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									                                                        Governor’s List VOCA 2007 Funding Recommendations
       Agency Name                   Funding                                                                           Description
Colo. Attorney General's               $21,848.00        The Victim Services Coordinator for the Colorado Attorney General's Office provides comprehensive statutorily mandated
Office                                                   victim advocacy services under the Victim Rights Amendment to those victims whose cases are handled by the Attorney
                                                         General's Criminal Justice Section and Appellate Unit.
Colorado Department of                   $62,633.00      The Victim Rights Act Compliance Program, which is statutorily mandated by Colorado law, works with victims of crime who
Public Safety                                            feel their rights, under the statute, have been violated. Complaints filed by victims against agencies that are responsible for
                                                         ensuring victims their rights are reviewed and resolved through either a formal or informal process.
Colorado Organization for                $53,505.00      Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance will provide direct services to crime victims by placing minority student interns in
Victim Assistance                                        victim services agencies, thereby increasing direct services and encouraging minority victims to use existing assistance systems;
                                                         and emergency funds for crime victims needs that cannot be met through victim compensation or any other resource.
Colorado State Patrol                   $152,248.00      The Colorado State Patrol Victim Advocates provide comprehensive services to victims of traffic crashes and their families.
                                                         Each CSP District employs an advocate to serve the various judicial districts within their areas. These positions also require
                                                         extensive knowledge of the Victims' Rights Amendment and they ensure that CSP policies, rules and regulations are met in
                                                         traffic cases.
State Court Administrators              $143,369.00      The State Court Administrators Office will provide victims, whose offender has been granted probation supervision by the
Office                                                   courts, notification of their rights and offer an opportunity to sign up and receive subsequent notification and information
                                                         regarding the status of the offender's probation sentence.
Outward Bound West                       $18,944.00      Outward Bound West conducts 3-day therapeutic wilderness courses for survivors of rape, incest and domestic violence. These
                                                         programs are designed to help individuals address issues of trust, support and connection with others. work together to overcome
                                                         obstacles, conquer fears and gain support from victims/survivors of violence.
Family Tree                              $58,964.00      Family Tree’s Women in Crisis Program provides shelter, counseling, safety planing, and interagency coordinaton for child
                                                         victims of domestic violence and their mothers. The Outreach Programs provide education and support for victims of domestic
                                                         violence in Conifer and at the Family Tree Karlis Family Center in Lakewood.
Gilpin County Combined                   $35,000.00      Gilpin County Combined Victim Services will provide a victim advocate who is responsible for direct crisis intervention
Victim Services                                          services to those victimized by crime in Black Hawk, Central City and throughout Gilpin County. This position is a direct
                                                         response to the Victim Rights Amendment mandates and provides victim services in a law enforcement based program.
Jefferson County Children's              $73,813.00      The Victim Assistance Program victim advocates is a team of staff and volunteers that assists in providing initial and ongoing
Advocacy Center                                          support, and assistance with Crime Victim Compensation to child victims of abuse during the investigation and criminal justice
                                                         system process.
Jefferson County, Sheriff's              $35,660.00      The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office provides on-scene support and followup services to crime victims in unincorporated
Department                                               Jefferson County through the services of a Victim Advocate.
Victim Outreach                          $54,996.00      Victim Outreach Information's Volunteer Coordinator/Crime Victim Advocate will recruit, screen, train, supervise volunteer
Information, Inc.                                        victim advocates who respond to calls by law enforcement from Wheat Ridge, Golden, Mountain View, Edgewater and the
                                                         School of Mines. VOI advocates are available 24-hours on-scene or by hotline to offer comprehensive crime victim services,
                                                         including but not limited to crisis intervention, emotional support, information about and advocacy for resources, crime victim
                                                         compensation and victim's rights.
WINGS Foundation, Inc.                   $43,624.00      WINGS Services for Survivors Program provides information and referral services, therapist-facilitated support groups,
                                                         educational presentations, advocacy and other forms of support to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
AMEND                                    $68,211.00      AMEND's Advocacy Services Program provides advocacy and direct support services to victims of domestic violence
                                                         (including children who witness) whose perpetrators attend AMEND's counseling programs in the 1st, 2nd, 17th and 18th
                                                         Judicial Districts.

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                                                        Governor’s List VOCA 2007 Funding Recommendations
       Agency Name                   Funding                                                                           Description
Asian Pacific Development              $75,447.00        Asian Pacific Development Center is designed to provide culturally competent and linguistically appropriate services for AAPI
Center                                                   victims of crime. A majority of service recipients are either AAPI immigrants, refugees, or sojourners with limited/no English
                                                         skills. Others include various generations of AAPI born in the U.S. as well as bi-or multi-racial AAPI.
Colorado Legal Services                  $67,320.00      Colorado Legal Services provides legal representation to victims of domestic violence and elder abuse at permanent protective
                                                         order hearings in Jefferson County and the 4th, 6th, 10th, 16th, 19th, and 22nd Judicial Districts.
Colorado Nonprofit                       $35,000.00      The Colorado Anti-Violence Program (CAVP) provides emergency victim services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and
Development Center                                       questioning (LGBTQ) victims of hate, sexual, HIV-motivated, and random violence via its 24-hour statewide toll-free crisis line,
                                                         as well as extended client services such as advocacy and case management. CAVP provides professional training, technical
                                                         assistance, and case consultation for the criminal justice system and service providers.
Denver CASA                                $9,756.00     Denver CASA is the not-for-profit Court Appointed Special Advocate program that provides trained, caring volunteer advocates
                                                         for child victims of physical and sexual abuse and neglect in the City and County of Denver.
Denver Children's                        $62,635.00      The Denver Children's Advocacy Center provides forensic interviews, assessment and treatment services, and a court school
Advocacy Center                                          program for child victims of sexual assault and children who have witnissed homicide, violent crime, and extreme domestic
                                                         violence. The Child and Adolescent Assessment and Treatment Program which assesses and treats child victims and offers
                                                         counseling to non-offending parents and family members to optimize the treatment outcomes for children. DCAC provides
                                                         services to monolingual Spanish-speaking children who are victims of crime, and their non-offending family members;
                                                         including very young children (aged 2-6).
