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The Pilgrimage of Exploring Careers in Ministry
                                             Table of Contents
        11It  was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors
and teachers, 12to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up 13until we all reach
unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness
of Christ.
          14Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of

teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming. 15Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will
in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ. 16From him the whole body, joined and held together by every
supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.—Ephesians 4:11-16, NIV

Sigma Epsilon Pi Constitution                         Page 3
Leadership Team Officers and Information              Page 4
Duties of Leadership Team Officers                    Page 5
Curriculum and Scholarship Information                Page
Frequent Misunderstandings About Sig Ep / CRV         Page 6
Ministry Weekend Requirements                         Page 6
2003-2004 Daily Prayer Guide                          Page 7
Yahoo! Groups Information                             Page 8
Hester Scholarship Information                        Page
International Scholarship Requirements                Page 8
Seminary Education Information                        Page 9-10
Job Placement Information                             Page 11
Ministry and Spiritual Resources                      Page 12
Religion Professors and Chaplain’s Office Info.       Page 13
Ten Reasons to do Ministry Weekends                   Page 14

                              Sigma Epsilon Pi Constitution
Statement of Purpose:

Sigma Epsilon Pi is a professional, campus-wide organization comprised of students interested in Christian
ministry: vocational or voluntary.


The objectives of this organization are as follows:

   1. To encourage involvement and regular ministry in a local church;
   2. To provide ministry-oriented students with opportunities to gain practical experience by serving on
      ministry teams in various ministry weekends;
   3. To create a support group by uniting and fellowshipping with other students who have similar callings,
      interests, and career goals; and
   4. To foster spiritual development within the William Jewell College community.

Membership Requirements:

   1. ANY William Jewell College student who is interested in Christian ministry may become a member of
      Sigma Epsilon Pi and participate in meetings, get-togethers, and ministry weekends.

   2. However, ALL students receiving a Church-Related Vocational (CRV), Hester, or International ministry
      scholarship are members of Sigma Epsilon Pi and must fulfill the requirements outlined on the CRV
      “Curriculum and Scholarships” form.

                               Leadership Team Information

Anjanette (AJ) Raney, President, Senior 

Contact Information

   Campus Phone: (816) 415-1384 OR ext. 3163
   E-mail Addresses:
   Jewell Mailbox: 2683

Joshua (Josh) Hastey, Vice President, Junior 

Contact Information

   Campus Phone: ext. 2192
   Cell Phone: (307) 214-6512
   E-mail:
   Jewell Mailbox: 2353

Elizabeth (Libby) Pierce, Ministry Experience Coordinator, Senior 

Contact Information

   Cell Phone: (816) 838-7614
   E-mail:

Bethany Tucker, Secretary, Sophomore 

Contact Information

   Campus Phone: ext. 3041
   Cell Phone: (314)604-9919
   E-mail:
   Jewell Mailbox: 2844

                           Duties of the Leadership Team Officers
 The Officers are directly accountable to the membership and are under the supervision of the sponsor. They shall work together as a
                                     team to advance the objectives as set forth in the constitution.


The President is the chief student representative of Sigma Epsilon Pi. This person should be a team leader, committed, patient,
spiritually and emotionally mature, have an understanding of Baptists and community affiliations, must be able to plan meetings and
events, be open to the call of God, and have a flexible schedule. The tasks of the Presidents shall be to:

         A.   Preside over all monthly meetings and social events.
         B.   Delegate responsibilities and disburse funds to other officers.
         C.   Appoint standing committees to assist in carrying out responsibilities as needed.
         D.   Meet regularly with Sponsor to formulate goals and plans.

Vice President:

The Vice President is to assist the President with the ministry of Sigma Epsilon Pi and to increase involvement in SEP. This person
should be a team player, be outgoing and creative, committed to SEP, flexible, patient, and spiritually and emotionally mature. The
tasks for the Vice President shall be to:

         A.   Recruitment of SEP members.
         B.   Plan and set up the SEP Display Booth at Activities Fair and other functions.
         C.   Create the SEP T-shirt.
         D.   Stand in for the President at SEP meetings, socials, and other functions as needed.
         E.   Be responsible for the refreshments at all meetings.
         F.   Meet regularly with the Sponsor to formulate goals and plans.
         G.   Provide support to the President by carrying out those duties delegated.


