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      UK technology distributor boosts Networking, A/ V, Peripherals & Accessories offerings

Harrogate, North Yorkshire, December 2010- Storage and peripheral distributor CCI
Distribution end 2010 on a high, by introducing six new brands and an innovative Tablet PC, to its
portfolio in Q4. The new brands, Intellinet, CradlePoint, Muc-Off, Aiptek, Storex, and Dicota will
be joining global manufacturers such as LG, Sony and Toshiba as CCI vendors. The Scroll Tablet
PC is being launched under the existing Storage Options brand, exclusive to CCI.

“The new brand additions are a culmination of almost a year’s worth of intensive market research,
due diligence and product testing.” says Operations Director Nick Preston. “We’ve picked some
great products, from genuine, strong brands that really complement our existing portfolio and
bring something new to the UK market, that offers resellers superior margin opportunities; already
we’re seeing demand outstrip supply with products such as the Scroll Tablet PC.”

Intellinet’s award winning networking products are primarily for high-end and enterprise use; CCI
have negotiated exclusivity for distribution of this new brand within the UK. Intellinet will also bring
some complementary consumer products to CCI’s networking stable.

CradlePoint is another UK exclusive for CCI. Their range of 3G/4G Wireless Network Solutions
include routers for mobile broadband and travel, WiFi Hotspots and broadband routers with
failover capability for both business and consumer users.

Audio Visual
Aiptek Pico Projectors are a range of innovative mobile projectors that allows content from
almost any device (including iPhones, digital cameras, camcorders and mobile phones) to be
projected onto any suitable flat surface.

Storex HD media players are being distributed exclusively by CCI in the UK. Already a market
leader in much of continental Europe, Storex will enliven an important and growing sector in the
The Storage Options Scroll is a fully featured Android-based tablet PC and another exclusive for
CCI. Impressing retail buyers across the UK reseller market, demand for this product is
exceeding supply in the run up to Christmas.

Muc-Off’s range of high performance screen cleaners are designed to kill 99.99% of germs and
are 100% biodegradable. The products feature superb packaging and point of sale and resellers
will delight in the high margin opportunities available.

Dicota add elegant laptop bags and cases to complement CCI’s existing range of notebook
accessories. These bags and cases are well designed, functional and already enjoy a presence
in certain sectors of the UK market, which CCI hope to expand.

“Working with its vendor partners, CCI is constantly looking for new technologies, opportunities
and brands to broaden its product offering to capitalise on new and changing market
opportunities. Our Q4 2010 launches are the tip of the iceberg in terms of invigorating our
portfolio; expect to see much more from us in 2011.” summarised Preston.
About The Brands
Aiptek International (Advanced Intelligent Personal Technologies) was founded in Taiwan in 1997. They manufacture
and sell Internet periphery devices, with the largest part of the business being made up of hardware products for digital

Storex created in 1989, have been a recognised brand for more than 20 years and are one of the main leaders in
digital convergence, especially in multimedia hard drives, players and recorders. Storex guarantees the highest quality
of manufacturing across its entire range and already have a strong presence in Europe.

CradlePoint,Inc, formed in 2004, is a privately held company headquartered in Boise, Idaho. CradlePoint engineers
and manufactures networking solutions that facilitate secure mobile computing in the Web 2.0 world. The company
leverages telephony, ethernet, and mobile broadband to make Internet access portable, simple, and robust.

Intellinet Network Solutions is a leading provider of both active and passive networking products based in Germany.
Established in 1992, its range of award-winning, innovative technologies enables businesses to deliver end-to-end
networking solutions, ensuring optimal systems efficiency, reliability and security.

Storage Options is a brand first established in the UK in the summer of 2010. The company aims to produce a
comprehensive, feature rich range of new technology for the discerning consumer who demands excellent
performance, appreciates distinctive design but refuses to pay premium pricing.

Muc-Off was created as a bicycle specific care product in 1994, before branching into electrical equipment care
products. UK based Muc-0ff is already the trusted partner of many high profile racing teams in MotoGP, world rally and
F1. The Tech Care Series of high performance screen care products are designed to clean in minimal time but also
care for delicate finishes and kill germs.
Dicota have developed and manufactured high-class Notebook cases, individual case solutions and innovative mobile
computing equipment since 1992. They are the No.2 worldwide manufacturer of laptop bags. Dicota have headquarters
in Germany as well as subsidiaries across Europe and Asia.

About CCI Distribution
CCI Distribution is an independent UK-based distributor of storage and peripheral products and is the leading optical
devices distributor in the UK.

CCI is committed to helping vendors’ grow their brand awareness and reputation within the UK market, helping them
further develop their supply chains and exposing their products to the widest range of customers – from industry-
leading resellers and businesses of all sizes to major high street and online retailers.

Headquartered in Harrogate, CCI has achieved significant growth since its formation in 1997. The company has been
built on its impressive customer service record and ability to quickly embrace and adapt to changing market conditions,
such as the rise of eCommerce and online trading.

CCI now offers more than 1,500 products from global manufacturers such as LG, Sony and Toshiba, while its customer
portfolio includes leading retailers such as Amazon, Ebuyer, Currys/ PC World, and Argos, as well as key B2B
integrators and resellers including Dabs, Insight, Misco and DSGi Business.

Press Contact
Anita Idisi
CCI Distribution Ltd
Direct Line: +44 (0) 1423 704738

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