Denver Indian Health &                   $23,241.00      Denver Indian Health & Family Services will focus on intensive case management, crisis intervention, emergency services, legal
Family Services                                          services, court related services, certified causes or services, and support services for American Indian victims of crime.
Denver Center for Crime                 $173,246.00      The Denver Center for Crime Victims operates a 24-hour Hotline for crime victims, available in English, Spanish and by
Victims, The                                             Teletypewriter (TTY) for hearing-and speech-impaired individuals. DCCV also offers specialized programs for crime victims
                                                         who are elderly or have a disability, child victims and their families and monolingual Spanish-speaking victims. Additionally,
                                                         the Center provides crisis counseling, advocacy, case management, support groups for adults and child witnesses, emergency
                                                         financial assistance, legal immigration and translation/interpreting services for non-English speaking domestic violence victims.
District Attorney's Office,              $41,726.00      The Denver District Attorney’s Family Violence Victim Advocate provides services to victims of domestic violence and sexual
2nd Jud. Dist.                                           assault on children cases filed in the Denver District Court. The advocate is the liaison between the victims and witnesses and
                                                         the criminal justice system, and provides Victims' Rights support, information and referral to community services, updates on
                                                         the status of the prosecution, and support throughout the court process.
Domestic Violence                        $31,616.00      Domestic Violence Initiative for Women with Disabilities (DVI) provides comprehensive services to women with disabilities
Initiative                                               (throughout the state of Colorado) who have been victims. DVI also provides technical assistance, and outreach concerning
                                                         specialized victims issues as they relate to disability, disability rights, confidentiality and the Adults at Risk Statute.
Dove: Advocacy Services                      $18,479     DOVE-Community Advocacy program provides fundamental direct services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing victims of
                                                         domestic violence and sexual assault and includes a range of services: victim advocacy including legal/medical, TTY hotline,
                                                         crisis intervention, case management, information and referral, follow-up, safe home placement and support groups.
Maria Droste Services of                 $19,004.00      The Survivors Mental health Program provides mental health services, including intake assessment, individual therapy,
Colorado Inc                                             medication management and crisis intervention/case management services, to adult survivors of violence who have serious
                                                         mental illness.

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                                                        Governor’s List VOCA 2007 Funding Recommendations
       Agency Name                   Funding                                                                          Description
Project Safeguard                      $62,330.00        Project Safeguard's Legal Advocacy program provides emergency intervention and support services to women experiencing
                                                         domestic violence. We maintain offices in the 1st, 2nd, 17th and 18th Judicial districts but are available to provide services for
                                                         victims throughout the state. Advocates assist clients in developing safety plans, identifying the appropriate avenue to acquire
                                                         protection through the courts without benefit of an attorney, ensure that the client has the proper forms required by the court and
                                                         an opportunity to attend protection order preparation clinics. Advocates typically accompany victims during the court process,
                                                         identify other appropriate community service agencies, make referrals and coordinate with system based agencies to support the
                                                         needs of the victim. All services are available in English and Spanish.
Rape Assistance and                        81,744.00     The Rape Assistance and Awareness Program (RAAP) is the only rape crisis center serving the Metro-Denver area. The RAAP
Awareness Program                                        Victim Services Program provides counseling services (assessment, individual and group) to meet the specific needs of victims
(RAAP)                                                   of sexual violence.
Rocky Mountain Children's                $62,440.00      The Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center, through the Pro Bono Attorney Project, recruits, trains, and supervises volunteer
Law Center                                               lawyers to represent at risk children who are involved in domestic violence proceedings in the Denver County Protective Orders
                                                         Court. The Project supports a crisis hotline which responds to approximately 2,000 calls each year from parents, grandparents,
                                                         foster parents, attorneys, judges, and others seeking legal information, referrals, and services for child victims of abuse,
                                                         neglect,and other crimes. Volunteer lawyers provide legal representation in the most egregious cases.
SafeHouse Denver, Inc.                   $77,424.00      SafeHouse Denver assists women, children and youth in reclaiming their right to a life free of domestic violence. Three
                                                         SafeHouse Denver advocates provide bilingual (English/Spanish) direct advocacy, crisis intervention, and one-to-one and group
                                                         counseling to women, children and youth who have been impacted by domestic violence. The program serves between 1,400 to
                                                         1,500 women and children a year.
Servicios de La Raza, Inc.               $30,206.00      The Domestic Violence Victim's Program at Servicios de La Raza provides services for victims of domestic violence in a variety
                                                         of ways. Our services include a 24-hour crisis line, ongoing bilingual counseling, advocacy, education, and referral services for
                                                         Spanish and English speaking adults.
Curtis Park Community                    $33,462.00      The Curtis Park Community Center advocates provide crisis intervention, information and referral, follow-up and case
Center                                                   management to underserved crime victims within the Northeast Denver and Muslim community. These community advocates
                                                         provide a trusted link between their communities and the Victim Services Network by utilizing not only the Network but also
                                                         resources within their own communities.
AARP Foundation                          $12,637.00      AARP ElderWatch will help at-risk senior crime victims and encouraging them to seek intervention, particularly for financial
                                                         elder abuse. Coordinating with local partners and volunteers, the project will stress safe reporting and assist seniors as they
                                                         navigate through the criminal justice system. Victim advocacy, volunteer recruitment and training, and support services for elder
                                                         victims of financial crimes and exploitation will be provided in three rural, under-resourced regions, with an additional
                                                         concentration on Hispanic and Native American elders in the second year.
Advocates Against                        $67,852.00      The project will provide direct victim services to victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault in Las Animas and Huerfano
Domestic Assault                                         counties.
District Attorney's Office,                  $35,594     The District Attorney’s Office will provide a comprehensive mandated safety class for victims of domestic violence prior to
3rd Jud. Dist.                                           modification of a restraining order or protection order. These services would provide victims with continued support through the
                                                         judicial process. Community outreach will ensure that underserved areas/populations would be informed.