The purpose of the secretary is to organize SEP information by keeping records of the meetings and assist other offices. This person
should be a team player, be spiritually and emotionally mature, be organized, detailed, committed, and focused, have typing and
general office skills, and have a flexible schedule. The tasks for the Secretary are:
         A. Provide support to the President by carrying out those duties assigned.
         B. Meet regularly with the Sponsor to formulate goals and plans.
         C. To provide e-mails, SEP newsletter, and voice mails with information on meetings and activities.
         D. Keep files on CRV students updated with required participation information, i.e., classes, weekend ministry team
         involvement, activities, etc.
         E. Other duties as assigned by the Sponsor.

Ministry Experience Coordinator / Historian:

The purpose of the ministry experience coordinator is to document SEP meetings and activities. This person should be a team player,
creative committed, organized, have a flexible schedule and have experience with cameras and supplies needed to carry out the job.
The tasks for Historian are:

         A.   Provide support to the President by carrying out duties as assigned.
         B.   Meet regularly with Sponsor to formulate goals and plans.
         C.   Create a scrapbook, provide yearbook pictures, take pictures at meetings and other events.
         D.   Assist VP with display booth at Activities Fair and other functions.

         Frequent Misunderstandings About Sigma Epsilon Pi (Sig Ep) /
                    Christian-Related Vocations (CRV)
       Every CRV student must be a member of Sig Ep, but Sig Ep members do not have to be CRV students.
       There is a ministry certificate available for those interested in pursuing the classes necessary.
       CRV students and those pursuing the certificate are required to attend 4 meetings per year. CRV students and those
        pursuing the honors certificate are required to attend 8 meetings per year.
       CRV students and those pursuing the certificate are required to complete one ministry weekend per semester according to the
        set guidelines.
       CRV students must follow the CRV guidelines and are responsible to the Dean of the Chapel, Dr. Andrew Pratt, for completing
        those guidelines, which include but are not limited to: (these need to be added to and checked)
             o One religion class per year
             o Religion 110 during the first year
             o Sig Ep membership and requirements
       Ministry Weekends must be cleared with the Sig Ep leadership two weeks prior to the weekend.

                                 Ministry Weekend Requirements
Members of Sigma Epsilon Pi are required to complete one ministry weekend each semester that they are involved in the
organization. The officers will provide at least one weekend each semester for the members to participate in, which will
fulfill this requirement. (Each member will still be required to complete the ministry weekend form.)

However, if an individual chooses not to engage in the scheduled ministry weekend, he or she must create and carry out his
or her own ministry weekend. Several members may work together to create a ministry weekend. If one chooses to utilize
this option, the individual (or each individual in the group) must complete the ministry weekend form and the assistance
request form at least two weeks in advance. (See handbook or officer for assistance)

The requirements for a ministry weekend are as follows:

        1. As is obvious from the title, this is a ministry weekend, and therefore should involve active ministry with a group.
        2. The SEP member must be an active planner/leader in the activity.
        3. The event must be at least four hours long.

                                         2003-2004 Daily Prayer Guide
    I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone—2for kings and all those in
               authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. – 1 Timothy 2:1-2 (NIV)

    As we grow as a group and live out our Christ-centered call to evangelize the world, we must continue to be intercessors through
the means of prayer. Intercessory prayer is prayer on behalf of others. Most of us intercede for family members, friends, and urgent
needs. Fewer of us pray consistently for ministry and mission endeavors, although Scripture urges us to do so.

