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                           SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS
1. Preamble
This event is organized & promoted by FMSCI, Government of India’s National Sports Federation
and will be held under the International Sporting Code of the FIA, applicable definitions of the CIK
and the National Karting Regulations of the MAI, the ASN of FIA in India, these Supplementary
Regulations and any further addendums and bulletins to the regulations.

1.2 Definitions
Name of the event: 5 JK Tyre National Karting Championship
Organizers & Promoters : The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India
Sponsors: JK Tyre Ltd.
MAI: Motorsports Association of India
FMSCI: The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India
FIA: Federation Internationale de l'Automobile
CIK: Commission Internationale de Karting
NKR: National Karting Regulations of the MAI
CI: Cadet India
FI-J: Formula India - Junior
FI-S: Formula India – Senior
RQR: Regional Qualifying Round
BELT: Best Elapsed Lap Time
Event Management: Sportscraft, Mumbai
Technical Support: VCR Motor Sport, Goa.
Structure of Championship: 6 Regional rounds from where top 2 from the Junior & Senior and
the first from the cadet qualifiers go to the Grand Finals.

2. Organisers – Regional Qualifying Rounds (RQR):

Event     Venue                                 Organizer                              Telephone
 One     Hyderabad      RUNWAY 9, Medchal Rd., Kompally, Secunderabad.                 56550660
 Two     Bangalore      SPEED ZONE, Shanti Niketan, Sadaramangal White Field           8410869,
                        Rd., P.O. Mahadevpura, Bangalore – 560048                      8410883
Three       Goa         GO A KART RACING, NH 17, Belloy Nuvem, Goa.                    2791005
Four       Mumbai       HAKONE GO KARTING SPORTS CENTRE, Hiranandani                   5797373
                        Gardens, Cliff Avenue, Powai, Mumbai – 400076.
Five      ** Kolkata    MONTE CARLO KARTING CIRCUIT, Clowntown,                        24369322
                        Baishnabghata, Patuli Township, Eastern Metropolitan
                        Bypass, Garia, Kolkata – 700084.
 Six        **          ROAD RASH GO KARTING, Opp. Gujarat High Court,                 7487009
         Ahmedabad      Sarkheg – Gandhinager H’way, Ahmedabad – 382481.
Finals     Delhi        TBA (Subject to approval by the MAI)                           TBA

    ** Subject to homologation by the MAI

    Rights and Obligations of the organisers: The organisers may issue any bulletin to
    participants, a written bulletin when issued shall be signed by each participant as proof of
    receipt and shall have the same legal force as these Regulations. All bulletins will be
    communicated, dated and sequentially numbered. These bulletins shall have the force (and
    will constitute an integral part) of these regulations and will be posted on the official notice
    board at the circuit.

3    Date and Place of RQR
    Event                     Organiser / Venue                           Date
            RUNWAY 9, Medchal Rd., Kompally, Secunderabad.
    One                                                                 01-03 Oct      Clockwise
            Tel : 56550660
            SPEED ZONE, Shanti Niketan, Sadaramangal White
    Two     Field Rd., P.O. Mahadevpura, Bangalore – 560048.            08-10 Oct      Clockwise
            Tel: 8410869, 8410883
            GO A KART RACING, NH 17, Belloy Nuvem, Goa.                                   Anti-
    Three                                                               22-24 Oct
            Tel: 2791005                                                               Clockwise
            Hiranandani Gardens, Cliff Avenue, Powai, Mumbai –
    Four                                                                29-31 Oct      Clockwise
            Tel: 5797373
            MONTE CARLO KARTING CIRCUIT, Clowntown,
            Baishnabghata, Patuli Township, Eastern                                       Anti-
    Five                                                                12-14 Nov
            Metropolitan Bypass, Garia, Kolkata – 700084.                              Clockwise
            Tel: 24369322
            ROAD RASH GO KARTING, Opp. Gujarat High
            Court, Sarkheg – Gandhinager H’way, Ahmedabad –
     Six                                                                19-21 Nov      Clockwise
            Tel: 7487009
 FINALS     TBA                                                         25-26 Dec         TBA

4. Officials of the Meeting
Officials will be appointed by the MAI in conjunction with participating clubs. The officials will be
listed in the Event Supplementary Regulations.