CASA of the Pikes Peak                   $11,322.00      CASA of the Pikes Peak Region will to provide well-trained volunteers to advocate for safe and permanent homes for children
Region, Inc.                                             who are victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, or physical abuse.

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                                                        Governor’s List VOCA 2007 Funding Recommendations
      Agency Name                    Funding                                                                          Description
Centro de la Familia                   $38,296.00        Centro de la Familia provides bilingual, culturally competent services to child and adult crime victims who are Spanish
                                                         Speaking and/or recent immigrants of Hispanic and Latino origin. In addition to mental health services, Centro offers victims'
                                                         advocacy; a 24-hour crisis line; court support and preparation of restraining orders; translation of informational, legal and
                                                         clinical documents; assistance with applications for victim's compensation, transportation for critical appointments, emergency
                                                         financial assistance and resource and information referrals for basic needs.
Children's Advocacy                      $31,500.00      The Children's Advocacy Center/Pikes Peak Region Victim Support Program provides immediate crisis support and extended
Center, Inc.                                             outreach and support to child victims and witnesses and the non-offending parents of child sexual abuse/assault, domestic
                                                         violence, and physical abuse. The Family Support Advocates provide emotional support, system education, community referrals,
                                                         educational support groups, and court preparation for these families throughout the process of the forensic interview, continued
                                                         investigation and prosecution of sexual abuse.
El Paso County, Sheriff's                $46,435.00      The El Paso County Sheriff's Office Victim Assistance Program will an advocate and volunteer staff to ensure 24/7 on-call
Office                                                   victim advocacy crisis intervention services within the jurisdiction of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office and the Fountain
                                                         Police Department.
T.E.S.S.A.                               $74,518.00      The Safehouse provides emergency safe shelter for adult female victims of domestic violence and their children. It addresses
                                                         victims' immediate therapeutic and non-therapeutic needs, and helps them attain enhanced safety and self-sufficiency through
                                                         skill building, support, and education/training. The Children's Program provides therapeutic and non-therapeutic services to
                                                         Safehouse children to help them deal with the effects of living in a violent home. It also provides developmentally-appropriate
                                                         psychoeducational groups for community-based children living with domestic violence.
Advocates for Victims of                 $38,928.00      Advocates for Victims of Assault provides 24-hour crisis intervention to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and trauma
Assault                                                  through the following services: 24-hour crisis line, personal victim advocacy, follow-up, emergency financial assistance,
                                                         counseling, support groups, information, referral and emergency housing. We also provide legal advocacy and assistance with
                                                         restraining orders, court appearances, support meetings with the District Attorney's Office and free legal clinics for clients.
Advocates of Lake County,                $39,968.00      The Advocates of Lake County, Inc. provides bilingual/bicultural (English and Spanish) non-emergency and 24/7 emergency
Inc.                                                     services to include crisis intervention, food and shelter, counseling, support, information, referral resources, advocacy relevant to
                                                         the victim's circumstances (personal, criminal justice, legal, medical, other as necessary), and community awareness and
                                                         education. Services are available to all victims of violence, including victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and dating
District Attorney's Office,              $20,800.00      The Victim Resource Project provides comprehensive services to all crime victims in the 5th Judicial District. Assistance
5th Jud. Dist.                                           includes notification of victim rights, education and information about the criminal justice system and referrals and advocacy in
                                                         the criminal justice system. Additionally, the project provides assistance with Crime Victim Compensation to all eligible
The Resource Center of                   $32,300.00      The Advocates Against Assault operates our shelter, Freedom Ranch, for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and
Eagle County, Inc.                                       their children. This project provides advocacy, crisis intervention, shelter, safety planning, and follow-up support services to
                                                         bring change and hope into the lives of these residential and non-residential victims.
Clear Creek County                       $15,000.00      Clear Creek County Advocates provides crisis intervention and support services to victims of violence and their families. Victim
Advocates                                                advocates offer crisis intervention, follow-up support, information, referrals and emergency food and shelter. CCCA also
                                                         provides support groups for victims and survivors of domestic violence and for children from violent homes.
Alternative Horizons, Inc.               $28,598.00      Alternative Horizons provides a 24-Hour hotline, crisis intervention, followup peer counseling, criminal justice and personal
                                                         advocacy, information and referral services; support/therapy groups and individual sessions, as needed; court advocacy; legal
                                                         representation in divorce/child custody cases. Services are available to victim/survivors of domestic violence in both English and
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                                                        Governor’s List VOCA 2007 Funding Recommendations
       Agency Name                   Funding                                                                           Description
Archuleta County Victim                $23,895.00        Archuleta County Victim Assistance Program provides 24-hour crisis intervention, advocacy and support services to victims of
Assistance Program                                       violent crime, mainly domestic violence and sexual assault. Direct services to victims include immediate on-scene intervention
                                                         to assist with safety, emergency housing, clothing, food & transportation; court advocacy to guide victims through the criminal
                                                         and civil court processes; personal advocacy assistance with resource agencies, employers and landlords; referrals for long-term
                                                         needs including financial, housing and security.
Rape Intervention Team,                  $35,949.00      The Rape Intervention Team provides comprehensive non-systems advocate services to victims of sexual assault in the 6th
Inc.                                                     Judicial District including 24-hour crisis intervention, advocacy, support, and counseling for sexual assault survivors and their
                                                         family and friends.
Volunteers of America                    $55,900.00      Volunteers of America provides comprehensive residential domestic violence shelter for women and children, serving the entire
                                                         southwest region of the state.
City of Montrose, Police                 $12,716.00      The City of Montrose Police Department is a law enforcement based victim services program that provides on-scene and
Department                                               followup services by one Victim Advocate and one trained volunteer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
District Attorney's Office,              $68,745.00      The District Attorney’s Office will provide a Victims Assistance Technician and Victims Assistance Technician/Translator to
7th Jud. Dist.                                           give assistance to all victims of crimes in the areas of victim impact statements, court-room advocacy, crime victim
                                                         compensation application/process assistance, and general victim assistance and support. Services are for all victims, including
                                                         monolingual Spanish victims and victims that live in isolated areas.
