quality

B.II.7 Production: Time

B.II.8 Production: Cost

B.II.9 Production function management

(indicate the adequateness of the resources provided to the production function by the manager)

B.II.10 Marketing: Communicating

B.II.11 Marketing: Distributing

B.II.12 Marketing function management

(indicate the adequateness of the resources provided to the marketing function by the manager)

B.II.13 Getting orders

B.II.14 Fulfilling orders

B.II.15 Commercial transactions management

(indicate the adequateness of the resources provided to the transaction cycle tasks by the manager)

B.II.16 Potential for using ICTs

B.II.17 Actual utilisation of ICTs


C.I Strategy design executive summary

(indicate as a minimum the business definition, the marketing objective(s) selected, the strategy statement, the
level of bargaining power which will be achieved and the fundamental reasons behind this bargaining power)

C.II Business definition

C.II.1 Target segment

(describe the target segment and the customers within that segment; indicate amongst their needs, expected
outcomes and purchasing habits and occasions, those which may not be fully satisfied by offers from would-be
competitors, if any; summarise the result of the identification of who is responsible for the financial success of this

C.II.2 Offer

(indicate the main characteristics which define the offer; summarise the results of the identification of the reasons
for which target customers buy or would buy from this business instead of buying from another one)

C.II.3 Bargaining power

(answer the questions “does this business definition maximize bargaining power?”, “does it help dominate or avoid
competitors?”, “is the size of this segment optimal for this enterprise/business? For which reasons?”)

C.II.4 Business definition

(write the finalised business definition)

C.III Strategy design

C.III.1 Marketing objective(s)

(give indications on the consumption of current customers, the loyalty of customers of competitors, the non-users;
with respect to this information, specify and justify the selected marketing objective(s) of this business)

C.III.2 Target segment

(specify the needs, expected outcomes, and purchasing habits and occasions of the customers in the target
segment; highlight those which are not fully satisfied by offers from competitors, if any)

C.III.3 Offer configuration

(describe specifically the physical characteristics, volumes, quality, time and cost factors as configured to
constitute the offer of the business to the target segment, and such that this business’s bargaining power is

C.III.4 Offer positioning with respect to requirements

(indicate the actual correspondence between the QQTC characteristics of the offer and the NEHO characteristics of
the target segment, as positioned to create/strengthen bargaining power; remember that this has no relationship

whatsoever with the usual meaning of positioning as in for instance “luxury” or “high income”; specify which
conceptual and/or empirical evidence supports this positioning and the resulting bargaining power)

C.III.5 Strategy statement

(write the complete strategy statement)

C.III.6 Capacity for success of the business

(give indications as to the compatibility of the enterprise with this business; explore the alternatives issued from
the notion “find the race you can win”)

C.IV Information for strategy design/verification

C.IV.1 Assumptions and hypotheses

(indicate the assumptions and hypotheses made, originally or during the design effort ,regarding the
target segment, competition, enterprise capabilities to produce and market, offer positioning, etc.)

C.IV.2 Design/verification activities

(indicate specifically which management activities have been undertaken so far or should still be
undertaken to verify these assumptions/hypotheses and validate the business definition and strategy)

C.IV.3 Design/verification activities scheduling

(if any, include the Gantt diagramme of the management activities to be undertaken to verifiy the above

C.V Resource planning for strategy implementation

C.V.1 Building business capabilities

(list the critical tasks pertaining to building the production and marketing capabilities necessary to
implement this strategy, possibly with an adaptation of the language to this particular sector or industry;
provide an explicit description of the necessary capabilities which are still missing and explain why they
are critical; indicate the resource necessary for the completion of the task/capability)

C.V.2 Conducting commercial transactions

(list the critical tasks pertaining to conducting commercial transactions for which processes and
procedures are necessary to implement this strategy, possibly with an adaptation of the language to this
particular sector or industry; provide an explicit description of the necessary task processes and
procedures which are still missing and explain why they are critical; indicate the resource necessary for
the completion of the critical tasks)

C.V.3 Strategy implementation critical tasks scheduling

(same as C.IV.3 for critical capabilities tasks and transaction-level processes and procedures)

[raw Snapshot report, including the notes taken during the use of Snapshot]

[diagnostic cover letter]

[raw Compass report, including the plan and Gantt diagramme]

[strategy cover letter]


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