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					Natural Dog Food- The Best Way To Feed A Dog

Dog food is either plant or animal material meant for eating by dogs. When dog foods are given as a
reward, and not as main food, they are called dog treats. Some people make their own natural dog food
while some feed their dogs meals made from ingredients bought from grocery or health-food stores
while others depend on commercially made dog food.

People have different opinion on what food is best for dogs. Some people feel that leftovers and scraps
left by the owners are good for dogs. They argue that the commercial dog food has poor quality meat,
additives or other ingredients, that dogs need not ingest. They also think that dogs do not get sufficient
nutrition, while consuming commercial dog food.

It is important to feed your dog a well balanced diet to keep him healthy. The problem is that most
people are not sure what a dog needs to maintain a healthy diet. Some feel that natural dog food is
better, if choosing this type of food please read the following:

Dogs main source of nutrients come from eating meat. If a dog’s diet is high in grains and carbohydrates
they are not getting the necessary nutrients. This kind of diet also leads to overweight dogs and dogs
with allergies. Feed your dog meat and you will have a healthy dog.

Take the case of dehydrated raw food. This food can be fed alone, or along with raw food or home-
prepared diet. It is unlike conventional cooked or processed foods. An example of this is the Honest
Kitchen‘s dehydrated foods. Mix it with warm water, before giving them to your dog.

Flint River is a high-grade dog food that is oven baked and all natural. Baking under just the right
temperature and length of time results in a food that is better for your dog. More nutrients are intact
and the food will be better tasting and easier to digest for your dog. Baking helps convert the starches
into dextrin, which is easier to digest, and easier absorbed for your dog.
It is seen that dog food that has been heavily processed loses nutrients. Always look for dog foods that
are minimally processed. Raw foods like meat and bones are available from the market or a pet store.
You can also give freeze dried foods because the freeze drying process helps to retain the food’s

Dry dog food, also called kibble, is the most popular kind of dog food. It is also the easiest and most
inexpensive to feed. But most kibble is far from the healthiest food to feed your dog. Always read the
label to make sure that meat and not grains are the primary source of protein. Human grade whole
meat such a chicken, beef, or lamb is the best, and should be listed first on the ingredient label. And just
because a meat ingredient appears first does not mean it is the main ingredient. If the next two or more
ingredients are grains, then the total grain content is very likely higher than the meat content.

Adding variety to your dog’s diet will help his overall health by giving him necessary nutrients and
antioxidants. This variety can be achieved by mixing different brands of dog food together or rotating
the brands that you give him. Also, add fruits and vegetables to your dog’s diet.

Dog foods comes in many different varieties. Natural dog food, which is dog food made up of
ingredients bought from the grocery or health-food stores, or regular dog food which can be purchased
in any grocery or pet store, and then there is food that is given as a reward and that is called dog treats.
Traditional cooked or processed foods differ from dehydrated food. The dehydrated foods of Honest
Kitchen should be hydrated with warm water before they are served. Yet another high level, organic,
oven-baked pet food product is Flint River dog food. It is cooked in a stove to rigorously monitored

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