 Chief Steward                                   See CIBs for individual RQR venues
 Stewards                                        See CIBs for individual RQR venues
                                                 See CIBs for individual RQR venues
 Clerk of the Course                             See CIBs for individual RQR venues
 Asst. Clerk of the Course                       See CIBs for individual RQR venues
 Race Director (Starter)                         See CIBs for individual RQR venues
 Asst. Race Director                             See CIBs for individual RQR venues
 Secretary of the Meet                           See CIBs for individual RQR venues

 Jt. Secretary of the Meet                       See CIBs for individual RQR venues
 Chief Scrutineer                                See CIBs for individual RQR venues
 Scrutineer                                      See CIBs for individual RQR venues
 Chief Physician                                 See CIBs for individual RQR venues
 Chief Time Keeper                               See CIBs for individual RQR venues

Classes to compete
      Class                Age                                  Driver Weight
      Cadet           8 to 12 years                                 25 kgs
     Junior          13 to 15 years                                 40 kgs
     Senior        16 years and above                               60 kgs
     Ladies        12 years and above
                                   th                                                  th
Cadet : Must have celebrated his 8 birthday before the event or must celebrate his 12 birthday
in the 2004 calendar.
                              th     th   th
Junior : Must celebrate his 13 , 14 or 15 birthday in the 2004 calendar
Senior : Must celebrate his 16 birthday or above in the 2004 calendar
Ladies: Must celebrate their 12 birthday or above in the 2004 calendar

Titles To be awarded:

JK Tyre National Karting Champion 2004
JK Tyre Junior Open Karting Champion 2004
JK Tyre Cadet Karting Challenge 2004

Senior Class : National Championship
Junior Class: Open
Cadet Class: Open

Ladies Class:

The Ladies Class will run at all regional rounds as an independent race (with Open status) not
counting for the Championship. The race will run on the basis of a maximum of 6 starters per
heat and by the process of elimination will have 6 finalists.

5.1 Technical details of karts

 Model                                              FI CK3                FI K3
 Class                                               Cadet        Junior & Senior
 Length                                           1650 mm         1840 mm
 Width                                            1190 mm         1280 mm
 Height (max)                                      550 mm             550 mm
 Weight                                             64 kg               76 kg
 Chassis tube dia.                                 28.5mm              30.0mm           Magnetic steel
 Wheelbase                                        900 mm              1040mm
 Track                                    Adjustable front and rear
 Ride height           Adjustable front                               Adjustable rear
 Rear axle                                        solid 25mm       30 mm hollow – 4.9 mm min thickness
 Wheel rim front                                      5”                               Die cast aluminium
 Wheel rim rear                                       5”                               Die cast aluminium
 Tyres – Control                                   JK2 - Front - 10.0 x 4.50 - 5,
                                                                                       Will be supplied.
 for all classes                                   JK2 - Rear - 11 x 7.10 - 5
                                                  205mm Ventilated/non-ventilated
 Caliper                                          mechanical       Hydraulic
 Clutch                                    Dry 3 shoe centrifugal
                                                  Briggs 5 bhp    Briggs 12 hp.
 Engine                                                                                 Four stroke - sealed
                                                  (198 cc)        (206 cc)
 Seat                                            Fibreglass
 Body work
                                                 Steel tube                             CIK Specs followed
 Body work – Nose
                             Moulded splinter-proof plastic – breakaway type            CIK type
 Bodywork – Side
                                       Moulded splinter proof plastic                   CIK type
 Front Bumper                                     Steel tube
 Rear Bumper             Steel tube full loop type extending - center of rear wheels

NOTE: For reasons of safety and in consideration of the slippery track surface of Runway 9,
karts used in the Junior and Senior classes at this venue will be Zip karts powered by Honda
GX160 engines producing 5.5 bhp.

5.1a Number Plates –Shall have rounded corners (radius 8 to 12 mm) with 22 cm sides. The
number must be at least 15 cm high and 2 cm thick. They must be fitted to front, rear and both
sides. Number plates where used must be securely attached and numbers always legible.
Cadet - White background with Red numbers.
Junior and Senior - White background with blue numbers.

