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					                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Information technology is a mix of telecommunications and computers, which is concerned with
storing, processing, updating, sending and receiving of information which is something which
people need for their development and well being. It is the Information technology which has
brought awareness about the value of information to every common man. Information is one of
the three basic elements beside energy and matter that make up the man-made environment and
hence determine the importance of information to human life. Information is a key factor to
ensure achieving socio-economic progress of society. The key issues are not simply the effects
of automation of manual work due to rapidly developing computer technology. But the key
issues are new technologies which are responsible for bringing the continuous change in society
by ensuring the availability of information required to raise the profitability and productivity
industries as well as other sectors of economy. Many economists agree that Information
technology has now become the main prerequisite for social progress and economic
development in almost all the countries of world. Without efficient technology accurate and
reliable information cannot be guaranteed and without right information social progress and
economic development becomes far most difficult.
Today, Information has become the more important part in developing economic condition of a
developing country and plays a major role in economic success. In a fast developing country
like China and India, availability of the newest and latest information in agriculture, science and
technology and other fields need to be assured in the fastest and simplest forms. India is
basically an agricultural country so agriculture methodology in India should incorporate latest
and best industrial practices from all over the world. The new agricultural techniques should be
purchased from foreign and should be implemented in India to achieve the objectives. So for
purchasing and hiring the latest technology the basic element that is required is information. Not
only in field of agriculture but in almost all fields information important because every
development process depends on the availability of right kind of information at right place and at
right time.

Role of Information: Thus the major roles played by Information Technology are:-
   1. Economic progress of country
   2. Increase knowledge
   3. Automation of workflow
   4. Increase level of Exports over imports
   5. Development of more effective resources
   6. Better utilization of existing resources
   7. Improve living standards of people

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