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                     1st May 1960, and with first ray of sunlight hitting the ground,
                     Gujarat began a new era. This was to be an era of self
                     confidence, of trend setting, of proving to the world, what
                     Gujarat and Gujaratis have been known for ages. It was to prove
                     to be a watershed in history of Gujarat.

The preceding years had seen a visionary struggle – a struggle for statehood, a
charm for smaller geographical units with potential of turning adversities into
advantages. The “Maha Gujarat Andolan” as it was called was led by visionary
leaders like Indulal Yagnik, Jivraj Mehta, Harihar Khambholja and
Brahmakumar Bhatt. After a long struggle of four years, the Central
Government agreed to the State of Gujarat and under the leadership of Shri
Jivraj Mehta, first Government of Gujarat was sworn in on May 1st, 1960. The
oath of office was administered by Pt. Ravishankar Maharaj at the Gandhi
Ashram and hence came into being a State called Gujarat with natural
geographical formation looking like “Jaws of Lion”.
Since time immemorial, Gujarat and
Gujaratis have been known for their
leadership and entrepreneurial skills, for
their risk taking abilities and for their desire
to reach to distant territories seeking
opportunities. Since the days of silk route to
the trading ports at Lothal and Dholavira,
Gujarati people have moved to different
parts of the world and set their empires
there. Be it to the mines of Africa or
businesses of America or diamonds at
Antwerp, Gujaratis have marked their
stamp every where
Since the state hood, Gujarat has never
looked back and achieved many milestones
and has led the way for other states to
emulate. The successes have come in many
fields and through innovations - be it
through two rounds of green revolutions to
improve productivity in agriculture sector
and make farmers and villages prosperous,
through co-operatives and white revolution
to empower women and provide a strong
backbone to rural Gujarat, through inter
linking of rivers and by taking waters of
Narmada to every nook and corner of
Gujarat and making every village self
sufficient in their drinking water needs or
by ensuring that every household in
Gujarat gets 24 hour electricity supply.
It is not just in business and entrepreneurship that
Gujarat has led the way. The land also gave birth to
Mahatma Gandhi, apostle of non violence, who
initiated a new lineage to the philosophy of social
reform and political struggles world over through
his weapon of “Non Violence”. The land also gave
birth to leaders like Sardar Patel, Shyamji Kishan
Verma, Morarji Desai, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Shri
Tribhovandas, Dadabhai Naoroji, Dhirubhai
Ambani, Poet Narmad, Sarla Tai, Javerchand
Meghani and Thakkarbapa to name a few
The investment climate and industry friendly
policies of Gujarat get affirmed when who’s
who of business community from India joined
with other investors from abroad on Jan. 12-
13th, 2009 during Vibrant Gujarat Global
Investors’ Summit at Ahmedabad and signed
Memorandum of Understandings expressing
their desire to invest over Rs. 12,00,000
Crores ( US $240 Billion) through over 8500
projects. The state has through its proactive
approach established itself as a leader in
setting up Special Economic Zones and has
moved one step ahead with its emphasis on
developing Special Investment Regions
Every person of Gujarat can be partner in
this vision of a “Golden Gujarat”. He can
do so by contributing in which ever
manner he likes. What is required is only
one pledge – a pledge of determination
with dedication. The pledge may be
howsoever small, but as Hon’ble Chief
Minister has succinctly put it, the
“Sankalp” - pledges of 55 million Gujaratis
may be howsoever small, but the
collective strength of those pledges will
propel Gujarat on a path of development
which will be unparalleled and

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