5. Entry - Entrants, drivers and participants in general are required to be fully conversant with these
   regulations and Specific rules or instructions governing any event and are (by reason of their entry
   therein) definitely bound by such regulations, Specific rules or instructions. Officials of any event shall
   have (and exercise) their powers during the entirety of any event. All licence holders, whether competing
   or not, are bound by the rules at all times when attending these events.

    Knowledge of the Regulations
    o Every person, body, group of persons, etc., promoting, organising or participating in a
       competition or event, by and upon applying for an agreement, sanction or permit or
       licence of any kind shall by doing so be deemed to and recognise that:

    o   They have acquainted themselves with the International Sporting Code and these
        Regulations and submit themselves without reservation to the consequences resulting
        from the application of these Regulations.
    o   Have agreed to exonerate and keep indemnified all bodies; sponsors and their agents,
        circuit owners, race organisers and their officials and agents, FMSCI / MAI / FIA / CIK-
        FIA and its directors, officers, officials and its subsidiaries, agents and associate
        members, from and against all liability whatsoever to any such person or body or group of
        persons respectively in respect of, or in connection with any meeting, competition, or
        event held under these Regulations, from whatever cause arising or alleged to arise and
        not withstanding that the same may have been contributed to, or occasioned by, the
        negligence of the said bodies, their agents, officials, servants, or representatives.
    o   In the case of entrants and drivers in events, have agreed in the circumstances to
        exonerate and keep indemnified all and any other competitors, their servants and agents,
        from and against any liability whatsoever, including direct liability, to such entrants or
        drivers in connection with the driving of karts or any other act, omission, or occurrence
        during the course of a competition or official practice.
    o   Have agreed as set out in this Regulation with each and all the persons and bodies
        referred to in those Regulations and so that each and any of those persons or bodies
        shall be entitled to the benefit of such agreements.

   Acknowledgment of These Regulations
   o Every driver, entrant, official, promoter, Organiser or other participant in this event, and
      every person who is issued a licence agrees, without reservation, to conduct themselves
      in accordance with these Regulations.

    Non - Liability and indemnity to organisers

    o   The organizers decline liability for any accident caused by or to any entrant or competitor
        or third party or to the competing vehicle either before or during the events. The
        organisers, also decline the liability for breach of any law in which the competitor may be
        involved in and each competitor shall declare to the duly authorised official or to the
        organisers, in regards to any and all incidents from which liability may arise and shall
        indemnify the organisers, sponsors, FMSCI, MAI, FIA, CIK-FIA, Government of various
        State and Government of India in regards to all liabilities. The entrant and his executor /
        administrators and legal representatives shall not have any claim whatsoever on the
        organisers, sponsors, FMSCI, MAI, FIA, CIK-FIA, Government of various States,
        Government of Indian, their officials, agents, representatives, employees, owners of the
        race tracks and all persons assisting them in the events either before or during the event.

    o   Each entrant and competitor will execute and deliver an indemnity, declaration and
        undertaking as stated at the back of the entry form. Failure to do so will result in the
        competitor not being allowed to start. Under NO circumstances, will any entrant
        competitor, marshal or official admit any liability or sign any form or paper, which may
        admit or indicate liability of the organizers in any accident or incident which may arise.

6.1 Entry Fee – Each Round each Class.
     The Entry Fee shall be Rs. 100.00
     Late entry fee – an additional Rs. 100.00 will be added to all entries received after the
       time and date when Entry closes. No entry will be taken after the close of the Late Entry.
     The entry fee for all classes can be paid by a demand draft payable at the venue where
       the competitor is seeking to participate in favour of the venue Track. No responsibility will
       be taken for non-receipt of entry fees sent unaccompanied.
     Drivers qualifying for the Grand Finals at any Regional Qualifying Rounds cannot submit
       an entry for the remaining rounds.
     Entry forms, which are not complete, except as permitted by these regulations or which
       are not accompanied with the appropriate fee, may be rejected.