Gunnison County, Sheriff's               $19,640.00      Gunnison County Sheriff’s Department provides direct services to victims of crime reporting to the four law enforcement
Department                                               agencies in the Gunnison County Jurisdiction of the 7th Judicial District.
Jubilee House of Gunnison                $41,539.00      Jubilee House is a community-based victim services agency for the local and rural communities of Gunnison and Hinsdale
County, Inc.                                             counties including Crested Butte, Mt. Crested Butte, Gunnison, and Lake City. Jubilee House provides direct service through
                                                         crisis counseling, follow-up, therapy, group treatment/support, safehouse, information/referral, criminal justice
                                                         support/advocacy, emergency financial assistance, emergency legal advocacy, victim compensation assistance, personal
                                                         advocacy, emergency transportation, and safety planning, to all victims of violent crime including domestic violence, sexual
                                                         assault, child abuse, elder abuse, and hate/bias crimes.
San Miguel Resource                      $45,560.00      The San Miguel Resource Center is a nonprofit, victim services organization serving San Miguel and the West End of Montrose
Center                                                   Counties. Staff and volunteer advocates provide immediate crisis intervention and ongoing advocacy services to victims of
                                                         domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. This project also provides volunteer advocate trainings and a 24-hour crisis
                                                         hotline system.
City of Delta, Police                    $20,000.00      Delta Police Department’s Victim Advocate Program provides trained coordinator, volunteers, and officers who ensure the
Department                                               rights of crime victims in Delta.
CASA of the Seventh                      $16,600.00      Provides trained volunteers who advocate for safe and permanent homes for children who are victims of sexual abuse, physical
Judicial District, Inc.                                  abuse, child abuse, or domestic violence and involved in the court system.
Alternatives to Violence,                $31,300.00      Alternatives to Violence provides crisis intervention, individual and group conseling, transitional housing, legal and court
Inc.                                                     advocacy, and information and referrals toall victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other violent crimes in Larimer
ChildSafe Research and                   $14,682.00      ChildSafe is the sole comprehensive treatment program for child sexual abuse victims and their families in Larimer County.
Treatment Foundation                                     Two Clinical Directors oversee the coordination of quality services, take referrals, assign cases to therapists and supervise
                                                         quality services.

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                                                        Governor’s List VOCA 2007 Funding Recommendations
      Agency Name                    Funding                                                                          Description
Crossroads Safehouse                   $47,338.00        Crossroads Safehouse Victim Services provides immediate safe shelter, emotional support, legal advocacy, community outreach,
                                                         and educational programs to victims of domestic violence in Larimer County. Crossroads' Children & Teen Residential and
                                                         Outreach Project offers programs to hundreds of resident and nonresident children at the Safehouse, as well as via community
                                                         outreach programs and in our schools.
District Attorney's Office,              $50,831.00      The District Attorney’s Office in the 8th Judicial District provides a Victim/Witness Specialist who will ensure that victims
8th Jud. Dist.                                           receive their constitutionally mandated rights to services by providing victims with information, support and referral and the
                                                         opportunity to provide case input to the District Attorney's Office.
Estes Valley Victim                        $4,000.00     Estes Valley Victim Advocates is the only agency in the Estes Valley that serves victims of crime. The agency provides in-
Advocates, Inc.                                          person 24/7 emergency intervention advocacy, individual counseling and support groups for victims of crime.
Larimer County Child                     $45,208.00      The Larimer County Child Advocacy Center provides direct victim services to child abuse victims and their non-offending
Advocacy Center, Inc.                                    family members in English and in Spanish. They provide a child-friendly environment for interviews, refer victims for
                                                         treatment, and coordinate a multidisciplinary response to child abuse in Larimer County.
Larimer County, Sheriff's                $24,082.00      The Victim Response Team at the Larimer County Sheriff's Office trains coordinators and advocates who assure that all victims
Department                                               are contacted and informed of their rights and available resources. Coordinators also attend court with victims or on their behalf.
Lutheran Family Services of              $33,200.00      Approximately 90% of children placed in Lutheran Family Services' foster homes have been victims of physical abuse or sexual
Northern Colorado                                        abuse or have witnessed serious drug/alcohol abuse situations in their birth families. Licensed clinical social workers and
                                                         supervised clinicians provide assessments and treatment plans that include individual therapy, participation in group therapy and
                                                         support and guidance to foster parents as needed.
SAVA Center                              $41,741.00      The Sexual Assault Victim Advocate (SAVA) Center is the only victim service program in Larimer county that exclusively
                                                         serves people victimized by sexual violence. We provide Larimer County residents with the only 24-hour hotline, advocacy,
                                                         crisis intervention and counseling services dedicated exclusively to the needs of sexual assault survivors.
Advocate/Safehouse Project               $38,783.00      The Advocate/Safehouse Project provides 24-hour crisis intervention and advocacy for victims of domestic violence and sexual
                                                         assault through volunteer coordination and direct client services.
District Attorney's Office,              $33,233.00      The Domestic Violence Project for the 9th Judicial District guides domestic violence victims through the criminal justice
9th Jud. Dist.                                           process, provides community education and outreach to raise awareness about domestic violence, and coordinates with the other
                                                         community agencies to develop integrated response for domestic violence victims.
Garfield County, Sheriff's               $24,800.00      The Garfield County Sheriff's Office Victim Assistance Program provides victims of crime and crisis in the Garfield County
Office                                                   Jurisdictional area with on scene crisis intervention to reduce trauma. Assistance to victims includes referrals to local or State
                                                         agencies, assistance for those with language/educational barriers to fill out Victims Compensation Application forms or other
                                                         forms, provision of Victims Rights Amendment information, accompaniment to advisement, bond or court appearances, and
                                                         assistance to monolingual Spanish victims with interpretation as needed in relationship to the crime and victim needs.
Alpine Legal Services, Inc.              $19,000.00      Alpine Legal Services will provide comprehensive legal assistance to victims of crime in Garfield, Pitkin and western Eagle
                                                         Counties. This includes assisting victims of domestic violence with obtaining protective orders and other emergency orders.
