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									Enroll at or call (310) 825-9971                                                                     Humanities, Media & Social Sciences                            99
                                                                                                                               New Course
                                                                    Concurrent Enrollment
  HumaNities, media
                                                                                                                                Variable Topics in Comparative
                                                                                                                                Literature: Autobiography, the
                                                                    CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT: Many UCLA regu-                      Evolution of a Genre
                                                                    lar-session humanities and social sciences                  XL 191EG Comparative Literature 4 units c

  & soCial sCieNCes
                                                                    courses, undergraduate and graduate, are open               As a genre, autobiography has taken varied turns from
                                                                    Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters for concurrent            its origins in late antiquity to its modern cultural expres-
                                                                    enrollment through Extension subject to space               sions. It is difficult to know who we are, but all of us
                                                                    availability and the campus department’s                    continue trying to know ourselves—and then explain
                                                                    approval. A special application form may be                 who we are to others. Who can resist listening to
                                                                    obtained at the UCLA Extension Building, Room               someone conjecture about motives, offer patterns of
  99     Anthropology                                                                                                           behavior, and celebrate the triumphs as well as failures
                                                                    711. For more information call (310) 825-7093
  99     Comparative Literature                                     or visit
                                                                                                                                of the self? In this course, students read several kinds
                                                                                                                                of “self-tellings,” including a philosophy and spiritual
  99     Economics                                                                                                              autobiography (Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations from the
  100    Geography                                                                                                              2nd century and Augustine’s Confessions from the 4th

  100    History                                                    Anthropology                                                century); a secular and frankly psychological self-
                                                                                                                                description (Rousseau’s Confessions from the 18th
                                                                                                                                century); an autobiography subtitled “The Growth of a
  101    Journalism                                                 For more information call (310) 825-7093.
                                                                                                                                Poet’s Mind” and a self-situating self-history (Word-
  101    Linguistics                                                Human Evolution                                             sworth’s Prelude and The Education of Henry Adams,
                                                                                                                                both from the 19th century); and Primo Levi’s The
  102    Languages                                                  XL 7 Anthropology 5 units c
                                                                                                                                Periodic Table, a life story woven into the Holocaust, a
                                                                    This course covers evolutionary processes and the
  103    Interpretation and Translation                             evolutionary past of the human species. In order to
                                                                                                                                20th-century event that virtually defies explanation.
                                                                                                                                Reg# Y1455B (Credit)
  104    Literature                                                 understand the theories behind the evolution of the
                                                                                                                                        Through Mar 3: $525 / After: $575
                                                                    hominid line, it is essential to understand evolutionary
  104    Media Psychology                                           theory, including genetic principles, and to examine our    Reg# Y1456B (Noncredit)
                                                                                                                                        Through Mar 3: $405 / After: $445
  105    Near Eastern Languages and Cultures                        closest living relatives: non-human primates. This
                                                                                                                                        UCLA: 150 Royce Hall
                                                                    course examines the hominids, from the earliest known
  105    Philosophy                                                 australopithecines to modern humans, and includes a                 Tue 7-10pm, Apr 3-Jun 19, 12 mtgs
                                                                    survey of relevant modern human studies regarding           Leonard Koff, PhD, Associate, UCLA Center for Medieval
  105    Political Science                                          modern human variation, physiology, and the field of        and Renaissance Studies
  106    Psychology                                                 evolutionary psychology. Applies toward Archaeology
                                                                    Certificate and Life Sciences requirement in the College
  106    Sociology
                                                                    of Letters and Science. Enrollment limited. Internet
                                                                    access required to retrieve course materials. &
                                                                    Reg# Y1603B                                                 For more information call (310) 825-7093.
                                                                            Through Mar 11: $555 / After: $605
                                                                            UCLA: A82 Haines Hall
                                                                            Wed 7-10pm, Apr 11-Jun 20, 11 mtgs
                                                                                                                                Principles of Economics
                                                                                                                                XL 1 Economics 4 units c
                                                                    Jennifer Rashidi, PhD candidate, UCLA
                                                                                                                                An introduction to the principles of economic analysis,
                                                                                                                                economic institutions, and issues of economic policy,
                                                                                                                                this course emphasizes allocation of resources and

                                                                    Comparative                                                 distribution of income through the price system. Instruc-
                                                                                                                                tion covers the behavior of firms and individuals and

  Prep for Grad School,                                             Literature                                                  their interactions in the marketplace, gains from trade,
                                                                                                                                and the determination of prices. Different market
                                                                                                                                structures are examined, including perfect and imper-

  Finish Your Degree,
                                                                    For more information call (310) 825-7093.
                                                                                                                                fect competition and monopoly. Issues addressed
                                                                    See also Literature, page 104.                              include: Do markets allocate resources efficiently?
                                                                                                                                Under what conditions is government intervention justi-

