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					Alan J. Garfield
Associate Professor of Computer Graphics                                 Iowa Address:
Head, Computer Graphics and Interactive Media Department                 2378 Beacon Hill
University of Dubuque                                                    Dubuque, IA 52003
2000 University Ave
Dubuque, Iowa 52001                                                 Ireland Address:
USA                                                                 Meenaleck, Crolly
                                                                    County Donegal
                                                                    Irish Phone: 011.353.74.954.48808
            | Voice: 563.589.3717 | Fax: 563.589.3410 | Home: 563.589.0028 | Cell: 563.599.5205 |

                          | Email: | Email: |
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      I have over 30 years full time experience in all facets of university level teaching and administration
      in the areas of computer graphics, fine arts, and multimedia. My work in and out of the classroom
      has focused on integrating technology with industry in the areas of: web design, product
      development and deployment, HTML, Java, JavaScript, inter/intra applications, 2D graphics and
      paint systems, 3D animation for web and video output, computer-based training (CBT), authoring
      and interface design in multimedia, distance learning, and support issues in technology.


Medical Products Customer Strategy Summit 2006, Marina del Rey, CA. Jan 2006.
PRINT 05, Teacher’s Grant from GASC, Chicago, IL. Sept 2005.
Northwest Health Board, Donegal, Ireland, Seminar in Rural Healthcare Initiatives. July 2004.
HL7 International Conference, Baltimore, MD, International Plenary representing Ireland. October, 2002.
MLA (Medical Library Association) Distance Learning Conference, Dubuque, Iowa, Topic: "Sync or Swim:
   Managing the Flood of PDAs in Healthcare." February, 2002.
CAEHR, London, England, Toward an Electronic Health Record Europe'99, 1999.
EPRIMP, Rotterdam, Holland, Terminology and Architecture of Electronic Medical Records, 1998.
SIGGRAPH, Boston, Interactivity in Java, 1996.
DIDAC Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, Award and Lecture on CBT Interactivity, 1994.
SIGGRAPH, Chicago, General Participant, 1992.
NCGA, Advanced Graphic Design of User Interfaces, Atlanta, 1989.
SIGGRAPH, Atlanta, Introduction to Ray Tracing, 1988.
Corporate Electronic Publishing System Conference, Chicago, The Issues in Corporate Publishing, 1988.
SIGGRAPH, Anaheim, Teaching Computer Graphics: An Interdisciplinary Approach, 1987.
Spring National Design Engineering Conference, Chicago, Desktop CAD and Publishing, 1987.
PC Expo, Chicago, Current Issues in PC Training, 1987.
Computer Graphics '87, New York, Sophisticated Presentation Graphics - the In-House Advantage, 1987.
COMDEX, Las Vegas, Welcome to the Promised LAN, 1987.
NCGA, Anaheim, Image Research, 1986.
SIGGRAPH, Dallas, PC Based Systems for Professional Quality Graphics, 1986.
NCGA, Dallas, Education and Learning, 1985.
SIGGRAPH, Anaheim, Bitmap Graphics, 1984.
SIGGRAPH, Boston, Introduction to Computer Graphics, Device Independent Graphics Software, 1982.

State University of New York at Binghamton, Binghamton, New York, M.A. in Art History, all coursework
completed for PhD, 1976.

University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, B.A. in Art & Art History, Minor: Anthropology, 1971.

Experience and Proficiency
Programming in HTML, JavaScript, Java, XML and various application languages. LAN experience. Graphics
connectivity for electronic publication and presentations. Author of 10 software programs. President of
Digigraphic Systems, a computer consulting company. Consultant to various industries nationwide. Languages
include French and Spanish. Consultant to the EC on Primary Health Care, Directorate 13 and 14. Software
advisor to Donegal Medical Systems, Ltd. Consultant to EU.

Research Scholar in Healthcare Informatics, United Nations University, Maastricht, The Netherlands, March.

Awarded tenure at the University of Dubuque.

Chair and Associate Professor, Computer Graphics and Interactive Media Department, University of Dubuque,
Dubuque, Iowa 52001.

Director, Software Development, donegal*medical systems (Coras Leighis Thir Chonaill),
Dungloe, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Developer of CBT software for Austin Palmer Animated, Inc., on Electricity/Electronics and Hydraulics,
a Canadian firm.

Director, Software Development, CompED, Loveland, Colorado.

President, Digigraphic Systems, Inc. a private consulting company in the field of web development, 2D and 3D
animation, interactivity, multimedia and interface design. USA - 2378 Beacon Hill, Dubuque, Iowa 52003
Ireland - Meenaleck, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland.