YouthZone formerly                       $15,000.00      YouthZone will identify and provide direct intensive therapeutic intervention services for adolescent victims and their families,
Garfield Youth Services                                  including case management.
RESPONSE, Inc.                           $31,344.00      RESPONSE assists Spanish speaking survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault and provides training for volunteer
CASA of Pueblo                           $15,257.00      CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Pueblo is a private non-profit organization that recruits, screens, and trains
                                                         community volunteers to be appointed to advocate for abused and neglected children in court.

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                                                        Governor’s List VOCA 2007 Funding Recommendations
       Agency Name                   Funding                                                                             Description
District Attorney's Office,            $26,936.00        The District Attorney in the 10th Judicial District provides a Victims Assistant Specialist who supports the Juvenile Court Unit
10th Jud. Dist.                                          and the Crimes Against People Unit. The Victims Assistant Specialist serves children and adults who are victims of juveniles
                                                         who commit crimes or juveniles who are the victims of crime, such as physical and sexual assault, rape, felony domestic
                                                         violence, child abuse and homicide.
Pueblo Child Advocacy                    $15,000.00      The Pueblo Child Advocacy Center provides direct services to child victims of abuse and their non-offending family members to
Center                                                   assist them through the investigative, judicial and healing process.
Pueblo County Sheriff's                  $64,299.00      The ACOVA Program, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, provides trained volunteer victim advocates who are
Office                                                   available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to crisis situations due to crime or circumstance. Responding Advocates
                                                         provide emotional support, information regarding the victims' rights and/or the criminal justice system.
Pueblo Rape Crisis                       $19,570.00      Pueblo Rape Crisis Services is a community based rape crisis center that provides "around the clock" services to sexual assault
Services, Inc.                                           victims within the Pueblo community. Staff and volunteer victim advocates respond to emergency sexual assault calls at hospital
                                                         emergency rooms as part of Pueblo's Sexual Assault Response Team and operate a 24-hour crisis line. Rape Crisis offers
                                                         confidential victim advocacy, crisis intervention, emotional support, referrals to other agencies, information about victim rights
                                                         and victim compensation, follow-up services and crisis line assistance.
YWCA of Pueblo                           $58,674.00      YWCA provides individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, legal advocacy, information and referral, crisis hotline
                                                         counseling, and shelter to women and their children who are victims of domestic violence.
Alliance Against Domestic                $25,456.00      The Alliance Against Domestic Abuse provides services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault at no cost to the
Abuse                                                    individual. Services include peer counseling, support groups for women and children, 24-hour crisis intervention, emergency
                                                         financial assistance, assistance with obtaining restraining orders, victims compensation, victims rights information, court and
                                                         personal advocacy.
Chaffee County L.E.                      $21,608.00      The Chaffee County Law Enforcement Victims Assistance Unit provides support for crime victims in Chaffee County. Trained
Victims Assistance Unit                                  advocates provide immediate crisis intervention, referrals for victims compensation, referrals to assisting agencies, information
                                                         regarding law enforcement and the judicial process, and follow-up support.
District Attorney's Office,              $23,101.00      The District Attorney’s Office, 11th Judicial District provides direct services to all victims of crime including notification and
11th Jud. Dist.                                          education about victim rights, emotional suport, personal advocacy, crisis counseling, accompaniment of victims to court
                                                         hearings or as a victim representative, victim liaison with prosecutors, information and referral to appropriate community
                                                         agencies, assessment of needs, referral to and assistance in applying for Victim Compensation, coordination of victims impact
                                                         and restitution statements, and emergency assistance.
Family Crisis Services, Inc.             $26,155.00      Family Crisis Services provides peer counseling, shelter, 24-hour hotline, group support, emergency legal advocacy, court
                                                         support & advocacy, referrals and crisis counseling.
Fremont County, Sheriff's                $23,613.00      Fremont County, Sheriff's Department provides crisis intervention, victim rights information, victim compensation
Department                                               info/forms,and agency referrals. It ensures that domestic violence protection orders are given to victim in a timely manner, and
                                                         victim notification is in place in the jail for all offenders arrested by the 4 law enforcement agencies in the county.
Park County Crisis Center                $22,316.00      The Park County Crisis Center operates the only area emergency shelter for women and children who are victims of crime,
                                                         primarily domestic violence and sexual assault It serves rural Park County, mountain Jefferson County and surrounding
                                                         mountain communities. Our 24 hour crisis hotline provides crisis counseling, safety planning, resources and referrals.
Park County, Sheriff's                   $22,928.00      The Park County Sheriff’s Department Victim Services Program provides crisis intervention and follow-up services to victims
Department                                               of crime in Park County. We strive to create uniform services for the rurally isolated victims of crime, and develop victim
                                                         related educational opportunities for the deputies/investigators, town police departments and local service providers.

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                                                        Governor’s List VOCA 2007 Funding Recommendations
       Agency Name                   Funding                                                                          Description
Alamosa County, Sheriff's              $88,251.00        The San Luis Valley Victim Response Unit provides immediate crisis intervention and community referrals to the crime victims
Department                                               in the municipalities and counties of Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, and Rio Grande.
District Attorney's Office,              $40,843.00      The District Attorney's Office in the 12th Judicial District provides information, support and assistance to victims of violent
12th Jud. Dist.                                          crime and to advocate for them as their case is being prosecuted.
San Luis Valley                          $24,324.00      Alternatives to Violence will provide advocacy and community safety for victims of domestic abuse and their children,
Comprehensive Comm.                                      including treatment groups for children.
Tu Casa, Inc.                            $44,150.00      Tu Casa's programs will provide the 12th Judicial District in the San Luis Valley domestic violence and sexual assault victims
                                                         and their families with 24 hour crisis intervention, advocacy, support and counseling while networking, cooperating,
                                                         coordinating, and collaborating with other agencies to address child abuse and our under-served victim populations. All direct
                                                         services are offered in English and Spanish.
