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					                   Entrepreneur Success Secrets

Perhaps from us until now still not successes too well to be a businessman? Perhaps we do not
yet meet the "specifications" to be a successful entrepreneur.
Well I will say here are the secrets of entrepreneurs how they achieve success. Fortunately for
you to read this post, there are a lot of science that will be of my friends here because science is
based on my own experience and my observations of some successful entrepreneurs around
me. PROVE they have some traits in common for me is the secret of their success. Curious? Yuk!
Immediately! :)

Secret # 1 Fast!

Fast, yah! Of all the successful entrepreneurs that I know they have the same characteristics,
Fast! Spontaneous! Any have any ideas or plans on the spot then they do and they do it quickly.
Previously you had to know quickly with the first difference in a hurry. Here means to hasten a
quick and full control, in contrast to hurry away from the control and often careless. Hasty devil
hers mah .. hehehe

There may be flashed in your mind, "Why do we need to quickly do something? Do not be
thought out first? "

Know that we hasten to do something so fast and ideas to improve what we do it will synch up
with the rapid withdrawal of fast action will bring up a rapid reaction as well. Unlike most if we
think before doing anything, too much consideration it will reduce your courage to do it and
ultimately what you want is not realized. Calculations are important, but only minimally, then
Action as much as possible!

Let you see a good illustration of a short between the Si Si Fast Slow with the following:
The Slow

  Can be brilliant business idea, already know what it takes to start a business, but was delayed
to begin consideration of action because a lot of capital, business feasibility, and all the odds
and bengeknya.
  Once the business is running, go back to Slow The idea for marketing their products. But he's
still thinking about the disadvantages and risks that still menacari idea around for a way out.

The Quick

  Can be brilliant business idea, already know what it takes to start a business, and
immediately started his business. Even if we do not have the capital, he will soon be looking for
a loan, even if the loan can not, he's first attempt to promote order and so can order, deh
street capitalize its earlier order.
  After running the business, returning to the idea of The Rapid for marketing their products.
At that time he also runs the idea, even if there are problems later on and he will fix it
immediately. In contrast to Si is not at all slow to realize his ideas at the thought of a way out of
the problem. The Slow if any have found the solution of the problem, yet he also has a step up
from The Fast the first to realize the idea of marketing when they face the same problem. "That
can definitely wait for parts. Yes, but only the remains of people who rushed ".

It was just a little illustration of how the fast can beat the slow.

Is not that distinguishes men of knowledge with knowledgeable people do not use it as it
speeds the time to learn?
So do not be surprised if we do not often hear young people become successful entrepreneurs
even exceed the income that is ten years older. That's because they can use the time well by
continuing action.

Believe me! With speed, the ideas flowed freely will accompany our fast action. Do not believe?
Good luck.

Secret # 2 Hard Work

Never give up to get what is believed to be to get. That hard-working spirit that makes us
successful in achieving a dream because of beliefs about what can be done is something that
we and other people happy so worth fighting for.

Know when we fight for our dreams so blessed, fate is in your hands. The best way to predict
the future is to fight for your future today!

Secret # 4 Sensitive

This is where the "instinct" employers should be sharpened. Every entrepreneur should be
sensitive to its environment. If you are sensitive to the environment, believe me you will easily
get great ideas that do not necessarily other people can get and this will really support your
business. Delicate flavor can also help you find any solution your problems, even predict
problems before they occur, hebatkan?

Secret # 5 Brave
Successful entrepreneurs have a highly charged nature of this one. Courage is crucial bit of the
many opportunities and ideas that you apply to your business success. Without courage, you
will not seize opportunities, take risks for something of value, innovation and revolution, to
compete in the hard competition which sometimes is no more civilized, and many things that
are very demanding of your courage to achieve success.