  or Just Learn for Fun                                             World Literature:
                                                                    Antiquity to Middle Ages m
                                                                                                                                fied and what are the potential benefits? Basic concepts
                                                                                                                                and analytical tools studied are applied to current
                                                                                                                                events and policy issues whenever possible. Internet
                                                                    XL 1A Comparative Literature 5 units c                      access required to retrieve course materials. &
                                                                    This course studies the seminal texts of Western civi-
                                                                    lization from the Jewish, Classical, Christian, and         Reg# Y0608B
                                                                    Germanic worlds that together form the foundation of                Through Mar 2: $525 / After: $575
                                                                    modern thought and life. Without these works, we                    UCLA: 3150 Bunche Hall
                                                                    would literally not be who we are. They define us and               Mon 6:30-9:30pm, Apr 2-Jun 18, 12 mtgs
                                                                    the way we look at ourselves, raising questions we                  (no mtg 5/28; 1 mtg to be arranged)
                                                                    continue to ask, such as: What does it mean to be           Nguyen T. Quan, PhD, Principal, Golden State
                                                                    godly or ungodly? To be good or evil? To be part of         Water Company
                                                                    history or to stand outside it? To live in harmony with
                                                                    nature and its creator or creators? These questions         Principles of Economics m
                                                                    have never gone away and they appear in their clear-        XL 2 Economics 4 units c
                                                                    est light in the literary and social contexts in which      This introduction to the principles of economic analysis,
                                                                    they first were asked. The class reads Genesis,             economic institutions, and issues of economic policy
                                                                    Homer’s The Odyssey, Sophocles’s Oedipus the King,          emphasizes the determination of key macro-economic
                                                                    Plato’s Apology, the Book of Job, Virgil’s The Aeneid,      variables using simple models and concepts of economic
                                                                    selections from the New Testament, Augustine’s              analysis, economic institutions, and issues of economic
                                                                    Confessions, and Beowulf. For technical requirements        policy. Instruction covers the definition of gross domestic
                                                                    see page 4. Applies toward the Humanities (Literature)      product, inflation, interest rates, and exchange rates.
  Choose from Humanities & Social Sciences                          requirement of the UCLA College of Letters and
                                                                    Science. Enrollment limited. &
                                                                                                                                Students are exposed to relevant world issues, such as
                                                                                                                                the causes and consequences of economic growth,
  Degree‑Credit Courses                                             Reg# Y1546B
                                                                                                                                unemployment, inflation, and public and trade deficits.
                                                                                                                                Cross-country comparisons enable students to under-
                                                                           Through Mar 5: $629 / After: $689
 •	 Credit	transfers	to	all	UC	campuses	and	other	universities                                                                  stand the disparities in economic conditions between
                                                                           Apr 5-Jun 21
 •	 Meets	UCLA’s	high	academic	standards	                                                                                       developing and developed countries. The course con-
                                                                    Leonard Koff, PhD, Associate, UCLA Center for Medieval
                                                                                                                                cludes with the study of short-run economic fluctuations.
 •	 Value-priced	compared	to	full-time	student	fees                 and Renaissance Studies
                                                                                                                                For technical requirements see page 4. &
 •	 Courses	conveniently	scheduled	evenings,	weekends,	and	online
                                                                                                                                Reg# Y0607B
 •	 Daytime	UCLA	courses	(based	on	space	availability);		                                                                               Through Mar 5: $605 / After: $665	or	call	(310) 825‑7093                                                                                Apr 5-Jun 7
                                                                                                                                William Choi, PhD in Economics, Duke University; CLP;
   Look for this icon c that identifies degree-credit courses.                                                                  member, American Economic Association, Licensing
                                                                                                                                Executives Society
100   Humanities, Media & Social Sciences                                                                                   Enroll at or call (310) 825-9971
                                                                                                                                                History of California m
 20th-Century China
                                                                                                                                                XL 154 History 4 units c
                                                                                                                                                (Formerly numbered XL 163.)
                                                                                   For more information call (310) 825-7093.                    Since pre-historic times people have come to California
                                                                                                                                                and established their societies. Successive generations
 Explore the Modern History                                                        Globalization: Regional Development                          of immigrants transformed the region from a small
                                                                                   and World Economy                                            colonial outpost to a nexus of international economic,
 of the World’s Most Populated Country                                             XL 4 Geography 5 units c                                     cultural, and social activity. This course covers the
                                                                                   This course examines the spectrum of global economic         development of California from earliest times to the
                                                                                   endeavors (from subsistence agriculture in less devel-       present. Central themes include the role of the environ-
                                                                                   oped nations to the technologically vested economies         ment in the state’s history, the dynamic process of
                                                                                   of the more developed nations) from a spatial perspec-       ethnic and racial relations, immigration and migration,
                                                                                   tive, i.e., through the geographer’s “where and why”         urbanization, and the mythological “state of mind” that
                                                                                   approach. All economic activity, present and future, is      continues to influence how we think about history in
                                                                                   predicated on the insatiable needs and wants of the          California today. For technical requirements see page
                                                                                   human species. Because that activity impacts the             4. Enrollment limited. Course requires participation in
                                                                                   earth’s complex yet limited natural resource base, the       asynchronous discussion and completion of all assigned
                                                                                   geographer’s focus on the “where” and the “why” of           reading prior to each online session. &
                                                                                   both conceptual and practical sustainability issues          Reg# Y1072B
                                                                                   becomes an essential element of the course content.                 Through Mar 2: $605 / After: $665
                                                                                   Sustainability is reviewed from the perspective of                  Apr 2-Jun 25
                                                                                   uneven distribution and availability of natural resources    Daniel J. Johnson, PhD, recipient, Haynes Foundation
                                                                                   leading to “have” and “have not” nations; patterns of        Fellowship. Dr. Johnson is an expert in the field of
                                                                                   geopolitical interaction predicated on the unequal dis-      California and U.S. history and has authored many
                                                                                   tribution of natural resources; a “tool” for the expansion   publications on the subject.
                                                                                   of a global economy; and changing patterns of popula-
                                                                                   tion growth, distribution, and density that are counter      Topics in U.S. History:
                                                                                   to jurisdictional sustainability efforts. Sustainability,    History of Globalization m
                                                                                   conceptually and practically, is examined from a global      XL 156G History 4 units c
                                                                                   to a local perspective in order to better understand         Globalization, an important and prevalent modern
 Study	China’s	tumultuous	recent	            Topics	include:                       present and predictable future successes and failures        phenomenon, has recently been part of lively scholarly
 past	and	examine	how	major	              •	 End	of	the	monarchy                   of economic development and activity. Fulfills General       and public discourse. This course covers the history of
                                                                                   Education requirement of the UCLA College of Letters         globalization in depth, particularly as it relates to
 events	and	factors	dating	back	to	       •	 Civil	war
                                                                                   and Science. Elective course in Global Sustainability        economic integration, from 1500 to the present. The
 the	19th	century	have	inf luenced	       •	 Involvement	of	foreign	states
                                                                                   Certificate. Enrollment limited. &                           historical survey is divided into 3 main parts: Com-
 the	21st-century	world.                  •	 Internal	class	struggles
                                                                                   Reg# Y0832B                                                  mercial Revolution (16th to 18th century), Industrial
                                          •	 Modernization                                 Through Mar 11: $555 / After: $605                   Revolution (18th to 20th century), and Information
                                                                                           UCLA: 3150 Bunche Hall                               Revolution (20th to 21st century). Are there any sig-
                                           Instructor:                                     Wed 7-10pm, Apr 11-Jun 20, 11 mtgs                   nificant causes and cycles of globalization? Besides
                                           Anthony Garavente,	PhD                  Anna Dvorak, MA in Geography; PhD candidate,                 examining economic and technological factors, instruc-
                                                                                   Department of Geography, UCLA, whose research                tion also explores the role of hegemonic powers (Great
                                           This	page.                              regional focus is South America. Ms. Dvorak has              Britain and the U.S.) and dominant economic doc-
                                                                                   been teaching physical geography at community                trines (mercantilism, free trade, etc.) in globalization.
                                                                                   colleges for 4 years and has published work in               Requires participation in discussion and debate on
                                                                                   geography and education and human geography in               globalization, mainly comparing various economic
                                                                                   South/Central America.                                       regions throughout modern history. For technical

 Explore Critical Issues as                                                                                                                     requirements see page 4. Enrollment limited. &
                                                                                                                                                Reg# Y1065B
                                                                                                                                                       Through Mar 2: $605 / After: $665

 You Earn Credit toward                                                            History
                                                                                   For more information call (310) 825-7093.
                                                                                                                                                       Apr 2-Jun 25
                                                                                                                                                Max Kent, PhD in European History