        A separate entry form is to be completed for each round of the Championship.
        Entry Forms not filed before the closing date and time may be deemed null and void.
        No amendments are permitted to be made to the entry form after being submitted.
        By signing the entry form, the entrant as well as the driver submit and bind themselves to
         accepting these regulations as detailed in the Preamble in total.
        An entry form that contains false and / or incorrect statements shall be deemed null and
         void, the entry fee may be forfeited and the entrant/driver excluded from the meet.
        If insufficient entries are received for a class, the class may be cancelled.
        Entry fees or part thereof will be refunded only under the following circumstances:
         If any entry is not accepted – 100%
         If the date of the event is altered – 100%
         If the event is cancelled – 100%

6.2 Closing time for entries at each venue:

                  Standard           Late                             Standard           Late
     Venue                                            Venue
                  1800 hrs         18:00 hrs                          1800 hrs         18:00 hrs
Hyderabad         27/09/04         29/09/04      Kolkata              08/11/04         10/11/04
Bangalore         04/10//04        06/10/04      Ahmedabad            15/11/04         17/11/04
Goa               18/10/04         20/10/04
Mumbai            25/10/04         27/10/04

6.3 Driver Eligibility
1. This is open to all competitors holding a valid MAI Karting Competition License.
2. Competitors desirous of obtaining a competition licence may do so by applying through the
   organising circuit or directly to the FMSCI or MAI who will issue the licenses carrying both
   the logos of MAI and FMSCI.
3. Competitors must produce their Licence for inspection before commencing practice or race.
4. The stewards may exclude any driver whose driving is dangerous or displays lack of
   experience and understanding of racing a kart.
5. Competitors must comply with any particular requirement or bye-law of the Circuit.
6. Drivers under the age of 18 must ensure that all paperwork is countersigned by a Parent or
   Guardian who must be in attendance at the event and must be available to attend with the
   minor if the driver is required to be interviewed by an Official of the event or penalised by the
   Clerk of the Course.
7. Competition license fees is - MAI Licence fees apply
8. For Ladies Class MAI Clubsport license @ Rs.100/= will suffice.

6.4 Publicity
No self-owned karts are allowed and the number stickers and all advertising will be the
prerogative of the promoter. Driving jackets will be supplied by the track owners during the heats
and the finals. Competitors will be free to use their helmets for the use for their publicity. No
publicity material should clash with the main sponsors, or any other co-sponsors.

7.    Minimum Entries

The minimum number of entries per Specified Class shall be:
Class              Minimum
Cadet.              4 entries
Junior.             8 entries
Senior              8 entries
Ladies             4 entries

If insufficient entries are received for a class, classes may be cancelled at the discretion of the

8. Format of Racing – RQR and Grand Finals
    Driver’s finishing within 105% of the best-elapsed lap time in a particular class will be
      deemed to have qualified.
    The starting grid for the first Heat is based on the qualifying results.
    The starting grid for the second Heat is based on the qualifying results.
    The starting grid for the Final is the finishing order of the Second Heat. The qualifying
      results will be used to decide Grid position 2 from the two winning drivers. Grid 3 will be
      occupied by the driver with the better qualifying time out of the second place finishers of
      the second heat and so on to the eight position.

8.1 Non-Qualifying or Free Practice:
Every driver will have 10 laps prior to qualifying.

8.2 Method of qualifying for Heats.
     Drivers who have passed Scrutineering are permitted to draw lots in the presence of a
       Steward to determine their place on the list of qualifying drivers.
     Any Driver having crossed the line drawn at the exit of the start area will be considered
       as having started and his lap time will be taken into account, whatever the circumstances.
       Any lap fully covered is counted.
     Every driver is permitted 3 qualifying laps, the Best Elapsed Lap Time (BELT) achieved is
       used to determine his position amongst the qualifiers.
     Drivers achieving times within 105% of the best class time will be eligible for selection
       through qualifying.
     Qualifying will strictly be done by draw of lots
     Number of qualifiers per class.
                      Regional Qualifying Rounds -
        Class                                                              Grand Finals
                      No. drivers – Qualifying 105%
        Cadet                         16                   Drivers who placed first in Cadet & and
        Junior                        24                   the first and second placed Junior &
                                                           Senior at RQRs will qualify through
        Senior                        24                   BELTs for grid position in heats
       o The best lap time in qualifying sessions will be that competitor's qualifying time.
       o Heat Grid positions will be determined by qualifying times.
       o Fastest qualifying will start from grid position one etc.
       o If two drivers have the same qualifying time then their second fastest time will be
       o Timing will be electronic, with AMB transponder fitted to every kart.

