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					Informant March 2002

ASIS                                  The Informant
                               American Society for Industrial Security
         (770) 870-3924          PO BOX 7025 ATLANTA, GA                30357-0025
        March 2002                     A NOTE FROM THE CHAIR                        Lynn Thackery, CPP
     Volume III , Issue II
                                      I was delighted that Dr. Siegelson could present to us his realistic
  2002 Chapter Officers               solutions to chemical and biological terrorism. He had some great ideas
  Lynn Thackery, CPP -Chairman        about protecting our employees during such attacks and evacuating a
      (770) 870-3924 Office
       (770) 663-1490 Fax
                                      facility. I liked his idea of using masks to protect against airborne agents.
       (253) 253-5295 EFax            If we all use his ideas in our emergency plans, maybe lives could be saved
                                      during a crisis.
 Danny Youngerman – Vice-Chair
     (404) 715-6307 Office            Thanks to all of you who came to the February meeting to support ASIS
      (404) 773-4317 Fax              Atlanta and hear Dr. Siegelson speak.
                                      I am looking forward to attending the ISC show in Las Vegas March 4-
 Greg Wellborn, CPP - Secretary
     (404) 614-5432 Office            6th. I will bring back some of the latest information to share with you all
      (404) 614-5409 Fax              when I return.

  Anne Gibbons, CPP - Treasurer       I will be working with our Regional Vice President, Mr. Scott Dunlop to
     (404) 506-6271 Office            provide some chapter best practices that can be shared throughout his
      (404) 506-2184 Fax            region. Each of the chapters in the region will be doing the same so we
                                      can all benefit from the information exchange. We will be meeting in
  Lou Ovnic, CPP -Past Chairman
      (404) 842-7731 Office           Birmingham next quarter for a round table discussion to share this
       (404) 261-8623 Fax             information. Some of the topics we will discuss will be- newsletters, web
                                      pages, chapter meetings, and membership.
   Wendell Dillon, CPP - Editor       I am also working with BOMA and other local related organizations to
        (770) 923-5110                create some educational seminars for all of you. I will keep you posted as
      (770) 923-5110 Fax              I get more details.
        Monthly Meeting               Please let me know if you have any questions or please feel free to
                                      provide any feedback or suggestions to us!
The Greater Atlanta Chapter of ASIS
       meeting will be held
       Wednesday, Mar. 20
           at 11:30 AM
                                                                 Monthly Meetings
     Century Center Marriott
    Clairmont Road and I-85.                                  Please make a reservation.

             Speaker                  Although we won't turn anyone away, it will be a great help to know
 Bob Hayes, CPP, Georgia Pacific.     how many to expect. We must estimate and pay for a specific number.
       “Emergency Planning
Please make reservations with Greg    Although we welcome the additional members we can't estimate and pay
     Wellborn, CPP, Secretary         for more seats and then have them empty at Chapter expense. Please
                                      reserve by Friday to Greg Wellborn, Secretary phone or e-mail.

Informant March 2002
During the calender year 2002, the
Greater Atlanta Chapter of ASIS will
e-mail and fax the monthly
newsletter. Members are invited t o                             February' Speaker
advertise their business affiliation            Dr. Henry J. Siegelston, MD,FACEP, Emory Univ.
in this publication.
                                       Dr. Siegelston gave an outstanding presentation on emergency planning,
       Type of advertisement:
Business card.....$15/month            emphasizing adapting plans to expanded situations rather than inventing
1/4 page..............$24/month        new planning methodology.
Full page...........$100/month
  Include all appropriate artwork.
E-mail to Wendell Dillon, CPP,

           Web Site
   You can link to the Greater
Atlanta Chapter of ASIS web site
                                                  What is the Professional Certification Board?
              or                 The Professional Certification Board (PCB) is composed of twelve
and click on the networking icon.      CPP’s. The members have varied backgrounds and experience. The one
    Please bookmark this site.
  Information on how to contact        item they all have in common is that they are deeply committed to
    your Chapter officers and          promoting the CPP certification both inside and outside of ASIS.
   committee members will be
            available.                 The purpose of the PCB is to elevate the professional standing of the
                                       security profession and improve the practice of security management
    Also, the newsletter and
upcoming events will be available      through the testing and certification of those security practitioners who
           at this site.               have demonstrated established levels of competence in security
      Treasurer Report
 Reported by Anne Gibbons, CPP         Board Certified in Security Management was introduced by the PCB in
Previous Balance       $6,402.00       2001. The purpose was to establish a clear and consistent brand
Income                 $2,720.00       identification for the CPP credential by including the tagline, "Board
Expenses               $2,073.57
Jan Balance            $7,048.43       Certified in Security Management." "Board Certified" is readily
                                       understood by most individuals, given familiarity already established by
         Submissions                   other professions; "in Security Management" indicates a higher level of
                                       business acumen than does "Certified Protection Professional," as those
       Please contact
                                       three words alone do not express the level of competence that a CPP has
       Wendell Dillon
 if you have any news you
   would like to submit to
       The Informant.
      Deadline 1st Friday

Informant March 2002

                                           Training Opportunity
                              Managing Your Physical Security Program
                              May 1-3, 2002 Charlotte, NC
                              Register online:

                                       Chapter Activities and Speakers
January 16        Jim King, Atlanta Crime Commission -
February 20       Dr. Henry J. Siegelston, MD, FACEP, Emory University – "Emergency Planning"
March 20:         Bob Hayes, CPP Director of Security, Georgia Pacific.
April 17:         Debra Myers, Regional Manager, AT&T Global Real Estate.
May 15:           LEAD.
June 19:          Bob Lang, CPP, Director of Security, Georgia Tech.
July 17:          Norm Taylor, CPP, Manager, Delta Air Lines Corporate Security Administration.
August 21:        Unconfirmed at press time.
September         No Chapter meeting – Annual Seminar & Exhibits in Philadelphia, Sept. 10-13.
October           ASIS Golf Outing (date and location to be determined)
November          Election of chapter officers for 2003