 Your Degree                                                                       American Economic History,
                                                                                   1910 to Present m
                                                                                                                                                20th-Century China
                                                                                                                                                XL 170D History 4 units c
                                                                                                                                                The Chinese experienced a revolution whose origins
 Globalization: regional development                                               XL 141B History 4 units c                                    can be traced back to the 19th century. This course
 and world economy                                                                 (Formerly numbered XL 149B.)                                 examines the tumultuous events that swept China from
                                                                                   Examine the dynamics of the U.S. economy over the            the turn of the 20th century to the present day, a period
 Examine	human	economic	activity	                                                  past century. Topics include the end of first wave glo-      that witnessed the end of the monarchy, endemic civil
 and	how	it	impacts	limited	natural	                                               balization, changing character of the U.S. state in          war, continued foreign encroachment on China’s sov-
 resources.	Focus	on	sustainability	                                               relation to the economy, ’20s bubble and aftermath of        ereignty, intensified class struggle internally, and the
                                                                                   the Great Depression, shocks of the 2 World Wars,            apparent victory of “modernization,” as well as the
 from	both	local	and	global	                                                       post-war economic order driven by Cold War ideology,         questioning of the changes deemed acceptable to the
 perspectives.                                                                     Keynesian growth and rising international competition,       people themselves. Instruction focuses on understand-
                                                                                   a second reconfiguration of the state and the economy,       ing this revolution and its implications for the world of
 Instructor: Anna Dvorak,	MA                                                       ’70s stagflation and oil shocks, and the rise of neoclas-    the 21st century. &
 This	page.                                New Course                              sical economic policy under Carter and Reagan. The           Reg# Y1182B (Credit)
                                                                                   last 2 decades of the 20th century witnessed a second               Through Mar 4: $525 / After: $575
                                           special studies in international
 introduction to Comparative Politics m                                            wave of globalization and ended with the ’90s technol-       Reg# Y1184B (Noncredit)
                                           relations: u.s. strategic information   ogy boom and bubble. Each phase is viewed through
 This	comparative	study	of	institu-                                                                                                                    Through Mar 4: $405 / After: $445
                                           operations Policy, a reassessment of    different methodological and ideological lenses spot-               UCLA: 150 Royce Hall
 tions	and	political	processes	focuses	    Cyber security, Cyber warfare, and      lighting the role of institutions, class, race, and gender          Wed 6:30-9:30pm, Apr 4-Jun 20, 12 mtgs
 on	BRIC	countries	and	several	            the 5th domain of warfare dimension     and the role of the market in ideology and practice.         Anthony Garavente, PhD, Lecturer, Department of
 industrialized	Western	nations.                                                   Finally, the course explores the political economy of        History, CSU Dominguez Hills
                                           An	in-depth	look	at	technological	      decision-making and the intended and unintended
 Instructor:                               advancements	in	cyber	security,	        outcomes of state policy, corporate practice, and worker
 Alan D. Buckley,	PhD                                                              contestation as well as the long- and short-term
                                           cyber	warfare,	military	computer	       causes of the current economic meltdown. For technical
 Page	105.                                 operations,	and	other	related	          requirements see page 4. &
                                           developments.	                          Reg# Y1071B
                                                                                          Through Mar 2: $605 / After: $665
                                           Instructor: Michael J. Siler,	PhD              Apr 2-Jun 25
                                           Page	106.                               Tom Mertes, MA in U.S. History, Northern Illinois
                                                                                   University; Analyst, Center for Social Theory and
 For	more	information	about	degree	credit	courses	(c)	in	the	Social	Sciences	      Comparative History, UCLA
 call	(310) 825‑2272	or	visit
Enroll at or call (310) 825-9971                                                                                                                              Humanities, Media & Social Sciences                          101
                                                               Reg# Y0818B
                                                                                                                                 Journalism Certificates
                                                                      Through Mar 17: $425 / After: $469
                                                                      UCLA: 3211 Bunche Hall
For more information about Journalism Certificates                    Tue 7-10pm, Apr 17-Jun 12, 9 mtgs
email or call (310)               Gary Cohn, Senior Writer, Bloomberg Markets Maga-
825-7093.                                                      zine; former investigative reporter, Los Angeles Times;
                                                               former Atwood Professor, University of Alaska at
                                                                                                                                 The Skills to Succeed in Today’s Multimedia Market
Fundraising and Nonprofit Leadership courses                   Anchorage, former investigative reporter and Pulitzer
                                                               Prize winner, Baltimore Sun                                       Everywhere	you	look,	the	face	of	news	is	changing.	Media	staffs	
are located in the Business, Management &
Legal section (pages 33-34).                                                                                                     are	leaner	than	ever	yet	charged	with	even	greater	responsibility.	
                                                              New Course                                                         Successful	journalists	and	media	professionals	must	master		
For online course technical requirements see                   Beyond Travel:
page 4.                                                        Reporting Your Adventure m                                        tech-savvy	storytelling	to	create	blogs,	viral	videos,	and	broadcast	
                                                               X 495 Journalism 2 units                                          coverage	with	ease.	UCLA	Extension	partners	with	industry	
Reporting and Writing I                                        Whether spelunking through ancient caves or on a                  leaders	in	multimedia	storytelling	and	production	to	bring	you	
X 432 Journalism 3 units                                       family trip to the Grand Canyon, outdoor journalism is
Both experienced journalists and novices gain skills in        about finding the real story in your adventure. Though            up	to	speed	in	this	fast-changing	field.
this course that focuses on the foundation of writing a        pure adventures are fun to write about, they often lack
good publishable news story, feature, or profile. Exer-        the richness of a well-reported tale of discovery, sup-           Journalism Certificates                                   Internships
cises center on clear, and tight writing; interviewing         ported by historic, factual information and a sense of
                                                               bold curiosity that leads to the unknown and unex-                Our	certificates	are	a	practical	                         Get	real-world	experience	with		
techniques; diverse leads; ethical issues; and other
critical skills for careers or freelancers in public rela-     pected. In this class, choose your own outdoor, nature,           alternative	to	traditional	J-school,	                     an	internship.	Opportunities	are	
tions or broadcast, print, and online journalism. Stu-         or science adventure and prepare for it with advance              offering	quality	instruction	to	stu-                      available	for	eligible	certificate		
dents dissect stories in all different formats and learn       research and reporting. Once on the ground, gather                dents	who	wish	to	study	while	they	                       students.	For	guidelines	on		
how to find solid sources, get compelling quotes, and          experiential information; find complimentary scenery;
                                                                                                                                 work	part-time.	Choose	1	of	our	                          how	to	qualify	and	enroll	call	
structure complex stories. Prerequisite: Proficiency in        and, of course, meet and talk to strangers to learn more
college-level writing. Required course toward Journal-         about their experiences. Learn to gather these impres-            comprehensive	certificates	focused	                       (310) 825‑7093.
ism and Public Relations Certificates and recommended          sions with the subtle approach needed to help people              on	writing,	media	relations,	or	
to take as 1 of the initial courses. Enrollment limited        open up and tell their stories. Acquire new techniques            g
                                                                                                                                 	 eneral	journalism.                                      Contact Us
to 30 students.                                                for documenting your impressions, including reference
                                                               photography, online tools like Google Maps, and finding                                                           
Reg# Y0816B                                                                                                                      Media Psychology Courses
        Through Mar 18: $395 / After: $435                     local experts to add depth to your story. On your return,                                                                   (310) 825‑7093
        UCLA: 154 Dodd Hall                                    learn to organize your information, allowing an organic           Pages	104-105.
                                                               narrative to emerge. From the “sloppy first draft” to the                                                         
        Wed 7-10pm, Apr 18-Jun 13, 9 mtgs
Scott Bowles, National Correspondent, USA Today;               rewrite/editing process, your efforts should yield a nar-
former metro reporter, The Washington Post and Detroit         rative piece that is exciting, personally relevant, and
News; published author                                         factually rich. For technical requirements see page 4.
                                                               Elective credit toward Journalism Certificates. Enroll-
                                                               ment limited to 20; advance enrollment required.
Media Law and Ethics m
X 462 Journalism 2 units                                       Reg# Y1311B
21 hours of MCLE credit available, including 3 hours                  Through Apr 2: $355 / After: $389
of Legal Ethics.                                                      May 2-Jun 6
For journalists, media lawyers, paralegals, and other          Daniel Koeppel, author of the critically acclaimed To
communications professionals. This course analyzes the         See Every Bird on Earth: A Father, a Son, and a Lifelong
rights and responsibilities of the media. Instruction          Obsession and Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That
examines undercover investigations, ethics, defamation,        Changed the World. Mr. Koeppel has been a full-time
invasion of privacy, reporter’s privilege and shield laws,
access to courts and records, copyrights, and respon-
                                                               freelancer for national magazines since 1997. His most
                                                               recent story on the future of light bulbs and lighting
                                                                                                                             New Media Reporting
                                                                                                                             X 441 Journalism 4 units                                      Linguistics
sibility in the age of blogs and digital journalism. For       appeared on the cover of the September 2011 issue of          (Formerly Introduction to Multimedia Journalism.              For more information call (310) 825-7093.
technical requirements see page 4. Required course             Wired magazine. He also is a contributing editor at           Taught in computer lab.)
toward Journalism Certificates. &                              Popular Mechanics and Bicycling magazines.                    The digital revolution has radically changed how we           Structure of English Words m
                                                                                                                             gather, produce, distribute, and consume news. Mod-           XL M10 Linguistics 5 units c
Reg# Y0817B                                                                                                                  ern, competitive journalists need to have a strong
        Through Mar 19: $355 / After: $385                     TV Reporting and Production                                                                                                 (Same as English XL M40; formerly XL 10.)
                                                               X 428 Journalism 3 units                                      foundation, not just in traditional print and broadcast,      This course presents an introduction to the structure of
        Apr 19-May 24                                                                                                        but in the variety of platforms and styles found on the
Richard Denham Hendrickson, PhD, journalism                    Students learn elements of TV journalism, concentrating                                                                     English words of classical origin, including most com-
                                                               on news gathering and how to cover an on-the-spot             web. Most importantly, they need to be entrepreneurs          mon base forms and rules by which alternate forms are
instructor for 10 years at John Carroll University in                                                                        who think fluidly about the rapidly changing media
Cleveland and CSU, Northridge; working journalist for 40       news story with a camera crew. Topics include inter-                                                                        derived. Students may expect to achieve substantial
                                                               viewing techniques; effective newsgathering methods;          landscape and their ability to find a place in it. Through    enrichment of their vocabulary while learning about
years, including 35 at the Lorain, Ohio, Morning Journal                                                                     practical skill-building exercises, lectures, group discus-
where he was a bureau chief, state editor, city editor,        practice on how to write in clear broadcast style to                                                                        etymology, semantic change, and abstract rules of
                                                               connect the details of a story with the pictures—espe-        sion, and guest speakers, this hands-on workshop              English word formation. Instruction offers an introduc-
Sunday editor, editorial writer, and projects director; led                                                                  teaches essential new media tools, such as video,
a 1995 explanatory journalism team project on Ritalin          cially under deadline pressures; and the mechanics,                                                                         tion to the structure of English words by comparing it
                                                               timing, and flow of current TV broadcast style, both for      audio, blogs, slideshows, social networking, and ele-         with words of other languages. Special attention is
that won the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism                                                                          mentary HTML. Topics also include entrepreneurship,
                                                               regular news broadcast and “magazine-style” shows.                                                                          given to the learned and academic vocabulary in Eng-
                                                               Instruction includes specifics of television production       established and emerging storytelling techniques, the         lish, mainly originating in Greek, Latin, and French. This
Investigative Reporting Techniques                             and on-camera technique, including working on shoot-          changing media landscape, and the role of social net-
X 494 Journalism 3 units                                                                                                                                                                   course is especially suited for students interested in
                                                               ing a news story using a video camera and showing             working in creating impact. The goal is to produce work       improving their knowledge of English academic words.
This course serves as an invaluable tool for journalists,                                                                    for new media sites in Los Angeles and beyond. Suc-
                                                               how news stories fit into the context of a newscast.                                                                        For technical requirements see page 4. Fulfills in part
attorneys, businesspeople, and others who need to                                                                            cessful projects are submitted for publication or
                                                               Career opportunities and the variety of methods used                                                                        the General Education requirement of the UCLA College
know how to get bottom-line information. Instruction                                                                         broadcast. Students must have access to digital video
                                                               to produce a television newscast, both in theory and in                                                                     of Letters and Science. &
presents the fundamentals of investigative journalism                                                                        and audio recording devices (including iPhone). Prereq-
                                                               practice, also are discussed. Prerequisite: X 469 Broad-                                                                    Reg# Y1068B
as well as practical experience in investigative research                                                                    uisite: X 432 Fundamentals of Reporting and Writing I
                                                               cast News Reporting and Writing or equivalent experi-                                                                              Through Mar 2: $629 / After: $689
and writing; methods of gaining access to public and                                                                         strongly recommended, but not required. Elective
                                                               ence and consent of instructor. Elective course toward                                                                             Apr 2-Jun 25
private record sources; and techniques for gathering                                                                         course toward Journalism Certificates. Enrollment
                                                               Journalism Certificates. Enrollment limited to 22 students.                                                                 Natalie Operstein, PhD in Linguistics
information about people, businesses, institutions, and                                                                      limited; early enrollment advised. Internet access may
                                                               Visitors not permitted. &
government. Topics include paper trails, computer-                                                                           be required to complete assignments outside of class.
assisted projects, secrets of the most successful sto-         Reg# Y0820B
                                                                                                                             Visitors not permitted. &
ries, managing time and resources, organizing complex                 Through Apr 5: $429 / After: $469
                                                                      Hollywood: KTLA-TV, 5800 Sunset Blvd.                  Reg# Y0819B
information into compelling reportage, relationships
                                                                   ✷✷ Sat 9am-2pm, May 5-Jun 9, 6 mtgs                               Through Mar 19: $529 / After: $579
with editors and sources, the Freedom of Information
                                                               Lynette Romero, Anchor/Reporter, KTLA News; former                    Westwood: 203 Extension Lindbrook Center
Act, story impact and follow-up reports, and legal and
                                                               anchor/reporter, KUSA-TV Denver. Ms. Romero also                      Thu 7-10pm, Apr 19-Jun 14, 9 mtgs
ethical concerns. Students work on their own investi-
                                                               hosted a weekly public affairs program for KUSA-TV.           Dennis Romero, Staff Writer, LA Weekly
gative project. Guest speakers are featured. Prerequi-
site: An introductory college-level journalism course,                                                                                                                                      c UC credit; see page 145
or equivalent experience and consent of instructor.
Elective credit toward Journalism Certificates. Internet                                                                                                                                    m Online course
access is highly recommended. &                                                                                                                                                             & Text required; see page 144
                                                                                                                                                                                             M Course held during daytime hours
102       Humanities, Media & Social Sciences                                                                             Enroll at or call (310) 825-9971