     So this is what we have proposed to overcome this problem. Below you will find listed the names of all the CRV members. We
ask that integrate intercessory prayer for the other members of CRV into your regular personal prayers and devotions, in worship
services, and small group meetings. Also, the days and names will never change. Ask the Lord to:

1. work through specific situations in the persons’ life (This is where getting to know each other comes in handy!);
2. challenge them to live out their faith in the midst of trials and temptations;
3. assist them in their walk with Him, their witnessing for Him, and the work at school, church, in this organization, and around
   campus for His name;
4. and express thanks for this person and the Lord’s watching over their life

MONDAY                             TUESDAY                                              WEDNESDAY
 1. Akins              Lucy         1. Carwile                     Cory                  1. Edwards            Edwon
 2. Allen              Nathan       2. Chastain                    Hannah                2. Fu                 Tiffany
 3. Beckwith           Lisa         3. Cooper                      Corrine               3. Hastey             Josh
 4. Bender             Lisa         4. Courtney                    Patrick               4. Heffernan          Abby
 5. Bonney             Elizabeth    5. Dallen                      Corey                 5. Henderson          Jill
 6. Bouas              Rebekah      6. Davis                       Mark                  6. Hicks              Matthew
 7. Brewington         Beverly      7. Demers                      Carrie                7. Hill               Victoria
 8. Brown              Scott        8. Pierce                      Libby                 8. Humphrey           Jessica
 9. Brunson            Christopher 9. Duncan                       Julie                 9. Jacobson           Andrea
10. Bryson             Melissa     10. Dykes                       Julia                10. Jaeger             David
11. Caldwell           Chelsie     11. Ebbert                      Sarah                11. James              Shawn

THURSDAY                                 FRIDAY                                  SATURDAY
 1. Jones              Lewis              1. Peters                Bryan          1. Smith                     Darin
 2. Killingsworth      Teri               2. Rahal                 Sarah          2. Snyder                    Samantha
 3. Knight             Sarah              3. Raney                 Anjanette(AJ) 3. Sustad                     Laura
 4. Landau             Elizabeth          4. Redenbaugh            Aaron          4. Tanner                    Zakiya
 5. McTeer             Justin             5. Rev                   Amy            5. Taylor                    Natasha
 6. Mickelson          Anthony            6. Richards              Johanna        6. Tinius                    Chase
 7. Millas             Beth               7. Richardson            Megan          7. Tucker                    Bethany
 8. Mills              Danielle           8. Robley                Crisi          8. Whitworth                 Katie
 9. Paige              Caleb              9. Rodriguez             Adam           9. Wietharn                  Matthew
10. Patterson          Abbey             10. Rosell                Karis         10. Wyllie                    Clint
11. Peters             Anne              11. Scott                 Elizabeth


1. What is this for?

    To enhance our group relationships, communication, and success, we have established an e-mail based listserv on
This list will serve as your connection for information and timely e-mail reminds about upcoming meetings, ministry events,
announcements, prayer requests, general discussion, and more! The site also serves as an online calendar that is accessible through
every computer with an internet connection. This allows you to see what events are coming up for our group and other campus
ministries. It also gives you information on other campus events before campus-wide e-mails are sent out.

2. What can I do on this list?

     The reason we have a group is for interaction and for fellowship. But we cannot be fellowshipping unless people are actually
interacting with one another through the group intended to do. Here are some suggestions of what you can talk about or on the

   Let us know who you are! This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many really do not know you. So please
    feel free to introduce yourself, and watch out for chances to answer silly questions and other surveys for the group to read
   Have a prayer request or concern? A praise for what God has done in your life? If so, then let us know! If we want to see
    God work on this campus, in this organization and other campus ministries, we have to be willing to share with each other what is
   Share your favorite devotion, Bible study, link, etc. The internet is an ever-expanding resource that has many benefits for the
    growing Christian. So do not feel afraid to share the type of things that will ignite someone else’s passion for Christ and encourage
    them in your faith.
   Be creative! Be yourself, share something, and have a great time!

     So please pray about getting involved with the group and sharing what is going on in your life. Share what God is doing in your
lives, things He has taught you, share links to other sites, inspirational stories, questions, answers, etc. Please join us in fellowshipping
and uniting as one Body as we are.

