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Inside                 Metering and mixing at
Issue No.18
                       the point of application
                       The newly launched DOPAG shotmix is revolutionary in its ability to accurately
                       meter and mix many types of two component materials directly at the point of

2                      The shotmix is fed by remotely located
Self-powered water     standard drum pumps which means that
pumping                several separate application points can be
                       fed by a single pair of drum pumps and a
                       single controller.

                       Weighing in at just 4.2 kg, its light weight
                       and compact size make the shotmix
                       suitable for either manual or automatic
                       application of epoxies, silicones,
                       polyurethanes, acrylics and polysulphides
                       in sealing, bonding and encapsulating
Coating airbags

                       Amazingly versatile in its capabilities, the
                       shotmix system is able to effortlessly
                       handle filled and abrasive as well as
                       compressible and thixotropic materials,
                       whilst its accuracy of metering remains
                       stable even when faced with changing
                       conditions of temperature or viscosity.
                       Highly accurate metering is accomplished
Efficient casting
                       by firing rapid micro shots of each
                       component within the shotmix up
                       to 2,500 times per minute, achieving
                       flow rates of up to 600 cc per minute.
                       Materials with mixing ratios between
                       100:100 and 100:10 are suitable for
                       processing by the shotmix. A metering
                       computer controls all process parameters,
                       which is also capable of memorising
5                      alternative programs.
Cash machine potting
                       For more information, contact your local
                       partner of the Hilger u. Kern / Dopag

6                                           Hilger u. Kern / Dopag Group
News & Events

                                                                                         DOPAG ELDO-MIX 202
                                                                                         smooths production
                                                                                         of self-powered water

            The very existence of                 or even some of both, the system       before triggering the DOPAG twin
            people, livestock and                 will adapt to the weather conditions   dispensing valve to dispense a 40ml
    crops depends largely on a plentiful          of the location.                       shot of mixed polyurethane into the
    supply of clean water. However,                                                      housing. The two components are
    more than 1 billion people, or 16%            During manufacture of SQFlex           proportioned in the ratio of 100:38
    of the world’s population do not              pumps, the electrical cable            by volume, by a DOPAG ELDO-MIX
    have access to an improved water              connections are encapsulated with      202, which is located close to the
    source, meaning that they have to             two-component polyurethane. In the     work area on a rail system in order
    rely on unprotected wells, springs,           past, Grundfos have experienced        to allow it to be positioned adjacent
    lakes or rivers for their water.              difficulties with piston pump driven   to the section of the production
                                                  dispensing equipment, so they          area currently in use.
    In such circumstances, the SQFlex             decided to contact DOPAG SCAN
    pump range manufactured by                    ApS in Denmark to recommend a          Due to the high filler content of the
    Grundfos in Denmark aims to lend              solution. The answer was to use a      material, the gear pumps have been
    nature a helping hand by providing            DOPAG ELDO-MIX gear pump               treated with a special wear resistant
    both a water pumping system for               driven system.                         material and the material is agitated
    clean water and the power needed                                                     within the feed containers to avoid
    to fuel the pumping system.                   It is important that the cables are    the fillers falling out of suspension.
                                                  held in a fixed position until the
    Solar panels or wind turbines, or a           polyurethane has cured, so the         The resulting facility has seen a
    combination of the two are used to            assemblies are firmly clamped into     significant improvement in quality,
    power the pump, so that whether               a fixture during the dispensing        which in turn will continue to benefit
    the location is blessed with an               process. The operator then places      some of the poorest people on
    abundance of sunshine, or wind,               the dispensing nozzle into position    earth.

    The SQFlex pump plug encapsulating facility                                          Dispensing the polyurethane into the pump plug

                                            It’s in the

                                            DOPAG SILCO-MIX
                                        systems add space and
                                        reliability to airbag fabric
                                                  coating line