      Learn a Language—Build Your Future!
      Stay Competitive in Today’s Multicultural World
      Acquire	the	skills	to	communicate	more	effectively	on	the	job	or	in	your	travels.	Whatever	
      your	goals,	UCLA	Extension	offers	a	diverse	curriculum	to	help	you:
 •	 Increase	your	employment	and	earning	potential                         •	   Travel	with	confidence
 •	 Fulfill	a	language	requirement	for	a	degree	                           •	   Learn	from	dynamic	native-level	speakers,	
 •	 Prepare	for	work	or	study	abroad                                            many	with	decades	of	teaching	experience

      For	specific	course	listings	and	to	enroll	visit
    Start speaking right away!                                                               Arabic                                      French (cont.)
 •	 Learn	immediately	with	our	immersive	approach                                            elementary arabic series                    intermediate French series
                                                                                             Xl 1a, Xl 1B, Xl 1C                         Xl 4, Xl 5, Xl 6
 •	 Build	f luency	with	conversation	courses	

                                                                                             First	year	college-level	modern	standard	   Second	year	college-level	French	
 •	 Fine-tune	pronunciation	and	grammar
                                                                                             Arabic	courses	address	written	language,	   courses	cover	additional	tenses,		
 •	 Master	vocabulary	and	colloquial	expressions                                             grammar,	and	vocabulary.                    irregular	verbs,	advanced	grammar,	
                                                                                                                                         and	French	literature.
 •	 Taught	in	the	given	language,	with	some	English	explanation	
                                                                                             intermediate arabic series                  French 10a
    of	complex	grammar	points                                                                Xl 102a, Xl 102B, Xl 102C
 •	 No	prior	experience	or	study	required.
                                                                                                                                         Conversation	course	builds	vocabulary,	
                                                                                             Second	year	college-level	Arabic	           grammar,	and	speaking	skills	through	
                                                                                             courses	continue	to	address	written	        discussion	on	a	variety	of	subjects.
    Early pricing/course fees                                                                Arabic,	grammar,	and	vocabulary	
 •	 Enroll	1	month	before	start	date	and	save	with	Early	Pricing                             while	also	covering	syntax,	listening,	
                                                                                             speaking,	composition,	and	reading	         Iranian
    Choose from a variety of formats & locations                                             classical	and	modern	texts.                 elementary Persian series
                                                                                                                                         Xl 1a, Xl 1B, Xl 1C
 •	 Transferable	degree	credit	(XL)	courses
                                                                                             Chinese                                     First	year	college-level	Persian	
 •	 Conversation	classes	stress	group	work	and	fun		
                                                                                             elementary modern Chinese                   courses	focus	on	speaking,	vocabulary,	
    classroom	activities                                                                     Xl 1, Xl 2, Xl 3                            grammar,	and	writing	and	reading	in	
                                                                                                                                         Persian,	with	emphasis	on	Persian	
 •	 Online	courses	with	the	latest	interactive	software—	
                                                                                             First	year	college-level	standard		         language	and	culture.
    for	a	demonstration	visit                                                Mandarin	Chinese	courses	address	
 •	 Saturday	daytime	or	weekday	evening	classes
                                                                                             traditional	and	simplified	Chinese	
                                                                                             characters,	pronunciation,	grammar,	        Italian
 •	 Held	on	the	UCLA	campus,	Westwood	centers,	or		                                          listening,	speaking,	and	reading.	          elementary italian series
    downtown	Los	Angeles                                                                     intermediate modern Chinese
                                                                                                                                         Xl 1, Xl 2, Xl 3
                                                                                                                                         First	year	college-level	Italian	courses	
      Call	(310) 825‑7093	or	email	                              Xl 4, Xl 5, Xl 6
                                                                                                                                         emphasize	pronunciation,	present	and	
      if	you	don’t	find	the	course	you	need.	Note:	Not	all	courses	                          Second	year	college-level	standard	         future	tenses	of	regular	and	major	
                                                                                             Mandarin	Chinese	courses	address	
      are	offered	each	quarter.                                                              idiomatic	expressions.
                                                                                                                                         irregular	verbs,	the	conditional	and	
                                                                                                                                         subjunctive,	vocabulary,	grammar,	
      Course Credit                                                                                                                      and	Italian	culture.
      Courses	with	the	“XL”	designation	are	equivalent	to	undergraduate	courses	             French                                      intermediate italian series
      offered	by	the	UCLA	regular	session	on	campus	and	are	transferable	for	unit	and	                                                   Xl 4, Xl 5, Xl 6
      subject	credit	toward	a	bachelor’s	degree	at	all	UC	campuses.	Courses	with	the	        elementary French series
      “400”	designation	are	taught	at	the	post-baccalaureate	level	and	offer	professional	   Xl 1, Xl 2, Xl 3                            Second	year	college-level	Italian	
      credit.	Course credit is not available to native speakers of a studied language.       First	year	college-level	French		           courses	cover	additional	tenses,		
                                                                                             courses	emphasize	pronunciation;	           irregular	verbs,	advanced	grammar,	
                                                                                             past,	present,	and	future	tenses	of	        and	Italian	literature	and	media.	Also	
                                                                                             regular	and	major	irregular	verbs;		        introduces	vocabulary	of	poetry,	
                                                                                             the	conditional	and	subjunctive;	           genre,	and	literary	criticism.
                                                                                             vocabulary;	grammar;	and	cultures		
                                                                                             of	the	French-speaking	world.
Enroll at or call (310) 825-9971                                                                     Humanities, Media & Social Sciences          103

                                                                                      Become an Interpreter in
                                                                                      Just 1 Year!
                                                                                      Learn More at a Free Information Session

  “One of the most appealing aspects of teaching at UCLA Extension
   is the variety in experience, age, areas of interest, and professional
   orientation among the students.”
   —Charles de Bedts, French instructor since 1994

