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					                                Master of Science in
                                Management Information Systems

    Learn. Grow. Lead. The graduate programs at Benedictine University.
    nformation technology professionals face the challenge of                management and organizational and societal impacts of information
    providing reliable, accurate and timely information to meet              technology by combining information technology coursework with
    the demands of society’s growing dependence on information               coursework in one of several concentrations.
    technology. The Master of Science (M.S.) in Management
Information Systems program is designed for professionals who                The program emphasizes practical application of various business
understand the strategic value of information resources and the              management theories and technical tools to a variety of hypothetical
importance of managing these resources throughout an organization.           and real-life problems. Students gain an appreciation of the complex
                                                                             challenges associated with the management of information technology
The Benedictine M.S. in Management Information Systems program               through group interaction, comprehensive projects, case analysis,
is centered on an interdisciplinary approach that meets the needs            research and active participation in the sharing of individual experience.
of organizations seeking an alignment between business goals and             It is through these varied teaching methods that students are prepared to
information technology. Students become technically proficient and           be leaders well into the 21st century.
able to address issues such as the creative application, effective

s Program Overview

t Program Concentrations

Accounting and Financial Systems                   Information Systems Security                          Professional Internship
The Accounting and Financial Systems               Businesses and consumers increasingly rely            The full-time internship program is developed
concentration addresses the needs of               on Internet and Web services. Needs are               specifically for recent college graduates and
organizations that expect meaningful,              growing for system security professionals             offers a professional internship experience as
timely and accessible financial information.       who can help design, configure, implement,            the M.S. in Management Information Systems
These organizations expect appropriate             manage, support and secure computer systems.          concentration. Students complete 64 credits
responses to privacy, security, regulatory         This concentration is designed to explore             in M.S. in Management Information Systems
and legal requirements. This concentration         the challenges and possible solutions to              courses including 12 credits in internship
is most appropriate for students who currently     information systems security.                         courses. The goal of the internship experience
hold or expect to hold accounting or financial                                                           is to prepare students without significant
management positions or for students in            Integrated Marketing                                  professional career experience for their future
information systems areas who have significant     Communications                                        roles and responsibilities in the workplace.
interaction with the financial functions of        Integrated marketing communications (IMC)
their organizations. It is also appropriate for    is a customer-centric, data-driven approach to        Project Management
students who are considering a Master of           planning and communicating with consumers.            Project management is one of the world’s most
Science in Accountancy as a dual degree.           IMC is the management of all organizational           in-demand skill sets spanning all industries
                                                   communications to build positive relationships        and sectors of business. Project management
Business Administration                            with customers and other stakeholders,                leadership is a highly sought-after skill as
The Business Administration concentration          stressing marketing to the individual by              intense global competition demands that
provides a broad business background with          understanding their needs, motivations,               new projects and business development
exposure to major business functions such as       attitudes and behaviors. IMC emphasizes               be completed on time and within budget.
accounting, finance, marketing, operations         Internet-based marketing communication tools          Courses offer the student an understanding
and organizational behavior. It is most            along with the traditional communication              of organizational behavior as it relates to the
appropriate for students who have or expect to     tools used by marketing professionals.                individual, effective team building skills,
have significant interaction with all functions                                                          conflict management and resolution, as well as
within an organization. It is also appropriate     Management and                                        skills to effectively manage the financial side
for those students who are considering a           Organizational Behavior                               of projects.
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)         The Management and Organizational Behavior
as a dual degree.                                  concentration emphasizes organizational
                                                   behavior, organization development and
Health Administration                              human resource skills critical in creating high-
The concentration in Health Administration         performance work teams to design, construct
lays a foundation for managing information         and implement information technology
technology in the administration of health         projects successfully. It is most appropriate
care services. It is important for information     for students who wish to emphasize people-
systems and health care professionals to           related skills. It is also appropriate for students
effectively manage and apply information           who are considering a Master of Science in
technologies specific to health care. This         Management and Organizational Behavior
concentration is appropriate for students          as a dual degree.
considering a Master of Public Health
(M.P.H.) as a dual degree.
The M.S. in Management Information Systems program
requires 64 quarter-hour credits integrating management
information systems core courses with courses in one of                       Dual Degree Options
several concentrations: Accounting and Financial Systems, Business            Students who earn the M.S. degree in Management
Administration, Health Administration, Information Systems Security,
                                                                              Information Systems may wish to consider completing
Integrated Marketing Communications, Management and Organizational
Behavior, Professional Internship or Project Management.                      a second graduate degree by taking an additional

