Anger Management - You Can Handle It_ by JohnHKeasler


									Anger management is not as funny as it might appear in the movies. Anger can be a serious problem for
those who haven't figured out good ways to deal with it. There are a surprising number of adults for whom
annoyance is a big problem. When you yell at people or treat them badly on a regular basis, you damage
relationships and your image. Finding ways to deal differently with rage can improve your life for good.

Domestic violence, losing friends, and substance abuse are just a few of the problems that stem from poorly
handled temper. Both the person who is feeling angry and the person the fury is directed at end up feeling
lousy as a result of an unhealthy display of emotions. Professional counseling or anger management courses
are good places to deal with serious issues.

Like other emotions, anger is born from hurt and fear. Understanding its true base is an important
component of understanding feelings. What is causing your annoyance? Is it having a negative impact on
your life? An journal is a useful tool for exploring the depths and patterns of anger. You can review it to see
what patterns reoccur. Their are usually patterns and triggers that a journal can help you understand better.

Never underestimate the power of talking out your problems with someone safe. By discussing the issues
with a trusted friend, you can check to see if they have ideas about your temper that you may not have
considered. A new perspective never hurts. It's good to select someone who is not involved in the particular
situation you are trying to deal with. That way they don't have a stake in the outcome.

Learning new ways to deal with fury is anger management. It does not mean abolishing angry feelings,
rather it means finding new ways to handle feelings. If you don't like what your temper has done in your life,
here are some methods for getting a grip on it.

Space and time between the situations from which the antagonism comes is always a good idea. Time not
only heals, it is essential for cooling angry feelings. A calm approach to any problem will result in healthier
outcomes. Going for a jog, walk, or getting some other form of exercise can also be a good way to put anger
in perspective.

Relaxation techniques like breathing, meditation or yoga are good ways to master the art of calming down.
A regular yoga practice can bring peace to your life. Most things that bring a calm feeling are helpful. What
makes you relax?

Try to come up with three alternate solutions to the problem you are facing. When the brain kicks into
analytical mode, emotions cease. That's a handy trick for halting annoyance quickly. Reactions are mostly
habitual. Changing our habits can have a great impact on our life. Spend some time thinking about the
reactions you'd prefer to have over the reactions you do have. It can also help to visualize yourself having
the desired reaction. Know that you can change.

Managing your anger can be overwhelming, but you are not alone. Everyone feels angry. How people deal
with their feelings is what makes them different. Find a mentor who handles their temper in a way that you
wish you could handle yours, and ask them how they do it.

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