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									Rescue mountain climbing courses

The following are some of the rescue mountain climbing courses offered by some of the
premier emergency and rescue response institutions. They have also taught all and every
manner of emergency outdoor response.

Rescue rock essentials

This is a rescue type course that offers an intro to rescuing the self through a series of
rope systems especially for mountain climbing. Also offered is a three day course
version. The focus of the rescue rock essentials is safety, lowering, raising as well as self

Included in the course are safety rappelling, improvised stretchers as well as carries.
Believe it or not, this course also comes with first aid info, it is a necessity that all
mountain climbers have such basic first aid training.

Rescue high angle dynamics

This is a course that runs from 5 to 7 days and is specifically designed for the participants
to be introduced to a wide range of basic skills rescue as well as transport for those
injured in a difficult terrain or in high angled positions.

Much of the course involve procedures of extrication as well as rescue on vertical and
steep rocks. Participants of this course are also introduced to rappelling, belaying,
equipment and knots, carries, anchors, system raising, use of litter, system lowering as
well as a wide range of technical subjects.

The fact of the matter is that there are two rescue stream courses offered, one is for
leaders of wilderness as well as for professionals.
Wild and hard rescue

This rescue is taken best by those cavers, climbers, river travelers whose role in a group
is that of a leader. Any and all participants of this course need to have knowledge of
basic knots and ropework.

The first level involve rescuing self as well as skills in handling a rope. Included in the
course is rescue rappelling and a system of counterbalance. Ascenders and prusiks as
well as their proper use is also included.

Rescue high angle professional dynamics

This is a course that stretches to five days and is designed to help participants have a
wide range of basic rescue transport and skills for those injured in a high angle or
difficult situation.
Participants who have taken part in such courses have advised that their confidence and
courage in being able to deal with challenging mountain climbing situations have

All in all, learning mountain climbing rescue courses is essential for those who do
mountain climbing regularly. Cliché as it may sound, the life you save could just as well
be yours.

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