The machine is a Midget machine by z6t561W


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   Meter of the Month
   Ray Woodward-Clarke kindly sends this very early slogan from Barlows of Birmingham,
   advertising their sole agency for Universal Postal Frankers. The machine is a Midget
   machine, serial M11, dated 7th Oct 1926. Midget machines were first introduced in the UK
   six months earlier in April 1926. Machine numbers for the ‘M’, the ‘NZ’, and the early ‘N’
   series were numbered from 1 independently in each town. The item is shown in full below:

   Pitney Bowes DM400C Model

   Last month your editor reported the first
   PB6 series. It is thought that this is the
   new Mid-volume DM400C model, first
   announced on the Pitney Bowes UK web
   site in July and illustrated here.

   However, up to now, all Mid and High
   volume machines have been allocated the
   prefix ‘PB5’ – see page 82-3, so there is
   some doubt about this PB6 prefix. This
   series has been seen on Irish meters for
   some time now – see page 65-1.

   My thanks this month go to Patrick Awcock, David Aspinwall, John Fowler, Richard
   Goring, Peter Mantell, Robert Rowe, Peter Wood and Ray Woodward-Clarke for their
   reports and communications.

   Meter News                           Page 82-1 of 8                                       Aug 2007
Latest Numbers
Below is the list of ‘Latest Numbers’ as at 30th August 2007 – with updates shown in red.
Please could I have next month’s reports by 26th September, thanks.

Frama (UK)
         EcoMail                 FSC 346946           21.08.07      Reported by AN
         MailMax                 FSC 907097           03.08.07      Reported by PM
          Optimail               T 401956             27.03.07      Reported by PM
          Optimail 30            F04110499            08.08.07      Reported by AN
          JetMail                FJ0710961            26.06.07      See MN 81
          Mymail                 FM2115785            22.05.07      See MN 81
          Mymail                 FM2504785            27.04.07      See MN 79
          Ultimail 60            FU8002246            09.08.07      Reported by AN
          Ultimail 90            FU9001018            06.06.07      See MN 80
             IJ25 Autostamp      N1156829             26.07.07      Reported by DA
             IJ-40e?             N1240132             26.06.07      See MN 81
             IJ-50e?             N1252572             16.08.07      Reported by DA
             IJ-90e?             N1290014             02.03.07      See MN 81
             IJ40 / IJ50         N1316932             21.06.07      See MN 81
             IJ-110e?            N1359917             12.07.07      See MN 81
             IJ-70e?             N1370550             11.07.07      See MN 81
             IJ-80e?             N1381197             08.08.07      Reported by PM
Pitney Bowes
          Paragon                PBP84065             04.06.07      See MN 80
          DM50, 55               PB012851             19.07.07      Reported by PA
          DP400?                 PB143116             01.08.07      Reported by PM
          Personal Post          PB276404             01.08.07      Reported by PM
          DM 200?                PB311451             16.04.07      See MN 81
          Personal Post          PB478603             18.05.07      See MN 81
          DM 550 etc             PB523159             10.08.07      Reported by PM
          DM 400C / 450 C        PB610508             29.08.07      Reported by AN
          Post Perfect           PB762973             14.05.07      See MN 80
          DM100i                 PB830172             22.08.07      Reported by PM

Dead Series Update

Further to page 81-3 and earlier, Peter Mantell reports another update to the T71 series as
shown in red in the table below.

Manufacturer            Series         LRN            EKD        HRN           HRN Date

Francotyp-Postalia      T70 (2004)     T708308        28.07.04 T710385         27.03.07

Meter News                       Page 82-2 of 8                                 Aug 2007
Pitney Bowes Mid/High Volume Models (PB5 Series)

In August 2002, information obtained from Pitney Bowes Ltd. revealed that the ‘PB5’ prefix
was being used on all the mid/high-volume ‘Digital Mailing’ DM series models, i.e. DM400,
DM500, DM550, DM800/825, DM850/875, DM900/925 (see page 22-3). It is believed that
this continued to be the case until about a year ago when the series reached PB510376 and
then stopped.

About this time, the PB52 prefix started and this almost certainly indicates that the ‘Dimension-
on-the-Way’ (D-o-W) facility is fitted to the machine. This D-o-W facility was introduced by
Pitney Bowes to assist users with the Pricing-In-Proportion (PIP) scheme introduced by Royal
Mail in August 2006. The non D-o-W machines are still being advertised on the Pitney Bowes
web site, but probably few (if any) are currently being sold.

Since 2002, some of the mid and high-volume models have been re-named or are now no
longer manufactured. These changes are summarised below.

The DM400 mid-volume model (speed 90 i.p.m.) is no longer manufactured and has essentially
been replaced by the new DM400C/450C (95/120 i.p.m.) models – possibly indicated by the
prefix PB61, see page 82-1. D-o-W is not fitted on these models, although an optional
‘integrated weighing platform’ is provided.

The DM500 mid-volume model (135 i.p.m.) is no longer manufactured and has essentially been
replaced by the DM550/575 (160 i.p.m.) models. The DM575 model with D-o-W option fitted
was launched on 25 Sep 2006. When D-o-W is being used, the speed is 50 i.p.m.

The DM800/825 (180 i.p.m.) and DM850/875 (210 i.p.m.) high-volume models have been
replaced by the DM800i series models, namely DM810/835 (190 i.p.m.) and DM860/885 (210
i.p.m.) - the DM835 and DM885 being the ones fitted with D-o-W. When D-o-W is being used,
the speeds for these machines are respectively 70 i.p.m. & 90 i.p.m.

