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       In electronics, a flip-flop or latch is a circuit that has two stable states and
can be used to store state information. The circuit can be made to change state by
signals applied to one or more control inputs and will have one or two outputs. Flip-
flops and latches are a fundamental building block of digital electronics systems
used in computers, communications, and many other types of systems.

Flip-flops and latches are used as data storage elements. Such data storage can be
used for storage of state, and such a circuit is described as sequential logic. When
used in a finite-state machine, the output and next state depend not only on its
current input, but also on its current state (and hence, previous inputs.) It can also
be used for counting of pulses, and for synchronizing variably-timed input signals to
some reference timing signal.

Flip-flops can be either simple (transparent or opaque) or clocked (synchronous or
edge-triggered); the simple ones are commonly called latches. The word latch is
mainly used for storage elements, while clocked devices are described as flip-flops.

The Benefits of Flip Flops
Flip flops are not only fashionable, but they offer your feet the ventilation they in
hot summers when ordinary shoes will make them swell and sweat. They look good,
are good to walk in and are healthy, but do the Celebes wear them?
Much depends on your definition of fashionable, since sensible and fashionable
rarely connect. However, one of the benefits of flip flops is that like handbags and
gladrags, there are degrees and variations, and if you wear the right make of flip
flops you are following in the footsteps, or perhaps more appropriately, the
footwear, of celebrities.

That’s right. Many celebs wear flip flops, including Victoria Beckham, Penelope
Cruz and Angelina Jolie – As somebody must have said before, any casual outfit will
rock with flip flops. They are ‘In’ and they are fashionable, but only if the right
kind and if they match. So what’s the right kind and how do you get them to match?

Color is not a problem: whatever the color or shade of your ensemble, you can find
flops to match. They are so popular that even the Platinos and Havaianas of the
world offer a fabulous range of colors and designs that are bound to match your
latest outfit, whether for the beach or the street. Bikinis, jeans, minis, trousers,
whatever – you can find matching flip flops, and if not, that’s unfortunate – you
might just find yourself left behind in the fashion stakes because flops are no longer
consigned to house wear, but a sign of your position in life.

Choose the right flops and you are in with the right crowd. Nevertheless, there is
still a ‘sensible’ aspect of flip flops, and the high heels of summer are being
overtaken by the more ‘wearable and walkable’ flops. It is great for the celebrity or
fashion followers because the prices can fit their purses, and they can buy exactly
what they need to keep up without having to go for the copy or the cheapo version:
they can get it for under $50! Good quality flip flops, with bendy rubber soles that
conform to the terrain you are walking, are as sensible as you can get, although
there are some concerns about the kids.

Some claim that flat soles offer no arch support, but neither does bare feet! We get
along perfectly with bare feet on the beach, and flip flops protect us and our
children from buried tin cans, glass or the ubiquitous doggy doo-doos. Among the
benefits of flip flops is that the flexible soles bend along with your feet, and so are
far superior to the rigid flat-soled footwear that some wear. The natural rubber
helps your feet to sweat less and adds to the flip flop’s durability.

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