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					How to Make a Hot Air Balloon
           Choosing a design

• Your group must design a color scheme. You can
  have stripes, patchwork, or whatever you choose.
• This is a gore pattern.
  A gore is the vertical
  strip that makes the
• Your balloon will
  have 10 gores, each
  made of four pieces of
  tissue paper.
     What Will My Group Need?
•   Glue sticks
•   Scissors
•   20 sheets tissue paper
•   20 large paper clips
•   Gore Pattern
•   (But not all at the
    same time)
Building a Gore
        • For two gores: You need
          four pieces of tissue paper.
        • Glue the pieces together
          long edge to long edge.
        • Overlap about 1/2 inch
          and glue. Make sure you
          don’t miss any spots.
        • Smooth the sheets
                Building a Gore
• When you have glued four
  sheets of paper together,
  you have enough for two
  gores, side by side.
• All together, you will
  make 5 strips of four
  tissue papers.
• You will cut out all the
  gores at once. To prepare
  for this, fold this strip in
  half, hot dog style.
Stacking Strips
        • When you have glued
          and folded all 5 strips,
          pile them up carefully.
        • On one side, you
          should see a stack of
          five folds.
        • On the other side, you
          should see a stack of
          10 sheets.
    Keeping the Stack Together

• Carefully paper clip the tissues together to keep
  them from slipping.
• Put a paper clip about every 8 inches.
Lay the Gore Pattern on the
                   Begin to Cut
• Carefully cut along the edges of the gore pattern.
• As you cut, move paper clips from the edges of the sheets
  of paper to the edges of the gore.
• When finished, remove most paper clips, but keep the
  stacks together and return the gore pattern to your teacher.
• Don’t throw your large scraps away. You may need to use
  them for patching holes, and you will need them for the
• You can put them in the scrap box.
• Small scraps should be put in the recycling bin.
     Piecing the Gores Together

• You should now have a stack of 10 gores
• Take the top nine gores and carefully slide them
  so that the very bottom gore sticks out about one
           Folding the Gores
• Fold the bottom gore
  up about 1/2 inch,
  starting from the
  center and working up
  and down.
Gluing Gores Together
           • Glue along the gore on the
             small side of the fold.
           • Slip the gore that is right
             on top of the folded gore
             into the fold. Be sure that
             only one gore gets glued
             into the fold.
           • Press down to attach and
                Double Folding
• Fold over the fold you already made and glue and press.
• Repeat the folding and gluing for all the gores, going from
  one side of the balloon to the other for each one (you are
  making an accordian fold).
                 The Last Gore
• When you have finished
  gluing all the way from
  gore 10 to gore 1, you
  have to attach the first
  gore to the last one.
• This is done the same way
  as all the other gores. Be
  sure that you move gores
  2 through 8 out of the
  way, so you don’t
  accidentally glue them.
                 The Top
• When finished, the top will consist of
  several points all coming together.
• Trim off any points that stick up.
• Make a circle out of your scraps big enough
  to fit over the top. See your teacher for a
• Glue the edges of the circle onto the top.
                      The skirt
• Measure the
  circumference of the skirt
  (the bottom of the
• Cut a piece of wallboard
  tape that is a few inches
  longer than the
• The tape is already folded.
  Use a glue stick to glue
  along one side of the fold.
Finishing the skirt
          • Glue the glued half of
            the tape to the inside
            of the skirt.
          • Fold the other half
            over the outer side of
            the skirt.
          • Overlap the ends and
            glue or staple.
               Check for Leaks
• First look for leaks on
  every seam (a seam is
  anywhere that two papers
• Fix any leaks you see.
• Fix any holes by patching
  with a small scrap of
• Test the balloon by
  gathering it over a blow
  dryer. Do not let the blow
  dryer’s intake get blocked.
If there are no leaks, you are
       ready to launch!

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