3. OK, where can I find the site and how do I sign-up for the listserv?

Thanks for asking! The group’s site can be found at: .

 You may sign-up by sending a blank e-mail to:

   To post a message, send it only to the following address: . This will then send out the e-mail to the
    whole group.

   NOTE: All messages that come from this listserv will have a subject line of [Sigep_CRV] . That is how you will know what is from
    us and what is not.

                           International Scholarship Requirements
Limited scholarships are available to international students wishing to prepare for the ministry at WJC. These scholarships
are adjudicated with the Nigerian Baptist Convention, the Taiwan Baptist Convention, and other missionary organizations
around the worlds. Students receiving these scholarships are expected to meet the following criteria:

    1. Meet all the entrance requirements to the College expected of all the international students.
    2. Be accepted into the CRV program on recommendation of a church and approval of the Director of Religious
    3. Successfully complete the CRV 201 Introduction to Ministry Skills class.
    4. Successfully complete one Core Curriculum Religion class each year.
    5. Successfully complete Religion 203 during the sophomore or junior year.
    6. Successfully complete any two CRV electives in addition to 203
    7. Participate in ministry through active membership in Sigma Epsilon Pi and on-campus ministry teams

                              Seminary Education Information
CRV students at William Jewell College who are interested in vocational ministry should recognize their need to attend
seminary for formal professional training for the ministry. WJC is formally aligned with the Missouri Baptist Churches (as for
this wring) of the Southern Baptist Convention and American Baptist Churches whose seminaries are listed below.
Students outside of the Baptist tradition are encouraged to attend any of these seminaries or the seminary of their choosing.
The Dean of the Chapel’s office works closely with seminaries of all faiths and has information on numerous seminaries
available in room 200 Gano (first door to your right when you go up the stairs).

Seminary viewbooks, catalogs, etc. can be viewed in the Gano Conference Room (room 202).

Interested seminary students should also take advantage of numerous seminary representatives that visit Jewell to talk with
prospective students. These visits can be found on the Jewell calendar ( and throughout signs. More
information will be provided upon a visit of a representative.

The following is a list of Southern Baptist and American Baptist seminaries:

                                  Southern Baptist Seminaries
Golden Gate Seminary                              Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Strawberry Point                                  5001 North Oak Traffic way
Mill Valley, CA 94941                             Kansas City, MO 64118
(415) 338-8080                                    (816) 453-4600

New Orleans Seminary                              Southeastern Seminary
3939 Gentilly BLVD                                PO Box 712
New Orleans, LA 70126                             Wake Forest, NC 27587
(504) 282-4455                                    (919) 556-3101
Southern Seminary                   Southwestern Seminary
2825 Lexington Road                 Box 22000
Louisville, KY 40280                Fort Worth, TX 76122
1-800-626-5525                      (817) 923-1921

                        American Baptist Related Seminaries
Northern Seminary                   Colgate Rochester Divinity School
660 East Butterfield Road           1100 South Goodman St.
Lombard, IL 60148                   Rochester, NY 14620
(312) 620-2101                      (416) 271-1320

Andover Newton Seminary             Eastern Seminary
310 Herrick Road                    9 Lancaster Ave.
Newton Centra, MA 02159             Philadelphia, PA 19096
(617) 964-1100

American Seminary of the West       Evangelical Seminary – Puerto Rico
2515 Hillegass Ave.                 775 Ponce de Leon Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94704                  Hato Rey, Puerto Rico
(415) 841-1905

Central Seminary                    Fuller Seminary
941 N 31st Street                   North Oakland at East Walnut
Kansas City, KS 66102               Pasadena, CA 91182
(913) 371-5613

Virginia Union School of Theology
1601 West Leigh St.
Richmond, VA 23220

                             Kansas City Area Seminaries
Nazerene Seminary                   St. Paul School of Theology
1700 East Meyer BLVD.               123 Truman Road
Kansas City, MO 64131               Kansas City, MO 64127
(816) 333-6524                      (816) 483-6676

Central Seminary                    Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
941 N 31st Street1                  North Oak Traffic way
Kansas City, KS 66102               Kansas City, MO 64118
(913) 371-5613                      (816) 453-4600

                                    Job Placement Information
The Dean of the Chapel’s office (Gano 200) has a job placement center for students who are interested in church-related
vocations. These opportunities can provide additional income for students who are working their way through school and
also provide INVALUABLE experience in ministerial growth.