                          • Graphics, 2D and 3D animation for CD-ROM for Department of Transportation,
                          2001-2003, Washington, DC and Rock Island Arsenal.

                          • Graphics, 2D and 3D animation for CD-ROM for Department of Health and Human
                          Service, 1997-1998, Washington, DC.

                          • Graphics, 2D and 3D animation for CD-ROM for Department of Navy and the U.S.
                          Marine Corps, 1997, Washington, DC.

                          • Graphics, 2D and 3D animation for CD-ROM for Property Management, a
                          department in DHHS, 1997, Washington, DC.

                          • Graphics, 2D and 3D animation for CD-ROM for Defence Acquisition University,
                          1996, Reston, VA.

                          • Graphics, 2D and 3D animation for CD-ROM for U.S. Army Management
                          Engineering College, 1995. Rock Island, IL and Washington, DC.

                        • 2D and 3D animation, storyboard and design for insurance company's story, Modern
                        Woodmen of America, 1993-1997. Rock Island, IL

                        • Researched and implemented electronic clip art service for PC/MAC platforms,
                        trained personnel, wrote manuals, set up tech support, and continue to advise on PC
                        hardware and DEC/PC interfaces. 1987-1992. Dynamic Graphics, Inc., Peoria, IL

                        • Designed and implemented training programs in desktop publishing. Intefaced with
                        national offices for electronic publishing. Established standards, billing procedures and
                        desktop department for international CPA firm. Since 1988. McGladrey & Pullen, Inc.,
                        Davenport, IA

                        • Designed and implemented training programs for business clients in Pagemaker for
                        the PC. Since 1988. Northern Iowa Area Community College, Mason City, IA

                        • Designed and implemented training programs for layout and brochure production for
                        advertising clients. Since 1988. Eastern Iowa Community College, Davenport, IA,
                        Clinton Community College, Clinton, IA

                        • Established hardware platform and implemented software training. Since 1988.
                        Junior Achievement of the Quad Cities, Davenport, IA

                        • Researched, purchased and implemented hardware/software for an integrated CAD
                        and Presentation Graphics workstation within Commercial Art field. Since 1984. Des
                        Moines Area Community College, Ankeny, IA

                        • Developed a Computer Graphics System for the Sight Impaired. Since 1988. Iowa
                        State Department of Rehabilitation, Des Moines, IA

                        • Designed and implemented a series of strategies for Desktop Publishing in small
                        colleges. Since 1987. Council of Independent Colleges, Washington, DC

                        • Researched & wrote the storyboard, created the bit-mapped graphics and worked
                        with Intergalactic Development, Inc., to write the code for a PC/Apple II/Apple IIGS
                        educational game called Design-a-saurus. Won Software Developers' 1988 Best
                        Educational Game-of-the-Year Award. Developed and designed a clip art series to
                        interface with Design-to-Print, a vector-based home desktop publishing product. Since
                        1987. DesignWare and Britannica Software, Inc. Los Angeles, CA

                        • Produced various hi resolution 2D slides and animation pieces for national clients.
                        Projects include videotext, computer-based demos, and encoded video "flying logos"
                        in VHS industrial format. Since 1985. Various clients.

                        • Developed, wrote and marketed ARTISTE, a 2D drawing program for the PC, 3D, a
                        three dimensional isometric CAD and design program interfacing with ARTISTE,
                        AESOP, an artist's electronic system of painting and two dimensional animation
                        package, and S&M, a solid surface modeling and real time animation program for
                        286/386 environments. Since 1984.

Chair, Graphic Communication and Computer Science (former Art & Computer Graphics,
Communication, Theater, Journalism and Computer Science Departments)
Associate Professor of Fine Arts, Marycrest International University, Davenport, IA

Established the first undergraduate, integrated computer graphics curriculum in the US in 1983, course
development in conjunction with industry standards and directions. Produced software to aid in the integration of
graphics from various application programs and host platforms. Responsible for all the computer graphics
courses, design courses, and art history courses.

Main Computer Graphics courses include:

        Art & Computers - intro to concepts/terminology/application in the field.
        Computer Paint Systems - design issues with Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc.
        Desktop Publishing - print issues with Pagemaker, Quark Express, etc.
        2D Animation - 2D/video animation with After Effects, Premiere, etc.
        3D Animation - 3D with 3DMax, Poser, Vistapro, Lightwave, etc.
        Readings in Comp Graphics - review of latest hardware/software in industry
        Web Development - intro to HTML and site development
        Advanced Web Issues - JavaScript, Java, HTML, animation, etc.
        Senior Seminar Comp Graphics - portfolio/videos/resume/web sites/exhibit, etc.

