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									                             Clark County Strategic Plqan
                             Steering Committee Meeting
                                    March 4, 2008

The Steering Committee of the Clark County Strategic Plan met for a monthly meeting
on Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at Ouachita Baptist University. The following members were
present: Wesley Kluck, Billy Tarpley, Ben Steinberg, Lewis Shepherd, Jim Andrews,
Fred Phillips, Lonnie Jackson, Franklin Bass, Linda Eaves, Bobby Smithson, Estelle
Forte, Greg Stubberfield and Carrie Roberson. The following members of Ouachita
faculty attend the first part of the meeting to hear the Clark County marketing
presentation: Phil Rice, Bill Downs, Craig Ward and Kim Ward.

Students from OBU presented their marketing study developed as part of class project.
This marketing study was chosen as the winner among several proposals created by Bill
Down’s marketing class. The unify component of the proposal is choosing Clark County
as “The Natural Choice” for a destination and using binoculars as a reoccurring element
throughout the printed materials, advertisements and web design. The students also
presented ideas to restructure the Festival of Two Rivers. The proposal includes
changing the name of the festival to the Two Rivers Bash and incorporating new events
including: The Artists’ Boulevard, Paintball competition, interactive life-size chessboard,
a Two-Schools Percussion Showdown and an affordable concert featuring a variety of
local bands.

Wesley gave a brief report on his recent trip to The National Renewable Energy
Laboratory in Golden, CO.

Franklin Bass reported the finance committee met and reviewed 2 proposals for funding.
The funding process was reviewed. All funding requests must come from the Clark
County Strategic Plan, subcommittees will review proposals and recommend whether or
not it should be considered for funding, there will be an internal review of the proposal
from the SFP staff and finally the finance committee will review and recommend

The sub-committees made the following reports:
Estella Forte reported the Leadership Sub-Committee is working and will have a full
report at next month’s meeting.

Jim Andrews reported the Housing Sub-Committee has been meeting with municipalities
within Clark County to discuss housing needs within their communities. They had great
response from both Arkadelphia and Gurdon and have scheduled Amity and Caddo
Valley meetings. The Housing Sub-Committee will use the information gathered from
the cities to determine the elements needed for a comprehensive housing study to be

Superintendent Bobby Smithson reported the Clark County Childcare Center has
reviewed and approved the blueprint for the 24/7 daycare center in the industrial park.
They are currently working on appointing board members to the newly formed non-profit
that will oversee the center.

Fred Phillips made the following reports: After pressure from several groups within the
community, the Army Corps of Engineers have agreed to re-open the campgrounds at
DeGray Lake. It was announced last week that Elk Horn Bank is closing the Caddo
Valley branch bank and leasing the property to the City of Caddo Valley for a Clark
County Visitors Center. The sub-committee will work with the city officials to assist
organizing the center. Phillips is working on creating a “Roads Coalition” to encourage
improvements on the roads surrounding DeGray Lake. Linda Eaves reported 2
committees have formed from the tourism sub-committee to research current Clark
County outdoor activities and to identify all sports events and festivals within the county.

Greg Stubberfield gave the following report on behalf of the healthcare sub-committee:
Baptist Medical Center is donating an ambulance to the City of Amity. Amity
emergency responders are currently being trained to oversee the program in Amity.
There are around 20 volunteers who have signed up to help with the program. Baptist
Medical Center is making available to Gurdon the new physician being hired this
summer. Mr. Stubberfield is working with Gurdon to secure an office space for the

Wesley reported the Joint Educational Consortium’s bylaws will not allow the CCSP to
come under their bylaws. The committee discussed several options and agreed to allow
the finance committee to research options and present at the next meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.          The next CCSP steering
committee is scheduled for April 1, 2008, at 5:30.

Submitted by:

Carrie Roberson

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