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Parent Volunteer Program is comprised of trained volunteers who are parents of children with
special needs. The volunteers are provided with extensive training and ongoing support. They
understand the dynamics of the systems that serve children with special needs in their
community and have first hand knowledge and experience with local resources.

The 30-hour intensive training series is designed to train individuals to assist parents of children
with special needs or at risk of inappropriate classification. Parent Volunteers help families in
understanding their rights and responsibilities under federal and state early intervention and
special education laws as well as how to navigate health, mental health, and other systems. The
goal of this training is to recruit volunteers to provide families with technical assistance or to
discuss any issues or concerns they may have about their child’s education, health, and

  1. Ability to attend all sessions of the Parent Volunteer training.
  2. Interest in working with parents of children with disabilities or special health needs.
  3. Willingness to increase knowledge, build advocacy skills and support families.
  4. Good interpersonal skills.

Follow-up training and technical assistance are provided to Parent Volunteers. Individuals
willing to make a commitment as a Parent Organization volunteer are eligible for full
reimbursement of training fees. A volunteer may volunteer their time in a variety of ways:

   1. Responding to inquiries from parents regarding information about the nature of a special
      need and/or resources in the community.
   2. Providing parents with information about their parental rights.
   3. Providing parents with information about the early intervention or special education
      process, health or mental health or other systems.
   4. Assisting parents in preparation for IFSP or IEP meetings or meetings with health
   5. When appropriate, supporting parents at IFSP or IEP meetings or meetings with health
   6. Supporting parents in mediating conflicts with schools, early intervention, health
   7. Assisting parents in organizing parent support groups.
   8. Attending county based trainings to assist trainers by handling registration and
   9. Assisting with clerical help in organizing resources in the Resource Center/Library

Initial training includes: Early Intervention, Transition to Preschool, IEP, Inclusion in School
and Community, Health Advocacy, Child Behavioral Health System, Section 504 & ADA,
Discipline/Manifestation Determination/Positive Behavior Supports, Transition to Adult Systems
of Care, Parent-Professional Collaboration, Creating Agreement & Conflict Resolution
On-going topics include: Early Intervention, Transition to Adult Life, Creating Effective
Schools, Creating Agreement, Child Behavioral Health, Parent Participation in School Reform,
Parent Role in Monitoring and Self-Assessment, Individual and Systems Advocacy and more!

By becoming a Parent Organization Volunteer, you will have access to ongoing training updates,
the support of Parent Organization Technical Assistance Specialists, and you become part of a
large network of individuals committed to improving outcomes for students with special
education and health care needs. As a Parent Volunteer, you will also enjoy complimentary
attendance at Parent Organization’s annual conference!

The 30 hour Parent Volunteer Training Program fee is $250.00 per person. Participants who
complete the program and are willing to make a commitment to volunteer at Parent Organization
for five (5) hours per month for one year are eligible for full reimbursement of the training fees.

The Parent Volunteer Training Program is an excellent opportunity for professional development
of individuals employed by organizations that provide services or support to families.
Professional staff who have completed the Parent Volunteer program are a wonderful resource
for your organization.

Fees include all training materials. Each participant will complete the program with a binder of
printed materials and other resources. These extensive resource materials are an excellent tool
for future reference.

To register, you must complete the attached Parent Volunteer Application Form. Payment must
be received prior to the first workshop in the series. If you are unable to attend one of the
scheduled sessions, you will be able to make up that session at a later date. Make up sessions are
offered at several locations and may not be held in the same location as the original session. For
additional registration information contact __________________ at ________________.

The mission of the Parent Organization is to:

Please contact Parent Organization for more information on this exciting program!

 As families, we recognize our strengths and abilities. It is through our advocacy
            that we become effective partners and agents for change.

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