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Andrew Svedlow, Dean of the
College of Performing and Visual
Arts at the University of Northern
Colorado served as a Fulbright
Scholar in Ukraine on assignment
to the Kharkiv State Academy of
Culture and the L’viv National
Academy of Arts in the Spring of
2010. Dr. Svedlow taught
undergraduate and graduate
courses in arts administration and
cultural management and created
artwork for an exhibition of his
work in L’viv and wrote about
Ukrainian higher education and
the arts.
     “My Fulbright experience in Ukraine was truly a transformative one and I am certainly a
 different person since my days in Ukraine than I was before my arrival in country. I, of course,
 learned a significant amount about the institutions I was assigned to and the cities in which I
  lived but, I also learned a tremendous amount about myself. While in Kharkiv and L’viv I had
   the opportunity to work with bright and energetic undergraduate and graduate students in
cultural management and their enthusiasm for the courses I taught and their sense of openness
to new ways to think about their discipline and their futures in the field helped me to renew my
                      commitment to teaching and service in higher education.”

                                                                      Andrew Svedlow
Kharkiv State Academy of

          Founded in 1929   4
Students in Cultural Management   5
 Professor Chastnyk and I became good friends during my
month of teaching in his program and he is eager to connect
   our programs through student and faculty exchange.

               Dr. Chastnyk let me use a desk in his office
              which he shares with six other faculty members   6
Vladimir assisted me with all
  my lectures in Kharkiv.
Kharkiv is a city of almost 2 million with
    a wealth of cultural attractions

10/6/2010                                8
While in Kharkiv I wrote an article on Soviet Socialist Realism as exemplified in
the monumental sculpture dedicated to Taras Shevchenko                          9
From Kharkiv, I traveled by train to L’viv where I taught
and advised students at the L’viv National Academy of the
Arts and had an exhibition of my drawings completed while
in country I also completed a book of poetry and a number
of short stories.                                         10
Arts administration undergraduate and graduate
students at the main campus of the L’viv Academy

      Class sizes are relatively small and classrooms are very much   11
      cramped for space
 Two of my doctoral
  students who also
 served as guides for
 me during my stay
in L’viv. Bohdana,
    on the left, is
  currently in New
      York City
 completing research
    on 13th to 15th
century illuminated
The Opera House in the city centre of
 L’viv is an extraordinary treasure
    I’d like to see if we can tour one of our ensembles to L’viv to
            perform in this small gem of an opera house.              13
Students at the opening reception of my
          exhibition in L’viv             14
              A trip to the
            Pysanky Museum

10/6/2010                     15
I spent some time at an Orthodox cathedral being painted by my
counterpart at the L’viv Academy of the Arts, Dean Rostoslav
             L’viv is a city
            sculpture and
              Sculpture by 18th
            century artist Johann
               Georg Pinzel, the
            Michelangelo of L’viv

10/6/2010                           17
The view
from my
in L’viv

My deepest
appreciation to the
senior management
team, faculty, and
staff of the College
for ensuring the
smooth operation of
the College during
my travels in Ukraine.
I am grateful to all of

While I enjoyed my stay in Ukraine, it is
  certainly wonderful to be back home!      20

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