The DM900/925 (240 i.p.m.) have essentially remained unchanged, although the DM925 model
now has the D-o-W facility fitted (110 i.p.m. when used).

Finally, in 2004, a new high-volume model, the DM1000 (260 i.p.m.) was introduced. It was this
machine that was used in conjunction with the Royal Mail ‘Swindon Postmark’ trial – see page
41-4. From August 2006, all DM1000 machines have been fitted with the D-o-W facility (130
i.p.m. when used).

Pitney Bowes Mid-Volume Model DM300C

According to a Press Release on the Pitney Bowes web site, a Mid-volume model DM300C
(speed 65 i.p.m.) was launched on 23 Jan 2007. However, it is not currently known what
series prefix is being used in conjunction with this model.

It is perhaps worth noting that the illustration in the brochure for the DM300C shows a machine
that looks like a simplified version of the new DM400C and DM450C models. Your editor
would appreciate any information with regard to the serial number prefix being used with the

Meter News                       Page 82-3 of 8                                   Aug 2007
Forces Meter Machines
Richard Goring kindly sends an illustration of
a BFPO meter, serial 2NE20851. The meter
has not previously been recorded and the
location of use is unknown. The example
shown has been printed on a label where the
words “PRINTED IN UK” appear every 6th
appearance of ‘ALCATEL’. Your editor
assumes this is standard on such labels, but
has never noticed it before!
This discovery allows us to add a new entry to the table shown on page 55-4, as follows:

   Manufactured Serial         BFPO No. or Place          ERD          LRD       Notes
        1993       2NE20851 BRITISH FORCES               4-Mar-93
                            POST OFFICE

Further to page 71-5, here is another example of the Francotyp-Postalia machine, F1500003.
Once again blue has been used - probably indicating that, on occasions, the machine is used
in conjunction with Royal Mail’s Advanced Mail service.

This particular item is dated 3.7.07 and has an item count of 00372498, whereas the example
on page 71-5 is dated 5.9.06 and has an item count of 00196330. That means that over a
period of 300 days, 176168 items have been posted, which works out at an average of 585
items per day (including weekends). Your editor has briefly analysed a further 4 examples
from the FJ series and has found that, on average, 678 items were processed by those users
each day. In a future issue of Meter News, your editor hopes to include a similar analysis for
other machine series that include an item count in the frank.

Richard Goring sends this Advanced Mail item, with a return address of FY8 4TT on the
reverse. A web search reveals that the user is The Guardian Royal Exchange Plc.

Meter News                       Page 82-4 of 8                                 Aug 2007

On page 79-5, it was stated that 176 users had registered for Royal Mail’s Cleanmail Advance
service by 18th May 2007. It is believed that the majority of these are PPI users, with only a
handful of meter users. Your editor would like to record all uses of blue ink on meter franks.
Below is one such example from B. Braun Medical Ltd. of Sheffield.

The following table lists the ‘blue ink’ meters recorded since the Cleanmail Advance service
went live in April 2007.

Serial        Account Id          ERD             LRD        User
FJ1500003     -                   03.07.07                   Francotyp-Postalia Ltd.
N1252368      AAAA-BK (2nd)       23.04.07        29.05.07   Neopost Ltd.
N1252388      AAAA-BK (2nd)       01.05.07                   Neopost Ltd.
PB508066      AAAA-SS (1st)       20.07.07                   Guardian Royal Exchange Plc,,
PB509923      -                   29.05.07        03.08.07   Siemens Ltd.
PB520244      -                   02.08.07                   B. Braun Medical Ltd.,
PB521241      AAAA-AB (1st)       19.05.07        08.08.07   Pitney Bowes Ltd.,
              AAAA-AC (2nd)       03.05.07                   Hemel Hempstead
PB522156      AAAB-GK (2nd)       04.07.07                   Pitney Bowes Ltd.,
PB522418      AAAA-AC (2nd)       01.06.07                   Pitney Bowes Ltd.,
PB522778      -                   07.08.07                   Unknown

This table will be updated on an occasional basis. The users involved in the Advance Mail trial
prior to April are listed on page 79-4.

Meter News                       Page 82-5 of 8                                   Aug 2007
The IJ65 (N12 series) first made an appearance in April / May 2000. Below is an example
from the first machine of this series, i.e. N1200001 (user unknown). The average age of a
meter machine is probably about six years, but this particular one is obviously still going strong
after seven years of use.

Peter Mantell sends this interesting item printed on a label. The user appears to have had the
labels pre-printed in colour prior to the application of the meter frank. Great idea!

Peter Mantell has noticed a strange effect on two
different PB5 meters where a small vertical bar
appears to the left of each number in the date.

Meter News                        Page 82-6 of 8                                   Aug 2007
Interesting Meters From The Past
Ray Woodward-Clarke kindly sends this unusual Registered Letter from 1928 with a 1p up-rate
applied by a meter frank. Ray says that he has seen printed stationery registered envelopes
up-rated by stamps, but this is the first he has seen where the up-rate has been applied by a
meter frank. It is not known whether the frank has been applied by the user or by the Post
Office. Any thoughts or opinions would be welcome.

Meter Thematics
Places of worship is the theme for this month – kindly provided by Peter Mantell:

Meter News                       Page 82-7 of 8                                 Aug 2007
Meter Thematics Cont.

Here are four Cathedrals using meter franking machines from earlier this year, again
supplied by Peter Mantell:

                                      - - - End - - -

Meter News                      Page 82-8 of 8                                 Aug 2007

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