Established Marycrest International Studies Program in 1982. Served as Director since 1982 with 15 years of
international travel and organization for students, alumni, staff and community leaders. I have organized and led
trips to:

        Belgium
        France
        Germany
        Great Britain
        Greece
        Ireland
        Italy
        The Netherlands
        Turkey

Budget Responsibility for Department and Art Gallery, Director of Eberdt Art Gallery, active in committee work
and various task forces. Consultant to CIC, Washington, D.C., and various colleges/universities.

Executive Director, Krasl Art Center, St. Joseph, MI
Chief administrator responsible for fund-raising, faculty selection, community educational and outreach
programs. Supervisor of $ 2.5 million construction of art complex. Authored various catalogs.

Assistant Professor, Department of Fine & Performing Arts, Creighton University, Omaha, NE
Art historian responsible for the following courses.

        Survey of Western Art
        History of Architecture
        Perspective Drawing & Composition
        Museum Training
        Art Since 1945
        Renaissance Art in Europe

        Nineteenth Century Art
        History of American Art
        History of Women in Art
        Readings in Oriental Art

Director of University Art Gallery responsible for administration, budget, educational direction and selection of

Assistant Professor, Department of Art, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, MO
Art historian and Coordinator of Elements of Art, a two dimensional design and lecture/studio course.

        American Art & Architecture
        Nineteenth Century European Art
        Seminar on Twentieth Century Art
        Seminar on Women in Art

Curator of Southwest Missouri State University Library Gallery responsible for selection and installation of

Instructor, Department of Art, Converse College, Spartanburg, SC
Art historian responsible for general art history and graphic design classes.
Director of Milliken Art Gallery responsible for administration, budget, educational direction and selection of

Instructor, Department of Art and Art History, State University of New York at Binghamton, Binghamton, NY
Instructor responsible for Elements of Art design classes and Survey of Western Art.
Gallery technician responsible for installation, crating, and security for shows.


      PIA/GATF Print ’07 Teacher’s Conference Grant, Chicago, September 2007.
      PIA/GATF Print ’05 Teacher’s Conference Grant, Chicago, September 2005.
      Research Fellowship, United Nations University, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2004.
      General Medical Services of Ireland, Wadham College, Oxford University, XML in Healthcare, 2003.
      Addy 2003, Dubuque, 2003.
      Networld+InterOp Educator's Award, Atlanta, 2002.
      Addy 2002, Dubuque, 2002.
      Who's Who in Science, 1996.
      DIDAC Outstanding Educator of the Year, Bangkok, Thailand. 1994.
      Who's Who in Science, 1994.
      Who's Who in Science, 1992.
      Who's Who in Science and Technology, 1989.
      Who's Who in Frontiers of Science and Technology, 1987.
      Who's Who in Technology, 1986.
      NCGA, Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Computer Graphics, 1985.
      Who's Who in Frontiers of Science and Technology, 1985.
Various grants ranging from $ 500-$ 30,000 for art and computer graphics activity from Iowa Arts Council, Iowa
Council on the Humanities, Nebraska Arts Council, Nebraska Committee on the Humanities, Quad City Arts
Council, Illinois Humanities Board, Illinois Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment
for the Humanities, European Union (Directorate 13 and 14) and various private funding organizations in


Publications, Presentations, Workshops

                • “Search Engine Optimization: Using New Tools to Accomplish Old Tasks”, McCullough
                Creative Group, Inc. Workshop. Dubuque, Iowa. January 23, 2007.

                • “Taking the Magic out of Technology: Anatomy of a Design-Based Computer Graphics Intro
                Course”, The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society. Volume 3, Number
                2. 2007. pp.43 – 49.

                • 3rd International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society, Cambridge University,
                New Hall College, Cambridge, United Kingdom “Taking the Magic Out of Technology”,
                January 12, 2007.

                • International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society, University of California at
                Berkeley, Berkeley, California, “Galloping Fragmentation of Healthcare: A Transatlantic
                Perspective of EHealthcare”, February 19, 2005.

                • Democracy and Culture in a Transatlantic World Conference, Vaxjo University, Vaxjo,
                Sweden, "Democratization of Healthcare: A Snapshot of Progress in the USA and the EU,"
                October, 2004.

                • United Nations University Fellowship Seminar, Maastricht, The Netherlands, "Towards
                Coded Messages in EPRs Accessing Snomed and other Data Sources", March, 2003.

                • 35th Annual MICS (Midwest Instructional Computing Symposium), Cedar Falls, Iowa,
                Presentation of a paper: "Electronic Health Records: A Vision for Tomorrow", juried
                Iowa State University, April 2002.