Japanese                                    Spanish (cont.)
elementary modern Japanese series           intermediate spanish series
400a, 400B, 400C                            Xl 4, Xl 5, Xl 6
First	year	college-level	Japanese	          Second	year	college-level	Spanish	
courses	introduce	all	four	funda-           courses	cover	additional	tenses,		
mental	language	skills	(listening,	         further	examination	of	indicative	vs.	    Are	you	bilingual	in	English	and	Spanish,	Chinese,	or	Korean?	
speaking,	reading,	and	writing),	as	        subjunctive,	irregular	verbs,	advanced	
                                            grammar,	verb	morphology,	lexical		       Do	you	have	the	talent	and	desire	to	help	people	communicate?	
well	as	pronunciation	and	grammar.	
Instruction	develops	skills	in	conver-      discrimination,	and	Spanish	literature.   Want	a	career	where	you	can	grow	professionally	and	personally?	
sation,	reading,	and	writing	in	all	                                                  You	may	have	what	it	takes	to	become	a	professional	interpreter.
                                            advanced spanish series Xl 25
three	writing	systems	(Hiragana,	
                                            For	native	Spanish	speakers	with	oral	    Train for a Rewarding Career in            Certification:
Katakana,	and	limited	Kanji).
                                            proficiency	who	need	practice	in	read-    a Growing Field                            The Professional Edge
intermediate modern Japanese series         ing	and	writing.	Course	focuses	on	       The	U.S.	Bureau	of	Labor	Statistics	       State	certification	demonstrates	
406a, 406B, 406C                            preparing	for	Spanish	literature	         projects	more	than	22%	job	growth	         mastery	of	your	craft	and	serves	as	
Second	year	college-level	Japanese	         courses	and	addresses	composition,	       for	interpreters	over	the	next	5	years.	   a	“calling	card”	for	both	the	court	
courses	emphasize	vocabulary,	con-          literature,	advanced	vocabulary,	and	     In	metropolitan	Los	Angeles,	more	         system	and	private	sector.	Our	
versation,	grammatical	and	sentence	        critical	thinking	skills.                 than	40%	of	the	county’s	inter-            	 igorous,	relevant,	and	academically	
patterns,	reading,	and	intermediate	        spanish X 105                             preters	are	expected	to	retire	in		        approved	curriculum	helps	you	
and	advanced	Kanji	writing	skills.                                                    the	next	decade.                           build	a	foundation	for	passing	this	
                                            This	continuation	of	XL	25	includes	                                                 important	professional	exam.
advanced modern Japanese series             practice	in	writing	Spanish	with	         UCLA	Extension’s	Interpretation	
420a, 420B, 420C                            appropriate	vocabulary,	syntactical	      programs	do	more	than	simply	
                                                                                                                                 There’s Plenty of Time to Apply
                                            structures,	and	stylistic	patterns.       provide	job	training.	You	develop		
Third	year	college-level	Japanese	                                                    as	a	professional	with	instructors	        Application Deadline:
courses	focus	on	expansion	of	Kanji,	                                                 and	colleagues	who	believe	strongly	       Jul 2012
reading	complicated	texts,	points	of	       Yiddish                                   in	the	importance	of	their	work.	
translation,	sentence	patterns,	review	                                                                                          Applicants	must	be	f luent	and	
                                            elementary Yiddish series                 Our	instructors	are	working	pro-           bilingual	with	college-level	knowl-
of	advanced	grammar,	idiomatic	expres-                                                fessionals	with	years	of	expertise,	
sions,	and	advanced	conversational		        XlC 101a, 101B, 101C                                                                 edge	of	each	language	(verbal	and		
                                                                                      stellar	credentials,	and	California	       written).	A	bachelor’s	degree	is		
practice	using	role-plays.                  First	year	college-level	Yiddish	         court	interpreter	certification		          preferred	but	can	be	waived	with	
                                            courses	covers	grammar,	listening,	       who	mentor	students	throughout	            equivalent	experience.
Spanish                                     speaking,	reading,	and	writing.           their	training.
elementary spanish series                   intermediate Yiddish series
Xl 1, Xl 2, Xl 3                            XlC 102a, 102B, 102C                      For	details	visit	or	attend	a	free	information	
                                            Second	year	college-level	Yiddish	        session:
First	year	college-level	Spanish	
courses	emphasize	pronunciation;	           courses	focus	on	grammar,	listening,	
past,	present,	and	future	tenses	of	        speaking,	reading,	writing,	and		         Free Information Session
regular	and	major	irregular	verbs;	         linguistic	analysis	of	texts.
the	conditional	and	subjunctive;	                                                     Sat,	May	5,	10-11:30am
vocabulary;	grammar;	and	cultures	
of	the	Spanish-speaking	world.                                                        UCLA	Extension	at	Figueroa	Courtyard	
                                                                                      Suite	100E,	Classroom	108ABC,	261	S.	Figueroa	St.
Want to Teach?
                                                                                      For	more	program	information	or	to	RSVP	call		
If	you’re	f luent	in	a	second	language,	email	your	resumé,	cover	letter,	and	brief	   (310) 825‑7093	or	email
description	of	the	course	you’d	like	to	teach	to

For	specific	course	listings	and	to	enroll	visit
 104        Humanities, Media & Social Sciences                                                                                                                   Enroll at or call (310) 825-9971

     Topics in Shakespeare
                                                                                                                           Ethics, Morals & Philosphy
     Shakespeare’s Royal Families

                                                                                                                            Portrait of Aristotle in his study

                                                                                                                            introduction to ethical theory                             New Course
                                                                                                                            Explore	philosophical	attempts		                           topics in Value theory:
     David Garrick as Richard III.                                                                                          to	define	“right”	and	“wrong.”	                            rationality and action
                                                                                                                            Study	the	views	of	some	of	the	                            Is	there	any	such	thing	as	moral	
     In	Shakespeare,	history	comes	alive—power,	honor,	loyalty,	envy,	murder	                                               greatest	thinkers	in	the	Western	                          knowledge?	Can	we	be	sure	of		
     and	the	divine	right	of	kings.	Interrogate	matters	of	royalty	in	King John,	                                           tradition,	including	John	Stuart	                          our	moral	intuitions	and	judgments?	
     Richard II,	Henry IV	parts	1-2,	Henry V,	Henry VI	parts	1-2-3,	                                                        Mill,	Immanuel	Kant,	David	                                Or	are	they	simply	subjective?	
     	 ichard III,	and	Henry VIII.
     R                                                                                                                      Hume,	and	Aristotle.                                       Study	contemporary	theories	of	
                                                                                                                                                                                       knowledge	and	metaethics	from	a	
     How	did	Shakespeare	create	characters	whose	imprint	has	proven	indelible?	                                                                                                        philosophical	perspective	and	dis-
                                                                                                                            David Goldman,	CPhil
     And	how	true	to	history	are	his	portraits	of	these	kings,	queens,	heroes,	                                                                                                        cuss	the	defense	of	moral	beliefs	in	
     and	villains?	By	glancing	from	the	plays	to	Shakespeare’s	sources	and	back	                                            Page	105.                                                  the	face	of	widespread	disagreement	
     again,	we’ll	examine	the	differences	between	historical	and	artistic	truth	in	                                                                                                    among	people	and	cultures.
     some	of	the	greatest	dramas	ever	to	cross	the	stage.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Instructor: Thi Nguyen,	PhD
     Instructor: Steve Sohmer,	DPhil,	Oxford
                                                                                                                                                                                       Page	105.
     This	page.