District Attorney's Office,              $64,770.00      The District Attorney’s Office in the 13th Judicial District will provide victim advocates to notify victims of the critical stages of
13th Jud. Dist.                                          the Criminal Justice system, mail Victim Impact statements, provide follow-up services, provide sentencing information, work
                                                         as a liaison between victims and prosecutors, prepare restitution motions to the court, mail post-notification information, assist
                                                         with preparation of witness testimony, and provide courtroom advocacy.
Help for Abused Partners                 $14,983.00      Help for Abused Partners provides 24 hour crisis intervention, shelter, food and other basic needs, counseling, court advocacy
                                                         (criminal and civil), support groups, and transportation to any victim of domestic violence and their children.
High Plains Sexual Assault               $34,158.00      The High Plains Sexual Assault Center provides programs and services to aid victim/survivors of sexual assault to enable
Center                                                   recovery. They provide direct services to rural, underserved victims of sexual assault, including courtroom and personal
                                                         advocacy, victim notification, victim compensation, coordination of individual therapy for victims with no other means of
                                                         financial support.
Kit Carson County, Sheriff's             $26,145.00      The Kit Carson County Victim Assistance Program provides direct services to victims of crime by working with all local law
Department                                               enforcement agencies, judiciary, compensation programs and service providers. Victim Advocates assist victims by responding
                                                         immediately to on-scene crisis, in completing compensation applications, therapy referrals, follow-up phone calls, in-person
                                                         contacts and courtroom advocacy. This program serves all primary and secondary victims from the initial crime throughout the
                                                         judicial system and post-sentencing phase.
Logan County, Sheriff's                  $22,613.00      The Logan County Victim Assistance Program provides assistance within 24 hours after a crime has been reported for victims
Department                                               and their families through both personal and courtroom advocacy, including Spanish-speaking advocacy services for crime
Morgan County, Sheriff's                 $23,500.00      The Morgan County Victim Assistance Program (MCVAP) is a volunteer based program which provides 24 hour crisis
Department                                               intervention and follow-up services to victims of crime from the time the crime is reported through the prosecution of the case.
                                                         MCVAP provides trainings for victim advocates and law enforcement personnel in order to ensure victims' rights, and improve
                                                         services to victims of crime.
Phillips County, Sheriff's               $17,366.00      Phillips County, Sheriff's Office provides victims services to victims of crime in Phillips and Sedgwick Counties.
S.H.A.R.E., Inc.                         $35,855.00      S.H.A.R.E., Inc., located in Morgan County, is a shelter and outreach program for victims of domestic violence. Our program
                                                         provides 24-hour crisis intervention, on-going indificual advocacy, shelter for up to six weeks, transportation, court advocacy,
                                                         support groups in English and Spanish, children and youth programs, emergency financial assistance, and assistance with victim
                                                         compensation, protection orders, and safety planning.

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                                                        Governor’s List VOCA 2007 Funding Recommendations
       Agency Name                   Funding                                                                 Description
Washington County,                     $14,227.00        The Victim Advocacy Program within the Washington County Sheriff's Office provides direct services to victims of crime.
Sheriff's Office
Yuma County, Sheriff's                   $18,407.00      The Yuma County Victim Assistance Program is a 24 hour on-call service for all law enforcement agencies within Yuma
Department                                               County. Victim Advocates will respond to the victim’s location when requested by law enforcement officers. The advocate will
                                                         assist all victims under the Victims Rights Amendment within 24 hours of the call with completion of victim compensation
                                                         forms, therapist referrals, follow-up phone calls, personal contacts, and meeting scheduling with the District Attorney's Office.
Advocates - Crisis Support               $44,702.00      Advocates - Crisis Support Services is a non-profit organization that provides 24-hour/day crisis services to victims of crime in
Services                                                 Moffat County. Programs include, domestic abuse, sexual assault, and a multi-jurisdictional crim victim assistance program for
                                                         local law enforcement.
Advocates Against                        $26,462.00      The Advocates Against Battering & Abuse will provide direct services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in
Battering & Abuse                                        Routt and Jackson Counties. Recruitment, training and supervision of volunteer advocates will be facilitated to assist 24-hour
                                                         direct service provision.
ADVOCATES: Victims                       $29,078.00      ADVOCATES is the only organization in Grand County that provides comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence
Assistance Team                                          and sexual assault. We provide a 24-hour confidential crisis line, temporary safe-housing, emergency support services, court
                                                         advocacy, assistance in filing restraining orders, counseling for victims who are ineligible for victim's compensation,
                                                         information and referrals to relevant community resources, assistance in accessing affordable legal services, and any other
                                                         services that will help to meet the needs of crime victims.
District Attorney's Office,              $13,000.00      The District Attorney Victim Services program provides VRA-mandated services to victims of crimes, from filing of charges
15th Jud. Dist.                                          through disposition and post-sentencing hearings.
Domestic Safety Resource                 $51,693.00      Domestic Safety Resource Center provides emergency shelter; emergency transportation and food; counseling; criminal justice
Center                                                   advocacy and referrals to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and their children. We have established satellite
                                                         offices in the outlying counties of the 15th Judicial District (Baca, Cheyenne, Kiowa and Prowers Counties) to better serve
Arkansas Valley Resource                 $96,305.00      Arkansas Valley Resource Center provides crisis hotline, safety, counseling, advocacy, information/referrals, victims
Center                                                   compensation assistance, on scene crisis intervention and other advocacy services for victims of domestic violence, their
                                                         children and all other victims of violent crime in Bent, Otero, and Crowley Counties.
Crowley County, Sheriff's                $15,000.00      Crowley County, Sheriff's Department provides support and followup on all victims under the victims of crime 24/7. To insure
Department                                               that all victims are informed of their rights, and provide information on victims compensation rights and support agencies.
