Campus EPC's and HR Rep Service Areas 12-9-09 by lanyuehua


									                                Staff HR HR Rep/EPC Listing by Department

Department                                   EPC                      HR Rep

Alumni Association                           Tiffany Kulpa            Debbi Maki

AEC                                          Shirley Sindlinger       Lisa Mello

Architecture and Urban Planning              Michele Kinker           Bobbie Young

Athletics/Rec Sports                         Shirley Sindlinger       Lisa Mello

AVP for Finance                              Tiffany Kulpa            Jon Lund

Bentley Library                              Kristen Miller           Keisha Blevins

Ctr for Research on Learning & Teach. Tiffany Kulpa                   Debbi Maki

CEW - Center for the Educ of Women           Shirley Sindlinger       Jon Lund

Clements Library                             Kristen Miller           Keisha Blevins

College of Engineering                       Tiffany Kulpa            Debbi Maki

College of Pharmacy                          Tiffany Kulpa            Lisa Mello

Department of Public Safety                  Kristen Miller           Sabrina Garrett-Owens

Digital Media Commons                        Kristen Miller           Keith Clark

Exec VP Office of the Provost                Tiffany Kulpa            Debbi Maki

Faculty/Primary                              Tiffany Kulpa            Contact Academic HR

Financial Aid                                Kristen Miller           Debbi Maki

Ford School of Public Policy                 Shirley Sindlinger       Keith Clark

Grounds                                      Shirley Sindlinger       Lisa Mello

Housing                                      Shirley Sindlinger       Bobbie Young

Human Resources                              Michele Kinker           Debbi Maki

Information Technology Central Svcs          Tiffany Kulpa            Lisa Mello

Inst for Social Research                     Kristen Miller           Keith Clark

Institute for Continuing Legal Ed            Shirley Sindlinger       Keith Clark

Kinesiology                                  Shirley Sindlinger       Debbi Maki
                                Staff HR HR Rep/EPC Listing by Department

Department                                   EPC                      HR Rep

Law Library                                  Kristen Miller           Jon Lund

Law School                                   Kristen Miller           Jon Lund

Life Sciences Inst (LSI)                     Tiffany Kulpa            Keisha Blevins

LS&A                                         Michele Kinker           Keisha Blevins

MAIS                                         Tiffany Kulpa            Lisa Mello

Museum of Art                                Michele Kinker           Keisha Blevins

Musical Society                              Kristen Miller           Darrell Washington

Office of the General Counsel                Michele Kinker           Bobbie Young

Office of the VP for Research                Kristen Miller           Bobbie Young

Office of VP CFO                             Tiffany Kulpa            Jon Lund

OSEH                                         Shirley Sindlinger       Darrell Washington

Parking and Transportation Services          Shirley Sindlinger       Lisa Mello

Plant Hospital Maintenance                   Shirley Sindlinger       Lisa Mello

Plant Hospital Zones                         Shirley Sindlinger       Jon Lund

Presidents Office                            Michele Kinker           Debbi Maki

Rackham Graduate School                      Tiffany Kulpa            Debbi Maki

Registrar/Admissions                         Tiffany Kulpa            Debbi Maki

Ross School of Business                      Michele Kinker           Debbi Maki

ROTC                                         Tiffany Kulpa            Debbi Maki

School of Art and Design                     Michele Kinker           Bobbie Young

School of Dentistry                          Kristen Miller           Keith Clark

School of Education                          Michele Kinker           Debbi Maki

School of Information                        Kristen Miller           Keith Clark

School of Music                              Kristen Miller           Darrell Washington
                               Staff HR HR Rep/EPC Listing by Department

Department                                  EPC                      HR Rep

School of Natural Resources                 Tiffany Kulpa            Lisa Mello

School of Nursing                           Tiffany Kulpa            Keisha Blevins

School of Public Health                     Shirley Sindlinger       Keisha Blevins

School of Social Work                       Tiffany Kulpa            Debbi Maki

Student Publications                        Kristen Miller           Darrell Washington

University Library                          Kristen Miller           Keith Clark

University Secretary                        Michele Kinker           Bobbie Young

VP Communications                           Michele Kinker           Darrell Washington

VP Development                              Shirley Sindlinger       Keisha Blevins

VP Facilities and Operations                Shirley Sindlinger       Jon Lund

VP Government Relations                     Shirley Sindlinger       Darrell Washington

VP Student Affairs                          Shirley Sindlinger       Darrell Washington

Last updated: 12/09/2009

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