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					9:00    Registration and refreshments

9:30    Welcome and Opening Address by the Chairperson

9:40    Keynote Address: Viewpoint of Opportunities and Challenges in
        the online Spanish gambling market

        • Performance review: examining how the online Spanish gambl
          market fared in 2010
        • Which types of online opportunities and partnerships are of
          interest to global operators in Spain?
        • How is the marketplace likely to develop and which business
          models will win out?

        Speaker include: Aedapi

10:10   Legal Outlook: An Analysis of Recent Developments in
        Gambling law

        • Up-to-the-minute legal and political angles of the ongoing national
          gambling market regulation in Spain and its impact on operators
        • Impact of recent ECJ case law on the gaming industry
        • Examining the main requirements in order to obtain a license
          under the new gaming regime.
        • Taxation requirements

        Speaker include: Legallink

10:35   Panel: How is the Online Gambling industry to deal with the new
        legislation challenges?

        • Who benefits from the future new gaming licensing system?
        • To what extent does it lead to market growth and a encourage
          innovation and new entrants?

        • Is the consumer better or worse off?
        • How will affect the privatisation of up to 30 percent of the state-
          owned lottery
        • Discover the taxation regimes

        Panel including: Legallink, Comision reguladora juego,
        Asociaciones, Dtor. Public Affairs online and land-based gambling

11:20   Morning Coffee & Networking break

11:40   Panel: Selling online gambling: Advertising, Marketing and

        • Yahoo Research: Understanding the online gambler. Current
          behaviours in the digital space
        • Gain advise on the dos and don’ts for advertising and marketing;
          TV, online portals, email, SMS. Understand the legal ramifications
        • Challenges of online advertising and particularly online affiliate
          advertising in regulated markets
        • Opening up TV product placement to gambling companies
        • Tools for customer segmentation and targeted marketing
        • How do customers differ for sports book and casino?
          Understanding the triggers for each type
        • Innovative new ways to leverage maximum returns from your
          marketing channels including TV, Print, Radio, Social Networking,
          Blogs and more.
        • Today, what matters it’s what your friends think is important, not
          Google. Have any gambling companies successfully exploited
          Tuenti, Twitter or Facebook?
        • Identify your partners: Discover how best to work with affiliates,
          vendors and analysts and incorporate them into your marketing
          strategy for win-win partnerships.
        • When is brand more important than product? Examples of
          successful marketing tie-ups and sponsorship deals
        • A glimpse into the marketing challenges iGaming will face in the

        Panel including: Gran Via online, PartyGaming, 888, Betfair,
        Betclick, Ladbrokes, MediaPlanning, Ventura 24, Unedisa, Radio

12:30   Panel: Evaluating the potential for mobile gambling and betting
        in Spain

        • Analysis of the overall mobile gambling market in Europe

        • Is mobile gambling a priority with the wider iGaming operators?
        • Overcoming challenges in the design of games for mobile platforms
        • Discover whether Sportsbook, Casino, Poker, Bingo or Skill Games
          are producing the biggest uptake from consumers on mobile and
        • Learn more about real-time bet- and- play applications with
          improved, more focused products
        • Identifying opportunities for B2B services
        • Understanding mobile customers: How do mobile players differ
          from online players?

        • Maximising your online operational advantages: The importance of
          fully exploiting your brand to stimulate mobile take-up
        • Payments and billing: making payment solutions relevant to mobile
          customers, and how age filtering work for mobile betting?
        • How will this market develop in terms of growth and new

        Panel including: Probability, Betfair, Bettymovil, Spin3, Bongiorno,
        SkyBet, Playtech, Business Develop. Mgr. Movistar and Vodafone,
        Victor Chandler, 777 Mobile

13:25   Lunch & networking

15:30   Panel: Charting the present of sports betting in Spain

        • How do both online and offline operators see sports betting
        • How land-based operators can leverage their brand for online
        • What are current sports viewing and betting interests
        • A detailed look at the customer profile.
        • Strategies and tools to provide a unique product for different
        • Making soccer betting more interactive, exciting and improving
          the consumer experience. Life betting.
        • Measuring the effectiveness of sponsorship in sports betting
        • Attracting and keeping a large user base – what gaming companies
          can learn from social networking sites
        • Building brand loyalty and ARPUs through a diversified product
        • Increasing revenue from side games and getting customers to
          stay longer and bet more
        • Most effective methods for cross-selling sports betting to poker
        • Mobile betting applications

        Panel including: Betfair, Bwin, Betclick, Ladbrokes, Marketing
        agency, Bet365, Unibet, 12Bet, Kenneth

16:20   Panel: Online games in Spain – bingo, poker and casino

        • Which games are attracting players?
        • A look at the games gaining popularity in online gaming, and the
          opportunities for expansion and profit in these areas
        • The importance of using more than one software developer for
          different platforms
        • Charting the growth of the online poker in Spain. What methods
          are the operators using to educate potential customers on the
        • Assessing the online bingo market: The real factors behind the
          make-up of a good bingo game and the future of the bingo product
          design and platform
        • Peripherals including: Scratchcard suppliers, Lotteries

        Panel including: PokerStars, Playtech, Microgaming, Neogames,
        Gtech, Full Tilt Poker, Casino, Maria Bingo, …

17:05   Afternoon refreshment and Networking Break

17:25   How to…move from land-based to online gaming. Steps to
        building a successful online gaming business.

        • Understanding your core market and the legalities surrounding it
        • Ensuring compliance with local business regulations
        • Evaluating the options for obtaining a licence – weighing up the
          advantages of single vs dual jurisdiction licensing
        • Building a brand and strategies to attack market as a new entrant
        • Learn what matters most to your players when building a product
          line in order to ensure coverage of the widest customer base.
        • Software, hardware considerations
        • Which online products work best?
        • Main payment methods acceptable in Spain
        • Working with the casinos

        Panel including: Casino de Madrid, Rank, Legallink, Gran Via,

18:15   Panel: Looking to the future … Gaming trends in Spain

        • Examining where this market is growing and what products are
          getting the best response from the customer
        • Examining the surge in traffic from Latin America. Strategies to
          attack a market as a new entrant
        • Likely developments as smart phones continue to expand
        • Creating products that will appeal to a younger generation and new
        • The role of the brand and the new marketing media channels

19:00   Chairman’s closing remarks

19:05   Close of day, followed by network drinks

        Come and join us at Hesperia premier cocktail lounge, to continue
        doing business! Network with new contacts and mingle amongst
        existing clients whilst enjoying some complimentary beverages
        courtesy of ….

        A drinks networking reception will allow a regional focus on gaming.

        Speakers and delegates can join different tables to give and get the
        latest news: Topics that will be discussed in an informal relaxed
        environment include shifting legislation, the regulatory environment,
        licensing issues, advertising and marketing opportunities and
        challenges, new products and more ...



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