                                                                              32 hours in Accountancy, Business Administration,
The curriculum is offered in a structured yet flexible format with required
and elective courses offered annually. By completing two courses (eight       Management and Organizational Behavior or Public
credit hours) per term as a full-time course of study, professionals may
                                                                              Health. Application and admission are required to each
earn their M.S. degree in Management Information Systems in two years.
Program advisors can help students matriculate into the program at each of    graduate program and students must complete all
four quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer). An advisor may also devise
                                                                              requirements for the selected dual degree.
a part-time program of study.

s t Curriculum                                                                s t Program Options

Typical Fall Quarter Course Offerings                                         4+1 M.S. in Management Information
MIS 546      Systems Analysis and Design (4)                                  Systems Program
MIS 557      Web 2.0 Tools in Business (2)                                    Well-qualified Benedictine University students who
MIS 642      Financial Information Systems (2)                                complete an undergraduate degree in business
                                                                              administration, business and economics, computer
MIS 652      Introduction to Data Mining (2)
                                                                              science or computer information systems are eligible to
MIS 677      Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence (4)
                                                                              complete the M.S. degree in Management Information
MIS 683      Project Management (4)
                                                                              Systems with one additional year of full-time graduate
                                                                              study. The full-time 4+1 M.S. in Management
Typical Winter Quarter Course Offerings
                                                                              Information Systems program is developed specifically
MIS 609    Computer Fraud (4)
                                                                              for recent college graduates. Admission to the program
MIS 654    Enterprise-Wide Information Systems (4)
                                                                              is not automatic and an application must be completed
MIS 656    Information Systems Security (4)                                   during the student’s senior year of undergraduate
MIS 657    Electronic Commerce (4)                                            coursework. Classes are conducted evenings and
MIS 681    Network Planning (2)                                               weekends to meet the needs of students.
MIS 682    Network Design (2)
MIS 683    Project Management (4)                                             International Management Information
                                                                              Systems Program
Typical Spring Quarter Course Offerings                                       M.S. in Management Information Systems students can
MIS 545     Computer Organization and Architecture (4)                        prepare to enter today’s dynamic global workplace
MIS 616     Information Systems Auditing (4)                                  with the assurance of superior personal and intellectual
MIS 648     Information Management in Health Care (2)                         development, along with important understanding
                                                                              of today’s multi-cultural environment by taking the
MIS 649     Advanced Topics in Health Information
                                                                              opportunity to complete one or more courses at one of
            Systems Management (2)
                                                                              our partner universities in China and Vietnam.
MIS 674     Database Management Systems (4)
MIS 683     Project Management (4)                                            Certificates
MIS 689     Strategic Information Technology Management (4)                   Certificate programs are designed for concentrated
                                                                              focus beyond the core M.S. in Management Information
Typical Summer Quarter Course Offerings                                       Systems curriculum. Certificates are offered in:
MIS 655    Computer and Network Systems Security (4)                          • Business Analyst
MIS 658    Managing IT Facilities (2)                                         • Electronic Commerce
MIS 683    Project Management (4)                                             • Health Information Systems Management
                                                                              • Information Systems Management
Please see for more program information,              • Information Systems Security
including course descriptions; please see                • Project Management
for the online schedule of M.S. in Management Information Systems,
M.B.A., M.S. in Management and Organizational Behavior and
M.P.H. courses available each quarter.
                      t Faculty