 Literature                                             New Course
                                                         Topics in Shakespeare:
                                                                                                                      New Course
                                                                                                                       American Literature of the 1930s
                                                                                                                                                                                       Media Psychology
 For more information call (310) 825-7093.               Shakespeare’s Royal Families                                  X 435.2 English 4 units                                         For more information call (310) 825-7093.
                                                         XL 150CF English 5 units c                                    The stock market crash of 1929 and resultant worldwide
 See also Comparative Literature, page 99.               In 12 weeks, read, watch, and discuss 10 of Shake-            depression ushered in a decade of social conscience and         Argumentation: Persuasion and the
                                                         speare’s plays which trace the sweep of English history       political progressivism in American literature. Authors such    Art of Critical Writing m
 Literatures in English, 1850 to Present                 from 1398 to 1547 and interrogate matters of royalty,         as John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, John dos Passos,           X 482.5 Film & Television 3 units
 XL 10C English 5 units c                                power, honor, loyalty, envy, murder, and the divine right     Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, and others wrote of the          Bernays, Churchill, King, Lincoln, and Paine were some
 For more information see page 105. &                    of kings (King John, Richard II, Henry IV parts 1-2,          plight of the poor: land that no longer provided sustenance     of the most effective and articulate communicators in
 Reg# Y1195B                                             Henry V, Henry VI parts 1-2-3, Richard III, and Henry         to farmers, massive unemployment in cities, the ever            our history. They understood the power of the pen as
        Through Mar 5: $555 / After: $605                VIII). For most of us, what we know about late Medieval       present racial prejudice that added to the struggles of         well as the importance of argumentation and persua-
        UCLA: 1270 School of Public Affairs Bldg.        and early modern England derives from these plays. We         African Americans, and a nation where one third of the          sion. The art of critical writing is a foundational tool in
        Thu 7-9pm, Apr 5-Jun 21, 12 mtgs                 know King John was wily; Richard II unlucky; Henry V          population “went to bed hungry at night.” Others like           navigating social issues and change. Students in this
 Michelle N. McEvoy, PhD, former lecturer, Department    a swaggering, sweet-talking hero; and Richard III a           Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Eugene O’Neill       course investigate various writers and their respective
 of English, UCLA. Dr. McEvoy has published essays on    delightful villain. How did Shakespeare create these          (Nobel Prize, 1936) explored characters’ psychological          arguments as they relate to the change promoted.
 Virginia Woolf, John Fowles, and American feminist      characters whose imprint has proven indelible? And            complexities apart from the socioeconomic and political         During the first half of the course, students learn the
 Charlotte Perkins Gilman.                               how true to history are his portraits of these heroes and     issues that beset the nation. Through close textual analysis    foundational aspects of argumentation and critical
                                                         villains? By glancing from the plays to Shakespeare’s         and discussion of major literary works of this time, students   writing by interacting with various historical documents.
New Course                                               sources and back again, we’ll examine the differences         come to understand how the social, political, and economic      The second half of the class includes discussions of
                                                         between historical truth and artistic truth in some of the    forces of the 1930s impacted the arts. Readings include         Bernays, Twain, and Zarefsky—as well as a final argu-
 Introduction to Fiction                                 greatest dramas ever to cross the stage.                      Fitzgerald’s Tender Is the Night; Steinbeck’s The Grapes of     ment for a cause or action using the tools of rhetoric.
 XL 91C English 5 units c                                                                                              Wrath; Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying; Hemingway’s short
                                                         Reg# Y1236B (Credit)                                                                                                          For technical requirements see page 4. This course
 For more information see page 105.                                                                                    stories, “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber,” “The
                                                                 Through Mar 2: $555 / After: $605                                                                                     may be applied toward Fielding Graduate University’s
 Reg# Y1317B (Credit)                                    Reg# Y1238B (Noncredit)                                       Snows of Kilimanjaro,” “The Denunciation,” and “Night           Master’s Degree Program in Media Psychology.
      Through Mar 3: $555 / After: $605                          Through Mar 2: $405 / After: $445                     Before Battle”; O’Neill’s The Iceman Cometh; and the            Enrollment limited; early enrollment advised. &
 Reg# Y1318B (Noncredit)                                         UCLA: 160 Royce Hall                                  poetry of Robert Frost (“The Lone Striker,” “Two Tramps         Reg# Y0811B
      Through Mar 3: $405 / After: $445                          Mon 7-10pm, Apr 2-Jun 25, 12 mtgs                     in Mud Time,” “Design”) and Langston Hughes (“Christ                   Through Mar 17: $729 / After: $799
      UCLA: 3105 Rolfe Hall                                      (no mtg 5/28)                                         in Alabama,” “Advertisement for the Waldorf-Astoria,”                  Apr 17-Jun 12
      Tue 7-10pm, Apr 3-Jun 19, 12 mtgs                  Steve Sohmer, PhD, MA, author, Shakespeare’s Mystery          “Pennsylvania Station,” “Hey-Hey Blues”). Internet access       David Peck, MA in Media Psychology, Fielding Gradu-
 James Walter Caufield, PhD in English                   Play: The Opening of the Globe Theatre 1599 (1999);           required to retrieve course materials.                          ate University; MBA, Azusa Pacific University; candidate
                                                         general editor, Luther’s Lives (2001), Shakespeare for the    Reg# Y1853B (Credit)                                            in Fielding’s Media Psychology doctoral program;
                                                         Wiser Sort (2007), and Twelfth Night for the Wiser Sort               Through Mar 4: $525 / After: $575                       Associate Vice President, Azusa Pacific University. Over
                                                         (2011, forthcoming), all from Manchester University           Reg# Y1883B (Noncredit)                                         the last 20 years, Mr. Peck has held a number of senior
                                                         Press. Mr. Sohmer’s essays on Renaissance literature                  Through Mar 4: $405 / After: $445                       leadership positions in marketing and public relations
                                                         and the Reformation have appeared in English Literary                 UCLA: 154 Royce Hall                                    for United Artists, Walt Disney Company, and other
                                                         Renaissance, Notes & Queries, Early Modern Literary                   Wed 6:30-9:30pm, Apr 4-Jun 20, 12 mtgs                  theatrical marketing firms.
                                                         Studies, The Shakespeare Yearbook, and The Oxford             Richard Sogliuzzo, PhD in Theater and Comparative Lit-
                                                         Companion to Shakespeare. He also is a Murray Fellow          erature, former professor of theater, SUNY-Albany; former
                                                         of Lincoln College (Oxford) and a Research Associate at       professor, University of Texas, Dallas, where he developed
                                                         the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (UCLA).       interdisciplinary coursework in arts and humanities; former
                                                                                                                       Los Angeles theater critic for NPR’s “Morning Edition”;
                                                                                                                       recipient, Senior Fulbright-Hays Fellowship, Italy; author,
                                                                                                                       Luigi Pirandello, Director, the Playwright in the Theatre
 Enroll at or call (310) 825-9971                                                                                                              Humanities, Media & Social Sciences         105
 Narrative and Digital Storytelling m
                                                                                                                                Introduction to Fiction
 X 482.4 Film & Television 3 units
 (Formerly Narrative Media.)
 This course addresses the importance of storytelling in          For more information call (310) 825-7093.
 Western civilization, culminating in narrative formats
 used in text, television, film, digital media, and social        Introduction to Ethical Theory                                                                          Explore	the	novel’s	infinitely		
 media. Study the psychology behind how stories origi-            XL 22 Philosophy 4 units c                                                                              f lexible	form	and	learn	how	the	
 nate, evolve, and impact individuals and our media               What is the right thing to do? What makes an action                                                     techniques	of	prose	narration	have	
 culture. Explore a broad range of narratives and narra-          right or wrong? Is there ultimately any right or wrong?
 tive styles and their relationships with personal and
                                                                                                                                                                          helped	us	to	conceive	and	come		
                                                                  Ethical theories attempt to provide systematic answers
 social development. Instruction emphasizes conventions           to these vital questions about the way we live our lives.                                               to	terms	with	such	issues	as		
 of mythology and storytelling as well as literary and            This course is an introduction to philosophical attempts                                                consciousness,	time,	love,	death,	
 cultural issues, the role of media and modes of trans-           to address these questions. We begin by discussing                                                      history,	and	forgetting.
 mission, and the relationships between narratives and            views that are skeptical of ethical truth in one way or
 social change. The course applies established narrative          another, then move on to the views of some of the                                                       Readings	include	short	stories		
 theory in novel ways to better understand modern                 greatest thinkers in the Western tradition, including John                                              by	Tolstoy,	Kafka,	and	Joyce	and	
 media and includes the creation of an original indepen-          Stuart Mill, Immanuel Kant, David Hume, and Aristotle.                                                  the	novels	Pride and Prejudice,		
 dent digital narrative. For technical requirements see           Applies toward the Humanities (Philosophy) requirement
 page 4. This course may be applied toward Fielding                                                                                                                       A Handful of Dust,	Concrete Island,	
                                                                  in the College of Letters and Science Internet access
 Graduate University’s Master’s Degree Program in                 required to retrieve course materials. &                                                                The Rings of Saturn,	and	Disgrace.
 Media Psychology. Enrollment limited. &                          Reg# Y1123B (Credit)                                                                                    Instructor:
 Reg# Y0810B                                                             Through Mar 4: $525 / After: $575
         Through Mar 19: $729 / After: $799                                                                                                                               James Walter Caufield,	PhD
                                                                  Reg# Y1124B (Noncredit)
         Apr 19-Jun 14                                                   Through Mar 4: $405 / After: $445                                                                Page	104.
 Sean Thoennes, Broadcast and Music Productions                          UCLA: 160 Royce Hall
 Specialist at Disney in Orlando with 25 years’ media                    Tue 7-10pm, Apr 3-Jun 19, 12 mtgs
 experience. Mr. Thoennes developed a division within             David Goldman, CPhil
 Disney pioneering a desktop editing business model
 and created Studio News, an informational program               New Course
 broadcast locally and streamed globally to Disney
 employees. He has presented at the BEA and partici-
                                                                  Topics in Value Theory:
                                                                  Rationality and Action
 pated in educational projects for Warner Brothers
 Publishing, Kennedy Space Center, and the Disney
 Institute. A graduate of the University of Florida, Mr.
                                                                  XL 154 Philosophy 4 units c
                                                                  Is there any such thing as moral knowledge? Can we            Study Victorian, Modernist
                                                                                                                                & Contemporary Authors
 Thoennes is in the dissertation phase of his doctorate           be sure of our moral intuitions, our moral judgments?
 in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University.             Or are they all simply subjective feelings? How could
                                                                  we possibly defend our moral beliefs? Especially in the
                                                                  face of widespread disagreement between intelligent
                                                                  people and between cultures? How does moral knowl-            By	examining	representative	works	published	since	the	eminent		
 Near Eastern                                                     edge compare to scientific knowledge, mathematical
                                                                  knowledge, religious knowledge? This course studies
                                                                                                                                Victorian,	Alfred	Lord	Tennyson	became	Poet	Laureate	of	England,	
                                                                                                                                this	course	traces	major	trends	in	British	literature’s	attempt	to	deal	
 Languages and                                                    contemporary theories of knowledge, contemporary
                                                                  metaethics, and the connections between the 2 fields.         with	the	complexities	of	modern	life.
 Cultures                                                         Prerequisite: XL 6 Introduction to Political Philosophy,
                                                                  or XL 7 Introduction to Philosophy of the Mind, or XL 22      literatures in english, 1850 to Present   Authors	studied	include	Ruskin,	
 For more information call (310) 825-7093.                        Introduction to Ethical Theory. &
                                                                                                                                Issues	addressed	include	the	con-         Rossetti,	Browning,	Tennyson,	
                                                                  Reg# Y1171B (Credit)
New Course                                                                                                                      f lict	between	science	and	religion,	     Hopkins,	Yeats,	Woolf,	Joyce,		
                                                                         Through Mar 3: $525 / After: $575
 First Civilizations                                              Reg# Y1183B (Noncredit)                                       the	changing	role	of	women,	the	          T.	S.	Eliot,	Larkin,	Heaney,	Aslam,	
 XL 50A Near Eastern 5 units c                                           Through Mar 3: $405 / After: $445                      importance	of	empire,	shifting	           and	McEwan.
 The ancient Near East is considered the cradle of civi-                 UCLA: 160 Royce Hall
                                                                                                                                conceptions	of	identity	and	the	self,	    Instructor:
 lization, where writing, literature, temples, law codes,                Wed 7-10pm, Apr 4-Jun 20, 12 mtgs
 and the first urban centers were invented. This course           Thi Nguyen, PhD in Philosophy, UCLA                           and	the	search	for	new	literary	          Michelle N. McEvoy,	PhD
 introduces the first pristine civilizations in human history                                                                   forms	to	explore	them.
 beginning ca. 4000 BCE in the ancient Near East, now
                                                                                                                                                                          Page	104.
 known as modern day Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Israel,
 Lebanon, and Jordan. Cultures highlighted include
 the pristine civilizations of Mesopotamia (Sumer and
                                                                  Political Science
 Akkad) and Egypt. Instruction covers the development             For more information call (310) 825-7093.
 of these cultures from their first appearance through
 the third millennium BCE. Secondary civilizations also           Introduction to
 are addressed indirectly and in relation to the pristine         Comparative Politics m                                        Offered Online
 civilizations. Areas studied include their political history     XL 50 Political Science 5 units c