                • TEHRE (Towards and Electronic Healthcare Record in Europe) International Juried
                Conference, London, England, Paper presented in absentia: "A Process of Record Management
                and Data Entry that Makes Provision for Shared Healthcare Delivery", November, 2001

                • CAEHR (Centre for the Advancement of Electronic Health Records), Toward an Electronic
                Health Record Europe'99, "Structuring the Process of Record Management to Anticipate
                Content", juried paper and publication in proceedings, pp. 299-304,November, 1999.

                • MACAA (MidAmerica College Art Association), International Art Opportunities, Lexington,
                Kentucky, October 15-17, 1998.

                • EPRIMP (Electronic Patient Records in Medical Practice) Conference , Simplified
                Pharmaceutical Intervention, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, October 7-9, 1998.

                • Web Development Strategies in the Gaeltacht, Udaras Na Galtacht, Falcarragh, County
                Donegal, Ireland, June 8-12, 1997.

                • Curriculum Reform and Web Development. Doane College, Crete, NE, December
                1996/February 1997.

                • 3D Animation in an Undergraduate Curriculum: Preparing Art Students, Address and Panel

Discussion, MACAA (Mid-America College Art Association), Indianapolis, IN, October 18-20,

• PRiSM - Working Prototype of European Union Healthcare Software, Ireland Clinical
Weekend 1994, Brussels, Belgium; Dublin and Donegal, Ireland; October 12-16, 1994.

• Shaping a Healthier Future: A Strategy for Effective Healthcare in Ireland, 20th Annual
European Studies Conference, Omaha, NE, October 7, 1994.

• Primary Health Care Systems: ESPRIT and AIM Funding within the European Community,
Paper, 19th Annual European Studies Conference, Omaha, NE, October 16, 1993.

• Macro-Micro: Fine Arts and Hi Tech Issues, Paper and Panel Chair, 57th Annual MidAmerica
College Art Association, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, October 14, 1993.

• Desktop Publishing in the Quest of Excellence, Address, CIC (Council for Independent
Colleges), Chicago, IL, June 1988.

• Computer Graphics and Desktop Publishing, Keynote, IMCA (Insurance Marketing
Communications Association), Charleston, SC, November 1987.

• Animating AutoCAD, "Computer Graphics World•, Volume 10, Number 7, July 1987.

• 16 Million Colors Might Not Be Enough, Address, Franklin Pierce College, Ringe, NH,
January 1987.

• The Importance of Being Graphic in a Computer Graphics Curriculum, Address, 49th Annual

• Mid-America College Art Association, Indianapolis, IN, October 1985.

• The Aquarian Conspiracy: An Integrated Computer Graphics Curriculum, NCGA Conference
Proceedings, Volume 3, Technical Sessions, April 1985.

• Computer Graphics Techniques, Address & Demonstration, CIC, Yale University, New
Haven, CT, June 1985.

• ARTISTE, Director and Organizer, Uses of Computer Graphics in Industry Conference,
Davenport, IA, March 1985.

• Graphic Software in Education, Address, CADRE Conference, San Jose State University, San
Jose, CA, January 1984.

• The Art of Computer Imagery, Keynote, MacNider Art Museum, Mason City, IA, March

• Future of Computer Graphics in Education, Address, Computer Graphics Symposium, Drake
University, Des Moines, IA, October 1983.

• All Things Considered, Guest Contributor to National Public Radio, Spring 1982.

• "Alexander Beary Gavalas: Recent Work•, exhibition catalog, Krasl Art Center, St. Joseph,

               MI, September 1980.

               • "A Tribute to Olga Krasl: Recent Drawings and Paintings•, exhibition catalog, Krasl Art
               Center, St. Joseph, MI, July 1980.

               • "Creighton University Faculty Show•, exhibition catalog, University Art Gallery, Creighton
               University, Omaha, NE, February 1979.

               • "Frances Kraft: Recent Drawings & Paintings•, exhibition catalog, University Art Gallery,
               Creighton University, Omaha, NE, January 1979.

               • William Adolphe Bougeaureau's Le Printemps, Address, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, NE,
               January 1979.

               • "Conversations with Nebraska Women Artists•, exhibition catalog, University Art Gallery,
               Creighton University, Omaha, NE, January 1979.

               • Founding Mothers of the Royal Academy, Paper, College Art Association, New York, January

               • Pierre Prins: The Reluctant Impressionist, "Arts Magazine•, Volume 52, Number 4, December

               • "William Pellicone: Drawings, Paintings & Woodcuts•, exhibition catalog, University Art
               Gallery, Creighton University, Omaha, NE, October 1977.• "Women In Art: Past and Present•,
               series of 5 video tapes on women artists from 13th century to early 20th, produced at South
               Carolina ETV for PBS, January 1977.

