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					                                                                                Illinois: Chicago, April 7-9. Superintendent of Registration, Mr.
                                                                                     M. Harman, Department of Registration and Education, Springfield.
       Council         on        Medical Education                           Philip
                                                                                Indiana: Indianapolis, June 16-18. Sec, Board of Registration and
                       and        Hospitals                                  Examination, Dr. J. W. Bowers, 301 State House, Indianapolis.
                                                                                Kansas: Kansas City, June 2-3. Sec, Board of Medical Registra¬
                                                                             tion and Examination, Dr. J. F. Hassig, 905 N. Seventh St., Kansas City.
                                                                                Kentucky: Louisville, May 27-29. Sec, State Board of Health, Dr.
                                 OF                     COURSE               A. T. McCormack, 620 S. Third St., Louisville.
    ACCELERATION                       MEDICAL
                                                                                Maine: Portland, March 10-11. Sec, Board of Registration of
  Resolution Adopted by the Council on Medical Educa¬                        Medicine, Dr. Adam P. Leighton, 192 State St., Portland.
                                                                                Maryland: Medical. Baltimore, June 9-12.          Sec, Dr. John T.
        tion and Hospitals of the American Medical                           O'Mara, 1215 Cathedral St., Baltimore. Homeopathic. Baltimore, June
             Association Meeting at the Palmer                               16-17. Sec, Dr. John A. Evans, 612 W. 40th St., Baltimore.
                                                                                Massachusetts: Boston, March 10-13. Sec, Board of Registration in
                House in Chicago, Feb. 15, 1942                              Medicine, Dr. * Stephen Rushmore, 413-F State House, Boston.
                                                                                Michigan:      Ann Arbor and Detroit, June 10-12. Sec, Board of Reg¬
  The Council is of the opinion that the adoption of a program               istration in Medicine, Dr. J. Earl Mclntyre, 202-4 Hollister Bldg., Lansing.
for an accelerated curriculum for approved medical schools                      Minnesota: Minneapolis, April 21-23. Sec, Dr. Julian F. Du Bois,

during this war period is a decision which should be determined              230 Lowry Medical Arts Bldg., St. Paul.
                                                                                Mississippi: Jackson, June. Assistant Sec, State Board of Health,
by each medical school.                                                      Dr. R. N. Whitfield, Jackson.
  The decision of a medical school to initiate an accelerated                   Montana: Helena, April 7-8. Sec, Dr. Otto G. Klein, First National
curriculum should be made only after a comprehensive survey                  Bank Bldg., Helena.
                                                                                New Hampshire: Concord, March 12-13. Sec, Dr. T. P. Burroughs,
of the personnel, facilities and equipment of the school and its             Board of Registration in Medicine, State House, Concord.
ability to give a medical education without deterioration of the                New Jersey: Trenton, June 16-17. Sec, Dr. Earl S. Hallinger, 28 VV.
                                                                             State St., Trenton.
quality of the medical instruction and in conformity with the                   New Mexico:* Santa Fe, April 13-14. Sec, Dr. Le Grand Ward
statutes of the various states and the rulings of the state medical          135 Sena Plaza, Santa Fe.
boards.                                                                         North Carolina: Raleigh, June 15. Sec, Dr. W. D. James, Hamlet.
                                                                                North Dakota: Grand Forks, July 7-10. Sec, Dr. G. M. Williamson,
  The Council stands   ready to make necessary inspections when¬             4j4 S. Third St., Grand Forks.
ever in its judgment such inspections are required to maintain                  Ohio: Endorsement. April 7. Written. Columbus, June. Sec, Dr.
the present high standards of medical education.                             H. M. Platter, 21 W. Broad St., Columbus.
                                                                                Oklahoma: * Oklahoma City, June 10-11. Sec, Dr. James D. Osborn,
  The Council believes that financial assistance for needy medical           Jr., Frederick.
students during the accelerated program is best provided through                Oregon: * Portland, April 7. Exec. Sec, Miss Lorienne M. Contée,
                                                                             608 Failing Bldg., Portland.
scholarships or loans.                                                          Pennsylvania: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, July. Act. Sec, Bureau
                                                                             of Professional Licensing, Mrs. Marguerite G. Steiner, 358 Education
                                                                             Bldg., Harrisburg.
   UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA SCHOOL                                   OF          Rhode Island: * Providence, April 2-3. Chief, Division of Examiners,
        MEDICINE DROPPED FROM                                                Mr. Thomas B. Casey, 366 State Office Bldg., Providence.
                       APPROVED             LIST                              Texas: Galveston, March 23-25. Sec, Dr. T. J. Crowe, 918-20 Texas
                                                                             Bank Bldg., Dallas.
                                                                               Utah: Salt Lake City, June 29-30. Assistant Dir., Department of
  At its business meeting in Chicago on February 15 the Council
                                                                             Registration, Mr. G. V. Billings, 324 State Capitol Bldg., Salt Lake City.
on Medical Education and Hospitals of the American Medical                     Virginia: Richmond, June 17-20. Sec, Dr. J. W. Preston,                             30^
Association voted as follows :                                               Franklin Rd-, Roanoke.
                                                                               West Virginia: Charleston, March 2-4. Commissioner, Public Health
  Resolved, That the University of Georgia School of Medicine be             Council, Dr. C. F. McClintic, State Capitol, Charleston.
dropped from the approved list of medical schools of the Council on            Wisconsin:* Milwaukee, June 30-July 3. Sec, Dr. H. W. Shutter,
Medical Education and Hospitals without prejudice to the students            425 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee.
enrolled as of Sept. 1, 1942.
                                                                                   Basic Science Certificate required.
                                                                                                 BOARDS    OF   EXAMINERS       IN   THE   BASIC   SCIENCES