                                                                                                                                Media Psychology
 and religious, literary, and artistic traditions. Fulfills in    This course presents a comparative study of constitu-
 part the new General Education requirement of the                tional principles, governmental institutions, and political
 UCLA College of Letters and Science. Applies toward              processes in selected countries. More specifically, the
 Archaeology Certificate. &                                       course covers what governments are (e.g., democratic
 Reg# Y1649B (Credit)                                             political institutions) and what governments do (e.g.,
                                                                  public policy) with a focus on England, the United States,
                                                                                                                                A 4‑Course Sequence
         Through Mar 5: $555 / After: $605
 Reg# Y1650B (Noncredit)                                          France, Germany, Russia, Mexico, China, and Brazil,           UCLA	Extension	and	Santa	Barbara-based	Fielding	Graduate	University	offer	
         Through Mar 5: $405 / After: $445                        among others. For technical requirements see page 4.
                                                                  Fulfills Social Analysis General Education requirement of     a	4-course	online	sequence	in	media	psychology.
         UCLA: A18 Haines Hall
         Thu 6:30-9:30pm, Apr 5-Jun 21, 12 mtgs                   the UCLA College of Letters and Science. &
 Sara Brumfield, MA                                               Reg# Y0610B                                                   Participants	develop	skills	and	learn	    Offered This Quarter
                                                                          Through Mar 2: $605 / After: $665                     processes	for	applying	media	to	
                                                                                                                                                                          argumentation: Persuasion and
                                                                          Apr 2-Jun 11                                          impact	behavior	and	achieve	solu-
                                                                  Alan D. Buckley, PhD in Political Science, Columbia                                                     the art of Critical writing m
                                                                                                                                tions	for	significant	global	concerns.
                                                                  University; former political risk analyst, Security Pacific                                             Page	104.
                                                                  National Bank; Research Fellow, International Political       You	may	take	the	complete	
                                                                  and Social Analysis Program; Research Associate,              4-course	sequence	or	enroll	in	           Narrative and digital storytelling m
                                                                  International Business Management Program, The
                                                                  Conference Board
                                                                                                                                individual	courses.                       This	page.
  c UC credit; see page 145
  m Online course                                                                                                               These	courses	may	be	applied	toward	the	master’s	degree	in	media	psychology	
  & Text required; see page 144                                                                                                 from	Fielding	Graduate	University;	for	more	information	call	Fielding	at	
                                                                                                                                (800) 340‑1099	or	UCLA	Extension	at	(310) 825‑7093.
   M Course held during daytime hours
 106        Humanities, Media & Social Sciences                                                                                                                      Enroll at or call (310) 825-9971
                                                                                                                             Psychological Statistics                                     Psychology and Law