                                  The Atlanta Business Chronicle identifies
                               Atlanta’s Top 10 Security Alarm Companies
                   (Ranked by number of properties protected in Atlanta) (List of May 2001)
                                                                                              In Atlanta
         Company                                          Properties    Atlanta CEO              since
1.       ADT Security Services Inc.                       120,074       Dwayne Crawford           1920
2.       Protection One                                    56,000       Ray Llewellyn             1988
3        Brink's Home Security                             43,378       Brent Uhl                 1987
4.       Paragon Systems Inc.                              24,951       Karen C. Sullivan         1970
5.       X-Truder Security Inc.                            21,800       William L. Lipman         1984
6.       Ackerman Security Systems.                        19,966       Bruce Turry               1967
7.       Mid South Security Systems                        12,800       Frank Basile              1985
8.       G.S.D. Services Inc.                                 6,300     John T. McHale            1971
9.       Linder Security Systems Inc.                         5,900     Ted Linder                1981
10.      Kastle Keepers Security Systems Inc                  2,800     Ronnie McDaniel Sr.       1984

Informant March 2002

                             Compatible with:
                             - - Proximity
                               - Mag Stripe
                               - Bar Code Systems

            ID Badging Systems                                         Region XII Meeting:
            Service and Supplies
                                                         Our Chapter Chairman, Lynn Thackery, CPP,
      Authorized FARGO Repair Center
                                                         will be attending a regional meeting in
770-449-4033                                             Birmingham, AL to meet with our RVP, Scott
3000 Miller Court West, Norcross, GA 30071               Dunlop and the other chapters in our region. We
                                                         will be having a round table discussion to talk
                                                         about chapter meetings, newsletters, web pages,
                                                         meeting notifications etc.

                                 ISC Show Report, Lynn Thackery, CPP

The ISC show was a great success! There were             choice. All you need today is an IP address for
over 600 booths that displayed the latest                your end device and you can communicate as a
technology. The “Hot” items were digital CCTV,           node on your LAN or WAN!
IP addressable cameras and biometrics. The               Personnel security was highlighted as the most
biometrics included facial recognition and eye           critical point in the overall scheme of the security
scanning. The other hot topic was smart cards.           solution for any building, site or facility. The
Smart cards are combining technologies with              systems are only the tool for the personnel
proximity card technology and biometrics.                implementing the security plans. Many
The seminars were very informative too! The              discussions occurred talking about the changes in
Homeland security theme prevailed and set the            personnel security after 9-11.
tone for discussions. All threats of Terrorism           Of course, Las Vegas is never a disappointment
were discussed and what we can do to prevent it.         either! The endless sound of slot machines and
GSA talked about smart card technology and the           the never ending black jack games, the great
added value it has for taking security to the next       restaurants and shows too!!! The Blue Man
level. Ethernet Communications was discussed as          show at the Luxor seemed to be the uncontested
it pertains to physical security’s medium of             show of choice among attendees of ISC.

Informant March 2002

                                      GREATER ATLANTA CHAPTER
                                         2002 Prepaid Meeting Dues


  Name: _________________________________________________ Home Phone: __________________________
   Mailing Address: ________________________________________ Business Phone: ________________________
   City/State/ZIP: __________________________________________ County: ______________________________
   Business/Agency: ________________________________________ Position/Title: __________________________
  Please make checks in the amount of $180 per member, payable to ASIS Greater Atlanta Chapter
  Remit to:
  ASIS Greater Atlanta Chapter
  P.O. Box 7025,
  Atlanta, GA 30357-0025
  Dues may be paid annually or may be paid monthly at the door. Regular monthly dues are $20.00 per meeting, which
  includes the guest speaker and lunch. Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is NOT included in this invoice.
  If you have any questions, please contact Ann Gibbons, CPP, Treasurer (404) 506-6271 or any other officer.
 Greater Atlanta Chapter Tax ID #53-0234507

Informant March 2002

                       Wednesday, May 15, 2002, 11:30 A.M.
                        Atlanta Marriott Century Center
                                2000 Century Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA 30345

       NAME:             __________________________________________________________________
       COMPANY: __________________________________________________________________
       ADDRESS:          __________________________________________________________________
       CITY: _____________________________ ZIP____________ PHONE:____________________
       FAX____________________ E-MAIL_______________________________________
       _________         Table(s) @ $360.00 each (prior to April 1, 2002)
       _________         Table(s) @ $400.00 each (after April 1, 2002)
       _________         Individual Tickets at $40.00 each
       Enclosed is my check in the amount of $___________.
       Please enclose self-addressed mailing label or envelope for the return of tickets.
       Please make checks payable to:          Greater Atlanta Chapter of ASIS
       Please send to:                     Greater Atlanta Chapter of ASIS
                                           C/O Regent Partners
                                           ATTN: Lou Ovnic
       3348 Peachtree Road, N.E., Suite 1000
                                           Atlanta, GA 30326
       TAX ID: 53-0234507
                 Past Chairpersons and Life Members receive special seating and rates.
                                   Call Lou Ovnic at (404) 842-7731.
                                          Keynote Speaker
                                       Director Milton E. Nix Jr.
                                     Georgia Bureau of Investigations
       Door prizes are needed and greatly appreciated. Cash contributions may be included in your
       check. Please list merchandize donations below including a name and contact telephone number to
       facilitate pick up arrangements. All companies or individuals making donations will be recognized
       in the event program.
       Door Prize(s):_____________________________________________________________

       Contact Name:_____________________________ Phone Number ___________________


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