 Medical Examinations and Licensure                                            Arizona:    Tucson, March 17. Sec, Mr. Franklin E. Roach, Science
                                                                             Hall, University of Arizona, Tucson.
                                                                                Colorado: Denver, March 10-11. Sec, Dr. Esther B. Starks, 1459
        COMING       EXAMINATIONS           AND     MEETINGS                 Ogden St., Denver.
                                                                                District of Columbia: Washington, April 20-21. Sec, Commission on
                                                                             Licensure, Dr. George C. Ruhland, 6150 E. Municipal Bldg., Washington.
             NATIONAL BOARD OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS                                Florida: Gainesville, June 8. Sec, Professor J. F. Conn, John B.
                                                                             Stetson University, De Land.
                                                                                Iowa: Des Moines, April 14. Dir., Division of Licensure and Regis¬
   Examinations of the National Board of Medical Examiners and Exam¬         tration, Mr. H. W. Grefe, Capitol Bldg., Des Moines.
ining Boards in Specialties were published in The Journal, February 21,         Minnesota: Minneapolis, April 7-8. Sec, Dr. J. C. McKinley, 126
page 665.                                                                    Millard Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
                  BOARDS    OF    MEDICAL   EXAMINERS
                                                                                Nebraska: Omaha, May 5-6. Dir., Bureau of Examining Boards,
  Alabama:     Montgomery, June 16-18. Acting Sec, Dr. B. F. Austin,         Mrs. Jeannette Crawford, 1009 State Capitol Bldg., Lincoln.
519 Dexter   Ave., Montgomery.                                                  Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, May 15. Sec, Dr. Oscar C. Newman,
   Arizona: Phoenix, April 7-8. Sec, Dr. J. H. Patterson, 826 Security
Bldg., Phoenix.                                                                Oregon: CorvalHs, July 11. Sec, Mr. Charles D. Byrne, University
   Arkansas:* Medical. Little Rock, June 4-5. Sec, Dr. D. L. Owens,          of Oregon, Eugene.
Harrison. Eclectic. Little Rock, June 4-5. Sec, Dr. Clarence H. Young,         South Dakota: Vermillion, June 5-6. Sec, Dr. G. M. Evans, Yankton.
 1415 Main St., Little Rock.                                                   Wisconsin: Madison, April 11. Sec, Prof. Robert N. Bauer, 152 W.
   California: Written. Los Angeles, March 2-5. Oral examination             Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee.
 (required when reciprocity application is based on a state certificate or
license issued ten or more years before filing application in California),
San Francisco, March 18. Sec, Dr. Charles B. Pinkham, 1020 N St.,
                                                                                                             Oregon December Report
  Colorado: * Endorsement. Denver, April 7. Examination. Denver,               The Oregon State Board of Medical Examiners reports 4
April 8-10. Application must be on file not later than March 2L. Sec,        physicians licensed to practice medicine by reciprocity from
Dr. George R. Buck, 831 Republic Bldg., Denver.
  Connecticut: * Medical. Examination.         Hartford, March 10-11.        Oct. 16 through Dec 9, 1941. The following schools were
Endorsement. Hartford, March 24. Sec to the Board, Dr. Creighton
        258 Church St., New Haven. Homeopathic. Derby, March 10-11.
                                                                             represented :
Sec, Dr. Joseph H. Evans, 1488 Chapel St., New Haven.
  Delaware: Dover, July 14-16. Sec, Medical Council of Delaware,
                                                                                       .     .                   licensed by reciprocity
                                                                                                                          Orad.                     y.ear,      with
Dr. Joseph S. McDaniel, 229 S. State St., Dover.                             Northwestern University Medical School.(1937)                                        Utah
  Florida:* Jacksonville, June 22-23. Sec, Dr. William M. Rowlett,           University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine.(1940)                                   Canada
Box 786, Tampa.                                                              University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.(1936)                                   Canada
  Georgia: Atlanta, June. Sec, State Examining Boards, Mr. R. C.             Osteopath           *
                                                                                                     .                                                          Kansas
Coleman, 111 State Capitol, Atlanta.                                               *
                                                                                           Licensed to    practice   surgery.

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