     Sociological Perspectives
                                                                                                                             XL 100A Psychology 4 units c                                 XL 187A Psychology 4 units c
                                                                                                                             This course covers basic statistical procedures and their    This course applies scientific findings from psychology
                                                                                                                             application to research/practice in various areas of         and psychiatry to the legal system. The first half of the
                                                                                                                             psychology. Prerequisite: XL 10 Introductory Psychology      course focuses on empirical principles of human per-
                                                                                                                             and 1 course from Computer Science 2, Mathematics            ception, memory, and cognition as related to civil and
                                                                                                                             2, Program in Computing 10A, Statistics 10; or 1 term        criminal jurisprudence; research on recorded confes-
                                                                                                                             of calculus. &                                               sions; courtroom procedures; eyewitness identification
                                                                                                                             Reg# Y0618B                                                  recall; judicial and jury decision making; police investi-
                                                                                                                                    Through Mar 5: $525 / After: $575                     gation; and other aspects of theory and practice of law.
                                                                                                                                    UCLA: 6229 Math Sciences                              The second half focuses on clinical research and
                                                                                                                                    Thu 7-10pm, Apr 5-Jun 21, 12 mtgs                     implications, including assessment of competency,
                                                                                                                             Richard Marken, PhD, research psychologist, statistics       dangerousness, insanity, and malingering; child abuse
                                                                                                                             and cognition, Loyola Marymount University; instructor,      determinations (e.g., false vs. repressed memories);
                                                                                                                             research methods, Antioch University; independent            custody and familyw law evaluations; criminal psycho-
                                                                                                                             consultant, statistical and human factor issues              pathology; mediation in dispute resolution; protection of
                                                                                                                                                                                          vulnerable populations; and the ethical and legal stan-
                                                                                                                             Principles of Behavioral Neuroscience                        dards underlying the mental health profession Internet
                                                                                                                             XL 115 Psychology 4 units c                                  access required to retrieve course materials. &
                                                                                                                             This course covers nervous system anatomy, physiol-          Reg# Y0440B
                                                                                                                             ogy, pharmacology, and their relationships to behavior.              Through Mar 4: $525 / After: $575
                                                                                                                             Prerequisite: XL 100A Psychological Statistics and Life              UCLA: 2242 School of Public Affairs Bldg.
                                                                                                                             Sciences XL 1, 2, or 15. &                                           Wed 7-10pm, Apr 4-Jun 20, 12 mtgs
     self and society                                         special topics in sociology:                                                                                                Scott C. Fraser, PhD, CEO, The Neuropsychology
                                                              sociology of music—Bob dylan                                   Reg# Y0625B
     Where does society end and your                                                                                                Through Mar 5: $525 / After: $575                     Foundation; Senior Associate/President, Applied
     “self” begin?                                            and the Beatles, the expressive                                       UCLA: 150 Royce Hall                                  Research Associates, Inc; CEO, Collegium Scientifica
                                                              revolution of the sixties m                                           Thu 7-10pm, Apr 5-Jun 21, 12 mtgs
     Examine	the	social	processes	that	                                                                                      Brian D. Armstrong, PhD, Assistant Research Profes-
                                                              The	1960s	witnessed	a	fundamental	
     shape	self	and	personal	identity.	
                                                                                                                             sor, Department of Neuroscience; Director, Light
                                                              transformation	of	the	American	
     Through	the	theories	and	research	                                                                                      Microscopy Core Facility, Beckman Research Institute,
                                                              way	of	life.	Immerse	yourself	in		                             City of Hope
     associated	with	social	psychology,	                                                                                                                                                  For more information call (310) 825-7093.
                                                              the	specific	music	events,	albums,	
     learn	how	the	social	environment	                                                                                       Abnormal Psychology
                                                              and	enduring	cultural	legacies	from	                                                                                        Self and Society
     affects	human	behavior	and		                                                                                            XL 127A Psychology 4 units c
                                                              that	era	that	touched	the	heart		                                                                                           XL 130 Sociology 4 units c
     how	the	individual	affects	the	                                                                                         This introductory overview of abnormal psychology cov-
                                                              of	American	society	both	then		                                                                                             What is reality and where does it come from? Why do
     social	environment.                                                                                                     ers theories of abnormality, assessment and diagnosis,
                                                                                                                                                                                          we understand the world in the ways we do? How are
                                                              and	now.                                                       features of the major psychological disorders, and
     Instructor:                                                                                                                                                                          society’s rules enforced and experienced? Where does
                                                                                                                             modern treatment methods. Prerequisite: XL 10 Intro-
     Terri L. Anderson,	PhD
                                                              Instructor:                                                    ductory Psychology or consent of instructor. Internet        society end and your “self” begin? This course exam-
                                                              Steven Sherwood,	PhD                                                                                                        ines the social processes that shape experience, defini-
                                                                                                                             access required to retrieve course materials. &
     This	page.                                                                                                                                                                           tion, and enactment of self and personal identity.
                                                              This	page.                                                     Reg# Y1260B                                                  Designed to provide an overview of how the social
                                                                                                                                    Through Mar 3: $525 / After: $575                     environment affects human behavior and how the
                                                                                                                                    UCLA: 162 Royce Hall                                  individual affects the social environment, the course
                                                                                                                                    Tue 7-10pm, Apr 3-Jun 19, 12 mtgs                     immerses students in the theories and research associ-
New Course                                                    course fees and a schedule of this quarter’s courses.          Andrea Mandelblatt-Rashtian, PhD, Lecturer, Los              ated with Social Psychology; not only through reading
 Special Studies in International                             Visitors not permitted.                                        Angeles City College; Lecturer, CSUN; psychologist in        and writing, but also through personal experience. The
                                                              Reg# Y0284B (General public)                                   residence, Valley Trauma and Family Services, Santa
 Relations: U.S. Strategic Information                                                                                       Clarita; psychologist in private practice
                                                                                                                                                                                          main goal of this course is for you to understand how,
 Operations Policy, a Reassessment of                                Fee: $240                                                                                                            through our everyday interactions with one another, we
                                                              Reg# Y1573B (General public—includes Osher                                                                                  make and remake our social worlds and how these
 Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare, and                                  membership)                                             Developmental Psychology                                     worlds make and remake us. &
 the 5th Domain of Warfare Dimension                                 Fee: $240                                               XL 130 Psychology 4 units c
 XL 139CS Political Science 4 units c                                                                                                                                                     Reg# Y0831B
                                                                     Westwood: 204 Extension Lindbrook Center                This course covers the developmental aspects of
 This new course focuses on central scientific issues,                                                                                                                                           Through Mar 11: $525 / After: $575
                                                                  ✷✷ Tue 10:30am-12pm, Apr 17-Jun 5, 8 mtgs                  physical, mental, social, and emotional growth from
 technological narratives, national security interests, and                                                                                                                                      UCLA: 148 Royce Hall
                                                              Maxwell D. Epstein, Dean Emeritus, International               birth to adolescence. Prerequisite: XL 10 Introductory
 information operational dynamics related to U.S. policy,                                                                                                                                        Wed 6:30-10pm, Apr 11-Jun 13, 10 mtgs
                                                              Students and Scholars, UCLA                                    Psychology and XL 100A Psychological Statistics or
 and examines in depth the changing nature and                                                                                                                                            Terri L. Anderson, PhD in Sociology, UCLA
                                                                                                                             consent of instructor. Internet access required to
 advancing content of cyber security, cyber warfare,                                                                         retrieve course materials. &
 electronic warfare, asymmetric computer warfare,                                                                                                                                        Now oNliNe
                                                                                                                             Reg# Y0616B
 advanced military computer operations, and other novel
 technological systems and technical developments.            Psychology                                                            Through Mar 3: $525 / After: $575
                                                                                                                                    UCLA: 148 Royce Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                          Special Topics in Sociology:
                                                                                                                                                                                          Sociology of Music—Bob Dylan and
 Reg# Y0747B                                                  For more information call (310) 825-7093.                             Tue 7-10pm, Apr 3-Jun 19, 12 mtgs                     the Beatles, the Expressive Revolution
        Through Mar 14: $525 / After: $575                                                                                   Darrel Dean Richards, PhD, Lecturer, Department of           of the Sixties m
        UCLA: 1234 School of Public Affairs Bldg.             For continuing education courses for mental                    Psychology, CSU Northridge                                   XL 180B Sociology 4 units c
     ✷✷ Sat 9am-1pm, Apr 14-Jun 16, 9 mtgs                    health professionals see pages 95-96.                                                                                       Bob Dylan and the Beatles were at the forefront of an
        (no mtg 5/26)                                                                                                        Human Motivation                                             era that saw a fundamental transformation of the
 Michael J. Siler, PhD in International Relations, USC;       Introductory Psychology                                        XL 178 Psychology 4 units c                                  American way of life. The “expressive revolution” of the
 Professor of International Relations, CSU Los Angeles        XL 10 Psychology 4 units c                                     This course examines theories of human motivation,           1960s involved greater personalization and permissive-
                                                              This introductory course provides an overview of the vast      experimental findings that support these theories, and       ness in social relationships and the beginning of an
 Beyond the Headlines                                         and fascinating field of psychology. Topics include biologi-   the history of the study of motivation. Topics include       “ethic of authenticity” that continues to characterize our
 747 Political Science                                        cal psychology, perception, principles of learning, motiva-    sociobiology, conflict, aspiration level, achievement        society today. This course focuses on specific events
 Culled from today’s headlines, this speaker series offers    tion, health social psychology, and theories of personality.   strivings, and causal attributions. Internet access          (e.g., the Beatles’ arrival in the U.S.), specific albums
 in-depth analysis of significant contemporary issues. Each   6 hours of psychological research required. &                  required to retrieve course materials. &                     (e.g., Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band), and
 week, an expert from the political, social, and economic     Reg# Y0725B                                                                                                                 enduring cultural legacies from that era (the origination
                                                                                                                             Reg# Y0617B
 spectrum focuses on a major global, national, or local              Through Mar 3: $525 / After: $575                                                                                    of “sex, drugs, and rock and roll”). Seminal documen-
                                                                                                                                    Through Mar 5: $525 / After: $575
 issue, thus highlighting the most striking and pertinent            UCLA: 164 Royce Hall                                                                                                 taries and films are used to assess the meaning of
                                                                                                                                    UCLA: 148 Royce Hall
 news today. Enrollment limited; early enrollment advised.           Tue 7-10pm, Apr 3-Jun 19, 12 mtgs                                                                                    Dylan and the Beatles as cultural innovators and to
                                                                                                                                    Thu 7-10pm, Apr 5-Jun 21, 12 mtgs
 Single admission at the door is $30 (space permitting)       Alan Nagamoto, PhD, clinical psychologist, UCLA;                                                                            account for their success in touching the heart of
                                                                                                                             Darrel Dean Richards, PhD, Lecturer, Department of
 payment by check/credit card only. For a complete list of    recipient, UCLA Extension Distinguished Instructor                                                                          American society both then and now. For technical
                                                                                                                             Psychology, CSU Northridge
 topics and speakers, visit or email    Award, 2008                                                                                                                 requirements see page 4. & Special promotional                                                                                                                                         Reg# Y1306B
 membership in the Osher Lifelong Learning Insti-                                                                                                                                                 Through Mar 10: $605 / After: $665
 tute at UCLA! Enroll using Reg# Y1573B and receive                                                                                                                                               Apr 10-Jun 19
 both Beyond the Headlines and Osher membership (valid                                                                                                                                            Enrollment deadline: Apr 14
 through summer 2012) that allows you to enroll in Osher                                                                                                                                  Steven Sherwood, PhD in Sociology, UCLA; Lecturer,
 courses for a fee. Osher offers exclusive members-only                                                                                                                                   Department of Sociology, UCLA
 courses, free events, and a community of ageless think-
 ers, 50+. Visit for details on

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