               • The Earliest Extant American Religious Painting: A New Find by Gerardus Duyckinck,
               Address, Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO, and "Chicago Sun Times• article,
               November 1976.

               • "Pastels by Pierre Prins•, introduction to catalog, Signature Galleries, Chicago, IL, September

               • Sources for Salvador Dali's Hallucinogenic Toreador, Paper delivered to the artist upon his
               70th birthday, New York, April 1974.


Social and Community Activities

       Chair, PIN (People in Need), a registered non-profit aid granting agency in Dubuque County, IA, 2007-
      Vice Chair, PIN (People in Need), a registered non-profit aid granting agency in Dubuque County, IA,
      President Temple Beth-El, Dubuque, IA, Since 2002-2005.
      Board Member, Leave a Legacy Tri-States Gift Giving Council, Dubuque, IA, 2000-2002.
      Board Member, UAHC-Midwest Regional, St. Louis, MO, 1997-1999.
      Board Member, Temple Emanuel, Davenport, IA, 1990-1997.
      President, Board of Directors, Temple Emanuel, Davenport, IA, 1993-1995.
      Rotary Member, Classification: University - Art and Computer Graphics, Davenport, IA, 1993-1996.

        Cubmaster, Boy Scouts of America, Pack 19, Davenport, IA, 1992-1994.
        Member of Executive Board, Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities, Since 1992.
        Vice-President, Board of Directors, Temple Emanuel, Davenport, IA, 1988-1992.
        Advisor, Junior Achievement of the Quad Cities, Davenport, IA, 1988-1991.
        Lecturer, Boy Scouts of America-Explorer Post, Davenport, IA, 1988-1991.
        Board of Directors Task Force, Council for Independent Colleges, Washington, DC, 1987-1991.
        Past Board Member, Open Cities Film Society, Davenport, IA, 1981-1985.
        Faculty Member, Communiversity, Davenport, IA, Since 1983.
        Lecturer at Rotary and Lions Meetings, IA/IL/NE, Since 1982.

Extensive travel and interest in global politics and economy. Business and educational trips to Belgium, France,
Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Home in Ireland.

Personal Statistics
Birth: January 17, 1950 in Utica, NY
Status: Married September 2, 1979, Phyllis (Director, International Studies Program at U of Dubuque)
Children: Eliot (25), Meg (22), Carly (20)

Selection of Web Sites
MYLAKEWINGR.ORG: Educational environmental website of the central lake in Madison, Wisconsin. .

DBQDEMOCRATS.ORG: Website development and design for the Democratic Party of Dubuque County, Iowa.

TEACJACK.COM: Complete hotel and guest house site with e-commerce and reservation systems in Ireland.

EGOTAG.COM: A web design and consulting company in Texas.

ESTOCKBOXES.COM: Full design and ecommerce solution for boxes.

ACTIONGARAGEDOOR.COM: A garage door company.

DONEGAL MEDICAL SYSTEMS, TEO: Irish company that specializes in Electronic Patient Records for the

FORCEFIELD.IE: Site on electric fencing for European companies. Registered in Ireland. Reorganizing.

CHUNKER.COM: This site was created for a distance learning company.


AMERICAN-MULTITECH.COM: Hardware/software supplier. Security, password & database issues.


PURE POWER RACING ENGINES: Need a racing car engine, camshaft, piston... Come to this site..

MIRRORED GOVERNMENT SITE: Official Army Management and Engineering College site.
secure government site

THE ROCKERIES: 4 Star Doras Award Winning Site. Bed'n'Breakfast in Ireland. Want to visit Daniel
O'Donnell? Here's the place.

MY SUMMER VACATION: Lots of pictures...lots of fun...across the pond in England and Ireland.

WHAT'S YOUR LAST NAME?: If you're Irish, then you've probably been here already. DORAS Award

INTERNATIONAL B&B: Come to find Daniel O'Donnell or enjoy the Mary of Dungloe Festival? They'll sort

Current Projects

1. Folding XML into HL7's newest iterations.
2. Working with Minister of Health, Ireland, Donegal Medical Systems, private SMEs, and the EU in Brussels to
propose a standard of primary care (gp) software to be adopted throughout the EEC. Frequent trips to Dublin and
Brussels. Consultant. Funded by EU.
3. WEB page development using HTML, Java, JavaScript, and XML.

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                                   | Web site: |


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