         Airbags have been              eventual purpose, so the fabric has
         among the most important       a thin impermeable coating applied
automotive safety products ever         in order to make it gas tight.
since the concept of inflating a
textile cushion to protect vehicle      The coating, which is a two-
occupants in collision was first        component silicone is proportioned
conceived.                              at a ratio of 100:100 but has an
                                        additional 0.5% of a cross-linking
In frontal impacts, for instance,       material added by the twin DOPAG
driver airbags are estimated to         SILCO-MIX systems. In use, one
reduce fatalities by 25% for drivers    system is in operation whilst the
wearing seatbelts and for serious       second is on standby, waiting to
head injuries by over 60%. For          changeover when the drums of
front-seat passengers (that are         material are exhausted, so that
further away from the dashboard         material is always available.
than a driver is from the steering
wheel) the protective effect is         The coating line runs at a speed
estimated to be around 20%.             of 20 metres per minute and the
                                        proportioned material is fed to it
In side impacts, curtain airbags        at up to 3 kg per minute, where
are estimated to reduce the risk        it is mixed and dispensed onto
of life threatening head injuries,      the fabric web. The mixed silicone
                                                                               DOPAG SILCO-MIX
while thorax airbags reduce             forms a “roll” on the surface of
serious injuries to the chest by        the web, the diameter of which is
approximately 25%.                      dependent on the rate of dispensing
                                        and the speed of the web. A doctor
There is also an increasing demand      blade regulates the thickness of the
for knee airbags, because although      coating.
frontal airbags and modern
seatbelts have reduced the risk for     As the SILCO-MIX systems’
head injuries, little has been done     hydraulic drum pumps also act as
until now to reduce injuries to legs.   metering pumps, the new DOPAG
                                        systems occupy a fraction of the
At Autoliv’s Congleton plant, the       space of Autoliv’s previous systems.
fabric used to manufacture such
airbags is woven on huge looms          Commented Autoliv Project
where it is wound onto large webs       Manager Mike McCarty “We are
before being transferred to a           delighted with the performance of
coating line. Interestingly, during     the DOPAG systems. We find them
the weaving process, the design of      extremely user friendly, reliable,
each airbag is woven into the fabric.   versatile and occupy a very small
                                        footprint. The standard of service
Although the fabric is closely          we have received from DOPAG has
woven, it is at this stage porous and   also been excellent.”                  Controlling the flow rate of mixed silicone onto
hence unsuitable in this form for its                                          the fabric web


                                                                                  6-axis robot arm before metering
                                                                                  precise volumes of adhesive onto
                                                                                  the cores.

Bonding sand cores                                                                All ten valves are actuated
                                                                                  simultaneously, so that the entire
with a DOPAG metering                                                             metering process takes little more
                                                                                  than a single second, which offers a
system reduces weight                                                             noticeably higher degree of economy
                                                                                  over the traditional bolting method.
and cycle times
                                                                                  After completion of the adhesive
                                                                                  dispensing process, the robot arm
                                                                                  transports the assembly to the oven
        Since 1992 Matheus Indu-         The cores themselves are                 where the resin hardens within a
        strial Automation GmbH           manufactured from sand with the          period of around ten seconds.
of Osann Monzel has offered              addition of a resin-bonding agent
innovative and intelligent solutions     and a specialised core-making            Bonding the cores offers a number
to many industrial automation            machine. Traditionally, the various      of benefits compared to bolting, not
applications in many different           parts of the cores are secured           the least of which is that the weight
branches of industry, but particularly   together using mechanical fixing         of the engine mountings is reduced
with suppliers to the automotive         bolts, but this new inventive solution   to a minimum, meaning that the wall
industry, where Matheus specialise       now relies instead upon bonding          thickness of the individual cores are
in customer-specific, purpose built      the core sections together with a        also reduced.
solutions.                               single component adhesive.
                                                                                  This in itself represents considerable
One such project involves the            The adhesive has a viscosity that is     savings in costs, but costs are even
production of sand cores used in         light enough for it to be supplied       further diminished by the speed of
the casting of engine mountings,         directly from a remotely located         the bonding process in comparison
in which they have developed in          pressure feed container to a special     to the bolting technique, resulting
association with Hilger u. Kern,         fixture onto which is mounted ten        overall in a process that is a more
a concept for the automated              DOPAG metering valves. The fixture       cost effective and efficient alternative
assembly of multiple cores.              is then placed in position by a          to bolting.