District Attorney's Office,              $28,763.00      The Victim Advocate in the District Attorney's Office of the 16th Judicial District provides immediate information and crisis
16th Jud. Dist.                                          intervention services to victims of crime pursuant to Colorado law. The Victim Advocate insures thet there is continuous
                                                         communication with victims to keep them informed of upcoming critical stages of the case as it proceeds through the legal
Alternatives to Family                   $70,062.00      Alternatives to Family Violence, Inc. provides: Safehouse services, crisis intervention and counseling to children who have
Violence                                                 witnessed or are impacted by domestic violence; Safehouse services, crisis intervention, advocacy and counseling to
                                                         monolingual Spanish speaking and English speaking victims of domestic violence.
City of Thornton                         $24,496.00      The Cities of Thornton and Northglenn provide comprehensive services to victims and witnesses of crime including Spanish
                                                         bilingual/bicultural victim support. They assist victims and witnesses at the time of the initial crisis and on-going case
                                                         management to victims.

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                                                        Governor’s List VOCA 2007 Funding Recommendations
       Agency Name                   Funding                                                                         Description
District Attorney's Office,            $40,150.00        Victim Advocates in the District Attorney’s Office, 17th Judicial District, county court division will provide direct services to
17th Jud. Dist.                                          victims of misdemeanor crimes, including child abuse, domestic violence, assault, DUI/DWAI, and careless driving resulting in
                                                         death. These direct services encompass emotional support and physical assistance during court hearings, follow-up contact,
                                                         personal advocacy, practical information and referrals to ensure victim safety and security while a participant in the criminal
                                                         justice process.
CASA of Adams and                          $8,400.00     CASA of Adams and Broomfield Counties is a nonprofit organization that provides specifically selected and trained community
Broomfield Counties                                      volunteers, CASAs, to advocate for abused and neglected children in the pursuit of safe, permanent homes in the 17th Judicial
                                                         District (Adams and Broomfield counties) especially to child victims of physical and sexual abuse.
Advocates for Children                   $19,333.00      Advocates for Children volunteers provide direct services to child victims of sexual assault and physical abuse in the 18th
                                                         Judicial District Court system through trained volunteers.
Arapahoe/Douglas Mental                    $9,000.00     Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network will continue to expand our mental health services to victims in Arapahoe and
Health Network                                           Douglas counties. The services that this unit provides include complete mental health and substance abuse assessment,
                                                         individual, play, group, couples and family therapy, and case management services such as linkage, referral, telephone outreach
                                                         and support. Services are available for children and adults.
Children's Advocacy &                    $39,375.00      The Sungate Case Management Program provides crisis intervention and ongoing support to child victims of abuse and their
Family Resource, Inc.                                    non-offending family members from the 18th Judicial District who are brought to Children's Advocacy & Family Resources,
                                                         Inc./Sungate for services.
District Attorney's Office,              $23,395.00      The District Attorney’s Office, 18th Judicial District, Special Victims Unit (SVU) comprised of specially trained attorneys and
18th Jud. Dist.                                          victim advocates, provides services to our most vulnerable victims. This specialized unit is responsible for child sexual assault,
                                                         child physical abuse resulting in serious injury or death and felony cases involving elderly or others considered "at risk". SVU
                                                         Victim Advocates maintain close contact with victims and family members to provide the support, advocacy, information and
                                                         referral services necessary to minimize the potential negative impacts that may result not only from victimization, but also from
                                                         participation in the criminal justice process.
Douglas County, Sheriff's                $40,000.00      The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department Victim Advocate will provide crisis intervention services to victims of crimes, ensure
Department                                               compliance with all law enforcement Victim Rights requirements, and provide support, referrals, and follow-up services to
                                                         victims of crimes in Douglas County.
Gateway Battered Women's                 $54,086.00      Gateway Battered Women's Services Court Advocacy Program provides services to domestic violence victims subpoenaed to
Shelter                                                  the Aurora Municipal Court following an arrest of the perpetrator. Services provided include: crisis intervention, counseling,
                                                         information on court proceedings and victim rights, restraining orders and victim comepnsation claims, safety planning, court
                                                         accompaniment, and follow-up services.
Women's Crisis & Family                  $73,837.00      In the Counseling Program, certified counselors and therapists provide education, information, support, resources and other tools
Outreach Center                                          necessary to break the cycle of violence and transform lives. Counseling is provided in a residential and non-residential setting.
                                                         In the Legal Advocate Program, professionals offer support and information including civic restraining orders assistance, court
                                                         support and other legal referrals.
A Kid's Place Inc.                       $33,945.00      A Kid's Place provides services to child victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, or who have witnessed domestic violence
                                                         in Weld County through a Child Advocacy Center and CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) program.
A Woman's Place, Inc.                    $39,013.00      A Woman's Place provides individual and group counseling, safety plans, crisis intervention, legal and personal advocacy,
                                                         information and referral, 24-hour crisis line and follow-up services to women and children who are victims of domestic violence,
                                                         sexual assault, annd child abuse in North Adams and Weld counties, including outreach to the migrant worker populations
                                                         provided since April of 1997.

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                                                        Governor’s List VOCA 2007 Funding Recommendations
      Agency Name                    Funding                                                                          Description
Greeley Police Department              $47,572.00        A law enforcement based program providing direct services to child and adult victims of violent crime and sudden trauma in the
                                                         19th Judicial District communities of Greeley, Evans, LaSalle, Kersey, Windsor, Eaton, Ault and Johnston. Immediate crisis
                                                         intervention, referrals, information, criminal justice support, and follow-up advocacy is provided to English and non-English
                                                         speaking victims of crime.
District Attorney's Office,              $32,606.00      The Victim Witness Program is a prosecution-based project, serving all of Weld County providing direct services to adult and
19th Jud. Dist.                                          child victims of domestic violence, victims of child sexual abuse, adult sexual assault victims, and underserved victim
                                                         populations including elderly victims, Spanish-speaking victims, and at-risk adult victims. The Domestic Violence Fast Track
                                                         Program in the district Attorney's Office provides next day contact with victims, referrals, Victims' Rights and Criminal Justice
                                                         system information.
Sexual Assault Survivors,                $44,252.00      Sexual Assault Survivors provides hotline crisis response services, in-person crisis response, information, referrals and various
Inc.                                                     other direct victim services for persons victimized by sexual assault, sexual harassment, and stalking. Spoken and printed
                                                         information is available in English and Spanish languages.
