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									Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Here I will tell you about the very critical tips of hurricane preparedness so you should count
yourself lucky if you are reading this article before you are possibly get hit by a hurricane.

Just before you get hit by any of usual Hurricanes of the USA, it is quite important that you put all of
the things you may need after the hurricane in the most suitable places. That may help you overcome
the after-hit problems that you may possibly face.

There you may be hearing a number of announcements warning you to leave your homes or get
ready for a possible hit of deadly hurricanes such as Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Katrina. Before
you leave your living area and get bombarded by any hurricane, pay attention to keep these tips in

    Take important papers such as identification card, social security card, birth certificates, high
     school diplomas, and hurricane insurance policy –if you have one- and photos such as photos
     of yours and your beloved ones along with you so as not to have any problem of identifying
     yourself to the after-hit authorities.

    Look ahead and do not forget to take some before-hit photos of your properties such as your
     house, car, and others. This will help you make the authorities believe that you really need
     government’s help and to be involved in insurance checklist to be able to claim your right
     related to overall damage you have been exposed.

    If you do not have a chance of staying at your relative’s house, you should prefer staying at a
     hotel or motel. However keep in mind that your pets may not accepted in some places so pay
     attention to the place from where you will book a room, maybe staying a pet-friendly hotels
     and motels.

    Considering the possibility of getting caught to the hurricane, you had better prepare a bag of
     emergency including a sleeping gear in case of staying a temporary shelter. On the other
     hand, think of some other necessities such as cash money, extra batteries, clean water,
     generator, and other kinds of fast foods that you can appease your hunger in a limited span of
     time. And keep some spotlights and flash lights along with you so that you do not challenge
     in dark places.

    As stated below, taking some extra cash money will be very nice for your good. Imagine that
     almost none of the ATM’s from where you withdraw your money is working temporarily, so
       you will be very lucky to have your own money in hand. Remember that most of the
       electricity system will be down and you will not be able watch any of the latest news on
       channels. So, to keep yourself informed and busy with something, it is ideal to have some
       game-like-things and enjoy yourself.

    You may also think of staying at home waiting for your fate. But watch for the side from
     where the hurricane will hit your house so try to be at the opposite side of it. That may help
     you defend the hurricane but no one can guarantee it.

    Another option to select may be making use of plywood to protect yourself from getting
     affected by the storm that hurricane causes. However, it is your job to learn how to set up
     plywood effectively. After that, you may take advantage of this easy-to-use tip to prevent
     from taken with the hurricane.

    Always know that it is not your job to record some videos sometime during the storm and
     hurricane. So, make sure that you are inside your house and preserve your own and family
     members. If you are very curious about recording videos and taking some photos, it is better
     to stay safe and sound inside.

The time is ticking away and you have to learn how to stay safe in case of an emergency of
hurricane. Taking these crucial tips into consideration will absolutely help you but you have to learn
more and practice it whenever needed. May God bless you all!

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