I disagree with the opinion of some people who say this, "Do not dream high. Dream a little
dream of great importance than done, but it did not happen ". In my opinion, how might you be
able to create something big dream big if you just are not brave, true or not? Behold, the
people like this just be an average person who works less oppressive world and contribute to

Begin your courage from the thought, of your dreams. At least you dare to dream of great
things, but certainly MORE diiring action well. It was like a dream one time that the action was
at least 7 times, and DO NOT procrastinate procrastination or work! If you have a desire to
open a business but have not done it began to dare to open a business soon, but if you already
own businesses try to increase your courage to make innovations for your product, if you do
not have sufficient capital to borrow capital for daring to accelerate the development your

Only the brave people and are on track "unsafe" to be reaching for something more because
we actually something that you are behind the success of the things we fear, right? :)
Secret # 6 Creative and Innovative

Well, this is a powerful weapon of successful entrepreneurs. Without these properties, it is
impossible you can achieve success, even in any field. However, if your friends can hone with
both creative and innovative nature of this, then I would say, "Congratulations! Soon you will
be a 'big' ". Great men were born of this nature, such as Steve Jobs with a range of highly
innovative the gadget labeled Apple. With these properties, you can create "something" that is
not in mind by lay people but has a value of value, for example, ya you create a product
replacement pads are much cheaper and environmentally friendly, what is it? Coconut belt ..!
hehehe .. kidding .. but could make his name as well .. a little crazy .. creative okay. You can also
easily search for the solution of every problem you face.

I hope none of us is the future as it continues to hone her right brain particularly creative and
innovative nature, can be a world-class innovators, Amiin.

Secret # 7 Focus

Before I explain further, let me bring a short story (like Bang Rhoma aja yah .. hehehe). Not a
few of my friends asked, "Ary, there are new business opportunities again booming, .. what do
you think?", And I also reply to the question, "What about your business right now, already
well? Can automatically '? ", The he replied" Not really, but it can be done equally ".

Hey guys-countrymen and fellow countrymen, you can not "faithful" as a business use. If you do
not focus as your business and want to doother businesses, I strongly recommend NOT used,
you should first focus as a business. This meant that you become an expert in your field. You
better reinforce your strengths rather than fixing your weaknesses. Consider the following
illustration is fine!
Supposing if you have the talent to play football if it's assessed value is 7 and weaknesses if you
are self-employed who were assessed 4, then you choose to improve your weaknesses by
learning entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship skills you may have formerly 4 to 5 or 6, but know
there are millions of people in this world who have the ability to value such, it means you are
just being an average person, it is difficult to compete, and marginalized! Unlike the case if you
hone your talent to play football the first value is 7, but since then most likely honed value may
9 even close to perfection. That means you'll be the one to be sought after because of your
greatness, to be famous, be a world-class soccer player, a person ABOVE average because only
a handful of people who have skills valued football 9.

So, focus on your strengths together, the same field that you are really good at and bring
happiness, the same activity as vocation not a job. Problems of weakness, you can hire
someone else to do.

Remember! The nail will not penetrate the wall if not sharp! The sun will not burn if the paper
was focused not!

Secret # 8 Positive Thinking and Full of Confidence

What you think and believe it will happen because that's what came from the mind of those
things will suggest to your deeds. Positive thinking is therefore to achieve a positive thing too.
Positive thinking coupled with strong beliefs will create a tremendous energy in achieving your
dreams, do not believe?

Examples of how to think Roger Panzer, hundred-meter dash champion. When he heard a
commentator say that there is no creature on this earth who can running a mile in three
minutes. However, Roger did not respond to comments that the debate but he remains
confident that it can do. Roger then continues to run, immediately the audience marveled at
how quickly ran Roger until he reaches the finish line of his.

Now he has successfully argued a negative opinion of the person with the answer through
concrete actions and accompanied by positive thoughts and believe. Its so powerful, positive
thoughts are accompanied by a belief so as to create something that people say is impossible to

Secret # 9 Easy Hanging

Properties of flexible or easy to get along with anyone making a person has an extensive
relationship and also be able to quickly optimize personal branding. By having a broad
relationship, will indirectly help to every problem we face, particularly the success of your
business. My friends had not heard the term "A lot of friends, lot of fortune"? Well that's the
philosophy that brought to become a successful entrepreneur. Never pick and choose people to
be friends because we were essentially a social creature who always need someone else in
addition we are also mandated by the Creator to keep expanding and keep the rope

But in terms of friends hanging out, you should select the best of them because this is your
social circle who will come to bring you the benefits of the association that you will get. The
quality of relationships is you who will largely determine the quality of your life later on, okay?