8.3 Method of Starting for RQR Heats, Pre-finals, Finals and for Grand Finals

          Class        Start type
          Cadet        Standing - using flags - double grid
          Junior       Rolling - using flags - single line
          Senior       Rolling - using flags - single line

Rolling Start :
    a) Karts will line up in a single line in accordance with their grid positions. The Karts will be
        separated by one kart length in front and the rear of the kart from each other, this gap will
        be maintained during warm up and formation lap behind the pace kart. The pace of the
        warm up and formation laps will be controlled by the pace kart behind whom the first grid
        position kart will maintain a distance of at least 3 metres (approximately 10 feet)
    b) The driver must maintain his grid position until the starting signal has been given. Failure
        to do so may incur a penalty. The starter will be in a position near the starting line. A

       driver not in his correct grid position should signify by raising his hand above his head.
       Hands raised unnecessarily will incur a penalty. The field will complete one full warm up
       lap in a single line prior to the formation lap before the start signal is given. It is the
       driver’s responsibility to retain his grid position and the starter is not obliged to allow any
       additional formation lap to allow a driver who has lost his place to regain it.
    c) Weaving to warm up tyres during the warm up lap is permitted
    d) Weaving to warm up tyres during the formation lap is prohibited
    e) The starter will give the start signal as soon as he is satisfied with the formation. It is
       forbidden for drivers to accelerate until the front kart has crossed the yellow acceleration
       line painted on the track or the start signal has been given, whichever occurs first.
    f) In the event of karts breaking formation before the start of a race or not complying with
       the requirements of Rule 19.19 the event may be stopped at the discretion of the Starter
       and / or Clerk of the Course / Stewards. The offending driver or drivers may be

Acceleration & Start Lines

            1. Acceleration Line : A Yellow line painted on the track 25 meters prior to the start
               line. This is known as the acceleration line. When karts are approaching the
               start line in anticipation of a start, it is forbidden for drivers to accelerate until the
               front kart has crossed the yellow acceleration line.
            2. Start Line : A white line across track, which may also be the finish line.


8.3.1 Heats: RQR
Based upon drivers with BELT qualifying times. Drivers will be divided into groups for forming
grids. Best-timed driver will grid first in Group A, second best timed driver grids first Group B etc.
Fifth best driver grids second in Group A and so on.

            Drivers     Select finishing         Heat 1           Pre-Finals
                                                                                       Drivers for
 Class        Per        position per           Groups             Groups
                                                                                       RQR Finals
             heat             heat              A,B,C,D            A,B,C,D
 Cadet         4            1st & 2                -                 A,B                     4
 Junior        6          1st,2nd,3rd            A,B,C               A,B                     8
 Senior        6          1st,2nd,3rd            A,B,C               A,B                     8

8.3.2 Heats for GRAND FINALS
           Drivers Select finishing                               Pre-Finals
                                                                                       Drivers for
 Class        Per     position per                                 Groups
                                                                                      Grand Finals
             heat         heat                                     A,B,C,D
                     Grids based on
 Cadet         6                                                        A                    6
                    the heat position
 Junior        6    1st,2nd,3rd & 4                                   A,B                    8
 Senior        6    1st,2nd,3rd & 4                                   A,B                    8