Blue Sky Bridge                          $38,298.00      Blue Sky Bridge facilitates a collaborative approach to child sexual abuse investigations in Boulder county while providing child
                                                         victims and their families with support and services in a safe, compassionate environment, and to provide outreach and culturally
                                                         competent services to underrepresented and underserved populations.
Safehouse Progressive                    $53,299.00      The Tri-City Outreach Project provides immediate and ongoing assistance for adult and child victims of domestic violence who
Alliance for Nonviolenc                                  reside int he eastern Boulder County towns of Lafayette, Louisville, Erie, Superior, and the rural surrounding area, as well as
                                                         residents of western Broomfield County. Services include emergemcy response, access to safe shelter, legal advocacy, and
                                                         individual and group support counseling for English and Spanish-speaking adult and child victims.
Boulder County, Sheriff's                $54,035.00      The Multi-Agency Victim Outreach Program uses police reports to identify crime victims and survivors who did not receive on-
Department                                               scene advocacy. Once identified, a trained volunteer contacts the victim in person or by telephone and provides services in the
                                                         form of support, counseling, referrals, victim rights information, victim compensation referral, and criminal justice infiormation
                                                         and/or referral.
MESA (Moving to End                      $67,092.00      MESA will provide comprehensive victim services for English and Spanish-speaking adult sexual assault survivors and their
Sexual Assault)                                          families and friends, including a 24-hour hotline, crisis intervention, advocacy, counseling, information, referrals, individual and
                                                         group therapy sessions, case management, and assistance to victims throughout the criminal justice process.
Safe Shelter of St. Vrain                $31,010.00      Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley's Victim Intervention Project provides an immediate and effective response to the emergency
Valley                                                   needs of domestic violence victims and their children. Safe Shelter is the only provider of domestic violence victim services in
                                                         North and Northeast Boulder County. The project focuses on 24-hour crisis intervention, support services, legal advocacy and
                                                         the direct service volunteer program. Program services are provided in both English and Spanish.
Voices for Children                      $18,665.00      CASA volunteers provide direct services to and advocacy for victims of child abuse and neglect to provide mentoring, and
                                                         create a relationship with the children in order to assess best interests and service provision. Requests for CASAs are made by
                                                         guardian ad litem attorneys who are on contract to the 20th Judicial District. The program manager and two case managers
                                                         coordinate case assignment. Each CASA is appointed by the Court to a specific case, with the focus being on the best interests of
                                                         the child.
Hilltop Community                        $99,456.00      Hilltop operates domestic violence and sexual assault programs including shelter, advocacy, individual and group counseling
Resources, Inc.                                          and 24-hour crisis lines in Mesa, Montrose, Delta and Ouray counties. The Latimer House Counseling & Advocacy Center
                                                         provides comprehensive, direct services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Mesa County. Operating in
                                                         Montrose, Delta, and Ouray counties, Tri-County Resource Center offers comprehensive services for victims of domestic
                                                         violence and sexual assault.

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                                                        Governor’s List VOCA 2007 Funding Recommendations
      Agency Name                    Funding                                                                          Description
Mesa Youth Services dba                $10,300.00        The Partners Mentoring Program recruits, trains, screens and supervises adult volunteers who are paired in year long one-to-one
Mesa County Partners                                     partnerships with youth who are crime victims. Children 6 to 17 years of age who are victims of abuse are referred to Partners by
                                                         the Dept. of Human Services, DA's Office, Hilltop's Domestic Violence Project, School Counselors and therapists for on-to-one
                                                         mentoring support.
Western Slope Center for                 $38,114.00      The Western Slope Center for Children provides collaborative services to child sexual abuse victims and their non-offending
Children                                                 family members in a supportive environment that reduces trauma and promotes dignity, justice and healing. The Center
                                                         coordinates and facilitates the work of law enforcement, child protection investigators, district attorneys, mental health and
                                                         medical providers during and following the investigation and prosecution of cases of child sexual abuse, severe physical abuse
                                                         and children as witnesses to violence.
City of Cortez, Police                   $29,968.00      The Cortez Police Department Law Enforcement Victim Response Unit provides direct assistance to victims of crime at the
Department                                               scene or as soon as possible after the crime.
District Attorney's Office,              $33,606.00      The District Attorney’s Office in the 22nd Judicial District provides direct services to victims of crime through an effective
22nd Jud. Dist.                                          Victim Notification Program by notifying victims of violent crime of all critical stages of the criminal justice process. We
                                                         administer a Courtroom Advocacy Program by providing physical and emotional support to victims during Court Hearings and
                                                         throughout the progress of the case, and assist victims to access Victim Compensation funds, determine restitution and prepare
                                                         Restitution Orders to help them recover any monetary losses resulting from their victimization.
Four Corners Child                       $63,944.00      The Four Corners Child Advocacy Center is the only child abuse victim service facility in the southwestern area of Colorado.
Advocacy Center, Inc.                                    The services and programs provided by the Center assist both primary and secondary child victims; reduce trauma and promote
                                                         healing. We service six surrounding counties and two tribes. We work in consort with Law Enforcement, Social Services,
                                                         Mental health, the Criminal Justice system and physicians when indicated. Our Center coordinates services with those partners
                                                         in order to provide a meeting environment that is child friendly, safe, and nurturing.
RENEW, Inc.                              $42,053.00      Renew, Inc. provides a 24-hour crises hotline, advocates and follow up services for adult victims and survivors of domestic
                                                         violence, sexual assault and stalking in Montezuma and Dolores Counties (the 22nd Judicial District).
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe                   $35,257.00      This project will provide 24 hour on call services in assisting BIA Law Enforcement Services to include transportation, crisis
                                                         intervention and support for victims of crime on the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation. The program provides traditional and
                                                         contemporary services to all crime victims and works with Law Enforcement, Judicial Systems, and other agencies on and off
                                                         the reservation.
                      TOTAL              $5,370,852

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                                                    ernor’s List VOCA 2006 Training Funding Recommendations

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