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									                                                           Health IT
 Companies focusing on the comprehensive management of health information and its secure exchange between consumers, providers, government and quality
                                                                 entities, and insurers.

Company Name                                                          City              Jobs     Description
3M Health Information Systems                                         Dunwoody          99       Healthcare IT solutions

4th Source                                                            Canton            5        Healthcare IT solutions

A.D.A.M., Inc.                                                        Atlanta                    Healthcare IT solutions

Accel Healthcare Resources LLC                                        Alpharetta        2        Billing, documentation, claim care

AccelaRAD (formerly Neurostar)                                        Atlanta           33       Virtual radiology reading solutions

Accenture                                                             Atlanta           900      Consulting services

ACS Government Healthcare LLC (a Xerox company)                       Atlanta           500      Healthcare information management & solutions

AirWatch                                                              Atlanta                    Healthcare IT mobile device software & solutions

Alere Health LLC (formerly Matria Healthcare)                         Atlanta           200      Healthcare management & solutions

Alliant/ Georgia Medical Care Foundation (GMCF)                       Atlanta                    Healthcare IT solutions

Allscripts                                                            Atlanta           250      Healthcare IT solutions

Anodyne Health (a AthenaHealth company)                               Alpharetta        12       Revenue cycle

Appian Systems                                                        Atlanta           3        Insurance software

APS Billing                                                           Decatur           3        Medical billing

AT&T                                                                  Atlanta                    Telehealth/Telemedicine

Atlanta Medical Dictation                                             Monroe            5        Transcription

Automated Systems Design, Inc.                                        Alpharetta        36       Healthcare IT solutions

Axway, Healthcare Division                                            Atlanta                    Healthcare IT software & services

Azalea Health Innovations, Inc                                        Valdosta          13       EMR, medical billing, IT consulting

Barco Medical                                                         Duluth            260      Medical imaging

Billian's HealthDATA/ Porter Research                                 Atlanta                    Healthcare IT solutions

Blue Cross Blue Shield                                                Atlanta                    Insurance

BlueCat Networks                                                      Alpharetta                 Healthcare IT solutions

Booz & Company/ Booz Allen Hamilton                                   Atlanta                    Consulting

Bottomline Technologies (formerly Optio Software)                     Alpharetta        150      Healthcare IT solutions

BrightWhistle Inc.                                                    Atlanta                    Healthcare IT web design & solutions

Business Computer Applications                                        Atlanta           20       Healthcare IT solutions
Capital Billing Services                                        Atlanta         15    Medical billing

CareCentric, Inc.                                               Atlanta         56    Integrated software for health and hospice

CardioMEMS                                                      Atlanta               Cardiology

CareLogistics                                                   Alpharetta      75    Hospital Software

Caremedic                                                       Decatur;        142   Revenue cycle management solutions
Carestream Dental LLC (Kodak)                                   Atlanta               Digital Imaging and Practice Management Systems

Carestream Health (Kodak)                                       Atlanta

ChoiceMed                                                       Bogart          1     Healthcare supply chain

Cisco                                                           Atlanta         300   Healthcare IT solutions

ClearWave                                                       Atlanta         9     Healthcare kiosk for patient information

ClientTell                                                      Valdosta              Patient communication solutions

Clinical Solutions                                              Duluth          40    Healthcare IT solutions

Clinigence                                                      Atlanta               Healthcare IT solutions & consulting

Coalition America                                               Atlanta         150   Healthcare cost containtment solutions

Coker Group/Coker Technology                                    Alpharetta      30    Healthcare IT solutions & consulting

Compliance 360 INC                                              Alpharetta      45    Healthcare compliance, risk, governance solution

ComplyRX                                                        Atlanta               Healthcare compliance solutions

Connecture                                                      Atlanta               Online health insurance process automation

Core Management Resources Group                                 Macon           50    Workers comp claims management

Corus360                                                        Norcross        65    Health IT software