8.4 Number of Laps RQR and GRAND FINALS
                                                                                                   RQR Finals
 Place of                            Free            Qualifying                          Pre-
                Class              Practice
                                                                           Heat 1                       &
 events                                         + 1 in and 1 out lap                    Finals
                                                                                                   Grand Finals
                Cadet                 5                     3                3             2              4
 Bangalore      Junior                10                    3                5             5               7
                Senior                10                    3                6             6               8
                Ladies                                                                                     4
                Cadet                  8                    3                5             5               8
                Junior                10                    3                8             8              13
                Senior                10                    3                8             8              13
                Ladies                                                                                     6
                Cadet                 10                    3                5             5               9
                Junior                10                    5                8             8              14
                Senior                10                    5                8             8              16
                Ladies                 5                                                                   5
                Cadet                  8                    3                5             5               8
                Junior                10                    5                                             16
                Senior                10                    5                                             18
                Ladies                 5                                                                   6
                Cadet                 10                    3                8             8              12
                Junior                10                    5               10            10              16
                Senior                10                    5               10            10              18
                Ladies                 5                                                                   7
                Cadet                  7                    5                5             5               7
                Junior                10                    5                8             8              12
                Senior                10                    5                8             8              15
                Ladies                 5                    3                                              5

8.5 Determination of Winners – Regional Qualifying Rounds and GRAND FINALS
 Class             Heat 1               Pre-Finals & Finals    For Grand Delhi Finals
 Cadet                   N/a                  Based upon finishing order      First Finishers at RQRs
 Junior                        Based upon finishing order                   First & Second Finishers at
 Senior                        Based upon finishing order                              RQRs

Grand Finals – The JK Tyres National Champion will be selected based upon the finishing
order in the Senior Class.

9. Timetable RQR – Times will be strictly adhered to – The circuit will be the venue.
 Close of Standard Entry                     Monday prior to race weekend – 18:00 hrs.
 Close of Late Entry                         Wednesday prior to race weekend – 1800 hrs
 Karter’s 1 Driver Instruction (K1DI) course Friday prior to race weekend – 16:00 ~ 18:00 hrs.
 Official Free Practice                      Friday prior to race weekend – 18:00 ~ 21:00 hrs
 Qualifying                                  Saturday race weekend – 10:00 ~ 13:00 hrs
 Driver Briefing & Scrutineering             Saturday race weekend – 16:00 ~ 17:00 hrs
 Heats                                       Saturday race weekend – 1715 ~ 21:30 hrs
 Semi Finals for Seniors and Finals followed
                                             Sunday race weekend – TBA
 by Prize Distribution

Timetable for Grand Finals - TBA

10. Mechanical Breakdown Lane - A mechanical breakdown lane will not be in use.

11. Safety - It is the responsibility of the driver to become familiar with all the safety requirements
    of competition karting.

11.1 Scrutiny - scrutiny will be conducted to check drivers apparel and safety gear. The times for
scrutiny at the track will be outlined in the Event Supplementary Regulations. All driver's safety
equipment must be inspected before entering the track for official practice.

11.2 Flag Signals

Green                                               Used by the Starter to start all track sessions
                                                    and races, and sometimes by corner marshals
                                                    to indicate that the track is clear
Yellow                                              Any yellow flag is a signal of danger of any
                                                    nature at or beyond the station displaying the
Yellow Motionless                                   Take care, Danger, Slow down. NO PASSING
                                                    FROM THE FLAG UNTIL PAST THE
                                                    EMERGENCY AREA.

                                                    Note : A driver may encounter several
                                                    YELLOW flags before reaching the emergency
                                                    area. The requirements are the same, SLOW
                                                    DOWN, NO PASSING.
Yellow Waved                                        Great Danger. Slow Down. Be prepared to
                                                    stop. NO PASSING FROM THE YELLOW
                                                    FLAG UNTIL COMPLETELY PAST THE
                                                    EMERGENCY AREA (S).

                                                    Note : At an Emergency Area, there may be
                                                    multiple karts involved in an accident. It is the
                                                    driver’s responsibility not to pass until fully past
                                                    the end of the emergency area(s).
Full Course Yellow                                  During a full-course yellow, the starter will
                                                    display two(2) yellow flags.            Whenever
                                                    possible, double yellow flags will be displayed
                                                    from flag stations around the circuit to indicate
                                                    a full-course yellow condition
Red at start / finish                               Should a decision be made to stop any track
                                                    session, including a race, because of an
                                                    accident or an incident, a RED flag will be
                                                    shown at the Start / Finish line.

