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					LG Optimus Vu – Second 5-Inch Display
Android Smartphone
Posted by Aditya Antisan on February 21, 2012


The completion is getting hotter, the LG has came with its latest Smartphone, ‘the LG Optimus
Vu which has an incredibly huge display of 5-Inch’ today announced by LG.

The world market now has two Android Smartphone’s with 5-inch Screen Display. The formally
launched Samsung Note was the first phone to have a 5-inch display but now LG has came into
the competition and has came out with another huge screen Smartphone powered by Android.
The LG Optimus Vu will debut in Korea next month (March), and will be available all over
world after its debut.

LG has designed the Optimus Vu with a pen friendly interface like Samsung Note. LG also
claims the huge screen is ideal for reading E-books and for surfing purposes. LG Optimus Vu
has a 5-Inch display with 1024×768 Resolution and with 4:3 aspect ratio, it also has 1.5 GHz
dual-core Snapdragon processor embed in it. The mobile initially will be running with Android
Ginger Bread, as LG promise to upgrade it to Ice cream sandwich in future. It also has 8-mega-
pixel camera with LED auto-focus flash and a 1.3mega-pixel front camera. The mobile has
32GB internal memory with HDMI and LTE connectivity.

2012 has came out with (two) 5-Inch Smartphone’s, there is also rumor of iPhone 5 Launch in
spring this year with 5-inch display. Wow this year is really coming forward with New Breeds of

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