Craneware                                                       Atlanta         30    Healthcare revenue cycle management solution

Deloitte                                                        Atlanta         700   Consulting

Digital Assent                                                  Atlanta         20    Patient communication solutions

Document Plus Technologies Inc.                                 Alpharetta      8     Chiropractic documentation management

Ebix Health                                                     Atlanta         36    Health IT software

eCharting Solutions                                             Monroe                Medical document management

eClinicalWorks                                                  Alpharetta      25    EMR, practice management

Edge Solutions                                                  Alpharetta            Healthcare IT solutions

EDI, Ltd                                                        Sandy Springs   20    IT consulting and design

Ehealth Partners Inc                                            Alpharetta      30    Healthcare IT solutions

eHealthcareIT                                                   Atlanta         15    Healthcare elearning for providers

EmPath Health Systems                                           Bogart          10    Health information exchange

EMS Technology Solutions (AMBUTRAK)                             Austell         5     Inventory control management for Ambulance

EncounterPRO Healthcare Resources (formerly JMJ Technologies)   Atlanta         30    EMR

Exxova                                                          Alpharetta            Healthcare IT solutions

Galen Advisors                                                  Atlanta         50    Healthcare revenue cycle management solution
Gates Moore & Co                     Atlanta      40    Medical billing, practice management

GE Healthcare                        Atlanta      26    Healthcare IT solutions

GENEX Services Inc                   Norcross     40    Managed care solutions including information
Gentiva Health Services Inc.         Atlanta            Home Healthcare & Hospice Services

Global Emergency Resources           Augusta            Healthcare IT solutions

Global Net Access (GNAX Health)      Atlanta            Health information exchange

Greenway Medical Technologies Inc.   Carrollton   400   EMR, healthcare IT solutions

Guardian Watch, LLC.                 Augusta            Emergency report mobile applications

HCMA Group                                              Healthcare IT solutions

HealthConnect                                           Online health insurance & employee benefits

Health Systems Resources             Norcross     12    Clinical and Financial software application

Healthcare Data Experts              Atlanta            Healthcare contact management database

Healthcare Solutions                 Duluth             Healthcare IT solutions

HealthLogic Systems                  Tucker       140   Healthcare revenue management system

HealthNovation                       Smyrna       15    Consulting

Healthpac Computer Systems Inc       Savannah     16    Billing software

HealthPort Technologies              Alpharetta   150   Healthcare IT solutions

HealthSystems                        Atlanta      24    Physician office computer software and technology

HealthTec                                               Health IT software

HIMformatics LLC                     Alpharetta   3     Healthcare IT solutions

HME Wireless, Inc.                   Suwanee      25    Healthcare IT solutions

Holon Solutions                      Roswell            Data integration services

Hewlett-Packard (HP)                                    Healthcare & Life Sciences

HyBridge Solutions                   Atlanta            Healthcare IT solutions

IBM                                  Atlanta            Healthcare IT solutions

Ihealth Technologies Inc.            Atlanta      250   Healthcare payment policy management services

Imedconsent LLC (Dialog Medical)     Atlanta      24    Informed consent IT application

Info Pro Group                       Augusta      30    Transcription process management solutions

Ingenious Med                        Atlanta      45    Healthcare revenue mobile application software

Inhealth Record Systems              Atlanta      200   EMR, healthcare IT solutions

Intel                                Norcross           Healthcare IT solutions

Interactive Health Network LLC       Atlanta      10    Long term care management software

Intermed Systems Inc                 Augusta      8     Hospital information systems

IP UtiliNET                          Alpharetta         Sustainability transformation services & solutions

ITXtend                              Alpharetta   20    Document management software for health and medical
Jackson Healthcare Solutions         Alpharetta   50    healthcare IT, anesthesia management
Kurt Salmon Associates                                                   Atlanta       200    Consulting

L7 Technology Partners                                                   Alpharetta           Healthcare IT information & communication solutions