Secret # 10 Master of Technology

If the first ancient food that gets strong, then the era that has entered the era of technology,
which can combine with the technology that will have marketing . Not just the use of
technology in operational terms by which I mean, but also in terms of marketing by leveraging
information technology. Can you believe that any minute pedicab drivers will be playing the
internet? Must believe yah .. hehhe .. Instead of forcing, but this will come true!

Try clay around you, in a short time the lower social classes has also been enjoying the facility
of mobile phone technology, with the rapid development of technology such as mobile phones
are increasingly easier for users to access the internet and the prices are more competitive, this
suggests that soon everyone will be able to access the internet that meet they were from
different tribes and regions. What does this mean guys? No longer would create a HUGE
market! So entrepreneurs who can optimal information technology is what will be the global
entrepreneur. Immediate Online's your business!

Secret # 11 Got Integrity

We should imitate the way to trade our prophet, Muhammad. He called Al-Amin because it is
so honest, so honest, he does virtually no cost to promotional merchandise as its own
consumer promoting merchandise through word of mouth, was based on their satisfaction of
the Prophet Muhammad in peddling wares. Alignment between words and deeds, trustworthy,
and responsible is what will build your credibility. Once people believe in you then there is no
reason for them to find someone else and vice versa, which has fallen integrity would be very
difficult to be rebuilt. Keep your integrity because that is the value of your precious in the eyes
of all people.

Secret # 12 Religious

This is the secret of all secrets of successful entrepreneurs. There is no success without the help
of Him, nothing that we should be proud because everything belongs to Him. Then ask Him and
strive in His way. I sometimes wonder yah, there are also people who wear amulets, figures
lucky, facilitating fortune or whatever. Well multiply the current provision would be grateful
and be closer to Him. For example, you want your company's turnover increased, yes increased
donations, plus worship. Donations might have been only 10% of your opinion, try to dole 20-
40%, or used to be very rare Duha prayer then start praying now for dhuha, at least 2 cycles per
day. Insha Allah above all that his license will facilitate the provision easy to you and your

Maybe some of us are asking, "What if the charity is not sincere". My advice is to remain
charitable even if not sincere. Far better to give alms, even though their often not willingly, but
with the sincere intention to learn (the term sincerity by doing) because there are at least
sincere effort to learn, rather than those who wait for the new first sincere charity. Perhaps
there is more to say, "Is not that sincere heart problems, should not be forced", now I ask you
"Did little when you are forced to learn to pray?" Perhaps the most answered "yes", then "Are
you now an adult and has oftenprayer, you still feel compelled to pray? ", I'm sure all of us the
answer" no "well. Ameen. So even with the charity, if we routinely do so one day we will feel

Anything else is asking maybe(lots of questions .. hehehe yah), "it should not we give alms
because of his sincerity, not because we want to increase turnover and so forth?". YES OF
COURSE! Worship whatever it is we must do as sincere to Him! But if the intention is one of our
charity say, "O Allah, You are the true owners of all the owners, I am only your servant who did
not have anything, I hope through this gift, by the way I 'shop' in your way is, you facilitate any
business, launched my money, and gave me strength to carry out this mandate obtain the
blessing of Thee ".

Facilitate the provision and facilitated all that matters is the benefit of charity, so it is not wrong
if we expect that the benefits of his, one that if we expect the same man, shaman, talismans,
and all the other pagan things. Do you have any problems you just quietly lament your
sufferings? No right, you must ask help from Him. Similarly, the charity then ask Him.
There are still among us who still think twice about charity? Still think twice to get closer to

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