Input _ Output Devices of the Computer by JohnHKeasler


									There are a wide variety of input and output devices, often called peripherals, that can enhance the
functionality of your computer. Adding the right device(s) can open up new possibilities and uses for your


The most basic and essential computer input device is the keyboard. The keyboard is used for entering text
and many keyboard have other functions such as volume controls, putting the computer into sleep mode and
shortcuts for other tasks.


Having a printer isn't essential to use computer, but it's useful for printing letters, photos and other
documents. For business users, having a printer can be critical to the business's operation.


Many user opt to buy "all-in-one" devices that combine a printer, scanner, copier and often a fax machine in
one device. Scanners capture a photo or document and create a digital file that you can manipulate on your


Webcams are great for video conferencing and video chatting online with programs like Yahoo! Messenger
or Skype. Most notebooks and all-in-one computers like Apple's iMac come with a built-in webcam.

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras have become very popular in recent years because it's easy to take photos and upload them
to your PC for printing or sharing online. Many people also buy computers with Bluetooth capabilities so
they can upload digital photos directly from their cell phones.

All In One PC

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