Lancope                                                                  Alpharetta           Healthcare IT solutions

Legacy Data Access, Inc.                                                 Marietta      13     Healthcare IT solutions

LexisNexis                                                               Alpharetta           Healthcare IT solutions

Liaison Technologies                                                     Atlanta              Cloud Integration and Data Management

Lincor Solutions                                                         Alpharetta           Telehealth/Telemedicine and Bedside computing

Maestro Strategies                                                       Roswell       15     EMR

MC Strategies                                                            Atlanta       105    Revenue cycle coding

McKesson Provider Technologies                                           Alpharetta    1800   EMR, healthcare IT solutions

MD Datacorp Inc.                                                         Alpharetta    40     Healthcare IT solutions

MD Solutions Inc                                                         Columbus      15     EMR, practice management

MDe Solutions                                                            Atlanta       15     Coding and billing/Compliance

Med Easy Software                                                        Atlanta       4      Billing, practice management

Medac Inc.                                                               Augusta       350    Billing, practice management

MedAssets, Inc.                                                          Alpharetta    157    Healthcare spend management and revenue cycle
MedAssurant, Inc.                                                        Snellville           Medical informatics

MediBase Healthcare Solutions                                            Marietta      40     Healthcare IT solutions

Medical Asset Management                                                 Atlanta       10     EMR

Medical Billing SVC                                                      Douglas       14     Billing services

Medical Electronic Attachment                                            Norcross      34     Claims, revenue cycle, EMR

Medical Management Associates Inc                                        Atlanta       35     EMR, practice management

Medical Systems Development Corp.                                        Marietta             EMR, healthcare IT solutions

Medical Transcription Associates                                         Pine Lake     8      Medical Transcription

Medicat                                                                  Atlanta       15     College healthcare information systems

Medicity                                                                 Alpharetta    50     Health information exchange technology

Medicus Solutions                                                        Roswell              Healthcare IT computer & network support

Medipro                                                                  Kennesaw      10     EMR practicemanagement

MediStreams                                                              Roswell

Meditech (formerly Patient Care Technologies Inc)                        Atlanta       150    Healthcare IT solutions

MedITechFirst, LLC                                                       Statesboro           Consulting

Meditropolis, Inc.                                                       Duluth               Medical Transcription Services

Mediware (formerly SciHealth)                                            Atlanta       10     Clinical management solutions

MedQuist                                                                 Norcross      100    EHR & Transcription

Metro Flo/ InterMetro Industries Corp. (formerly Flo Healthcare Solutions Norcross     34     Mobile computing workstations
Microsoft Greater South East District                                     Alpharetta   200    Healthcare IT solutions
Monocle Health Data                     Atlanta                Health insurance software

NASCO                                   Atlanta         349    Claims processing for Blue Cross/ Blue Shiled

NA-Technologies                         Marietta        3      Healthcare IT solutions

National Electronic Attachment, Inc.    Norcross               Internet-based solutions for Health IT

Navicure                                Duluth          100    Internet-based medical claims clearinghouse

NCR                                     Duluth                 Health IT software

nextFrequency                           Marietta               Patient & Hospital Staff Tracking

NextGen Healthcare                      Atlanta         137    EMR, healthcare IT solutions

NIIT Technologies                       Atlanta                Healthcare Technology Solutions

North Star Health                       Atlanta         17     Healthcare IT solutions

Northrop Grumman                        Atlanta         660    CDC IT solutions

Novo Innovations                        Alpharetta             Healthcare interoperability & exchange solutions

Nuesoft Technologies                    Marietta        70     Healthcare IT solutions

Oliver F Cobb & Associates LLC          Dalton          6      Health administrative services

Orion HealthCorp, Inc.                  Roswell         21     Billing, practice management

Outcomes Health Information Solutions   Alpharetta      190    Healthcare IT solutions

PharmaCentra LLC                        Atlanta         12     Pharmacy Marketing