                      Full-Time Faculty                                                                                                Lecturers
M.S. in Management
Information Systems
                      Barbara T. Ozog, Ph.D.                              Daniel E. Nohl, Ph.D.                                        George Chakrabarty, M.B.A., M.C.P.M.
                      Program Director and Professor,                     Program Director and Professor, Computer
                                                                                                                                       Ruth Chen, Ph.D.
                      Master of Science in                                Science and Information Systems (1987)
                                                                          Ph.D., 1990, Illinois Institute                              Tsun Chow, Ph.D.
                      Management Information
                      Systems (1992)                                      of Technology                                                Robert A. Dengler, Ph.D.
                      Ph.D., 1985, M.S., 1979,                            M.S., 1977, B.S., 1973,                                      Bryan J. Eckert, M.B.A.
                      Northwestern University                             University of Illinois                                       Chris Fernandez, Ph.D.
                      B.S., 1977, Loyola                                  Peter F. Sorensen Jr., Ph.D., R.O.D.C.                       Ann H. Fulmer, M.S.
                      University Chicago                                  Chair and Professor, Department of                           Edwin J. Kocinski, M.B.A.
                      Sharon Borowicz, Ph.D., E.A.                        Management and Organizational
                                                                                                                                       William H. Kuglich, M.S.
                      Associate Professor and Department                  Behavior (1985)
                      Chair, Department of Business                       Ph.D., 1971, Illinois Institute                              Chen Lu, Ph.D.
                      Administration (2005)                               of Technology                                                Kao Lu, Ph.D.
                      Ph.D., 2003, Benedictine University                 M.A., 1966, B.A., 1961,                                      Lee-Hsing Lu, Ph.D.
                      M.B.A., 1992, Roosevelt University                  Roosevelt University
                                                                                                                                       John Malec, M.A.
                      B.S., 1982, Elmhurst College                        Therese F. Yaeger, Ph.D.                                     Chang Miao, Ph.D.
      s               Eileen G. Clark, M.S.                               Associate Professor, Department of
                                                                                                                                       Sam Russo, M.S., M.B.A.
                      Associate Professor, Computer                       Management and Organizational
      s               Science (1971)                                      Behavior (2007)                                              Greg Sellers, Ph.D.
                      M.S., 1971, Purdue University                       Ph.D., 2001, M.S., B.A.,                                     Bernard Silverman, Ph.D.
      s               B.S., 1969, State University of                     Benedictine University                                       Martin Mark Sowa, M.A., M.B.A.
                      New York (Albany)                                   Thomas Yu, Ph.D.                                             Andy Sze, M.B.A., M.S.
                      J. Kevin Doyle, Ph.D.                               Instructor, Department of Business                           Christopher Yu, Ph.D.
                      Professor, Department of Business                   Administration (2008)
                      Administration (2001)                               Ph.D., 1978, Texas A&M University                            The individuals listed above have been
                      Ph.D., 1976, Syracuse University                    M.S., 1973, Arizona State University                         employed on an as-needed basis, to
                      M.S., 1976, M.A., 1972, B.S., 1969,                 B.S., 1971, Montana State University                         teach courses at Benedictine University
                                                                                                                                       (within the last several years). Instructors
                      University of Notre Dame                            Lu Zhang, Ph.D.                                              listed may not currently be employed by
                      John C. Draut, M.B.A.                               Instructor, Department of Business                           Benedictine University. The University
                      Assistant Professor, Department of                  Administration (2008)                                        is fortunate to be able to provide our
                      Business Administration (2008)                      Ph.D., 1993, M.S., 1985,                                     students with part-time faculty whose
                                                                                                                                       experience, credentials and commitment
                      M.B.A., 1981, DePaul University                     Iowa State University
                                                                                                                                       to education add to the high quality of
                      B.S., 1970, University of Illinois                  B.E., 1982, Jiao-Tong University                             our resident faculty.
                      Ralph D. Meeker, Ph.D.                              James C. Zoda, Ph.D.
                      Professor, Physics and Computer                     Assistant Professor, Department of
                      Science (1970)                                      Business Administration (2001)
                      Ph.D., 1970, Iowa State University                  Ph.D., 1979, M.A., 1970, B.S.E., 1965,
                      B.S., 1967, Benedictine University                  Northern Illinois University
                                                                          Date in parenthesis indicates the year person
                                                                          joined Benedictine University faculty.

                      Benedictine University is located in Lisle, Illinois, just 25 miles west of Chicago. Founded in 1887 by the Benedictine Monks
                      of St. Procopius Abbey, the University offers 50 traditional undergraduate majors, seven adult accelerated undergraduate majors,
                      13 graduate programs, 33 graduate certi cate programs and four doctorate programs. Benedictine has consistently been named
                      one of the top schools in the Midwest Region and ranked sixth in Illinois for Racial Diversity by U.S. News & World Report® for 2011.
                      For more information, call the Enrollment Center at (630) 829-6300, email or visit
                      Benedictine University • 5700 College Road • Lisle, Illinois 60532

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