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					     All of the Zdenek Bakala Foundation’s scholarship
      recipients excel at prestigious universities abroad
All of the students who were given scholarships from the Zdeněk Bakala Foundation
last year are still making the most of the financial support they are receiving, as they
continue not only to study, but to excel at top foreign universities. Last year, twenty
young people divided among themselves 10 million Czech crowns. What have they
been doing all year? What have they achieved? Was the selection committee
successful in finding talented students who would not take this opportunity for

Most of last year‘s scholarship recipients were accepted to the prestigious universities
to which they applied. In many cases, they even received partial scholarships from the
universities themselves. Those scholarship recipients who were already studying at
universities abroad when they were selected have continued to work hard and develop
both as students and as individuals.

This year’s recipients are still waiting for various exam results, so nothing is certain
yet, but some have already been conditionally accepted to top universities. One
student is likely headed to Yale University, two to Harvard University, and three to
the University of Oxford (Mathematics and Computer Science, Litterae Humaniores
a Philosophy, Politics and Economics). One student is headed to the University of
Edinburgh (Biochemistry), and another to University of Nottingham (Biomedical
Science). We will also have students at the University of Cambridge and the
University of Pennsylvania.

One of our exceptional students already studying abroad is Branko Černý. He is
finishing his second year at Dartmouth College, and his results place him in the top
15% at the university. He has also received The Moses Davis Award for an
Outstanding Sophomore Business Staffer.

Jan Kolmaš has completed his first year at Yale University. This summer, he is
going to take part in research and development of a robotic artificial knee.

Matouš Michal is finishing his first year at the Julliard School of Music. He has
been working with Glenn Dicterow, one of the most prominent American concert
artists of his generation, and on The Bartered Bride with James Levine, a renowned
American pianist and conductor.
Filip Rozsypal has finished the first year of the PhD program at the University of
Cambridge. His research is dedicated to new theories of economic cycles.

Martin Výška, also at the University of Cambridge, plans to spend the summer
working on his research project in astrophysics. His supervisor will be the
distinguished scientist and professor Gary Gibbons.

Unlike most scholarship foundations, the Zdeněk Bakala Foundation provides
exceptional students with financial support for the duration of their studies, as
long as they keep on working hard and moving towards their goals.

    If there is anything missing on campus, you can always go
                                       and create it yourself…
In addition to the exceptional academic facilities at prestigious universities, our
students appreciate the freedom they have, which fosters a sense of responsibility and
independence, and the many opportunities at their fingertips.

Branko Černý:

One of the great things about American liberal arts colleges is that, even though you
may think that you know all you need to know to make the right professional decision,
you have the chance to try everything in practice. That way, you can find out for
yourself what is right for you.

Liberal arts colleges are a kind of training ground, where each student can try
basically any activity at a very high level without making a life-altering decision – as
you do when you apply to study medicine in the Czech Republic.

But the best part of this system is the fact that there are endless possibilities in terms
of activities. If there is anything missing on camus, you can always go and create it

Jan Kolmaš:

I am in my second semester studying in the US and I don’t regret a single moment
that I spent on the entrance exams. Every second I spent preparing has come back to
me a hundred-fold, because there are so many possibilities here. One only regrets
that a day has only 24 hours.

Karolína Křelinová:

I do admit that from time to time I feel like Alice in Wonderland when I see all of the
opportunities here. But at the same time, it is a test of your independence, when
students must state and support their ideas and choices.
Above: Dagmar and Filip study in Cambridge thanks to the ZB Foundation

“Freedom, education, and responsibility are our values. To freely decide where I want
to gain a quality education, and to have the responsibility of knowing that I have to
work hard to get it. My husband is a successful financier thanks to his education, and
now he is able to give money to charity projects like this,” says Michaela Malacova,
the board chairperson of the Zdenek Bakala Foundation. She, along with other
members of the selection committee, is looking forward to this year’s interviews,
which will take place at the end of the summer.

The deadline of this year’s SCHOLARSHIP program is June 30. It will again
give talented and ambitious Czech students the opportunity to study at the best
universtities in the world.

Note to editors: The Zdenek Bakala Foundation has existed since 2007. It co-finances
a wide variety of activities – cultural (such as the repair of the organ in the U
Salvátora church in Prague), educational (for instance, the debate competition On the
way to the parlament), and scientific. But the foundation’s main activity is the
SCHOLARSHIP program, which corresponds with the experience of the foundation’s
founder who, at the age of nineteen, escaped from communist Czechoslovakia to the
USA, where he invested in his own future by getting a top education in a free country.

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