                                                    It is the responsibility of all drivers to stop
                                                    racing immediately, slow down, exercise
                                                    extreme caution, be prepared to stop, and
                                                    proceed to the start / finish line. Karts must
                                                    stay in single file. It during a qualifying or race
                                                    session, no work or service shall be performed
                                                    on any karts until after the track has been re-
                                                    opened, except under the direction of the

                                                      Steward or Technical Delegate.
Blue Motionless                                       A lapping competitor is following you very
Blue waved                                            A faster competitor who is ahead of you is
                                                      going to lap you. Let him overtake as soon as
                                                      possible, keeping safety upper most when
                                                      moving to the side
White                                                 Slower moving vehicle ahead
Black & White with a Kart number                      Warns the driver of unsportsman like or unsafe
                                                      conduct and that a penalty may be pending.
                                                      Flag is only used once per driver per on-track
Black & Kart Number                                   Stop for consultation at the pits or at a location
                                                      designated by the Steward or Clerk of the
Black with orange Dot & Kart Number                   Informs the driver of a mechanical problem
                                                      likely to cause danger and to reduce speed and
                                                      stop at the pits.
Black & White Checkered                               Race over and the leader has crossed the
                                                      finish line. All racing must stop and drivers
                                                      must slow down, complete one more lap and
                                                      return to the pits or other designated area.

                                                                       Dark visors not permitted when
                                                                       used after sunset. Pivoting jaw
             Driver's Racing
     11.3                              Head and Face Protection        system helmets not permitted.
                                                                       Visors must only pivot from a
                                                                       point fixed to the outer shell.
                                       Neck support collar             optional.
                                       Rib Protectors                  optional.
                                                                       Recommended, incase not
                                       Drivers Suit                    available, Tough cotton denim
                                                                       jeans type
                                       Gloves                          Compulsory -full finger cover.
                                                                       Compulsory -Ankle length

12. Abandonment or Postponement -.

Entry fee will be refunded by the organizers only in the following circumstances

    a) If entry is not accepted
    b) If a ‘Reserve entry’ is finally not accepted
    c) If the event is cancelled

12.1 Alterations to the Supplementary Regulations -
As per the International Sporting Code of the FIA.

13. Prizes

                                 Regional Qualifying Rounds:

                               First                      Second                    Third
 Cadet Class      Trophy + Rs. 5000.00             Trophy + Rs. 3000.00 Trophy + Rs.2000.00
 Junior Class     Trophy + Rs. 10000.00            Trophy + Rs. 7000.00 Trophy + Rs. 5000.00
                                                   Trophy + Rs.
 Senior Class     Trophy + Rs.15,000.00                                    Trophy + Rs. 7500.00
 Ladies Class     Trophy + Rs.5000.00              Tropby + Rs.3000.00 Trophy + Rs.2000.00
                                           Grand Final
 Cadet Class      Trophy + Rs. 10000.00            Trophy + Rs 7500.00      Trophy + Rs 5000.00
                                                   Trophy + Rs              Trophy + Rs
 Junior Class     Trophy + Rs. 20000.00
                                                   15000.00                 10000.00
                                               Trophy + Rs. 20000 +
                                                                           Trophy + Rs. 10000 +
                                               3 rounds in a
 Senior Class                                                              1 round in a Formula
                                               Formula Maruti in the
 JK Tyres         TBA + Sponsored Drive in the                             Maruti in the JK TYRE
                                               JK TYRE NATIONAL
 National         JK Tyre National Racing                                  NATIONAL RACING
 Karting          Championship 2005.                                       CHAMPIONSHIP
 Champion                                                                  2005.

 Note: Regional qualifiers for the Grand Final will receive start money, and lodging
 arrangements for attending the Grand Final.

              *Taxes on prizes as applicable will have to be borne by the recipient.

14. Insurance - Entrants / competitors attention is particularly drawn to the fact that normal
insurance policies issued in India does not provide cover for motor sports. Please note that the
organisers will be taking out the group insurance policy for competitors and the officials to the
tune of Rs.10,000/- per head with hospitalisation. However, if you desire you can obtain
additional personal accident benefit insurance including hospitalization benefit plan A.