Philips Healthcare                      Atlanta         540    Home Healthcare, Professional Healthcare, Imaging
                                                               Systems, Clinical Care Systems, Information (Healthcare
PracticeWorks                           Atlanta         500    Practice management

Precision Software                                             Logistics and visibility solutions

Precyse Solutions                       Alpharetta      30     Transcription services

Premiere Global Services                Atlanta         200    Healthcare document delivery system

Presidio Networked Solutions            Norcross               Healthcare IT solutions

PRGX                                    Atlanta         163    Claims payments and medical records

PricewaterhouseCoopers                  Atlanta         1133   Consulting

Primus Software Corporation             Duluth          150    Consulting

Procare RX                              Duluth          44     Pharmacy benefit management services

Quotejuice                              Norcross               Insurance quote service

REACH Health, Inc.                      Alpharetta      32     Web-based telemedicine

RelayHealth (a McKesson business)       Atlanta         63     Clinical, financial, administrative connectivity solutions

RevenueMed                              Norcross        10     Healthcare revenue cycle management solution

Rubbermaid Healthcare

Sage                                    Lawrenceville          Health IT software

Sago Networks                           Norcross        25     Patient information security

SAIC                                    Atlanta                Healthcare IT solutions

Saince                                  Alpharetta      20     EMR, healthcare IT solutions
Scimetrika                                                            Atlanta                        Healthcare IT consulting

SecureHealthPay                                                       Atlanta                        Medical Billing

SecureWorks Inc.                                                      Atlanta           250          Healthcare security and compliance solutions


Siemens Healthcare                                                    Atlanta; Duluth   235          Medical imaging, lab diagnostics, healthcare IT solutions

Silk Information Systems                                              Watkinsville      7            EMR, practice management, billing

SimpleC, LLC                                                          Atlanta                        Personalized non-drug solutions

SimplifyMD                                                            Alpharetta        25           EMR

SoloHealth                                                            Duluth            6            Healthcare kiosk for patient information

SRA International                                                     Atlanta           1300         Healthcare IT consulting

Strategic Systems & Technology Corporation                            Suwanee                        Healthcare IT solutions

Surgical Information Systems                                          Alpharetta        70           Healthcare IT solutions

Symantec                                                              Alpharetta        20           Healthcare IT risk management & compliance solutions

Syntermed                                                             Atlanta           4            Medical imaging

TSG Partners                                                          Atlanta                        Consulting

The Poseidon Group, Inc.                                              Atlanta           20           Healthcare Documentation

The St. John Group                                                    Atlanta                        Consulting

Transcend Services, Inc.                                              Atlanta           45           Clinical documentation solutions

UYS Inc                                                               Alpharetta        1            Healthcare IT consulting

Varian Medical Systems                                                Marietta                       Oncology medical imaging software

Velocity Medical Solutions                                            Atlanta           11           Oncology medical imaging software

VendorMate                                                            Atlanta           65           Vendor Tracking

Vensai Technologies Inc.                                              Cumming           120          Healthcare IT consulting

Verizon                                                               Atlanta                        Healthcare wireless solutions

VersaHealth                                                           Statesboro        2            Healthcare IT consulting

ViaTrack Systems                                                      Augusta           15           Healthcare IT solutions, claims

Web MD                                                                Atlanta           170          Healthcare information

Webmedx                                                               Atlanta           10           Clinical documentation solutions

WellCentive                                                           Atlanta           25           Healthcare IT solutions

WiFiMed Holdings Company                                              Sandy Springs     8            EMR

Wordzxpressed Inc                                                     Atlanta           8            Transcription services

XCaliber Technologies                                                 Alpharetta        4            Healthcare IT consulting

ZBS Medical                                                                                          Health IT development & management

Zenda Technologies
                                                                      Roswell                        Cognitive Testing platform development
Total: 205                                                                                   16040

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Sources: BusinessWise, Hoover's, Georgia Institute of Technology.

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