                                                                                           A special fixture mounted with
                                                                                           ten DOPAG metering valves is
The adhesive is fed to the metering                                                        offered up to the mould
valves by a pressure feed container

                                                                                     Cashing in
                                                                                     on smart

                                                                                     Major German
                                                                                     electronics company
                                                                                     chooses DOPAG
                                                                                     systems again

           EN ElectronicNetwork is           wall” cash machines, or ATM’s, in       closely controlled volumes within a
           one of the leading compa-         the world today and at EN Electron-     given cycle time.
    nies operating in the electronic         icNetwork’s largest manufacturing
    manufacturing services industry          location in the spa town of Bad         The desired shot sizes, which vary
    in Germany and is represented            Hersfeld where 300 people are           between 5 and 10 cm³ depending
    nationwide in 6 locations as well        employed, the company’s project         on the component being processed,
    as a development company.                team, along with Hilger u. Kern         are pre-programmed via the MR20
                                             engineers, designed and installed       controller of the MICRO-MIX S.
    What differentiates the company          an automatic dosing system to
    from their competitors though, is        meter and dispense a two                The proportioned epoxy resin
    their ability to organize the whole      component epoxy resin into the          components are mixed and
    life cycle of their products as a full   safety electronics used in their        dispensed by DOPAG twin valves,
    service provider, from the develop-      construction.                           which are fitted with heated static
    ment phase and the procurement                                                   mixing tubes and mounted onto
    of components, via prototyping           In this application, EN Electronic-     a 3-axis robot. It is critical to the
    and production, right through to         Network use twin DOPAG MICRO-           quality of the finished product that
    the end of the product’s life.           MIX S systems to encapsulate            the dosing procedure should take
                                             30,000 of these units each year.        place slowly in order to avoid un-
    Many of EN ElectronicNetwork’s           The systems have a common               wanted cavities and can be up to
    customers are globally successful        material supply and are used to         60 seconds long.
    companies from the automation,           meter, mix and dispense the epoxy
    automotive, energy, industrial,          resin at a mixing ratio of 100:38       A long-time customer of Hilger u.
    medical and security sectors,            onto the electronic components.         Kern, EN ElectronicNetwork are
    who entrust them with the life                                                   delighted to be once again using
    cycle of their products.                 The DOPAG MICRO-MIX S systems           high quality DOPAG systems to
                                             are ideally suited for processing the   compliment their own high quality
    There are over 2 million “hole-in-the-   highly abrasive material in small and   products.

    Twin DOPAG MICRO-MIX S systems feed proportioned epoxy to the dispensing cell    An electronic assembly after dispensing

DOPAG USA relocates
to Cincinnati
Products and systems of the Hilger u. Kern Group have been
available in North America for many years through our network of
local distributors. Recently, the opportunity arose for DOPAG (US)
Ltd. to relocate from the West Coast area to Cincinnati in Ohio.
                                                                         Managing Director,            Mike Hoskins
                                                                         Ken Walker
Our aim in taking this step was to allow us to support our
customers and distributors throughout North America in a more effective way and to offer them an improved level of
local service. We have been particularly fortunate to obtain the services of Ken Walker as the new Managing Director
of DOPAG US, ably assisted by Mike Hoskins, who between them can claim many years of experience in the sales
and service of DOPAG products throughout North America. We are delighted by this new opportunity to continue
to progress our business in the United States, bringing with it a great deal of local, as well as practical experience
to the Company.

Open Days in the UK
                                                                            As a way of introducing several new
                                                                            DOPAG products to the UK market,
                                                                            launch seminars and demonstrations
                                                                            were recently held over two days at
                                                                            DOPAG (UK) Ltd. headquarters, in
                                                                            conjunction with Europe’s largest
                                                                            robot manufacturer, KUKA Robotics.

                                                                            Live demonstrations featured the
                                                                            proportional control valve (bottom left), as
                                                                            well as the newly released ceradis
                                                                            ceramic metering system and the micro
                                                                            dispensing valve. Visitors also had a
                                                                            unique opportunity to examine the
                                                                            eagerly anticipated shotmix for the
                                                                            first time.

                                                                            All of the new products on display
                                                                            generated a good deal of interest
                                                                            from automation integrators, material
                                                                            manufacturers and end users who
                                                                            attended the events.

Exhibition watch
          31 March - 1 April 2010 /
          easyFairs MAINTENANCE / Brussels, Belgium                                  Editor
                                                                                     Hilger u. Kern / Dopag Group
                                                                                     Marketing Communication
          13 – 15 April 2010 /                                                       Copyright Hilger u. Kern / Dopag Group
          JEC Composites / Paris, France                                             ® Registered trademark DOPAG

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