Most students find the quality of academic students greatly enriched as they are involved in professional and spiritual
growth through these experiences.

      For more information about opportunities and church-related vocations, either full-time or part-time, look online at, or check with Dr.
       Andrew Pratt (Gano 200) or with the WJC Office of Career Development (315 Yates College Union—upstairs!)

                               Ministry and Spiritual Resources
The Spurgeon Center has several resources for students who have personal interest or who need resources to supplement
their ministries. The Chaplain, Dr. Andrew Pratt, maintains the following resources:

   Hymnals & Worship Manuals
   Chorus Books
   Retreat Supplies
   Fellowship and Recreational Resources

Another resource center is located in the Christian Student Ministries (CSM) Lounge in Gano. Included are magazines such
as World Vision, The Student, Sharing the Victory, and The Commission. There are also books, pamphlets, and other

There are two areas in the Curry Library which also serve as a resource center. One is the Wilburs Christian Family
Resource Center, which is located on the first floor near stairs going down to Learning Resource Center.

The Spurgeon Library is also available which contains the personal library of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the greatest
Puritan preacher of Victorian England. This area is located in the basement of Curry Library. Just go downstairs and look
for the blue door (Stop at the library desk for access to this area).

The Partee Center for Baptist Historical Studies boasts the largest collection of materials related to Baptist history in the
Midwest. Researchers and writers find valuable resources for their projects in this basement area of Curry Library.

                        Wednesday Morning Chapel and Thursday Night Worship Jam

WJC offers all students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to worship with one another every Wednesday morning at 10:15 in
Gano Chapel. Classes are not held during this time so that the College community might gather. Students are encouraged
to attend these special services, which include prayer, singing, a message, and many other varieties of worship for
fellowship and spiritual growth. To view the Chapel schedule online, go to

Also, on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. in Gano Chapel, Christian Student Ministries holds its weekly, student-led worship
service called Worship Jam. Prayer, singing, messages, and fellowship are all part of the experience.

For more information on anything in this page, please contact the Chaplain or the CSM office.

                   Religion Professors and Dean of the Chapel Info.

Religion Professors:
Dr. J. Bradley Chance, Professor of New Testament and Chair            ext. 5342 
115 Gano Chapel

Dr. Sally Holt, Instructor, General Education and Religion             ext. 5404 
201 Gano Chapel

Dr. Milton P. Horne, Professor of Old Testament                        ext. 5347 
203 Gano Chapel

Office of the Dean of the Chapel:
Dr. Andrew Pratt, Vice President for Religious Ministries and Dean of the Chapel
200 Gano Chapel                                                         ext. 5346

Mrs. Kristin Cooper, Secretary
200 Gano Chapel                                                        ext. 5345

Mr. Jeff Bucsher, Director of Student Ministries
101 Gano Chapel                                                        ext. 5349

Dr. Milton P. Horne
Executive Director, Partee Center for Baptist Historical Studies
                          (Downstairs, Curry Library)                  ext. 5347

                Ten Reasons to do Ministry Weekends

             10. Meet new exciting people in the program and at the events.

  9. Showing obedience to God by fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

8. In the future when needing reference letters form the Religion Department, there will be
                                    good references.

                 7. Experiencing first-hand a variety of ministry settings.

        6. Good experience to learn from to help you with your future in ministry.

   5. Working with students in all areas of study with a common goal in mind: ministry.

                   4. A time of personal spiritual renewal and growth.

             3. Completing the agreement made with the CRV scholarship.

                                2. Changing lives for God.

 1. Sharing the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ and His love to people through ministry.


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