Under No circumstances will any Driver, Competitor, Marshal or official admit any liability or sign
any form or paper, which may admit or indicate liability of the organisers in any accident or
incident, which may arise.

15. Noise Levels - Not Applicable

16. Fuel - The fuel will be supplied by the tracks from a common source of unleaded pump fuel
for all karts during the event.

17. Judges of Fact
Listed here are judges of fact that will operate at the meeting. Also clearly stated are the fact that
they will judge.
             o The Starter shall be the judge of fact while under the starters control and will
                 determine competitors who break the start order, impede, delay or unduly effect
                 the start procedure.
             o The Chief Lap scorer shall be the judge of fact as to the number of laps
                 completed and the finishing order of any event.
             o The Chief Observer and CoC shall be the judge of fact as to the discipline
                 followed during the course of a race.
             o The Weigh Marshal shall be judge of fact as to the correctness of the weighing
                 equipment and the procedure followed during weighing of drivers.

18. Driver’s ballast -
Drivers who are below the specified class weight will carry ballast. Drivers are weighed along with
their full kit as will used during practice and racing.

The class weights given (5. Classes to compete) above are absolute minimums and it must be
possible to check them at any moment of competition, upon decision to verify, by the Event
Stewards or Scrutineers. Weight must be in compliance at any time during event competition, the
driver being normally equipped for the race (helmet, suit, goggles, gloves, shoes and other
protective gear).

Drivers may be weighed immediately after their race.

Ballast weights of 2 kgs, 4 kgs or combinations of 2 kgs and 4 kgs weights will be attached to
karts to achieve class weight category. In cases where total weight is 1 kg below weight category,
2 kg will be used.

How it works: Where a class weight category is 40 kgs and the driver weighs in at 39 kgs, 1
weight of 2 kgs will be used, taking the weight to 41 kgs.

At all times the weighing procedure will be under the control and direction of the Weigh Marshal,
as judge of fact, who may take whatever procedures he deems necessary to achieve an accurate
measurement. Refer to the relevant chapter (5. Classes to compete) for minimum race weights.

No solid, liquid or gaseous matter or substance is permitted to be added to a kart or given to a
driver from the time of the dropping of the checkered flag and the weighing of the kart and driver.

No kart or driver is permitted to leave the weighing area without the authorisation of the Chief
Scrutineer. Any infringement of these provisions relating to the weighing procedures may entail
the exclusion of the driver concerned.

18.1 Driver Briefing -
Drivers must attend the driver briefing (9. Timetable RQR) and sign the attendance register.
Failing this, drivers may be subject to exclusion from the event.

18.2 Data logging & telemetry
The use of all systems of data logging or telemetry is forbidden.

18.3 Stopping a Race Article 9.21 of MAI NKR

18.4 Incidents Article 9.24 of MAI NKR
Driver/s involved in an incident will be indicated of their penalty by means of a black and white
diagonal flag with the corresponding kart number displayed at the start/finish line. The driver is
expected to stop within 2 laps of the flag being displayed at the designated area for a 10 second
time penalty or he/she may be excluded from the race.

18.5 Dead Heats
If two or more drivers finish the season with the same number of points, the higher place in the
Championship will be awarded to:
         o The driver with the higher number of first place finishes in the heats leading to the
         o If the number of first places is the same, the number of second places and so on.
         o If this procedure fails to produce a result, the qualifying times leading to the race will
             be used.

18.6 Podium Ceremony

At the conclusion of each race, the drivers finishing Third, Second and First will climb onto the
podium in the same order.

19. Protests & Appeals Article 9.25 of MAI NKR
All protests must be made to the Clerk of the Course in a reasonable manner.
         o The Clerk of the Course will not take any action, unless the protest is in writing within
             15 minutes after the provisional results are declared. The time limit is applicable
             separately for heats and finals.
         o Protest must be in writing accompanied by a fee of Rs. 3,000/-
         o Protests on results of the finals must be made in writing, within 20 minutes of the end
             of the meeting.

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